Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hey everyone,
it's Skylar and Brad.(:
We will be making a NEW VIDEO, Not our Christmas one, a new one for YOU. The fans!!
Ask us questions, comment us, and ask us ANYTHING YOU WANT (Unless it's insulting) and we will answer all of them . AS LONG AS THEY ARE QUESTIONS, not just random dumb posts.
But ask us, really. I promise all will be answered, we will be making the video tomorrow afternoon, so hurry and ask soon!!
Brad and Skylar.


Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Skylar, suppose there is a person who fills immeasurable asankyas of worlds with the seven treasures and accumulates it for the purpose of charity. And suppose there are good sons and good daughters who initiate the bodhicitta, keeping from within this sutra even just four lines of verse; receiving, upholding, reading, reciting, and for others giving extensive explanations of it. Their blessed virtue would overcome the other's. How would they make for other people extensive explanations? Without grasping the appearances of the absolute, without agitation. What is the reason?

Anonymous said...

Why do people get mad if you dont agree with them?

Raf said...

Skylar: have you read your uncle Brad's books and if so, which one's your favorite and why?

Brad: why do you think the first commenters on your blog like to brag that they were the first to comment?

Anonymous said...

After watching all of "Blueprint for Truth",
what do you think?

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 8

part 10

part 11

part 12

part 13

Anonymous said...

What did Tennessee?

Ingler said...

Brad, Do you think 9/11 was significantly different than the official version put out in the press?

doubletree said...

Skylar might have opinions but Brad usually answers question with, "I don't know.."

This could be interesting but probably won't be.

Zenleo said...

My question is:

What were the X-mas Gifts you and Skylar had for each other in the video?

Anonymous said...

What would a Zen Buddhist say about procrastination since they're very present focused. Could zen practice make us worse at passing up presentness and that joy for long-term gains. Are those two things, presentness and future planning compatible? Is a zen buddhist doomed to wander like a rootless bush? How did you overcome that or did you? Does thinking of past and future as false projection sabotage our efforts to improve ourselves in the objective sense?

short editorial i read

What sorta day job you going to get?

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel that the admonition against random dumb questions is pointed at me?

Kid WanderLust said...

What is the best way to deal with an overly materialistic family when visiting for Christmas? How do I be myself without seeming stuck up or withdrawn?

Anonymous said...

Brad, I have a tendency to try to study "truths" by examining a survey of world religions. I find that they all in some way speak (or at least try!) to some aspect of of our existence. Are you at all familiar with an order of Catholic monks (unaffiliated with the Roman Church) called "The White-robed Monks of St. Benedict"? They're based out of San Francisco and also adhere to the teachings and practice of Soto Zen. Your thoughts?

dirty sanchez said...

Why do German men wear socks with sandals?

Seegal Rinpoche said...

Let us assume there are two boxes on a table. In one box, there is a relatively normal turtle; in the other, Adolf Hitler’s skull. You have to select one of these items for your home. If you select the turtle, you can’t give it away and you have to keep it alive for two years; if either of these parameters are not met, you will be fined $999 by the state. If you select Hitler’s skull, you are required to display it in a semi-prominent location in your living room for the same amount of time, although you will be paid a stipend of $120 per month for doing so. Display of the skull must be apolitical. Which option do you select?

Rick said...

Thanks for the invitation to pose some questions, but if the answer isn't right here in front of me, why should I expect the answers from you?

Anonymous said...

Funny video of a procrastination experiment

Anonymous said...

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Dogo said...

Why can't we be friends?

french.for.nose said...

Nice idea!

Question for Skylar:
Have you ever tried meditation? If so, how'd it go? If not, what's your favorite movie right now?

Question for Brad:
What's your zazen practice like with all this travel you're doing?

Thanks :)

Lone Wolf said...

A man walks into a bar and ask for a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says thank you and leaves. Why did the man, who wanted a glass of water, say thank you after the bartender pulled a gun on him?

Anonymous said...

What is the Buddhist position on social anxiety, depression and Asperger's Syndrome? And in regards to social anxiety and depression, what is the Buddhist view on medication to treat symptoms?

Anonymous said...

Why did Brad cross the road?

Tom said...

If we found out, by modern neuropsychological scientific methods, that wild animals in nature suffer, should human beings make an intervention to ease their suffering?

Soulagent79 said...

Brad, what do you think about Wikileaks and Julian Assange?

Cheers, Jürgen from Germany

David said...

Hey Brad,

I've been wondering for a while: I appreciate that you go out of your way to emphasize that you're a normal guy with doubts and feelings just like the rest of us, but in a lot of your posts you've also written about making an effort to understand "what the universe wants you to do," or things to that effect. I've been dealing with some self-doubt and anxiety lately and the promise of being able to know what the freakin' UNIVERSE wants for me sounds very appealing right now. How does, exactly?

Glen said...

What came first, the penis or the vagina?

Harry said...

Okay, it's Christmas, so I'll give y'all an easy one:

What is the central matter of life and death?



R said...

I also have a young niece and we made this bit. Incompatible, in my view. Particularly not by Americans. Judge for yourselves.

+ enjoy.

(The Q are on pt. 10. Also I'd be interested to know what is Nishijima's opinion of Master Hakuin. - Hakuin Ekaku - that is.)

Gudo Says: said...

Hakuin is a wanker.

R said...

I think the tortoise better get a haircut real quick.

Seagal Rinpoche said...

As you become more clear about who you really are, you'll be better able to decide what is best for you - the first time around.

btw said...

Does your new book deal with incest?

(- Brad, I mean)

Anonymous said...

You must be joking, oh man you must be joking.

absolutebeginner said...

Throughout your books you speak about the Hare Krishna monk Terry whom you liked. But when you found out that he was wanted for murder you thought he wasn't nice anymore. In Zen wrapped in karma you take up your own "scandals" and talk about that there are no leaders who are perfect. Because we cannot possibly be perfect. My question is why you dismiss this Terry-person because he possibly was involved in some murder investigation? From what I have understood, Kodo Sawaki was quite keen on propagating the killings of human beings? What are your thoughts on him?

I love your books by the way. Although my impression is that the book company forces you to write about 0dfx to make them more interesting. In my opinion, your books would be masterpieces if you just skipped the 0dfx parts. It was a little interesting when you wrote about it in the beginning, but I feel the story are just repeating themselves throughout all books. I would be much more interested in how your life looks now. And how your non-0dfx life has been.

Hope you have a splendid new year Brad and Skylar!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,

I would like to know what you think of George Carlin. I know, "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." And probably brain-dead people discuss dead people. But whenever I watch any videos of him I have to think of your book "Hardcore Zen" (which is great by the way). His view of society and religion is sceptical, ironic and just... real. I haven't seen, heard or read many people yet who can make me laugh in such a true way, to be honest he and you are the only ones to me yet.

I'll leave some links of records on YouTube:

[url=]George on Religion[/url]

[url=]George on "saving the planet"[/url]

[url=]George on voting[/url]

Greetings from northern Germany,


A Fan said...

Skylar, it looks like you prefer 1/2 lotus. Doesn't that make your ans lopsided?

An(s): should you count breaths?

Not A Fan said...

No questions.

Anonymous Number Two said...

"In my opinion, your books would be masterpieces if you just skipped the 0dfx parts."

While I wouldn't go so far as to use the word "masterpiece," I do feel that mentions of the old man music stuff is silly, possibly self-indulgent and a waste of space. I do prefer your idea of book company influence to mention the old music to my thought that Brad is merely trying to cross-promote his stuff.

Not Insulting said...

Damn, Brad. You've let your mohawk grow out, you have round wire rimmed glasses. You sport more looks than Gaga.

Here's a video idea: you be John Lennon and Skylar be Yoko. She's already got the singing style down. Maybe talk about why the Beatles suck.

HotMess said...

A Fan said...

Thats not 1/2 lotus! Look closely, like I do, with a magnifying glass. She's doing some left leg outstretched pose: its hidden behind Brad's big old dumb head.

Whats that she's drinking, though?, its no doubt some high fructose corn syrupy pop mess.

Anonymous said...

What did you eat for x-mas dinner?

What does Skylar think of your books? (Has she read them?)

What does she think of Zen Buddhism, is she interested in it?

Brad what do you think of Thich Nhat Hanh's zen explination of "nirvana"?

Anonymous said...

Any plans to come up to the Boston area any time soon? Thanks!

director said...

Brad, Quit standing in front of Skylar! Why do you have to push your big old blockhead into the front of the pic when we just want to see your niece scream.

verification - preused

Anonymous said...

Assange Lands Book Deal: WikiLeaks Founder gets $1.5 Million Autobiography Deal.

People who write books make lots of money..

verification - dopepc

Joel Schooling said...

Can anyone ask another person a question that is not "Should I look outside myself for answers", and can any answer be other than "yes"?

Nick said...

Brad do you have any plans for the future? I know you mentioned something about wanted to get a regular job. Do you plan on staying in NY for a while?

Anonymous said...


what is your favorite cookie recipe?


aside from cereal, what do you cook for yourself?

Anonymous said...


who are your favorite bassists?

Anonymous said...

Brad, what do you think of the book The Power of Now?

Anonymous said...


I know you understand/know Japanese pretty good and have read through Dogen quite a bit,
so you might be able to answer, I had a thought, that in English when we translate "shin" we are forced to choose "mind" or "heart".
It seems that most often when Japanese Zen material has been translated into English "mind" has been chosen, and I'm thinking that this has given a one sided view for many of Zen Buddhism (as if it doesn't focus on compassion as Vietnamese Zen does or other schools of Buddhism).
And this has given us a one sided understanding not only of Zen, but even for us in the Soto lineage, it gives us a one sided view of Dogen zenji, as we miss the depth of meaning he meant/understood by terms like "Bodai Shin"
"On Giving Rise to the Enlightened Mind" (Hotsu Bodai Shin), which could/should perhaps also be understood as "On Giving Rise to Bodhichitta" (Bodai shin).

Also Zen is said (variously translated)
A special transmission outside the scriptures,
Not founded upon words and letters;
By pointing directly to [one's] mind (or direct pointing mind to mind)
It lets one see into [one's own true] nature and [thus] attain Buddhahood.

even in these lines are we not losing something in translation when we don't understand that "shin" also means "heart"??

this is an interview that pointed it out to me:
the Karmapa: The technology of the heart
at 10:45
he mentions "heart to heart and mind to mind"

Anonymous Bob said...
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Anonymous Bob said...

Skylar: how many holes would there be if people took the time to remove the dirt from them?

CAPTCHA : runtipp : I kid you not

Anonymous said...

Does a dog have buddha nature?

Harry said...

Hi Anon @ 8:59,

(At the risk of being pompous again) Good question! I hope Brad gets to that one.

Dogen looks in an interesting way at the whole area of 'compassion' in Shobogenzo Kannon where he never directly broaches any subject like 'compassion'. He explores something more fundamental as the function of Kannon, something intuitive and naturally manifesting/manifest (rather than some lofty ideal, for example).

Here's the Nishijima/Cross intro to that chapter:

"Kannon is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese name of the Bodhisattva called Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit. Avalokitesvara is described in the Lotus Sutra as someone who always comes to this world to save a man or woman who cries for help. Kannon literally means "Regarder of Sounds," and this expresses the character of Avalokitesvara who always responds to the cries for help of living beings in this world. Thus, Avalokitesvara is usually thought of as a symbol of compassion. But Master Dogen understood Avalokitesvara as a symbol of a life force that is more fundamental to living beings than compassion. So in this chapter he explained the true meaning of Avalokitesvara, quoting a famous conversation about Avalokitesvara between Master Ungan Donjo and Master Dogo Enchi."

The famous exchange mentioned starts with this wonderful line:

Ungan Donjō once asked Dōgo Enchi, “What use does the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion make of his many hands and eyes?”

Dōgo replied, “He is like someone in the night who reaches behind himself, his hand groping for a pillow.”

...Master Dogen, as far as I read it, is not negating 'compassion', but is framing it in a more real and direct way. I have always found it to be a very valid perspective and a bit of a grounding tonic to one of the biggest Buddhist buzzwords and all its accumulated ideology.



OsamaVanHalen said...

Is it too late to ask a question?

arnaud said...

Bonsoir les amis,

Happy Xmas from France !
I wonder if I did get all the subtleties of the video, but anyway, one comment and a question :

- Skylar is getting more and more nice looking !

- Brad , where did you let drag your tongue !? Pretty frightening !!

Best wishes,


Moon Face Buddha said...

Who is the master that makes the grass green?

Mr. Reee said...

80's Question:

Exene Cervenka vs Dale Bozzio in death cage match--who wins, and why?


Is Mexican Radio the only cool song Wall of Voodoo put out, or do other examples come to mind? Discuss.

merciless said...


Haha.. Do not worry. You did not miss any subtleties.

Uku said...

Brad: what is the deepest meaning of flügelhorn?

Anonymous said...


Have you ever been in a fist fight in your life?

If so, please talk about it a bit.


Anonymous said...


I would like to answer that question for Harry answering for Brad.

Yes, Harry thinks that is an excellent question and would like to remind you that Brad was once jumped by a group of hooligans but managed to beat off all six of them.


Uku said...

Anon, actually there were eight of them and one turtle.

Mysterion said...
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Mysterion said...
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Mysterion said...
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RDeWald said...

How do you recognize true understanding? That is, when you read something like a ko-an, or a commentary or something, how do you discren true understanding from conceptual grasping?

Anonymous said...

Grow up, Brad. You're 40+ years old, and you look like a teenage kid in that photo. Skylar seems more mature.

Can you imagine any of the Zen teachers you admire printing such a photo. Would Mel Weitsman do it? Nishijima.

burado said...

1. Aren't these words (Rujing's) indicative of koan usage within the Soto tradition?

Thoughts in the mind are confused and scattered; they’re clinging. How can they be controlled? In the story about Zhaozhou and whether or not a dog has buddha nature, there is an iron broom named Wu. If you use it to sweep thoughts, they just become more numerous. Then you frantically sweep harder, trying to get rid of even more thoughts. Day and night, you sweep with all your might, furiously working away. All of a sudden, the broom breaks into vast emptiness, and you instantly penetrate the myriad differences and thousand variations of this universe.

2. What do you think of koan introspection, or any other thing buddhists of different traditions do?

Anonymous said...

Brad, do you have geographic tongue?

Joel Schooling said...

How big is your dick?

Anonymous said...

That photo is wonderful. A beautiful young girl sits coolly sipping her drink while an older man looks on crazed and overheated. It is impossible to imagine what could be happening.

RDeWald said...

"Brad was once jumped by a group of hooligans but managed to beat off all six of them."

Ah. The ol' 'give'em a handjob to take the edge off'em' trick. Well done, Brad.

Anonymous said...

Joel, Don't be crass.. Sometimes it's better not to say every little thing you think.

Anonymous said...

I was playing Pictionary with my family this Xmas and the clue came up as 'Old Faithful'. How on earth do you draw a picture for that in 30 seconds???

master baat said...

Why did Bodhidharma cross the road?

How do you get the (Grey) Goose out of the bottle without breaking the bottle?

What is the sound of one man with clap?

If all things are reduced to Superstrings, what can you tie?

tattoozen said...

That's really immature and disgusting, Joel.

Brad, seriously, how big is your cock?

Anonymous Bob said...

I knew this idea was going to go weird eventually.. Way too tempting for the wanks.

CAPTCHA : fulthee : I kid you not

Mysterion said...
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Supervert said...

Eerie how Brad's face is mirrored in the cartoon face on Skylar's shirt. Could she be the


Anonymous said...

Blogger Seegal Rinpoche said...

"Let us assume"

Assume = Ass_u_me a way to make an

ass (out of) you (and (me)

you are the ass ersatz Seegal, I'll pass.

capche = the disms

Anonymous said...

Karma - Part 1 Dharma Talk

Karma - Part 2 Dharma Talk

Karma - Part 3 Dharma Talk

Karma - Part 4 Dharma Talk

Tragick93 (Benjamin Cicelske) said...

I have a question... for Brad, sry Skylar. Why aren't you updating the Porno Buddhist webbie-bloggie? Being a victim of abuse and a Buddhist I was really pleased when I saw someone was taking on this topic, then I saw the last published date was from 2008 and well... I understand that it may be to much for you to take on, hell, its too much for me most days. Anyways, I hope to see a new entry soon. Good luck, man!

Anyanwu said...

Have you read "How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe?" I've read it and I think I think is one of the most fascinating books I've read (and I read some pretty weird stuff). Basically, it is a Buddhist time travel novel. I have read your books and I would be interested in your thoughts on this book. It is by Charles Yu.