Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dave Materna for President

My upstairs neighbor Dave is running for President of the United States of America. Please lend him your support. Thank you.


Fred said...

How about Dave Materna for dog catcher?

Fred said...

Or Dave Materna for the unbalanced
state of the ANS through overload
of the nicotinic cholinergic

Fred said...

" Anonymous said...
This is just torture Brad!
This blog is so disjointed now."

Jump in brother. We are waiting
for your tortured words.

Anonymous Bob said...

Dave seems like he has a better grasp of the issues than the other candidates..

CAPTCHA : conale : I kid you not

john e mumbles said...
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john e mumbles said...
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Fred said...

Dave Materna teaches first year
English to Americans at the
University of Akron. I feel bad
for him, but not enough to send
any money. Poor fucking guy.

Anonymous said...

Anagrams for "Dave Materna":

Rave Mandate
Mate And Rave
A Tandem Rave
A Tamed Raven
Mad Raven Tea
Ever Adamant
Evade Mantra
Veranda Meat
A Drama Event
A Mead Tavern
A Mad Veteran
Rad Enema Vat

Zippy Rinpoche said...

All life is a blur of Republicans and meat.

Dan said...

Yeah...that's getting reposted on Facebook.

Seagal Rinpoche said...

The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions.

Charlie Cardoza said...

Why not? He's as qualified as the talent that's out there at the moment.

Mysterion said...

Pat Paulson For President


Anonymous said...

President? Dog-catcher?
Both definitely involve
deep doo-doo.

Anonymous said...

Dave Materna on foreign policy.


That is all.

Anonymous said...

Of course I've never heard of Dave Materna, which automatically gives him a huge advantage over all the potential republican candidates thus far.

Oliver said...

Convert that to Euro, please...

Captcha: "haulaser"

john e mumbles said...
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Anonymous said...

If Dave Materna is a psychopath,
then he's certainly qualified
to be a US President. Give him
your ear.

Mark Foote said...

I did watch the video of Paterno pitching... good luck, Dave, at least you're famous now.

Then I watched Brad with David Chadwick. Lively, thanks, Brad. I'll be in Sebastopol in December, I don't know if David is still there. Also love to run into Issho Fujita, saw him at Sonoma Mountain talking about the stretches in zazen very intelligently, he's got some videos. His emphasis was on two stretches, sit bones and ilio-sacral ligaments (forward and back), although he didn't name the ligaments. He spoke of how people put their hands on their heads when they are trying to think of something, or put their hands together like prayer when they are hoping for something; he said, what is the mind of zazen? Love that!
I find it helpful to think of three stretches connected with the sacrum, but somedays it's not helpful to think; I'm sure everyone can relate to that!
had a comment on the last blog entry that disappeared entirely, though I swear there was nothing offensive in it. Maybe I should be thankful. Thanks for attracting interesting people, Brad, and happy T-day.

Khru said...

This particular thread is by far the greatest I've ever seen on Bradley's blog. Keep up the good work, fellow poseurs...

Fred said...

Shunryu Suzuki:

" When I am in bed, my bed is my friend. There is no Buddha, or no Buddhism, or no zazen. If, you know, you ask me, "What is zazen?" you know, my answer will be, "To sit on black cushion is zazen," or "To walk with my feet is my zazen." To stay at this moment on this place is my zazen. There is no other zazen"

Mark Foote said...

here's the attribution on that wonderful quote Fred served up:

Suzuki Roshi Transcripts- Monday, July 6th, 1970

And in case the html doesn't work, here's the link longhand:

And a favorite of mine from Kobun, it's on the Jikoji site under Aspects of Sitting Meditation- Shikan Taza":

Sitting shikan taza is the place itself, and things. The dynamics of all Buddhas are in it. When you sit, the cushion sits with you. If you wear glasses, the glasses sit with you. Clothing sits with you. House sits with you. People who are moving around outside all sit with you. They don't take the sitting posture!

And for An3drew (did I get that right?), in my own words:


Dogen said: "To study the way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self."

Simply by being where we are, we can come to forget the self. The sense of place engenders an ability to feel, and each thing we feel enters into the sense of place- even before we know it.

This being where we are with each thing, even before we know it, is shikantaza."

Mark Foote said...

Seems like I have to be logged into my Google account before I post a comment here, or the comment is lost- anybody else having that experience?

Excalibur said...

Dave Materna will get you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

when are you going to post more talks at the podcast page ??

Anonymous said...

Comment moderation has ruined this comments section.

You either take the good with the bad or you end up with this dessicated pile of crap.

john e mumbles said...
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PhilBob-SquareHead said...

No more zazen or presidents are necessary!
Now that we have the GOD HELMET!!!

Cidercat said...

Can't support him, I live in the UK! Dude, what a blog post, come on, Zen or whatever but still, sheesh! Cypress tree in the courtyard and all that.

I'm a big fan of badgers, please do all you can to help them. Also My Sad Captains, some groovy toons. Rock on.

Fred said...

Only $659 for the God Helmet. It's
cheaper than Genpo and safer than acid.

But it isn't turning the light inward.

chu said...

"When I am in bed, my bed is my friend. There is no Buddha, or no Buddhism, or no zazen. If, you know, you ask me, "What is zazen?" you know, my answer will be, "To sit on black cushion is zazen," or "To walk with my feet is my zazen."
To stay at this moment on this place is my zazen. There is no other zazen"

There is also the zazen of smoking a cigarette and pretending to run for president.

Jarley Cro-Mag said...

I love comment moderation. keep it up and this section becomes something useful, go back to letting anonymous douchebags shit all over it and it becomes just another internet cesspool.

Anonymous said...

No More Jobs

anon #108 said...

[Hi HCZ Moderator - herewith revised version of previous similar post. Please post this one instead. Thanks.]

Hi Brad,

I guess you're back in the USA now? Thanks for coming. I hope you're fully recovered from the touring sickness.

What you had here was a kind of forum. The only open-to-all, immediate-feedback forum where a cheeky, free-thinking, authority-questioning truth-seeker could vent his/her spleen along with more orthodox Buddhistic types and others, and maybe even find something out. You may not have been proud of it, but others appreciated it and even admired you for it. Now you've got a slow, dull, bog-standard occasional-moderated-comment* blog comment section.

It is your blog and you can do what you want with it. But, imo, if you carry on with moderation as it is now, you'll have killed something that was entertaining and educational, unique and worthwhile in the perhaps not-completely-useless world of internet Buddhism. Maybe that's the idea?

*Are you suddenly having to moderate away lots of truly horribly unacceptable comments?

Brad Warner said...

Are you suddenly having to moderate away lots of truly horribly unacceptable comments?

Not so many. And I let most of that garbage through anyway. (See previous posting for evidence)

I'm just fed up with this forum being hijacked. I do not know any other way to prevent this than by moderating the comments.

Fred said...

You can see the blog killing in one
of 2 ways.

1. As a reaction to Jundo's posting
which is attachment on Brad's part.

2. As a service to posters here to
get beyond their/my attachment to
words and ideas.

It's all just anyway.

Jim T Cobra said...

Im with Jarley, sorry 108. I didn't see the "freewheeling cheeky" expression , I saw a lot of adults throwing monkey poop around and doing their level best to make the comment section completely useless. They very often succeeded. It was like trying to have a discussion with a stranger in a room full of screaming morons.

Like it or not, when there are no consequences most people seem to devolve to their basest form.

As far a "censorship" goes, editing out people just being abusive and writing 432 lines of vertical text doesn't stop anyone from expressing an honest opinion, it just keeps the folks who didn't get hugged enough as kids out of everyone's face.

Fred said...

The stuff is mind candy for the zen
flavoured ego. Entertainment
doesn't help you drop the mind-body
Although you sit with no goal,
posting on a blog won't take you
on the path past the Buddha.

So thank you Brad.

anon #108 said...

And I let most of that garbage through anyway.

Well quite.

I did google "How to block blogger user" (if that's what you want) and found this:

...if you haven't found it already. Dunno if it works. Maybe a tech-savvy chum can help you?

anon #108 said...

Sorry Brad, seems that code is outdated. Someone out there's gotta know something!

Anonymous Bob said...

"I thought the over-the-top-ness of my comments would be evidence enough that they were not intended to be taken at face value. I've learned this is often not the case. So you may have noticed I've been toning things down in general recently."

Hi Brad. Yeah, I have noticed that.. I'd go back to your irascible old ways if I were you. Now you come across as petulant more than anything else. When you were being sarcastic some of us got the joke and some didn't. But most took it as a cue as how to interact with you. It was polarizing and stirred things up but drew many interesting comments. It did piss a lot of people off but fuck em if they can't take a joke.. Speaking of jokes, you told the one fellow off by saying that is Mom is amateurish. Shouldn't you have said that his Mom was professional if going for.. Never mind, doesn't matter. Anyway, I hope you remove the comment moderation. Your first instinct was the best one in regards to that I'd say. The blog works best as a street fight interspersed with thoughtful Bootyist angst IMO.

CAPTCHA : droting : I kid you not

anon #108 said...

Hi Fred,

You do quite a bit of posting yourself. Cool. So I wonder if you believe entertainment helps you drop the mind-body? Or if you believe posting on a blog will take you on the path past the Buddha? Apparently not.

Yes, it's just a blog. I don't think anyone's in any doubt about that. But it might play a small part in helping some of us discover who we are. Depends whether you're listening and who/what you're listening to, imo.

Re "a service to posters here to get beyond their/my attachment to words and ideas" - well yeah, maybe. Gudo has said he doesn't use the kyosaku as it's better to wake yourself up than have someone do it for you. I think that works better.


Hi Jim T Cobra/Jarley

Some like the blog better with moderation. Different opinions; very cool. But as for getting rid of the occasional yards and yards of truly daft stuff - it can be deleted when Brad gets here. It doesn't happen often enough to pay the price some of us feel is being paid.

But yeah...whatever, innit.

Fred said...

108 said:

"Yes, it's just a blog. I don't think anyone's in any doubt about that. But it might play a small part in helping some of us discover who we are. Depends whether you're listening and who/what you're listening to, imo."

You and already know who we are.
It's a question of not indulging
in street fighting with a Buddhist

It's pointless to know something if
you lack the self discipline to
live it.

Mysterion said...

Zen candy is no candy.

Of late, I'm sticking to 2 meals (break Fast and dinner [lunch]) and maintaining a very SLOW weight loss.

I have 25 pounds to go to reach my 190# goal - what I weighed when Armstrong did or didn't set foot on the moon. I was a Seasonal Ranger HERE during college (summer break). My dad and his brother did the rock work you see in the photo.

I was here at the time!

I was raised 3 miles from where the City of San Francisco was buried in snow.

gniz said...

I like the idea of just removing the offending comments AFTER they're posted, whenever Brad or the moderator gets around to it.

I think the offenders will still mostly be discouraged by this deletion, and the non-offenders will be able to correspond in real time.

I think having a very open space is great, but allowing one or two quacks to simply spam the comments section with virtually unreadable gobbledygook is not cool. Neither is building a protective wall that makes posting at all difficult and cumbersome, and where having a linear conversation becomes almost impossible.

So it seems to me the best compromise is post-hoc deletion of offensive and/or spammy comments.

As to the main hijacker that Brad is worried about--let's just say that he will never stop hounding Brad anyway. And ruining your comment section over him would be a darn shame.

Anonymous said...

Does Dave Materna
know some people who
know how to get
things done?

Anonymous said...

As President, would Dave Materna
implement the comment moderation
policy of post-hoc deletion
as suggested by

That might be worth four dollars.

Zenleo said...

"To hell with you. To hell with you and to hell with the Internet." "It's distracting. It's meaningless; it's not real. It's in the air somewhere."

Ray Bradbury

BTW Fahrenheit 451 came out on e-book today.


john e mumbles said...

TRICYCLE Interviewer Philip Ryan said:

"Your blog is one of the most vibrant, active Buddhist blogs anywhere."

Why not keep it that way? Turn off the comment moderation, Captain.

Anonymous Bob said...

People are always worrying about how this person will affect that person with their unrelenting ignorant behavior rather than just accepting that some people might be going through some things in their lives from which they might emerge but for right now they are flaming assholes.

If you are going to try and protect every person from every ignorant unkind word they might hear you are really not protecting them at all.

At one time I loved this place and the variety of voices you could hear here. I loved Brad's attitude of just letting people say and do whatever they might because that is the way people are. That is not to say that things never got ugly or that some people, being desperate for attention, took advantage of of the situation and tried to overwhelm the rest with whatever they thought was important or real zen-like. But even when things were at their weirdest and meanest here, the good always outweighed the bad. It always did.

Because there is really no distinction there. It's what you think you see. It's only what you react to. It's what you imagine you are yourself that gets under your skin.

That guy that got under Brad's skin, Brad is now reacting to him by becoming like him. Hopefully this is all temporary because one of that guy is enough.. I never imagined that is how this would play out but life is full of turns, innit.

CAPTCHA : sellu : I kid you not

Anonymous said...

He looks like the majority of the others, just he hasn't the money

Anonymous said...

Iknow Dave Materna.We were together when he lived in Atlanta. He's one of the funniest and craziest people I know, so he is uniquely qualified to hold the office of president of the United States. The fact that he is the cigarette-smokingest person I know is just a random fact apropos of absolutely nothing, but it's true.He's mental and he's punk rock. I love Materna, but I think you should know that his real name is Gopee Bonehead. No, really, that is his name. Don't even bother calling him Dave Materna, he seems to prefer Gopee Bonehead. Just ask him sometime. I'd vote for him.