Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview With Tricycle Magazine

I'm on my way to England tomorrow. But here's an interview I did with Philip Ryan of Tricycle magazine for your entertainment. Who is that guy on the cover, though? That's not me! I'm gonna get my agent to speak to them...

Oh wait. I don't have an agent.



Seagal Rinpoche said...

Not always so.

Steve Gordon said...

Hey Brad, good interview. You look young for your age! What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

"You know, to me the recent scandals that happened with Genpo Roshi..... they’re really minor things. He was .... having sex with all kinds of people other than his wife. That’s not a good thing. I think it showed a lack of integrity ......, which is promoting Big Mind..... I don’t think that’s good Zen practice."

- Brad Warner

Mysterion said...


you are a full generation behind the little Suzuki crowd - most of whom are in their 70's or dead. I.m not certain that there is THAT much difference.


Not diet, but nutrition is the secret to maintaining health.

How to live your best life said...

Paleo-type diets are the secret.

Don't deny that you are an animal, and optimal health requires nutrition in line with our evolutionary development.

In other words, eat REAL foods, no grains and eat good, well-sourced meats. Include organ meat and plenty of eggs.

Vegan or vegetarian diets are not recommended. If you currently eat according to these principles, give a paleo-style eating program a try and you won't believe how much better you feel.

Bottom line: NO wheat or grains, REAL food, grassfed beef and wild caught fish, organ meat.

Anonymous said...

evidence-based diet

Anonymous said...

kobun chino and steve jobs

Anonymous said...

no censorship
"one of the most vibrant, active Buddhist blogs anywhere"

Anonymous said...

continue to fill a much-needed void

an3drew said...

"Don't deny that you are an animal, and optimal health requires nutrition in line with our evolutionary development.

In other words, eat REAL foods, no grains and eat good, well-sourced meats. Include organ meat and plenty of eggs."


iron absorbers, i am for sure and really benefit from donating blood !

a big side benefit is brushing off soliciting charities with "oh, i just focus on donating bloood thanx : o )"

there's not much they can say to that !

in actual fact even with blood donation i still have to limit my iron intake from animal foods

Mysterion said...


I take 325MG of Ferrous Gluconate every day of the week - every week of the month - every month of the year (Except July or Gaius Julius Caesar - for whom our calendar was named).

But then I'm not...

"A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that wholesome vegetarian diets offer distinct advantages compared to diets containing meat and other foods..."


Meat eaters: "Ignorance id bliss. Follow your bliss."

Mysterion said...

Ignorance is bliss

the id is your lizard brain.

an3drew said...

mysterion, 325mg is like a tip truck load and only a few mg of that will be absorbed usefully

you are poisoning yourself, perhaps you should take more

please don't ever read my comments on taking iron as i would hate for you to improve mentally !

i love to see people killing themselves following the medical advice route !

medical advice is to take 325mg iron gluconate tablets !

chu said...

Nutrition helps but heredity is the key to good health. If your ancestors were unhealthy there is a good chance you will be also. But nothing is written because even though heredity is out of your control you can still beat the odds.. If you start eating healthy early you might stay healthy. It's a matter of karma.

reese said...

"I was at one time a great lover of the medical profession. . . . I no longer hold that opinion. . . . Doctors have almost unhinged us. . . . I regard the present system as black magic. . . . Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin. Men take less care of their bodies and immorality increases. . . . ignoring the soul, the profession puts men at its mercy and contributes to the diminution of human dignity and self control.. . . I have endeavoured to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession, and that it is injurious to mankind. . . . I believe that a multiplicity of hospitals is not test of civilization. It is rather a symptom of decay."

--Mahatma Gandhi

In other words, take responsibility for your own health.

an3drew said...

"In other words, take responsibility for your own health.'

i think its more than that, people worship medicine, they really do !

crookedteef said...

I enjoyed reading the interview. Thank you.

Brad Warner said...

Well, I am a vegetarian and have been for more than 20 years. But what I eat is hardly a "paleo-diet." I mean, you can't be in Belgium without eating fries. And in Germany they would only feed me bread and cheese because everything else they eat is sausage.

The reason I don't look my age is probably a combination of genetics and zazen. I think zazen reduces your stress so you tend not to wrinkle up as much.

But really, I have no idea.

an3drew said...

crooked teef, you write great blog
a really good writer !

interesting life, ever read charles bukowski ?

buddy said...

A student of Joko Beck told me that at some point in her practice she was a typically wrinkled old lady, but some time later all her wrinkles disappeared.

Jundo Cohen said...

When my Dharma Brother Brad writes this ...

Q. Can Zen be taught online?

I’ve had some discussions about that, and I’m really suspicious of it. ... I look over and see there is a teacup with a dried-up teabag at the bottom

I think Brad is the one who needs to empty his mental teacup! :-)

Of course, Zen cannot be "taught" ... although it must be learned. But for anyone who would like to read a bit more about the strengths and weaknesses of a Zen Sangha, Jukai and even Ordinations via the internet ... dropping all thought of here there now and then, the True Face-to-Face ... have a look here ...

Gassho, Jundo Cohen

an3drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
an3drew said...

jundo what i like about this nishijima lineage is they way you all knife each other in the open : o )

it's all so massively dysfunctional (visualize eckhart tolle bent double by his takings on the way to the bank passing by some squatting beggars squabbling over acorns they can't eat anyway)

that i feel really at home !


Fred said...

"jundo what i like about this nishijima lineage is they way you all knife each other in the open : o )"

we all need to empty our mental
teacups, especially those wedded
to orthodox viewpoints and
criticism of others.

Fred said...

On his deathbed J. Krishnamurti
lamented that he was surrounded by
sycophants who parroted his words.
He said that what he had thought
for 40 years was not spiritual

Brad says that 66% of the people
attending his lectures will not
practice. Their egos are getting
their zen high. I would call it
the pull of the ineffable which
already exists all around them and
within them.

Fred said...

"The pace of walking meditation may be slow (several steady steps per each breath) or brisk, almost to the point of jogging - kinhin"

If zen is a verb, and it is
possible to do walking meditation,
following the self or the not-self
can be extended outwards from 20 to
60 minutes of zazen into all

anon #108 said...

Info for the casual/gullible reader:

"Jundo" @ 1.47am is, of course, not Jundo, but someone or other who now and again re-posts bits and pieces from the Treeleaf site, I guess to demonstrate - or instigate - something or other. In this case, what s/he's posted I can't find, not in one piece. It seems to be a copy/paste of a couple of bits from an old post over there, a bit from Brad's Tricycle i/v, and a word or two from pretend "Jundo" him/herself?

Re Nishijima's dysfunctional sangha: Jundo (no longer a "member" of "Dogen Sangha") has publicly criticised Brad in the past; Mike Luetchford's critical private email response to Brad's private email (about Brad's appointment as "President of Dogen Sangha") was made public by Gudo a few years ago and ML publicly responded to Gudo's publication. Mike Cross continues to criticize Gudo's on his blog, often using foul language (go on -have a look!)...and that's about it for "dysfunctional", as far as I'm aware. Oh yes, and Jundo was involved in a minor scuffle at a Dogen Sangha retreat a while back. Very exciting! Most of Gudo's dharma-heirs - and there are quite a few - are never heard of or from. They get on with whatever they're doing very quitely in various parts of the world. The groups are very small and require no oath of allegiance to Brad, Gudo, a balanced ANS or anything/anyone else.

Open dissent amongst Buddhists seems to be shocking to some and reassuring to others. Not really "dysfunctional" though, is it? Seems pretty "normal" to me.

"Worry (or not) about your own practice."

Anonymous said...

See comments on

anon #108 said...

I see! Thanks, anonymous. I stand corrected...a bit.

Just for the record, are you -

1) The same anon who re-posted Jundo's comment @ 1.47? And/or...

2) The same anon who now and again re-posts bits and pieces from the Treeleaf site, I guess to demonstrate - or instigate - something or other? And/or...

3) Are you Jundo???

Ken Show said...

Stop it 108. You know perfectly well that Jundo has never commented anonymously.

Fred said...

Mike Cross :

"I don’t know what is the perfect realization of which the Buddha in the Lotus Sutra speaks. But it seems to me that if the fundamental basis of it is the samādhi of accepting and using the self, then it can’t be a matter of a spine being kept straight vertically, or an autonomic nervous system remaining in balance, or a realistic viewpoint. If the fundamental basis of a fully-enlightened buddha’s full awakening is the samādhi of accepting and using the self, then it must be a matter of accepting the whole self and using the whole self."


Jason McCaffrey said...

That was a really great interview. Thanks for sharing. I love all of your books, but Hardcore Zen is the one that grabs me by the soul every time. I try to reread it once a year. I think I'm about due.

Mysterion said...

genetics and lifestyle have everything to do with the rate of aging.

I have a couple of Chinese friends who were totally gray by their mid-20s. And I have a grandfather that lived to 97, who died on his wakk to the pool hall, and an uncle who, at 97, is still relatively young.

He is an agronomist, has maintained an organic garden for 60+ years, and still goes bowling!

I'll post a picture.

My dad, who had heart problems, died at 80 and that's about all I anticipate from this run. The next run may be longer or shorter - wait and see.

Mysterion said...

Fred sed:

"the pull of the ineffable"

Do you mean the bull YOAX? (a seal is the mirror image of the wax it leaves behind) Or the storm god akin to Thor?

When I say: "Mein Gott im Himmel" I am, of course speaking of Thor (and not of the X-Men). The Hebrews (whoever they were) had a Parthenon of Gods like the Norse (who seemed to have borrowed their gods from the proto-hindu animists). The Codex Regius Eddas are apparently transported proto-Vedas.

eMail me and I'll send you the "Name of god" PowerPoint Presentation that I gave more than 12 years ago. You need a full powerpoint install to see the "notes pages." I don't know if OpenOffice cuts the code or not...

chasinca [at] gmail [dot] com

anonymous anonymous said...

So mysterion, you believe you will live again. Apparently there is no escaping you.

Cameron Macauley's "past life" seems a bit like some movies I've seen before. I wonder if he watched something similar.

Fred said...

Mr. Mysterian what do you think
Mr. Levin is speaking about when he
says the Infinite?

Is it some Berserker's god/God that
he screams out to before he cleaves
a human skull in two with his meat


Fred said...

The Norse were some of the first
to take notes while severing the corpus callosum. Unfortunately
vey few of their subjects survived
the experimental procedures.

Zippy Rinpoche said...

The pen is mightier than the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

an3drew said...

"Brad says that 66% of the people
attending his lectures will not

there is some real process


zen practice is not it however !

an3drew said...

"So mysterion, you believe you will live again'

early dementia from ferrous gluconate !

Fred said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
REAL practitioner said...

The REAL question is what is the nature of the practice of the remaining 34% who claim to be practitioners? Is it listening to Pema Chodron on cd while you take a hot bubble bath? I fear this is probably the case. So in all actuality, your number of REAL practitioners is probably around 1-2%. And out of that 1-2 % there is probably only one person who can manage full lotus for more than 5 minutes without crying, most likely a female yoga instructor who has no interest in zen and whose sole reason for being at your talk is to advertise her new yoga class.

It's a sad state affairs, gentleman. Looks like I'm the only one keeping it REAL.

an3drew said...

eckhart tolle is not doing a real process along with the rest of the neo-advaita/non duality bandwagon

but at least he/they are making money

zen practice and zazen is not a real process either and neither is it making money








insane !/?


an3drew said...

"unreal practioner"

full lotus is nothing to with anything except yoga

zazen is nothing to do with anyhting except schizophrenia !

Fred said...

An3drew, suppose one sits in zazen
and focuses the mind on one point.
While focusing on the one point,
no thoughts are occurring. There
is just a choiceless and formless

How is that different than the
Infinite or the conditioned self
being penetrated by the Infinite?

And how could it be equated with
the overloaded jumble of sights
and sounds of schizophrenia?

Anonymous said...

You FATALISTS who think you're doomed to your genetics obviously know nothing of EPIGENETICS.

Anonymous said...

Eat a BETTER diet than a vegetarian diet and enjoy the principles of EPIGENETICS.

These two links tell you everything you need to know about NOT giving up and thinking it's hopeless and you're doomed to your genes.

In other words, I offer a much more hopeful message than Brad Warner in this regard. I do NOT want donations, but flowery praise is accepted.

An4drew said...

"The great hope for ongoing epigenetic research is that with the flick of a biochemical switch, we could tell genes that play a role in many diseases — including cancer, schizophrenia, autism, Alzheimer's, diabetes and many others — to lie dormant. We could, at long last, have a trump card to play against Darwin."

Praise the Lord!

an3drew said...

fred there's something called the default circuit in the brain

this is basically the daydreaming or whatever that kicks in in the absence of external stimulation or activity

what happens in zazen is it just digs a deeper rut

schizophrenia is this default circuit overriding external feedback so you get the characteristic out of touch fixed views !

you'll notice i don't actually say schizophrenia is bad, in fact it's necessary and all the great "spiritual" figures and poets are schizophrenic with this difference

that their fixed and internal views become true, or truely true

so that's what it is about, this trueness of vision and how does that happen?

zazen and "practice" are a facsimile of truth, what matters is the real process and how it occurs i don't actually know!

here we are talking about this on this blog and what is really unique ?

that brad warner unlike any other zen teacher is permitting it, that is he has a real process of being open to what true is

you don't have to agree, you just have to be open to it and permit it to develop !

as i say this is absolutely unique in zen which says alot about how unreal and pretend it usually is !

my personal opinion is that zazen is a root cause of this closemindedness as per my reasoning at the begining !

i think actually it's zazen in combination with a lack of looking around at other writings, poetry so there's nothing to derail the track deepening of the default circuitry

it's not zazen but solitude that's important!

Mysterion said...

Or, in East Oakland Ebonics:

Præ de Ló

Lord is a title, the first half of Landlord. (The Gent to whom you pay rent).

Or a member of the House of Lords: Lord Snowdon

You might remember him from phone hacking fifteen years ago...

"The system of hell is not punishment, it's training."
- Shunryu Suzuki

Jo Mama said...

nice SS quote (again) Myster. So what have you learned?

Mysterion said...

focus the mind on one point?

My understanding and practice is based upon quiescence (休止).

You calm the mind approaching complete stillness and quiet.

Thus my Avitar.

and my comment

john e mumbles said...

frog jumps
no sound
no pond!

an3drew said...

mysterion writes

"My understanding and practice is based upon quiescence "



this is actually the heresy of "silent illumination"

it's rather fascinating to read the very old criticisms of it, hakuin and the old chan masters and to see the problem they are criticising be so inwired in modern day zen !


Mysterion said...

Jo Mama said...
"nice SS quote (again) Myster. So what have you learned?"

That this illusion of life is actually hell.

In some Buddhist thought, it is called 'the land of shadow and light' while nirbana is 'the land of light.'

Hell is a place in which dualism is a possibility.

This is an underlying principle behind BOTH Jodo Shu and Jodo Shinshu although it is not often mentioned.

Shinran Shonin - the founder of the Jodo Shinshu School of Pure land Buddhism - taught that shadow and light existed within an enclosed cave of perpetual re-genesis.

We don't subscribe to this thought in Jodo Shu. We do have hell - and this (world you are experiencing) is it.

Last week, a student of mine - in a public forum - asked if one could be born cursed.

My answer was that we are ALL born cursed - it's just a question of degree. To NOT be born is to be blessed (to use the cursed/blessed thinking).

I think I could gain the concurrence of most non-Chinese Buddhist scholars on this issue. The Chinese, who made Buddha fat, gold, and happy (and seek good fortune) are generally in denial about this point (IMO).

To quote the poet:
"Every one is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound."

Mysterion said...


ALZHEIMER'S is far from quiet mind.

Visit a care center for these patients sometime and see how quiet it really is (or isn't).

There is a simple answer for every problem. That answer is very rarely correct, but at least it is simple.


an3drew said...

mysterion you said "quiescence" not quiet !

quiescent to real life testing or critical facilities or being able to change a viewpoint !

you just sort skip over stuff, take the wrong angle and fling back a few quotes

Mysterion said...

Quiescence (kwē-ĕs-ənts) is a Latin-derived English language noun referring to a state of being quiet, still, at rest, dormant, inactive.

Its adjectival form is quiescent, for example "a quiescent mind."

What else are you wrong about?

Anonymous said...

wtf is going on on your blog, andrew... i like it, somewhat.. but idk what it is.

skatemurai said...

This comment section is pure chaos. ))) I don't understand a thing.

an3drew said...

"quiescent to real life testing or critical facilities or being able to change a viewpoint !"

so just plug in "dormant" or "inactive" in place of quiescent lol

so i wasn't wrong about that, inspired even : o) but you know life is just this evoluton of error and i am wrong more often than most because i go outside the boundaries more than most!

of course the sheep never think they are wrong even when they go on the truck to the slaughter house !

and actually they die still thinking they are right !


an3drew said...

so alzheimers is a quiescent state of abilities compared to say a younger man in compos mentis!

it's actually a bit poetic, implying a loss of abilities is quiet which is more a view from infinity !

an3drew said...

"wtf is going on on your blog, andrew... i like it, somewhat.. but idk what it is."

i'm not sure either, i think it's a righting of zen which would worry me in that there was some point to anything : o )

an3drew said...

you all think you know it but you don't

when you've been the other side of the curtain everything looks very different so i won't make sense to you

you won't even believe in the possibilty which is why zazen seems attractive to you !

ANSdrew said...

Since you think you rcvd transmission from some dream image of the 6th Patriarch, does this mean you also think you are enlightened?

Just trying to suss out the depths (actually only skimming the surface) of your delusions, mate.

The 8th Patriarch said...

Here you go, Andrew, somewhere else to spread your gospel of exclamation points !

BTW: I am the 8th Patriarch, which trumps your measly dreamed up fantasy.

"8" is THE number of infinity!

You'll not hear from me again.

Fred said...

"The 8th Patriarch said...
Here you go, Andrew, somewhere else to spread your gospel of exclamation points !"

Hypnosis for the hypnosis.

An3drew, I looked behind the
curtain before you were born.

Fred said...

"ah i think the vision thing i don't have to discuss and actually it's best not discussed and actually the nature of these things is um they are not really conveyable anyway"

Ah, come on bro.

Anonymous said...

yes, do tell us more about the vision.

Anonymous said...

A poet that can't convey a vision..

is like a screen-door on a submarine.

Brad's agent said...


anon #108 said...

Reading recent Brad's blog's comments sections - the blog that Tricyle Magazine calls "one of the most vibrant, active Buddhist blogs anywhere" - I'm thinking 'It ain't what it used to be'. I guess it always was, and will be, not what it used to be.

One common thread, then as now, is "You don't get it."/"No YOU don't get it," round and round, on and on, me included.

What might all that be about then? Why is it so important for some of us to correct other people's 'mistakes'? What's in it for us/me?

anon #108 said...

Fings ain't what they used to be #1

I sold my cherished Marvel comic collection (about 300 of them, including rarities like Howard the Duck nos 1,2,3,4 and some great Doctor Stranges with Gene Colan artwork...and so on and so forth) for £50 in 1980 or thereabouts. £50 was a very poor price, even then. But it bought me a half gram of heroin, which I badly needed that day.

Anonymous Bob said...

I like confrontation. I like it with a smile. I like it less when it's anonymous sniping but I can even enjoy that. Should people always draw a line? Absolutely.. but where the line is drawn is arbitrary.

CAPTCHA : prona : I kid you not

Mysterion said...

well anon#108,

The it they don't get is either:

1) Bow, feeble and errant mortal to the 7th? 8th? 9th? Pubah of Potency!


2) There is no religious authority.

I lean toward answer 2. I suspect others do too.

Fred said...

In samsara egos correct each other
If you were sitting across from
Genpo, would you say " no, I don't
think that is it."

It's like Ken Wilber saying that
the Original Buddha is/was only
half a Buddha. It goes round and round.

REAL practitioner said...

Original Buddha WAS a fraud. Could he stop his brain waves during zazen like I can or Wilber can? I never read that he could. Science can and will cull the herd of phony gurus out there. I think we are only a few years away from standardized testing of all spiritual teachers, which means we can finally say goodbye to that "dharma transmission" hocus-pocus once and for all.

Sorry Brad, you can fool the masses but you can't fool the brain scan. I suggest you start preparing.

anon #108 said...

I'm not sure if I like confrontation, AB...

I like confronting and winning. Confronting and losing - not so much.

Confronting one another with opinions about, for example, religion and politics for the fun of it, is good, I think. But confronting one another with, for example, "Your living your life all wrong. You should see, believe, behave and eat as I do" seems not quite right to me. Yet very many of us think - and sometimes behave - that way. My guess: Some of us are very scared and badly need to be right; badly need to prevail.

Captcha = waste. I am not kidding.

Thanks, Mysti.

anon #108 said...

Hi Fred,

In samsara egos correct each other

You mean things are different in nirvana?

If you were sitting across from
Genpo, would you say " no, I don't
think that is it."

Not unless he said it first.

It goes round and round

Yes, it does.

Anonymous Bob said...

Well it's all comedy 108. If you take yourself too seriously or confuse your opinions with something real, you will cling very tightly to your views. But if you see your ideas as inherently empty, it becomes difficult to over value them. But still, emotion can over-ride reason sometimes.

You seem to perk up at confrontation, at least as a spectator.

CAPTCHA : mantiness : I kid you not

anon #108 said...

Quite so, AB.

Re perking up/spectating - you should the thoughts I don't post!

REAL - you're funny! Really.

anon #108 said...

* see the thoughts...

Charlotte A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charlotte A said...

(I hate all this technology, very confusing......)

Thank you Brad, it was better watching your interview than the BBC 10 o'clock news:)

john e mumbles said...

Anon 108 brings up a very interesting point, I think one perhaps (as he noted last BradPost)stemming from Brad's statement "Worry about your own practice." Which frankly summed it up for me!

I think I tend to react more to certain commentators who stridently want to "be right" since typically those who push my buttons are only displaying my own worst fear-based traits.

The proof is in how I react, as if coming back with the same level of righteousness will put them in their place! And then I wonder why I made somebody mad? Wow.

But as Anonymous Bob pointed out, its all comedy, entertainment, another much needed distraction...

an3drew said...

"Since you think you rcvd transmission from some dream image of the 6th Patriarch, does this mean you also think you are enlightened?"

enlightenment, like zazen is a false idea that comes from not having crossed the curtain EVER !

it's just a looking from a conventional "tool box" perspective and lacks that strangeness of having been and being on the "other side"

i am glad i appear strange or mad to you, how could it be otherwise : o ) ?

an3drew said...

"ah i think the vision thing i don't have to discuss "

Ah, come on bro.


you don't know and you never will know, will you?

like the rest here, stuff around in the buddhist "tool box" for the rest of your lives

i have sorta spoiled things for you, having come across me and now knowing what "authentic" is, even tho you don't agree you are always going to be dissatisfied and wonder deep down what you are missing !

it seems odd to me that you will never move off your “samsara” railtracks given an opportunity to do so, but that's the way it will be !

Question Mark said...

what opportunity would that be, oh great one?

an3drew said...

"what opportunity would that be, oh great one?"

step out side the macdonald's reilgious store !

what i find is you have no appreciation of the work involved or the level of dysfunction in life that occurs

it's a killing field from beginning to end















me !





an3drew said...

infinities pulling me away i can feel it now ta da!

a poem for an3 said...

yaay pull this fly speck away!!!

an3drew said...

: o -# ()~~~~

you can tell the zen teachers can't you : o )

Don Stuart said...

Brad, I didn't know you were moving back to Akron. There's a serious lack of zen teachers around here- if you decide to teach make sure we know about it in Cleveland!

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Lyds said...

I'm coming in a lil late on this but in response to the health and vitality comments nutrition is a cornerstone of health. Food and herbs are the only way to rid ourselves of disease. Personally I'm a vegan, I also don't eat soy, corn, gluten, sugar, or wheat. And I arrived at this conclusion via years of research and testing on myself. I'm a nerd about this stuff so I enjoy turning eating into a science experiment. I'm not saying all should eat the way I do, after all I tested it on me not you... But it's certainly easy to see in general that people should eat 'real foods' vs GMO's etc... food in its natural state...simplicity in diet and lifestyle=vitality