Thursday, May 05, 2011

Selling Out, Osama bin Laden, and Fuck Mother's Day

There you have it folks, the stub from my most recent bi-annual royalty check from New World Library. Check out those numbers! That's $1, 615.58. There is no misprint. I received one thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars and fifty-eight cents. This represents six months worth of royalties for three books. That's half a year's pay. So all you people who write me emails about "how you make a buck" or assume I am getting filthy rich off my book sales take a good long look. This will probably be the largest royalty check I receive in 2011.

There's a handy donation button to your left if you want to help supplement that (or click on the words "handy donation button").

Needless to say I am now in the process of looking for a "real job." This means that I most likely will not be touring in 2012. I've still got a bunch of live gigs left this year, so see 'em while you can.


People keep asking me what I think of the recent death of Osama bin Laden. The fact is I don't think about it a whole lot. One guy said:

“I woke up this morning and read the news headline about Osama Bin Laden finally being killed. My first reaction was, ‘It's about Goddamn time -- thank you!’ Does this viewpoint/emotion have a place in Zen?”

I don't even understand the question. Whatever viewpoints/emotions you have are just your viewpoints and emotions. It's not as if the Zen Committee is out there somewhere deciding which viewpoints are acceptable and which are not.

Another email I got went like this:

“Just wanted to ask your opinion about Osama Bin Laden's death. Many here in Europe, including me, are sad that people are actually celebrating Osama's death. I can understand 9/11 issue and all, but celebrating Osama's death like some baseball game? A human being is a human being, even he is a mass-murderer. I understand killing Osama but I don't understand celebrating it. Celebrating someone's death is just barbaric. There are no excuses for it. Although I'm a peace activist and Buddhist, as a human being, killing someone or someone's death is not a happy thing. Never, ever.”

The same person sent me a photo that shows Palestinians celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. 2001 next to photos of Americans celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden and asks, "What's the difference?"

I have to say that there is a monumental difference. Those Palestinians were rejoicing in the deaths of thousands of people whose only crime was showing up for work on a Tuesday morning. The Americans were celebrating the death of a man responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center and several other mass murders, a man who would have gone on to murder as many more people as he possibly could had he not been killed.

(And yes, lots of the Palestinians in those photos from ten years ago were little kids who didn't have any real idea what they were cheering about. I do not consider those photos to be in any way representative of most Palestinians, and certainly not of the Palestinians I met and befriended last year in Jerusalem or of Arabic people in general.)

There seem to be two permissible responses to the death of bin Laden. One is to hoot and holler like it's some kind of game your team just won. The other is to sit around and write thoughtful essays about how the celebrations speak to the violent nature of blah-blah-blah....

I don't find either response particularly useful. I didn't like bin Laden and I'm glad he's dead. He was a truly awful human being and it was right to kill him before he inspired more mass murders. Yeah, I know, maybe he'll be seen as a martyr now. So what? And yes, terrorism and the conflicts between the West and the Arab world will not end with his death. I don't think even those revelers in Times Square with their big-ass flags imagine it will. And yes, violence is not good. But sometimes there really is not any other way to deal with certain problems. And this was one of those times.

I think some of the revelry is stupid. But it's to be expected.

And that's how I feel about that.


I am now officially fed up with Mother's Day. This is just my personal feeling since my mom is dead. I'm tired of getting emails telling me the things I ought to buy for her.


Anyone want to hip me about how a person goes about getting into grad school? Do they make a "Grad School For Dummies" book?


How do you like the new look for the page? It blows, huh? I'm workin' on it...


anonymous anonymous said...

Are those new specs? nice

Chris said...

Grad school steps.

1 & 2) Choose some programs you want to go to and take the required tests (GRE, subject GRE, etc).

3 & 4) Send applications. They take time and cost money. Sometimes there's a unified application depending on the field of study. Contact any faculty you're interested in working with for more information.

5 & 6) Get accepted. Hope you get funding that doesn't require loans. Go to school.

Khru said...

Lao Tzu:

"Since the celebration of victory
is also the celebration of killing
A victory is not an occasion for joy, but for mourning.

With so many dead,
a victory should be observed
with the rights of a funeral."

Shit, this took longer to type than I thought and I've wasted valuable time.

john e mumbles said...

My Mom's been gone since 1989 (she died waaay too young). I don't even think about "Mother's Day" anymore. Wasn't it a holiday originally created by the greeting card companies anyway?

Mark Foote said...

Yes, it was a holiday invented by the greeting card companies, or so my parents said; they were born respectively in 1910 and 1923, so they were probably around when the greeting card companies did that.

Hey, Brad, what's your source on Kobun pulling out of Sotoshu? Thanks.

I think you done good, Brad; I guess that's because I agree with your viewpoint. As I wrote on Tao Bums the other day, I actually find it fun to sit in the lotus because I know with my heart that there's nothing I have to do, and yet I'm sitting. Here's one for ya:


Dogen said: "To study the way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self."

Simply by being where we are, we can come to forget the self. The sense of place engenders an ability to feel, and each thing we feel enters into the sense of place- even before we know it.

This being where we are with each thing, even before we know it, is shikantaza.

yers, Mark

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea you made so little. That's a damn shame. I hope you can do more e-books in the future and keep most of your earnings for yourself.
As for grad school, start studying for the GRE now. It's not easy. Kaplan makes a nice guide, but there are a ton out there, most you can check out from the library.
Think about where you'd like to live, and find a professor or two with similar interests. E-mail them and commence ass-kissing.

Josh said...

You need an agent to get you a better deal with a different publisher. You're a good reason why you should settle for such a sad amount of royalties.

ZenHippie said...

Hey Brad -

Here is the short advice on graduate school (I just got into at PhD program at Temple University):

However, if you want to pick my brain feel free to email me:

cheers -

Anonymous said...

Bipartisan Committee of Dimocraps and Repugnants agree:

The Easter Bunny killed Obama Bin Laden!

Anonymous said...

here is how I feel about it

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Rick said...

Maybe your wrote the wrong books and need to write the right ones.

Blake said...

Shit I'm the graduate school fucking master! Let me know if you are for serious.

Anonymous said...

Brad, do you know how much grad school costs nowadays? I don't think your royalty check is going to cover it, maybe the cost of text books for one semester, but that's it. Save your money, bro. Grad school is overpriced, overrated bullshit. Just look at all those unemployed in-debt up to their eyeballs law school grads. They are all so pathetic and sad, their prestigious degrees being nothing more than a glorified report card, something your parents can put on the fridge and show the neighbors, or post on your facebook page, which you will update constantly with witty epigrams and ironic gen x humor--a behavioral pattern commonly seen in the modern male who paid way too much for his college degree and is now bussing tables at Applebees. Don't let that be you, Brad. You got a good thing going with your bad boy zen thing. It's pure kitsch I must admit, but it works.

mark said...


Getting into grad school isn't so difficult, just paying for it while trying to spend all your time studying is the trick. I found many different sources to fund my education. This is one of those things that get started, and then forgotten about. The money's are still there, the sources offering it just aren't to diligent in depleting those funds. It was a good way to advertise, to begin with.

Bodie said...

1) I purchased "Sex, Sin & Zen" so... you're welcome? =) Keep up the good work.
2) Bin Laden is so 10 years ago!
3) Speaking of irrelevant holidays, I just realized that I didn't say or read the words Cinco de Mayo today (until now).
4) Grad school? Move to a country with free education. Any of the Scandinavian countries will do fine. They might even give you a degree based on your existing work.
5) I only read your posts in my RSS feed, so I don't usually see your design. But it looks fine. It could be simpler.

Uku said...

Hi all,

I was the guy who wrote to Brad and sent the photo. Yes, I might be little NambyBamby about this but I truly think no one deserves to die. Yes, like I have said and wrote several, several times, sometimes wars and violence is needed. That's sad, but that's the way it goes. I would beat the shit out (if necessary) of some guy if he would attack against my family. But killing him? And celebrating his death by singing, dancing? Or even celebrating my fight against him? Wow, no way. That would be barbaric. Similar thing going on now when people are celebrating Osama's death.

Osama was baaaad, really, really bad. I'm sure we all can understand that. And now that he's gone, it's probably better to us all although I'm waiting new and bigger terrorist attacks. Terrorists are now even more pissed off when USA is celebrating their killing of Osama. But anyway, it's totally different things to have wars OR to celebrate them. See the difference, folks? Yes, Osama is gone. Good. But celebrating his death?

Meanwhile, you can check this link out:

Tracing the Rhetoric of Contemporary Zen - Dogen Sangha and the Modernization of Japanese Zen Buddhism In the Light of a Rhetorical Analysis of a Weblog.

It's the first ever-made scholar study concerning Dogen Sangha. You'll find a lot of familiar names from it. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Nerd glasses looked ridiculous 50 years ago. Today, they still look ridiculous. Some things never change.

Lee said...

Try being an infertile female in the US and go through Mother's Day..I like the glasses...Design doesn't matter because the content is always worthwhile
so there!

Chris Bogart said...

My grad school application advice: use Google Scholar or something to find academic papers on topics that interest you, and read other stuff from those same conferences. From this you build up a list of professors you might like as advisors. Then look into the schools they teach at. Write to the professors, describe your interests, and ask if they're taking on students. Schedule a visit if you can. Then fill out applications after you've made human contact.

I'm in grad school for Computer Science, and fortunately I found funding. I don't think it's a good financial investment in the long run, but it'll let me do research I'd like to do.

kowey said...

I still think it'd be a good idea to accompany each blog post with a Flattr button, as another way for people to donate.

It's now free for you, and it's easy.

It's nice for donors because then they can set a monthly amount they want to donate to the internet, and click on as many flattr buttons as they like, dividing the monthly amount up evenly.

buddy said...

' And yes, violence is not good. But sometimes there really is not any other way to deal with certain problems. And this was one of those times.'
Well they could have arrested him and tried him for his crimes. But of course then he might have spoke of his ties to the CIA when he was an Afghan freedom fighter against the Russian invasion, and other such messy things.

Mumon said...

Man, I feel for you; really. We lose checks bigger than that.

OK, we might not have lost the check in question - it came from the New York State Employees Retirement Gobbledygook. Or not.

Re: grad school: write your alma mater. Assuming it has a grad school, it's easiest to get in. Otherwise there's usually the little matter of a GRE exam. Which I never took, because of the sentence I wrote before the last one.

Anonymous said...

Brad wrote: "Anyone want to hip me about how a person goes about getting into grad school? Do they make a "Grad School For Dummies" book?"

I've been back to grad school twice, but never completed either degree. I guess that makes me good at getting in but sucky at finishing anything.

Anyway, contact the Admissions or Graduate Admissions office of the school in which you're interested. Like most things, there will be mounds of paperwork to supply to them. You'll need to send them certified copies of undergrad transcripts, which are sometimes a pain to get, especially if you've been out of school for years. You'll need to send them your official GRE scores or what have you.

Mainly you'll need to send them fees: application fees, transcript fees, and so forth. Grad school is expensive just about anywhere and unless you're in a program that's in demand, I question whether the investment is worth it.

In terms of jobs look at your skill set and see what's available. You have a big advantage over other people in that you appear free to move to where good jobs are. Not everyone can do that. I know plenty of people stuck because they can't sell their house, for instance.

Your Japanese language skills might be in demand, for instance, in a court setting, but only in communities that have a large Japanese population, probably west coast. Your creative and writing skills might make you useful to movie makers. Ask yourself what you can do and who might pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're 47 years old. Grad school? Seriously? Will you live long enough to pay off that debt? Grad school is for these babies who have their whole life to grumble and pay it off. To hell with school, get a job, live your life.

Anonymous said...

At Age 47, I am starting my Doctorate, on uncle sugar's dime. I will pay the tax payers back with more gov service off course. I got my MS the same way. Undergrad was financed years ago with VA benefits.
I'm an Army Nurse so The discipline is nursing. GREs are a horrible scam that one must just do to prove your "hoop jumping abilities" most intelligent academic types understand that.. I've taken them at least 4 times with poor to mediocre results. Public adult education (night schools) have cheap night courses on how to score good. I found these very helpful (took 2 of these), books for self study are good too ESP those that teach to the test. MAT is a test some schools allow, that is easier in my opinion.
Going to grad school is a vacation to a psychedelic tool shed. I go in for a trip. Grab a cool shovel or rake. Learn theoretical use for said implement, maybe work in the hippie garden under the tutelage of the freak that lives in the shed. Then return to the real world and wield that tool meaningfully.
Brad, what discipline are you considering?
If theology, have you considered the military chaplancy as a Soto Zen? We could really use you. Hope to see you in Houston.
Kaplan is f Kaplan f them.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's a viable option for you, but some companies will pay your tuition for you to go to grad school part time. Obviously it depends on the field you'd be working in. I assume you have a BA/BS; what was your major?

Anonymous said...

stoked that somebody quoted that passage from the Tai Te Ching, (much obliged, Khru) that was the exact thing that came to my mind on several occasions where we witnessed footage of people celebrating death on both sides of the world. -Paddy NZ

Anonymous said...

Uku, if you ever want to grow up and be a proper Buddhist, you might have to let your adolescent opinions go. Actually they are not even your opinions, but a ramshackle collection of highly conventional views which the undergraduate left habitually spews out. Can you see that? Let your views go and you might glimpse the truth. Your first reaction is to justify yourself, rather than ask yourself what you are really doing, and if you truly understand what is being said here. I fear not.

Anonymous Bob said...

Wow, What a week! First Barack Obama provides proof that he was born in America. Then Osama Bin Laden gets tossed into the ocean. Now you present evidence that you are not making tons of money as a near-celebrity writer.

CAPTCHA : scifyi : I kid you not

Jean said...

I'm thinking about going to grad school myself! Since I already know where I'm planning to go, for me the starting point will be taking a few post-Baccalaureate classes. One, I don't have to do a fancy application for that, and two, taking classes in the program I'm applying for, so that I can (hopefully) get academic recommendations from the profs in the program. That matters because I got my BA like, 15 years ago, so I'm pretty rusty. Plus the classes I'm taking will apply to my requirements once I do get accepted.

Jean said...

Also, I'll be starting grad school at 45, Anonymous. So what if I don't finish till I'm 47, or 48, or 50? So what if I die before my loans get paid off? I suppose I'll get older and die in any case, so why not do something satisfying in the meantime?

Brad Warner said...

Marke Foote asked: Hey, Brad, what's your source on Kobun pulling out of Sotoshu? Thanks.

I don't remember who told me this. I think I probably got it from several different people. I've spoken to a number of Kobun's students. Am I mistaken?

Brad Warner said...

Thanks for all the grad school advice. I'm pondering it.

Basically the deal is this - ppeople with fewer Zen books and fewer sales of those books than I are making bank. I, obviously, am not. The way you make the big bucks is either to lie and cheat, or you find a way to make yourself the head of an organization.

Option #1 is not attractive. Option #2 is probably not possible for someone as disorganized and anti-social as myself.

So what do I do?

I'm actually very happy with my life. I get to travel. I get to do pretty much what I want whenever I feel like it. I don't have a boss. It's very cool.

The poverty I deal with is not crushing me just yet. But it is undoubtedly pointing in that direction. The question is, how do I point it the other way?

On the other hand, I could always choose total poverty. But I'm more interested in a compromise position.

Anonymous Bob said...

Just purchased "Death to all Monsters"
How is the Kindle thing working out for you?

Anonymous said...

Brad -- have you already chosen a field of study? I'm working on a degree in electrical engineering, but I've thought about pursuing an MBA after I'm done with it, assuming I'm not completely burned out on school by then. No matter what field you're in, you can make a good living if you have some background in sales and finance.

If your primary goal is to improve your financial situation, I guess you'll be pursuing an MBA? Or are you hoping to cash in on the lucrative prospects a divinity doctorate can bring in? :-)

Anonymous said...

Who can be happy about death?


Terribly misunderstood

Resentment of the inevitable

There is an American Indian saying "when death comes for you, may you be alive!", also 'Today is a good day to die'
Both sober me up and cheer me immeasurably:
Tell me to wake up to the here and now
Same as zen practice--removes my complacency, I've got time ahead of me--I only have now, perhaps before the day is done my borrowed body and feet will be returned to the loan department Life
Am I good to go?
If not, what needs to be gotten in order? Who do I need to make amends with?
not bad to consider these things

Whether 1 or 1,000 at once, good to go means a 'good' death if you ask me, in a purely personal way. Obviously i am not talking about the political/military/militant aspects or the circumstances of the event of demise.
But rather the 'did I have my breakfast?'
'did I clean my bowl?' kind of thing.

and Brad, sure, grad school, and/or a 'real' job although your current activities are real enough and job equivalent enough if you ask me.
I think you would benefit from regular hours even on a part time basis.
What do plan to study? Writing? Film? Music? Business management? Law? Early education? Psych/counseling?

Will you stay in the Midwest close to band mates and the chance to do occasional gigs? Do you ever play with other bands?

So many things to consider and 10,000 directions to move in!

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
buddy said...

Since 2003 about 100,000 Iraqi civilians, whose only crime was to be born in a country that was once an ally of the U.S. but has fallen into disfavour, were killed as a result of American military aggression. Does this mean it would be totally justifiable to shoot Bush or Obama in the head?

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Brad, you're a good example of how insight into the nature of reality on the cushion doesn't necessarily translate into wisdom (or even basic intelligence) in other areas. Especially when willful ignorance is involved.

Almost every time you make a pronouncement on political matters you preface it by saying something to the effect of 'The fact is I don't think about it a whole lot' (bin Laden) or 'I actually haven't been following this story very closely and only barely understand what Wikileaks are'. And sure enough, your ignorance is made glaringly apparent in what you then say about the subject.

Perhaps until such time that you care enough to actually educate yourself on such topics it might be better to just keep silent.

Anonymous said...

Jean, have you seen the hordes of out of work 50-something-year-olds out there with and without degrees?

Wake up and smell the Ben Gay: You're getting too old to go back to school.

Anonymous Bob said...

Brad, The Kindle for PC can be downloaded here for free. You get a lot of traffic on your blog. You could provide a handy link to the site seeing how you are redoing things anyway. Might be worth a couple of bucks to you..

Anonymous Bob said...

My view is that Osama Bin Laden killed himself. I'm not glad about it but I'm not exactly grief-stricken either.

biosphere_oli said...

Good question buddy. the really relevant figures might be 1 million extra deaths as a result of the US invasion, following 500,000 in the preceeding decade due to depleted uranium munitions causing cancer, sanctions destroying iraqi healthcare, etc.

"it was right to kill him before he inspired more mass murders."
"sometimes there really is not any other way to deal with certain problems. And this was one of those times." no reasoning provided. no evidence. what a fucking dangerous, inflammatory and aggressive load of crap to write on a blog which people actually take notice of. as if putting him on trial would have been in any way a worse option. as if you know all the options.

i enjoy, find helpful, am grateful for, and buy a lot of your stuff brad. but pronouncing someone's summary excecution to be valid, and providing no justification or analysis, seems arrogant and fearful rather than insightful, to me, whichever way i look a it.

and as buddy says, by the minimal impression of logic you provided, it would be right to shoot obama, the bigger warmonger, before yet more equivalents (in mortality) of the WTC casualties are inflicted on the afghanis.

Anonymous said...

Julia Ward Howe
Mother's Day Proclamation

Arise, then, women of this day!
Arise, all women who have hearts,
Whether our baptism be of water or of tears!
Say firmly:
"We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies,
Our husbands will not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause.
Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.
We, the women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country
To allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs."
From the bosom of the devastated Earth a voice goes up with our own.
It says: "Disarm! Disarm! The sword of murder is not the balance of justice."
Blood does not wipe out dishonor, nor violence indicate possession.
As men have often forsaken the plough and the anvil at the summons of war,
Let women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of counsel.
Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead.
Let them solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means
Whereby the great human family can live in peace,
Each bearing after his own time the sacred impress, not of Caesar,
But of God.
In the name of womanhood and humanity, I earnestly ask
That a general congress of women without limit of nationality
May be appointed and held at someplace deemed most convenient
And at the earliest period consistent with its objects,
To promote the alliance of the different nationalities,
The amicable settlement of international questions,
The great and general interests of peace.

it was a day of women protesting the carnage of the civil war

Sally Mann's photography of Antietam included in her book What Remains is a powerful tribute

You may not like the commercialism of the card companies
I don't know any mother's who care for it either.
There isn't any thanks possible equivalent to 'mothering'
Think about it, what kind of 'thanks' could you ever give the sun?
So forget about thanks entirely


show some

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tim said...

Brad, I'm sure everybody has graduate school opinions so I'll follow the crowd and give my two cents.

I just finished my MBA from Case and the wife is doing her PhD dissertation. So we have 5 degrees between the two of us (not sure if this is really a good thing or not). Anyhow, I know you are often up in the Cleveland/Akron area and if you ever want to sit down for a coffee and pick our brains, I'm sure we can arrange that.

I would tend to shy away from a terminal Masters program. Typically they are not funded and really a Masters doesn't do much for you (outside of a MBA and LLM, and a few others). A PhD, on the other hand, is typically funded with a stipend and depending on the program and school the stipend is enough to live on without loans. Downside is you are talking about six or so years working full-time on a PhD. Some doctoral programs do require a Masters, so you may not have much choice.

One of the more annoying things about graduate school is playing the bureaucratic games. The GRE is just the first game you have to play. It's not a hard exam, and probably the easiest of the graduate level exams, but still it is something you need to study for.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email:


Anonymous said...

Nice picture, Brad, but
do not let your eye mistake
the finger pointing at the paycheck
for the paycheck. Anyhow, thanks for
showing the evidence!

Doubt it said...

Maybe this is a weekly check. If you look at the numbers on the rest of the check stub they read 14,000, 15,000 and there's one 56,000. What the hell are those? Could be bullshit.

Leah McClellan said...

Hey Brad, I wasn't going to start commenting here though I've been reading--like I don't have enough to do--but all the topics ring the bell.

Job stuff: why not consider doing freelance writing full time or often? With your background/books, you wouldn't have to hustle the way I do (though sometimes I make way more than that royalty check in one week just doing editing work, and that's nothing compared to some people). You'd be in like flynn. Also, I see ads for Japanese translation on Craigslist pretty often.

Bin Laden: guilty as charged on the essay. I think it's useful because 1) it helped me work out my thoughts/ideas/feelings while writing, which I wasn't too sure of, and by doing that I could set them aside and move on, and 2) it helps readers to work out their thoughts/feelings or whatever. In my opinion. Is that important? I dunno.

Mother's day: yeah. Same here but for other reasons.

Grad school: what about a teaching assistantship? That's what I did. You get all tuition paid and a stipend for teaching a few classes or helping professors with whatever. Maybe someone said that. You might be in like flynn there, too, depending on the school and program.

Geez I bought my third Brad Warner book today--you mean that didn't help matters? lol

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Did mysterion step in dog shit? What else could that stink be?

Brad Warner said...

Anonymous said:
Perhaps until such time that you care enough to actually educate yourself on such topics it might be better to just keep silent.

I'll take this as an effort to be helpful.

Anonymous said...

That would be as intended, even if my attitude seemed a bit snarky.

janice said...

Little cranky today?

janice said...

YOu are pretty funny.Have you found a mate yet?

Mother Earth said...

Brad, obviously money is important--but if you feel like you have to be fake or phony to do so all I can say is... welcome to the party!

You are obviously successful in many regards but you don't have the money to show for it.

Let's face it. Sorry dude, but you are just not good at making money.

If you were do you think we would be having this conversation? Oh well.

Of all the people that could be poor and handle it well it's probably you...

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Ps. I donated. and I at least hope Mysterion did too.

an3drew said...

brad, if you are thinking of doing grad school english, my experience is that they teach you to to read, like and write bad literature , it's that bad. even worse (if possible) is philosophy !

elizabeths bishops poem "one art"

zen is immature compared to this !

an3drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
an3drew said...

brad, you claim to not read the comments but they are telling you several things

1. zen is passe

2.the publishing world has changed, there's no money in books or music

3. that is you are really amongst equals here, specialists in failure !

4. you are volunteering your time and subsidising cretins like us, keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps until such time that you care enough to actually educate yourself..."

Hey Brad,

Earn money while you
educate yourself!

Simple gigs...

Review this movie and
receive a donation:


Then, review this movie
and receive a second


(Of course, before submitting
a review for either, you must
watch the entire movie ;)

Pooper Scooper said...

What???, Mysterion hasn't weighed in on grad school for Brad? He must be constipated. Come on, take a higher education laxative. Wait ten minutes. Ahhh, here it comes...

proulx michel said...

Aged 40, I went to University and first graduated, then went to graduate school in a master's in History.
After which I ended up doing crappy jobs teaching kids for cram schools.
in the end, I reverted to my old and ancient skills and became a bowmaker. Which I still am. Lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Doubt It @ 7:24PM said...

"Maybe this is a weekly check. If you look at the numbers on the rest of the check stub they read 14,000, 15,000 and there's one 56,000. What the hell are those? Could be bullshit."

Look at that picture again. Those numbers are 14.000%, 15.000%, 56.000%, etc. They are probably the percentages of sales that Brad earns and not dollar amounts. Did you also examine President Obama's birth certificate just as carefully?

Prince Harry said...

Proulx Michel,

Did you make any of the bows that were on the hats at the royal wedding last week?

Doubt It said...

Anonymous 5:11, relax dude, I'm just trollin'.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps until such time that you care enough to actually educate yourself..."


Maybe you'd like to be a movie critic:
If you review movie one and movie two,
your handy donation button will be pressed.

Anonymous said...

Just the facts, Ma'am.

Anonymous said...

mysterion, I forgot to wish you a happy Mother's day.. It's funny the way you dress up your little doggy in human clothes and treat it like a child. You really are a mother.

Anonymous said...

Brad, don't you as a writer get some money up front--wouldn't that be considerably bigger than your 'royalty' check? Just askin'

Anonymous said...

peter panning about does get old even if you never grow up

Harry said...

Does the latter day Soto Orthodoxy ('just do zazen and everything will intuitively be okay!') which Dogen Sangha seems to advance make for sloppy thinking (e.g. Brad's)around complex ethical issues which affect us all in this big, interrelated spicy gumbo of a world?

Regards to All,


Harry said...

...oh yeah, I forgot to qualify that: "whatever".

anon #108 said...

Afternoon, H.

Have you stopped beating your wife?

Anonymous said...

Mysterion dresses his dog like a doll? People with children usually outgrown things like that.

Harry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harry said...

"Have you stopped beating your wife?"

Hi, I'm not married. It's an interestingly hostile response to my enquiry though don't you think?



CAPTCHA: 'beati'!

Brad Warner said...

Anonymous said: Brad, don't you as a writer get some money up front--wouldn't that be considerably bigger than your 'royalty' check? Just askin'

Yes. It's called an "advance." It was fairly pitiful too. Though not as pitiful as this! It's all long gone on luxuries like rent and gasoline.

mikael said...

Fuck Brad Im saddened you lost me here, this rant is neither punkrock nor buddhist.

People rejoice in true hardcore punk world burns to death lyrics: "The Sucking Of The Missile-Cock"
A look at the horror, of the pimps of war
Their weapons whore, just who wields the missile-cock?
And even punks scream for sanctioned slaughter
Wholesale murder, suck the butcher's missile cock

I remember back in '84
When punks opposed all fucking war
A nuclear threat knocked at our door
But still, a punk was a fucking punk

You sang 'guns for the Afghan rebels'
Well now those rebels are your devils
America's ego leveled
I thought this was the fucking point

Punks wrapped up in fucking flags
I'd like to wrap you up in body bags
Take your fucking toe tags
And add them to the list of traitors

When did this patriotic pox
Start infecting our punk rock?
Cops and jocks with mohawks
Sucking on the missile cock

Brad Warner said...

Anonymous said: Maybe you'd like to be a movie critic:
If you review movie one and movie two,
your handy donation button will be pressed. Seriously.

How much will you give me?

Honestly, 9/11 Guy, I have a whole lot of questions about that stuff. At first I though you were just a random spammer. But evidently you actually read my stuff.

OK. I actually have watched a number of the videos you posted. I am geeky about this kind of stuff. I have a few JFK books too.

And the collapse of Building 7 has always been extremely suspicious to me. Even if I could believe the Twin Towers would fall straight down like a controlled explosion, Building 7 wasn't even hit. It makes no sense at all. So I'm with you there.

However, I cannot believe anyone could plant as many explosives as would be needed to bring down the Twin Towers without either 1) getting caught doing it or 2) leaving evidence that would be discovered in the ten years since.

That's just too far-fetched to accept. You're talking about an operation that couldn't have been accomplished without the cooperation of dozens of people, if not a hundred or more. And none of them talked? Seriously? Not one of them felt guilty over the deaths of thousands of people and came forward? I just can't accept that.

What I can accept is that there is much we are not being told about what happened.

But who cares what my opinion is on the matter? Really. I have no expertise. I haven't investigated past watching some YouTube videos. Who cares? Why do you care?

mikael said...

"Punks wrapped up in fucking flags
I'd like to wrap you up in body bags
Take your fucking toe tags
And add them to the list of traitors"

perhaps not very buddhist but still hilarious

anon #108 said...

Hi H,

I wrote: "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

And you wrote: "Hi, I'm not married. It's an interestingly hostile response to my enquiry though don't you think?"

"Have you stopped beating your wife" is the classic example of a loaded question. I thought you would know this. I meant to imply, humorously, that your question was such a very loaded question that it was incapable of being answered. I thought you would know this too. I was gonna use a winky smiley but I'm trying to give them up.

I meant no offence, Harry, ol chum. Neither was I offended by your amusing, if loaded, rhetorical, enquiry. Confused, but not offended.

:-) <---- non-hostile smiley

Harry said...

I think, maybe, Uku's comment about 'what's the difference' was not more pointless moralising or some sort of relative death toll tally for the purpose of arriving at another 'moral high ground' or such, but may have been aiming towards this sort of thing:

"Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong: They are conflicts between two rights." ~Georg Hegel

In that sense, what is the difference in what individuals in those two groups of people were each doing, in the function that they were probably unknowingly performing with themselves?

The 'tragedy' starts with us making 'right' that is 'right' to the exclusion of, and/or in opposition to, other 'rights'. Whole ideologies and systems of assumptions about the world (which are only really ever our very own 'evil ideologies' because it's only we who actually DO/ actualise them in the world) are constructed and built on from this function. Master Dogen presented zazen as a 'pivotal matter'. The 'pivotal matter' is whether we allow ourselves to habitually manifest ourselves as our set of assumptions by engaging in the usual mental activity or whether we use that function, and all aspects of ourselves, to manifest directly how it is we and everything exists together: 'genjo koan' or 'actualising the fundamental point' as it was put.

The sort of truly radical/revolutionary humanism (direct experiential acceptance of all aspects of our humanness, including our inherent limitations and our wrongness: not just fluffy thinking/philosophizing) that zazen practice can indicate is not about accepting 'this' as opposed to 'that'; it's a radical act of acceptance of all human experience whether we like it or not. It's not cherry picking.

If we care to have a look with the 'eye of practice', the eye that swallows us all up and spits us all out into this big mess together, then the human wrongness of this situation is much broader, much more pervasive and personal, and much more tragic than the simple 'bad man away over there gets what's coming to him' narrative of the sort that Hollywood has been spoon feeding us since the year dot to be the sort of consumer idiots that we're widely expected and encouraged to be.



Harry said...


I thought it was an impersonator troll.

You'd be surprised what I don't know!

Dogen Sangha, like the rest of Buddhism and everything else, is a potential deep hole of our own sweet wallowing shit if we take it up and use it as such. We lazy iconoclastic irreverent radical revolutionary types seem to forget that from time to time it seems.



Bizarro Seagal said...

The awful thing about life is this: Everyone has his reasons..

anon #108 said...

Dogen Sangha, like the rest of Buddhism and everything else, is a potential deep hole of our own sweet wallowing shit if we take it up and use it as such.

Sorry to hear about the awful predicament of the lazy, iconoclastic, irreverent, radical, revolutionary types, Harry.

Thankfully, I am far too enlightened to fall prey to such delusory attachments. Phew!

Anonymous said...

"celebrating the death of a man responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center... I'm glad he's dead."

Incorrect and just plain wrong.

"And none of them talked?"

We're gonna make you an offer you
can't refuse:

1) Here's a million bucks to keep
your mouth shut.

2) If we even think you're
gonna talk, we're gonna torture
your family and friends while
you watch, then we're gonna
torture you, then we're gonna
shoot you in the head, and then
we're gonna dump what's left of
your body in the ocean where
no one can find it... heh, heh,
you'll be swimmin' with the fishes.

3) By the way, if you did try to
talk, people would either ignore
you or think you were crazy.

The Manhattan Project employed
around 130,000 people and was
kept secret for many years via
need-to-know compartmentalization.

And which do you trust more?
Human beings who have lied many times
in the past, or, the laws of physics,
which haven't changed in over
thirteen billion years.

"Why do you care?"

Um, 9/11 has been the rationale for
the misallocation and malinvestment
of trillions of dollars.

That's probably the biggest heist
in history.


That's a lot of unnecessary suffering.

"But who cares what my opinion is on the matter?"

Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

Leah McClellan said...

PS I totally should have thought to mention this--it just popped into my head. Do you know Mary Jaksch--Zen master in New Zealand aka Queen of making money online? If not, and if you want to see about making more money online through your blog, she is the go-to person. and also at Feel free to mention my name--I know her (online anyway via her club) and she's great.

Also, if you're so inclined and if you don't already know this guy, he'll get you all set up too

Both are great (I don't know Johnny, only know lots about him)

Maybe that's not something you're into but I just wanted to mention it.

Anonymous said...

Rule Number One:
Never forget to
get rid of the

Anonymous said...

"How much will you give me?"

What's your going rate?
How much did SuicideGirls pay?

Anonymous said...

Feeling confused about good and evil?

Dude, it's just one major Psy-Op!

They purposely came up with the
names Osama and Obama just to
fuck with your mind!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul on drugs!

Anonymous said...

I think paid downloadable talks/interviews on mp3 could generate some income + maybe video's of yr talks, q+a sessions (not that hard to produce these days). I've been happy to download hour long talks on mp3 for 8 dollars or so. You could also think about coming to the UK - we're all mad for things zen and the like at the moment - it's almost like the late 1950's!

SEAL Team 6 said...

Building 7 is so ten years ago.
SEAL Team 6 are currently number one with a bullet.

alan sailer said...

Annon @ 2:22,

"The Manhattan Project employed
around 130,000 people and was
kept secret for many years via
need-to-know compartmentalization."

Kept secret except for Morris Cohen, Klaus Fuchs, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Theodore Hall, George Koral, Allan Nuun May and Morton Sokell.

And maybe Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Stalin knew about the Trinity test the same day it happened.

So much for secrecy :-)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Brad @ 11:21

many floors of both trade center towers were not occupied
it has been reported there were strange sounds coming from 'empty' floors
obviously supporting beams would need to be 'prepared' by weakening them and putting explosives in them

Remember all that rubble (otherwise known as 'evidence'), the remains of steel columns, was not kept for forensics, but shipped almost immediately off to China as 'scrap.'

What i heard, also of interest, was that the glass skin covering of such glass skyscrapers at some point needs to be replaced. Manufacture of match for the glass and cost of replacement: prohibitive and both buildings were due...

multiple factors converge together: the political and the economic
the powers that be...diabolically brilliant

not that the cover/covert story covers anything except TV screens and magazine and newspapers

how to proceed? live one's daily life, doing one's best

Anonymous said...

alan sailer said...
"So much for secrecy :-) "

Oops, correction:
make that
"kept secret from the American public".

Chris said...

Brad, a note on the grad school thing. Being a published author will help. When you decide what field you want to be in, study like mad for the entrance exams. Getting a good score on those, along with your writing history, will pay off well in the long run. You want funding that isn't loans, and the only way to get that is to compete for it through the tests. Student loans are a particularly nefarious form of debt, despite popular media calling it "good debt." It can never be discharged through bankruptcy, only paid back.

The cost of a graduate degree is often not offset by the increase in one's earning potential.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

easily distracted

fuck lewinski, then bomb iraq
obama born, then osama flak

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
an3drew said...



































system !

Anonymous said...

mysterion, If you like to put cute little shirts on your dog it's OK. But I think you're kidding yourself on why you do it.

Mark Foote said...

don't know if you're still checking this thread, Brad, so I might pick it up on the next if you don't comment from here.

Never heard anything about Kobun's relationship with Sotoshu at all. I know he did a formal transmission ceremony with his teacher, whom he regarded as a Zen monster (in a good way), I read that somewhere. I know he was head of practice or something at Eihei-ji when Shunryu Suzuki recruited him. Never heard he withdrew from Sotoshu, and it would surprise me if such a move were not common knowledge among his successors and mentioned on or somewhere (of course, I didn't know he was an Aikido black belt until I attended a memorial at Jikoji a couple of years back, so what do I know!).

I see where as of 2007 Sotoshu feels that American teachers can be recorded on the official Sotoshu record, terms for that have been agreed to I guess, but the matter of American temples is still not resolved.

I do know that Vanja Palmers has given up being a Zen teacher. I don't know exactly what that means.

Anonymous said...

A reasonable down-to-earth 0%-socialism opinion by Brad Warner? Yay!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they decided the time was right to take Osama out of storage and 'take him out' to swim with the fishes, probably because even he had started to suspect that he was indeed a blag flag operative for [insert your favourite conspiracy here].

I don't usually pay too much attention to this conspiracy stuff, but anyone with even a reasonable amount of knowledge about building construction knows that there is something 'odd' about the way those towers fell.

Oh and while i'm here...stop whining and get a fucking job Brad, or stop whining and don't get a job, but for fucks sake STOP WHINING you little zen bitch.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Brad, ok, I'm going to donate to you. A third-world broke-ass guy is going to donate to you because at least he makes more than $200 a month.

You could give something back to the community, you know? Perhaps answer more questions instead of answering just the ones you feel like. I read in one of your other posts something like "the zen master is a guy that accepts another to practice with him, as long as he doesn't bother too much". That might be so, but then, it's just one way of putting the situation and everything you write sounds anchored in this kind of egotistic point of view.

Anonymous said...

Re: job hunting
Consider teaching somewhere, high school or middle school. Even if you're not a certified teacher, you CAN get hired on special dispensation in my home state. Being a published author would be an enormous benefit in getting hired to each high school English, I believe, even if only part-time.

You also have experience in the field, albeit in Japan as part of the JET program. Teaching is not fun and the vast majority of students won't give a shit about you or what you say, but the hours aren't bad and the pay, even for uncertified beginners, would seem to be more than you're making now. The tradeoff would be in time, but you'd still have weekends and summers to travel and do zen stuff, so it might be a good compromise.

Anonymous said...

Question for anyone who's been through
the Brad PayPal donation process:

Is it possible to donate

an3drew said...

"Going to grad school is a vacation to a psychedelic tool shed. I go in for a trip. Grab a cool shovel or rake. Learn theoretical use for said implement, maybe work in the hippie garden under the tutelage of the freak that lives in the shed. Then return to the real world and wield that tool meaningfully.'

i actually think this is sick

there is no academic world separate from the real world and what's the point of an interest in zen if you don't realise the whole world is crazy and pointless including zen !

and in point of fact researching on the web is way more useful than a grad course now.

this is the fundamental point, self researching on the web leaves formal education in the dust !

nurses seem to get affected by the constant viral and general infectious exposure they have and it affects their health and mental health in my observation

Anonymous said...

For those looking for a more thoughful reflection on the death of OBL by a zen teacher, i repost from Noramn Fischer's blog:

Bin Laden is dead. It's a great victory for America and Obama they say and maybe it will help us to recognize that the War against terror should never have been a war and that now we can declare that it is over. Fight terror and find terrorists, but bring troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. This is good. But it is of course impossible to rejoice over the death of a human being, any human being. I have never shared the feeling of Bin Laden as a devil, as evil incarnate. He was a human being with a powerfully destructive belief system, not Islam, that he came by honestly, through the powerfully negative forces of history. He is us when we are resentful and full of fury over the injustices that have happened to us, when we lash out. Us magnified and twisted beyond recognition.

Interesting column by David Brooks today in which he says that the source of Bin Laden's charisma was his piety and gentleness. That in personal matters he was kind, forgiving, and asking for forgiveness when he was less than thoughtful. That he was generous in his approbation of his colleagues. That his handshake was gentle, his gaze benign.

In fact this seems true, judging from photos. Not true of Hitler who looked nasty. Not that Bin Laden was not nasty. Yet it seems he was not a soldier not a killer but a religious idealist. His example shows the power of that sort of idealism, its capacity to inspire others, and it's enormous destructive power. Thomas Merton (courtesy of Joan Halifax):

The most dangerous man in the world is the contemplative who is guided by nobody. He trusts his own visions. He obeys the attractions of an interior voice, but will not listen to other men. He identifies the will of God with anything that makes him feel, within his own heart, a big, warm, sweet interior glow. The sweeter and the warmer the feeling, the more he is convinced of his own infallibility. And if the sheer force of his own self-confidence communicates itself to other people and gives them the impression that he really is a saint, such a man can wreck a whole city or a religious order or even a nation. The world is covered with scars that have been left in its flesh by visionaries like these.

Another recent magazine piece I'm reminded of, in The New Yorker, about Obama's foreign policy, notes that there's a gender split in the State Department (amazing in itself that there could be enough women in the Department with a woman's point of view that there could be a gender split). Hillary and her female allies emphasizing "soft" power, society, culture, poverty, women's issues in particular, with the men emphasizing "hard" power, high level diplomacy, force, states. Maybe the death of Bin Laden will usher in a new era of soft power, which is going to work better in the long run. Something in foreign policy that for a change we can feel good about.

Karma: this is the way Bin Laden wanted to die, the way his actions dictated that he would die. No way he was going to die of old age, peacefully in his bed. His successors will not equal him. They will be warriors, not gentle, ruthless, determined souls. They won't inspire unity of vision and religious inspiration. Al Qaida is mortally wounded.

Anonymous said...

that's NORMAN Fischer's blog

Country Boy said...

"Whatever viewpoints/emotions you have are just your viewpoints and emotions. It's not as if the Zen Committee is out there somewhere deciding which viewpoints are acceptable and which are not"

What about the buddhas and ancestors, what would Dogen say?

an3drew said...

bothe dogen and bin laden were schizophrenic like a fair portion of the posters in these comments !

dogen is way overrated btw !

Swedish Hardcore said...

Have you even read Dogen? (There was a small shift in teachings between Shobogenzo and Eihei Korkou but not shizophrenic, just pure non dual buddhism)
Are you ignoring the most down to earth reasonable and sane dharma out of ignorance?.
Are you one of those nichiren buddhists who havent even read the lotus sutra?
Or are you just trying to be provocative?

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a son of Norman Fischer died in 9/11, he'd think differently. Or was killed in Israel, with other jews these terrorist "idealists", according to him, want to murder.

chairman wao said...

self-immolation, maybe. like on Melrose!

then yr karma will be so good, yll start over as like some bay area rich kid, and you can create some swinging and highly lucrative Zen-co center. or somethin'.

an3drew said...

"pure nondual buddhism" is schizophrenic !

and a bunch of crap !

people like you have such limited horizons you don't understand the limitations of translations for a start





translations of














style !

like everybody else religion hurt him and it shows

basho and wang wei and tu fu are far more expressive and better writers and expressors but of course your type just does not read around !

my honest advice is to write poetry yourself and you will get a better insight into dogen and buddhism's limitations and instead of just repeating crap you may start to gain real undertsanding !

Swedish Dude said...

An3 your paradox of a zen ego might be amusing to other posters but clearly needs to be leveled..

Thanks for the tips. Matsu Bashos haiku is genius and illuminating for sure and I admit I need to the chinese chan poets more in depth but yeah Wang Wei is definitely right in on spot of my interest.

It´s too obvious your opinions on who are better writers are just opinions and aquired taste is relevant and emptiness is vast.

Im not a poet Im not an intellectual nut Im inspired by Dogen because of his strong character.

an3drew said...

swedish dude, if you don't write then you won't be able to develop like dogen

you admire his strength

well then be strong yourself, go where you don't want to go which is what it is all about !

there's something different about writing poetry , it forces the brain to handle meaning in an holistic way that breaks the boundaries and forces a super strong fusion of a new understanding










how !

how to write a poem










takes !

coburn/seattle said...

GODDDAMIT ALL!! Bin Laden did not come from some Vacuum That Produces Evil Guys! He was created by US. The USA (and Britain) as was the "Shah" of Iran, Koumeini, Hamas ad nauseum. All attributable to our tax money, our policies (usually covert) the decision of our (somewhat) elected officials and cadres of bureaucrats. Want to be in the Dharma? Take the time to see your world as it is.

Kenny said...

I need to watch South Park more often.

Swedish Dude said...

an3drew My ego needs to be leveled. Sorry for being rude I was chased away defending good ol Dogen and my admiration for him

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Brad, why don't you record your books like Pema Chodron and others have done? Personally, i listen more to Buddhist books than I actually read them.

But use another voice. You are pretty monotone....

Sorry dude. Too true. Your lectures put me to sleep but your prose is awesome.

Books on tape. Books on iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Brad, be very careful about the graduate school deal. Blake and the others warning you are right.

I was in a grad program that looked good on paper, had impressive affiliations, and was a dysfunctional mess. The professors didnt give a shit about mentoring students. They also didnt give a damn whether we would be employable when we left. One friend of mine spent 6 months on his second year research project. then the professor who approved his research design suddendly found flaws in it and he had to go right back to Square One. Six months of work wasted. We later heard a rumor that this professor had a habit of pulling this crap.

The chairman of the program was bullied by the academic dean and they screwed another student over because she stepped into a feud she didnt even know about.

On the other hand, I was in another program in which the people were adult, conscious and zero game playing.

So tread carefully if you are thinking of graduate school. You dont want one that looks like a university but unconsciously acts out the dynamics of a nonconsensual BDSM dungeon.

1) You risk piling up massive debt.

2) Many universities are taboo ridden. You'd risk being shot down if you used the freedom of speech you enjoy here. If you offend someone, especially a person who has control over whether you pass or flunk your oral exams or your dissertation, you're in deep shit.

3) If its a bad program, you have to tip toe around and appease the hang ups and unexamined neuroses of the tenured big bosses.

4) You work long hours and for low wages doing professors work for them (eg teaching undergraduate classes, grading papers, etc)

If you absolutely must go through graduate school, learn the names of some people whose work you respect and where they teach. Find out if the entire department has people as interesting as your potential role models are.

You dont want a situation where you go to a program, and the one decent professor or mentor in that department dies or retires, or transfers to another place, leaving you stranded.

(Deep breath)

Right now, you are already writing and producing material that is both educational and enjoyable. The worst you face is that your readers may not like what you say or write.

You have not chained your financial future to what we think of you. You have your freedom.

Final bit of advice, always track down and interview people who have been through the grad program you are thinking of applying to.

Some tenured professors were treated like shit and then feel entitled to do exactly the same thing to the next generation.

Dont let yourself in for that.

Anonymous said...

PS If you want to train as a Buddhist chaplain, you may have to take something called Clinical Pastoral Education, AKA CPE

Some CPE programs are great. Others suck.

The ones that suck are the ones that have people who try to con you into taking personal responsibility for "their" neuroses. Or cope with their misery by conning you into feeling that misery for them.

Some seminaries have people on ordination track who are troubled. The seminaries are afraid to tell them to get therapy, so they may try to dodge the issue by having a troubled person take extra CPE units. That guarantees great fun for all the others stuck taking that same unit.

One has to pay to do CPE unless one gets into a CPE unit that is so well endowed that they can pay stipends.

But if you can cope with this, you may be able to get training as a Buddhist chaplain without having to go through the full tilt boogie of graduate school.

Anonymous said...

Despite my bad experiences in graduate school, I want to salute the research design courses and statistics courses.

I learned critical thinking. I learned the difference between a well researched study vs charismatic bullshit. I learned how to research and evaluate source material.

The internet cannot teach this. There are some things for which one must go to school and in which the effort is worth it.

One cannot get a full education on the internet. There is no substitute for knee to knee mentoring and for sharing and debating in a classroom.

PS The Ph.D nursing students were the best group in our statistics class. They thought and acted as a team. Unlike my group, if one of the RNs didnt understand what the teacher said, he or she asked the question and immediately the entire group of nurses spoke up and said, 'We dont understand it either!'--which kept them all together as a group and forced the professor to make himself clear.

I didnt know this at the time, but it was sangha in action.

Heart Evans said...

Lol, I love all mothers... and I just hope if Osama bin Laden is really dead, the souls and hearts of those people who died in the 9/11 bombing will be at peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to say I contributed just a bit to your royalty check by buying a couple of your books in the last year.

escorts said...

This will not have effect as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.

nobody said...

was quite shocked about your opinion. even karadzic and mladic (srebreniza) had to face a trial, i think its not very "buddhist" to say killing someone is necessary. he did his crimes because of his wrong views, the problem is not solved by killing a person who had those wrong views, as you already said, those who have those wrong views (he was not a single operating supervillain) are probably going to have revenge. this is not "so what"- this is a circle of violence. i think you cling too much to that "just doing" thing and focused too much on yourself that you forget the rest of the world. having opinions, felling anger and hatred does not mean to follow them or even post them on your blog to influence other people. its zen-BUDDHISM, even zen is a what i think straightliner-buddhism without the religious shrouds its still buddhism. i like your approach to zen, its fresh and rude, but you overreached it here, rudeness as its known from zen-teachers should be for the sake of the students.