Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here's a new interview with me on Reality Sandwich. It's at:

I don't think I actually said "look" that much.

Here's an article about the filming of Shoplifting From American Apparel in Youngstown. It's at:

Here are some photos from the shooting:

Jam session with most of the cast and crew.

On the beach in Mentor, Ohio with (L-R) Noah Cicero, Me, Jordan Castro and Pirooz Kaleyah

Me in the helmet-mounted "Cassavetes Cam" trying to get a clandestine shot inside America Apparel itself. Watch the film to see what transpired.

The Shoplifting Band with me doing David Bowie/Mick Ronson "licking the lead guitarist as he solos" thing. Jordan Castro (actor/associate producer) on acoustic guitar, Zowie on rhythm guitar, Mark Parsia (producer/actor) on drums, Sonny Mishra (actor/composer) on lead guitar, me on bass

We are on our way to New York City in a few minutes for more shooting there. I think New York will be even more fun than Youngstown!

For more on the movie go to

If you're in New York and want to hear me talk about Zen and stuff, come see me on Saturday:

Saturday June 18th at Noon at Ordinary Mind Zendo
107 West 74th Street
between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
Apt. BR
New York, NY 10023
T 917-608-3348

(zazen starts at 10 am, talk comes after that)


Anonymous said...

Ohio has a beach?

One? One won what? What one?

Mysterion said...

Is this an Emerson, Lake, and Palmer thing?

Mysterion said...

the Youtube version... 1972

Anonymous said...

just ordinary curiosity...

what are the details
behind this case of
"revoking Dharma transmission"?

Mysterion said...

What Roshi giveth, roshi can taketh away.

Really, dharma transmission is a mater of perceived ability and worthiness.

In the case of Roshi perception being errant, the revocation of an inka or dharma transmission is merely housekeeping.

The superiors (meaning older monks) try to keep a clean nest which is inviting to like-minded birds.

The higheat rank in buddhism is "ordinary monk." Nevertheless, sometimes someone has to determine seating arrangements at tables for dinner and the like so convention has it that the youngsters defer to the elders. It isn't a matter of right and wrong, it's only a matter of convenience.

Besides, to maintain harmony, the elders will ask around for a few days before coming to any kind of determination ~ a kind of shared governance model.

An immediate decision requires a few days. A serious decision could easily take a few months.

Most "meetings" are semi-formal rituals whereby one displays respect (a mutual respect-a-thon).

I suspect, but do not know, that at the very root of Brad's beef (metaphor) was a sense of missing some respect on behalf of that recent NY Fest.

Since this is acting in the subliminal, I also doubt that Brad is aware of it - sans my analysis.

Certainly harmonious co-relations are the strength of Buddhism.

ator said...
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Mysterion said...

"teacher" implies a power relationship

Teachers also have experience, "classrooms," and resources.

"Having no destination, I am never lost." - Ikkyu

Anonymous said...

"A disciple is just an asshole looking for a person to attach itself to." RAW

Bizarro Seagal said...

You can work on your cultural programming, and eventually even successfully overcome it, but it's very deeply ingrained, and you don't simply override it just by deciding that you will.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad; just wondering if you'll ever be coming to Toronto to speak? I apologize if this info is posted somewhere. We'd love to hear what you have to say!

john e mumbles said...

Jeez, Brad, your sitar is almost as big as my weather pattern...

Brad Warner said...

James, if you can help arrange a gig in Toronto, I'll go!

Anonymous said...

I want to go to a john e mumbles speaking gig. I think I've heard everything Brad has to say..

Ran said...

Overcoming your cultural programming isn’t the root of the path.

Anonymous said...

Is it the square root of the path?

Anonymous said...

"her rather large breasts would be enough to make her stand out"

Anonymous said...

Yet another Tim McCarthy student
writing about sex and zen?
What's your take, Brad?

Seagal Rinpoche said...

You won’t understand life and death until you’re ready to set aside any hope of understanding life and death and just live your life until you die.

Anonymous said...

Adam Tebbe interviews Scott Edelstein.
(Not Too Shabby!)

Anonymous said...

Gettin' Real...

Anonymous said...

Do you what you do.

But while you're waiting for
the DSM-V to come out, you
may want to consult the

ator said...
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Barry Graham said...

I think Israel is a terrorist state. I think Zionism is racist. I support re-allocation of land to Palestine. How does any of that mean I'm anti-Semitic? It means I'm anti-terrorism, anti-racist and anti-theft.

Jai Ho said...

Totally off topic.

Metallica has become way too mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Nothing here is off topic.

Dilford said...

Interesting similarity between what you say about people "coming" to Zen ("Nobody comes to Zen who is a sort of a happy-go-lucky person who thinks everything is beautiful.") in the Reality Sandwich interview and what I hear around the tables at A. A. meetings. Both seem to be ways to exit delusion. Son-Of-a-Bitch, Everything's Real = sober. Still trying to balance basic buddhist stance with trad A.A. reliance on a Higher Power, but I think it can be done. Any opinion on Mel Ash's "Zen of Recovery"?

Mysterion said...

in the 70's, people said

"Sex Sells"

That was then, this is now.

BTW, quite a few "Happy go-lucky" people enter Zen through Spirit Rick - Anglican Alan Watts old drinking spot.

In a Way

There's a nice tale of Alan in "Interview with Larry Hagman: Star of Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie" HERE

Look in the fish stall, the sake shop or the brothel! SEE

ja mata said...

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