Monday, September 20, 2010


First thing is, I just added a bunch of new dates to my 2010 World Domination Tour.

Second thing is if you're in or near Oakland you are hereby ordered to come see my book signing and talk tonight at Diesel Books at 7 pm.

Third thing is, as some of you have already discovered, my talks at Tassajara are now available on line. Here's where you can find them:

OMG: Dogen's Concept of God

Understanding the Shobogenzo

Fourth thing is, there are now some very nice reviews and excepts from my new book SIN SEX AND ZEN on line. Here's where some of them are:

Review by Violet Blue on SF Appeal's website

Review from Full Contact Enlightenment

Review on Pop Matters

Review on Wandering Dhamma

Review on Wild Fox Zen

Review on Cheerio Road

Review on Metal Buddha

Excerpt on Reality Sandwich

There are probably more I don't know about. My publishers say they've never seen the blogosphere so abuzz about a book. Cool!

Fifth, back to the new tour dates, please note the inclusion of definite dates for my jaunt to NYC. They are as follows:

Oct. 15th Talk and Book Signing at the Interdependence Project.

Oct. 16 and 17 -- Two-day Non-residential Zen Retreat at the Interdependence Project

It's probably a good idea to sign up early for those.

Those were the plugs, so what can I tell you that's interesting?

It's been really interesting so far promoting the new book. After leaving the isolation of Tassajara I find myself full-on "returning to the marketplace" as the old Zen sutras say. I'm out there meeting people and getting interviewed and selling the book and myself to them, as one does.

This is really the first book of its kind. I keep telling people it was one of those ideas one sometimes get where you go, "Aw, someone certainly must have done that already." But when I looked it up I found out nobody had. There have been some good books about how Buddhists in ancient India, Tibet, China and Japan dealt with sex. But there hasn't been anything much about how present-day Buddhists in the West deal with it. While I may not be the best person to write that book, someone had to and I did it. At least the first one. If this sells we'll probably see a whole genre emerge of imitations, some of which will almost certainly be better or at least illuminate areas of the Buddhist sexual experience that I'm unaware of or unable to articulate.

It's an important area to discuss because we present-day Buddhist practitioners are not ancient Indians, Tibetans, Chinese or Japanese. Even those of us from those countries are living in a very different world from the one the ancient masters inhabited. Even if we say that their ways of dealing with sexuality were better than ours, we cannot ever live in their world. So what can we do?

This is the question I'm still asking myself. How can I uphold the precept of not misusing sexuality if I live in 21st century America as a non-celibate Buddhist monk? Some have said already that they feel I'm violating that precept by writing for the Suicide Girls website or by engaging in the kinds of relationships described in my previous book, Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate. But I don't think so. And anyway, you cannot know my life even if you read every word I write about it. The precept is about you, not about me.

Anyway, I think a lot of us are asking ourselves these questions. I don't claim I have the answers. But I've been talking to lots of people who have made their own tentative inroads towards answering these questions for themselves and I have a few ideas of my own.

One thing that's already kind of intriguing about the book is the responses I've been getting to the rather liberal views I've taken about non-traditional forms of sexuality. I've tried to be as open as possible to the ways people these days are handling their sex lives. I guess people must have expected a Buddhist monk to be more closed-minded about some stuff. Although I'm not really down with all the crazy stuff kids these days are getting into, I don't want to condemn anybody's lifestyle out of hand.

So there you go. Just a snapshot view of some stuff I've been thinking about as I begin promoting the book. Now I gotta go.

I'll leave you with a scan of a page that's been added to the new edition of the book American Hardcore: A Tribal History (I believe this link takes you to the old version of the book, which does not refer to 0DFx, so please make sure before ordering). Look who finally got a mention! You can see us on September 25th at the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio!

See you later!


Mumon said...

I'm the first?

Mumon said...

BTW, I am told Nichtern & Lenz Foundation... well...

Uku said...

Grrreat! Here's also one review:

Take care, man!


OsamaVanHalen said...

Speaking of "non-traditional forms of sexuality" and "all the crazy stuff kids these days are getting into", people should remember that autoerotic asphyxia is extremely dangerous. That's what killed the famous Buddhist monk Kwai Chang Caine. Allegedly. Now that's what I call misusing sexuality.

Awakened Yeti said...

Ringing a bell, ringing your neck and you know you're next
because the time has come for those scarred wrists
So close to the skin it sizzles - your sputtering
safety flies on the wind, curling in smoke, drunk with dust
Circling back one last time, no, this one is safe
It's meant to be, it's a solid piece - security and locks
without any key to be found, my time is here
I've found the bastion, the last station of a toll road
where you set up shop and took all the numbers
but left them waiting in trenches - twisting in mud
And now we know why revenge is on our plate
and the service, sublime
Choking it down at last call, last call

Anonymous Bob said...

"This is really the first book of its kind. I keep telling people it was one of those ideas one sometimes get where you go, "Aw, someone certainly must have done that already." But when I looked it up I found out nobody had. There have been some good books about how Buddhists in ancient India, Tibet, China and Japan dealt with sex. But there hasn't been anything much about how present-day Buddhists in the West deal with it. While I may not be the best person to write that book, someone had to and I did it. At least the first one. If this sells we'll probably see a whole genre emerge of imitations, some of which will almost certainly be better or at least illuminate areas of the Buddhist sexual experience that I'm unaware of or unable to articulate."

Maybe yours was the first.. or maybe that was just an hopeful boast. I don't know.. but I quickly found a few other titles that might qualify as something similar to your book.

Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex by John Stevens

Zen Sex: The Way Of Making Love by Philip Toshio Sudo

Work, Sex, Money: Real Life on the Path of Mindfulness by Chogyam Trungpa

Buddhism, Sexuality, and Gender by Jose Ignacio Cabezon

Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex by David Deida and Lama Surya Das

Money, Sex, War, Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution by David Loy

Sex, Love, and Dharma: Finding Love Without Losing Your Way by Arthur Jeon

The Red Thread: Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality by Bernard Faure

The Passionate Buddha: Wisdom on Intimacy and Enduring Love by Robert Sachs

CAPTCHA : stric : I kid you not

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Brad's book is the only one that
has an interview with Nina Hartley in it!
(One of the best parts of the book.)

I'm back too [aka R] said...

I just realty didn’t like the first talk linked on first hearing.

I think brad is twisting the truth as he won’t admit thing simply as they are.

Someone singing close to a tune is sometimes quite worse to hear than just any noise.

Fuck God.

If Dogen is presenting things as they are who needs this shit?

It’s Christianity who should come to Buddhism to find out what Christ and St. Paul were talking about (in quite a primitive way which suited the time and place) when they spoke of “the Father”. - Not the other way around.

I see no use of using that stupid word for the reality. The image raised is about as dumb as the human heart can get. This is where Mysterion is right.

I got quite emotional about this but it’s a bit disgusting.

I know it’s different from things I’ve said but it’s not a new idea to me.

I just avoided generally expressing this point so far.

Anonymous said...

"Officiated a well-being ceremony for Nina Hartley's mom"

Is Nina Hartley's mom hot?

Anonymous said...

So when does the Brad-Warner/Nina-Hartley video come out?

Anonymous said...

Listening to the OMG lecture about using words like 'it' for 'god' I started wondering which has more negative connotations in American minds, Stephen King's IT, or the Catholic Church's IT?

Anonymous said...

FYI: Here's my review:

Brad Warner said...

Anonymous Bob, I checked out most of those books. Lust for Enlightenment and The Red Thread are great if you want the history of views on sex by monastic Buddhists of ancient Asia. Zen Sex was unfortunately a bit silly. Money, Sex, War and Karma was good, but not much there about sex. Some of the other titles sound intriguing or possibly cheezy.

Not that I'm not cheezy.

But they weren't really the kind of book I wrote.

Anonymous said...

Brad's new book is great, except that he's still deluded
regarding the facts of 9/11.

john e mumbles said...

Err, uh, ... Ah hum: The Nina Hartley interview has been listed on this blog (links) for free since I been here... or does the new book have a more recent interview w/her?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you don't want to hear how the bone tastes, but I've basically finished chewing through the new book. On balance I would have preferred less actual interview text and more deeper analysis of it's content. I found the analysis more informative, though I can recognize the need to add an outside voice.

Hope your tour goes well!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my favorite part of the book
was the story about Tim McCarthy and
the dog.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Kingston NY tour stop October 8-10?

Anonymous said...

Two belated suggestions for the book:

1) less Beavis and Butthead humor


2) more commentary on whether it's true
or not that men in their mid-forties
find their dicks turning soft. (If
that's true, then the Buddha was right:
Life verily indeed sucks the Big One.)

Dave Gedge said...

Sex, Sin is still not out here in the UK... We've gotta wait until 1 October.

Brad's other books are a breath of fresh air in the new age 'buddhist' marketplace. Its a waste of time reading recycled dhamma instead of simply sitting. Fingers crossed this will deliver.

Congratulations Brad for your irreverent and invigorating approach.

mansuede said...

AHA! Delivering the goods aye? Sitting with fingers crossed.. No recycling either. Egads I think you're on to something.

Mumon said...


I'll be honest: I've only read your books in places like Borders, with chairs.

For folks who aren't exposed to Zen Buddhism you do have a pretty good intro to it in the template of your life.

But, if you see Nichtern, do mention issues with the Lenz legacy.

Mysterion said...

"the famous Buddhist monk Kwai Chang Caine"


another myth bites the dust.

Mysterion said...

I posted a few PIX from the book signing last night.

Mysterion said...

LINK to pictures and puns.

john e mumbles said...

Thanks for the candid camera...Too bad Brad didn't turn the camera on you. Did you identify yourself? You remain a mystery'un.

& Since when did they change the title of the Bible to God and Sex? 'bout time! He looks like a youth pastor for the People's Temple...

108 the merciless said...

Yeah Mysterio, No picture of Brad with his adoring fan? I tried finding the bookstore but had no luck. Wandered around for hours. Lucky for me I spotted a sandwich in some guys car so it wasn't a total loss.

Mysterion said...


Sorry about the sandwich.

1 slice of swiss on winter wheat with a leaf of romaine was not a very good sandwich - but it had real butter!

Next time I'll make a better sandwich.

HERE is my picture with Saburo (my previous dog). He used to sleep on a pillow between my chest and the keyboard when I was on the computer. So, when he died, (he was old when we rescued him) it was very very painful.

Don't let li'l critters get that close. (Or do...)

Harry said...

Hmmm, interesting. Have you read "Mohamed on Foreplay"?



Seagal Rinpoche said...

When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

john e mumbles said...

Msyterion: That link went to a cartoon on flatulence from 2007... OH!! I Get It!!!

Just kidding.

Sorry about the doggie, been there all too often, but hopefully not anymore since I'e become pathologically detached and compassionless.

Harry, do your Islamic homework before trying to spell Muhammed again. Sheesh.

Have you read "Abraham on Foreskin?"

Quote Mind said...

The Buddha's take on a creator God:

"He who has eyes can see the sickening sight

Why does not God set his creatures right?

If his wide power no limit can restrain,

Why is his hand so rarely spread to bless?

Why are his creatures all condemned to pain?

Why does he not to all give happiness?

Why do fraud, lies, and ignorance prevail?

Why triumphs falsehood — truth and justice fail?

I count your God one among the unjust , who made a world in which to shelter wrong."

Bhuridatta Jataka

Mysterion said...

Anonymous Quote Mind said...
"The Buddha's take on a creator God:
"He who has eyes can see..."
- Bhuridatta Jataka

Of course, Bhuridatta Jataka does not speak for the Buddha any more than St. Paul or St. John the Evangelist speak for Jesus (the oiled fish) or one of the various and sundry gods (e.g. YHVH, the thunder god).

However, being of the Jodo Shu tradition, I can say that MANY later concepts evolved in the 'religion' Buddhism in much the same way that MANY later concepts evolved in Xtianity, Judahism, Hinduism, Islamism, &c.

In Jodo Shu, nirvana/nirbana gets re-branded "Pure Land" and alludes to light in the absence of shadow (e.g. gnosis sans ignorance).

In Shin (Jodo Shinshu) one obtains this previously re-branded nirvana/nirbana by reciting the nembutsu just once (sincerely)!

In a tradition I have yet to hatch, called "New, Improved Pure Land," one need only utter the "ahhh" part of AUM. "From A came out tat savitur varenyam which expanded itself into the Rg-Veda and the cosmic plane Bhuh." It may not catch on (I don't want 1,000 fools following me around like so many fools follow so many other fakes!) Yes, I called myself a fake. Make no mistake about it - FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. (Sans Dr, Laura)

In therapy, which radio is NOT, a clinical psychologist MIGHT use that 'wake-up call' to bring someone to the point of 'just f*cking get over it (hyper-sensitivity)! That is a first detachment... but nevermind. Perception fails us with uniform perfection.

Therefore, St. Paul, St. John, and Bhuridatta Jataka are perfect failures. It takes one to know one. And I know one.


p.s. the land of 'shadow and light' is hell. in hell, ignorance (shadow) coexists with knowledge. welcome to hell, enjoy (know) your suffering. in the absence of self, there can be no suffering. to transcend suffering is to overcome the cycles of birth-death.

now go back to sleep

Mysterion said...

a fellow goes into a dentist in need of tooth decay repair.

Dentist: "I will administer Novocaine."

Fellow: "Forget it, just drill & fill the tooth."

Following the treatment, the dentist asked: "Have you overcome suffering?"

"No," the fellow said. "I was only able to transcend dental medication."

Mysterion said...

re: turn the camera on you

circa 1984

circa 2010

There are other pix of me around on the web - like at the podium of some conference or another in 1998 (LAX) or Y2K (SFO).

Harry said...

Mahomet"; (French:) "Mahomet, Mohamed, Mouhammed, Mahon, Mahomés, Mahun, Mahum, Mahumet, Mahound (medieval French), Mohand (for Berber speakers), Mouhammadou and Mamadou (in Sub-Saharan Africa)"; (Latin:) "Machometus, Mahumetus, Mahometus, Macometus, Mahometes"; (Spanish:) "Mahoma"; (Italian:) "Maometto"; (Portuguese:) "Maomé"; (Greek:) "Μωάμεθ, Μουχάμμαντ, Μοχάμαντ, Μοχάμεντ, Μουχάμεντ, Μουχάμμαιντ"; (Turkish:) "Mehmet"; (Kurdish:) "Mihemed". See also Encyclopedia of Islam: (German:) "Machmet" (pre-20th century).

... I worship the French MU-hammed, you know, the cheese eating surrender monkey one (although I like the sound of 'Mahound').



Awakened Yeti said...

pythagorean trace
pentagrams inscribed
in nested rings described
outer space xenophile
pearlescent inner orbit
extraneous submergence
internal coalescence
bound in cycles
rotational forces expelled
from centrifugal excellence
enfolded zenith and horizon
in spinning insurgence
hyper-elastic transition
explicable translation emergence
inverted serpent trance
coiled transistor
enhanced capacitor
rising heliocentric lunacy
encodes particulate excelsior

john e mumbles said...

Y2K con... LMFAO!

Nice, Harry, nice.

Now say the prayers.

PhilBob-SquareHead said...

Here is Mysterion's WIKI page!! lol

And here is Brad's page.

PhilBob-SquareHead said...

Let me be PERFECTLY clear to my Muslim friends. I DO NOT support Harry's statement about Mohammed!!!!!!

john e mumbles said...

I dunno, I've been studying the photos Mysterion linked...has anyone seen Mysterion and Larry Clark (photographer, filmmaker, TULSA, KIDS, BULLY, TEENAGE LUST, etc.) in the same room together at the same time/place?

Harry said...

J.e.m:Have you read "Abraham on Foreskin?"

p.s. I've got that one covered.



Leo said...

THIS larry clark?

Not even close

Mysterion said...

Blogger Harry said...
"Mahomet"; (French:) "Mahomet,


It's like how many ways can you spell QBL?

QBL is an attempt to psychoanalyze god - as if god actually wrote or contributed to the scriptures of the levant.

what you get is a derivation of the three main schools - with their lesser discipleships.

p.s. I think I am related to Alexander Graham Qualsky - the first telephone Pole.

adam said...

You never see John Steinbeck in the same room with Allen Arkin, either.

firesign said...

THIS Larry Clark

Are they brothers?

Are you brothers?

Are we brothers?

"We're all bozus on this bus."

Anonymous said...

young Brad, with a fan

R said...

One other thing:

The idea of "God" being almighty does not appear in the [either Jewish or Christian] Bible.

You will never find it there.

It is some later idea. I have no idea as for the time of its origination but it seems quite old.

Perhaps M would have some idea.

If you speak of the reality it is meaningless to define it as almighty or not, and if you speak of a deity it could of course never be almighty.

Unless we all are.

r ... said...

I don't really understand what is going on. I published a comment and it was there, and then it wasn't there, and I posted it again and then posted another one, and now there is only the second one and not the first.

So here is the first one again:

R said...

And there is still one other thing about almightiness: (recall my posts got in reverse order)

Though I may be reluctant to mention any particular concrete names, [- I mean naMes] the stupidity some might prove to be able to attain might not fall that much greatly short - as an expression – of an actual proof of almightiness, - in my poor Earthly view, here and now, at least.

[;) - is meant to be a vicious smile]

Ran K. (51) said...

This is unbelievable - the first one was there again and now it is not. (after the 4:24 and before the 4:49) I'll try and put it up again later. I guess the system doesn’t like it. (or has Mysterion attained miraculous powers?)

anon #108 said...

You are not alone, Ran. I and one or two others have also experienced and remarked on the arising, abiding and unpredictable, inexplicable ceasing of comments* now and again on this blog.

Once, after the 3rd or 4th unsuccessful attempt, I almost considered not bothering.

Anonymous said...

great podcast talks, thank you
OMG: Dogen's Concept of God
Understanding the Shobogenzo

Dogen's fourfold philosophical system,goes back to the Buddha and Nagarjuna:
"'Everything exists': That is one extreme. 'Everything doesn't exist': That is a second extreme. Avoiding these two extremes, the Tathagata teaches the Dhamma via the middle..."
Nāgārjuna differentiates between saṃvṛti (conventionally true) and paramārtha (ultimately true) teachings, but he never declares any conceptually formulated doctrines to fall in this latter category; for him, even śūnyatā is śūnyatā; even emptiness is empty. For him, ultimately,

nivṛttam abhidhātavyaṃ nivṛtte cittagocare|
anutpannāniruddhā hi nirvāṇam iva dharmatā||
The designable is ceased when the range of thought is ceased,
For phenomenality is like nirvana, unarisen and unstopped.
This was famously rendered in his tetralemma with the logical propositions:

X (affirmation)
non-X (negation)
X and non-X (both)
neither X nor non-X (neither)
Nagarjuna also taught the idea of relativity; in the Ratnāvalī, he gives the example that shortness exists only in relation to the idea of length. The determination of a thing or object is only possible in relation to other things or objects, especially by way of contrast. He held that the relationship between the ideas of "short" and "long" is not due to intrinsic nature (svabhāva). This idea is also found in the Pali Nikāyas and Chinese Āgamas, in which the idea of relativity is expressed similarly: "That which is the element of light ... is seen to exist on account of [in relation to] darkness; that which is the element of good is seen to exist on account of bad; that which is the element of space is seen to exist on account of form."

The Five Ranks, by Chinese Soto (Caodong) master Tung-shan (Tozan), are fundamental to Soto and Rinzai Zen teaching, expressing the fundamental non-dualism of Buddhist teaching, which rejects the duality of dualism and non-dualism. The ranks are based on a translation of five stanzas from a poem attributed to Tung-shan, who may have received it from his master before him:

1.The Apparent within the Real/The Actual within the Ideal
2.The Real within the Apparent/The Ideal within the Actual
3.The Coming from within the Real
4.The Arrival at Mutual Integration
5.Unity Attained

So, understanding Dogen's fourfold system he uses in the Shobogenzo is not only fundamental to understanding the Shobogenzo, but to understanding the whole of Buddhism.

This Middle Way is expressed in The Sandōkai (參同契) is a poem by the eighth Chinese Zen ancestor Shitou Xiqian (Sekito Kisen, 700–790) and a fundamental text of the Soto school of Zen, chanted daily in temples throughout the world.

English translations of the title, some more and some less literal, include "Merging of Difference and Unity", "Merging of Difference and Equality", "Agreement of Difference and Unity", "Harmony of Difference and Sameness", "Harmonious Song of Difference and Sameness", "Identity of Relative and Absolute", "Harmony of Relative and Absolute", and "Ode on Identity".

check out:
The Seer is Seen
Grande finale
Joyful Seeing and Bergson

The Intertwining/ Chiasm = Pratitya Samutpada
The "flesh" = dharmakaya
Sameness and difference = Sandokai

Instead of "God" being an appropriate translation/substitute for Immo, wouldn't "Tao" be more of what Dogen had in mind??

anon #108 said...

Hi Anon @6.05am, (might you be Daniel Coffeen?...not that it matters :))

As far as I can tell from a little research following a hunch, apart from -

"great podcast talks, thank you OMG: Dogen's Concept of God Understanding the Shobogenzo...Dogen's fourfold philosophical system,goes back to the Buddha and Nagarjuna...So, understanding Dogen's fourfold system he uses in the Shobogenzo is not only fundamental to understanding the Shobogenzo, but to understanding the whole of Buddhism...This Middle Way is expressed in The Sandōkai (參同契)...The Intertwining/ Chiasm = Pratitya Samutpada The "flesh" = dharmakaya Sameness and difference = Sandokai"

- your whole post comprises copy/pastings from wiki (Nagarjuna and Sandokai) and one or two other sites (re Sandokai, and re Merleau-Ponty). As part of the presentation of an argument, there's nothing at all wrong with that, but why not credit the sources? Regardless of source crediting, the selections from articles that you've here put together fails to clarify or explain very much to me about any connection between the tetralemma, Dogen, Nagarjuna, Sandokai, and 4 (or 5)- fold philosophical systems.

But your final question -

Instead of "God" being an appropriate translation/substitute for Immo, wouldn't "Tao" be more of what Dogen had in mind??

- is interesting. "God" doesn't do it for me, either. Maybe "Tao" is preferable? Dunno. There's always "it"...or something...or other.

55 said...

It was there @ 7:22 am & @ 7:27 am & then @ 7:40 am.

Everything is impermanent.

to 6:05 am: Brad did not mean "God" is an appropriate translation or substitute, or what Dogen had in mind. The point is to point at some correspondence between what seems to be known in the west as "God" and what Dogen (and others) is referring to in this chapter and elsewhere.

john e mumbles said...

Harry uncut, that is just further proof that you are a heretic infidel. A fatwah (transliteration) is under considered as I write...

And Ran & 108: Abracadabra! The Spell is working!!

john e mumbles said...

correction: that should say "under consideration"...

(it was a very strong Spell)

Mysterion said...

oh, but I was so much longer then

I'm shorter than that now...

LINK to what I sometime see and hear during Zazen - NOT.

There's a BIG difference between circumspect and circumcision and if you don't know that difference, it could be the beginning of the end for you.

Mysterion said...

My Back Pages
Songwriter: Dylan, Bob;

Crimson flames tied through my years
Rollin' high and mighty trapped
Countless violent flaming roads
Using ideas as my map
"We'll meet on edges soon," said I
Proud 'neath heated brow

Ahh, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now

Half wracked prejudice leaped forth
"Rip down all hate," I screamed
Lies that life is black and white
Spoke from my skull, I dreamed
Romantic flanks of musketeers
Foundation deep, somehow

Ahh, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand
At the mongrel dogs who teach
Fearing not I'd become my enemy
In the instant that I preach
Sisters fled by confusion boats
Mutiny from stern to bow

Ahh, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now

Ahh, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now

My guard stood hard when abstract threats
Too noble to neglect
Deceived me into thinking
I had something to protect
Good and bad, I define these terms
Quite clear, no doubt, somehow

Ahh, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now

john e mumbles said...

Begs the question: would The Byrds have had a career w/out Bobby D?

Would Bob Dylan had a career without the New York cafe scene?

Would the NY cafe scene arisen w/out the Beatniks?

Would Jack Kerouac have piloted Sputnik if he'd met Neal Cassady in Dubrovnik?

&Where have all the flowers gone? Turn, turn, turn...

Awakened Yeti said...

by - EKS

The right hand grips,
the left hand slides.
The pennies drop,
the boxes glide.
It never stops.
She worked the line
blind. Folded, pushed,
A pirhouette.
No thought, no joy, no regrets.
A cigarette was hanging from a cord
and every thousand boxes
she'd suck her reward

and find her island.
But the siren howled.
The whip cracked
and a pre-packed mountain pressed her neck.
She'd switch to frantic, automatic.

Clear the decks.
Turn on, tune in...
machine was humming
The neon flashing laser blade was scratching...

Turn on, tune in...
machine was humming
The neon flashing laser blade was scratching...

O B E Y !

no rest
no play
no time

She worked the line.
The pay was fine.
She'd find her island in July
and find a rock to sit on
quietly humming


She worked the line.
The pay was fine.
She'd find her island in July
and find a rock to sit on
quietly humming

O B E Y !

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I made it said...

It's there, @ 3:38 am.

I did said...

I mean it was.

66 said...

I'll cut it in two, I believe it will pass.

It's the link said...

Here above.

This was the cause of trouble.

john e mumbles said...

I don't know, Mysterion, been down so long it looks like up to me.

Ran K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ran K. said...

I tried cutting it in two or in three, with the link or without, it just won't go.

Russell Saityam said...

Zen masters teach that since Zen is supposedly noncommittal religiously, Christians can practice it. The truth of the matter is that Zen is opposed to what Christianity teaches. D.T. Suzuki pointed out, in Zen “the story of Creation, the Fall from the Garden of Eden, God’s sending Christ to compensate for the ancestral sins, His crucifixion and Resurrection—they are all symbolic” Western Zenist Alan Watts, who called the idea of God the Father “ridiculous”, said that Jesus Christ was a false idol.

Zen scholars often attempt to deny the charge of nihilism, but Zen is clearly a teaching of meaninglessness and despair. The experiential state of Zen enlightenment may be described in glowing terms, but that hardly makes it meaningful when “you” do not even really exist to perceive or experience. One Zen master argued, “In my talks there is nothing absolutely real”. Alan Watts described entering the Zen path as “to enter a life which is completely aimless”. Soikie-an stated: “Though all day long you are speaking, raising your eyebrows, standing, sitting, walking and lying, nevertheless in reality nothing has happened”. If this is true, then there never has been any crime or any good deeds. We have accomplished absolutely nothing. If nothing has really happened, then Zen would have to deny all human suffering, every crime, every war, the holocaust, and so on. What possible comfort does Zen have to offer to the person who has just lost a loved one or has been the victim of a terrible crime? In contrast, Gods says that life really does matter, and what we do in this life matters (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; Ephesians 2:10).

mystimumbles said...

Ran, You could try folding it five times and putting it.. nevermind

Harry said...

"In contrast, Gods says..."

Hi Russell,

I like that you're open minded enough to allow for the possibility that there is more than one God.



CynicalBoy said...

Life is meaningless
Yet life is full of meaning
Just like a good shit

Word verification: filing (no lies!)

Marie Benard said...

Loved the book and you were awesome on today's show! Thanks:) I think you could have even more fun on the late night sex show "Sexy In VanCity" since you can say pretty much ANYTHING you want:)

anon #108 said...

Thanks Russell Saityam. Ya got me. Where do I sign?

Not all your own work is it, though? In fact, none of it is your own work. You found it HERE. Not that that matters too much, but why not credit the source? -

Mark Dunagan,
Beaverton Church of Christ,

Easy Street?!

btw [aka neither m nor M] said...


If you check Jonah 1:9 you find out Jonah there relates to the Lord ("יהוה") as one god of many.

See also 1:5 and the general story from 1:1 to 1:16.

R to 108 said...

No one can beat the wisdom of Google.

Anonymous said...

smarter than google

Mysterion said...

Anonymous Russell Saityam said...
"Zen masters teach that since Zen..."


p.s. nice point, anon #108

What these simple fools fail to learn is that the so-called 'sayings of Jesus' are recycled sayings of the Buddha. The Parables were borrowed (The Widow's Mite in Mark 12:41-33, Luke 21:1-4.), the Gospels themselves were borrowed, and even this guys criticism was borrowed - without attribution. For Christ's sake, the "Widow's Mite" is a Buddhist coin! (Right hand side, 1/2 way down the page.)

Xtianity - The Greatest Story Ever Sold!

p.s. scholars have been onto it for 140 years but scaled back after the monkey trial.

“Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence.”

“Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none. To observe a profoundly stupid individual can be very enriching, and that’s why we should never feel contempt for them.” source

Harry said...


Sounds like Alpha God needs some laser guided 'technology for salvation', or a few good and discreet hit men. That was a pretty messy op that relied on a big sea mammal to mop up, and it nearly cost some collateral.



john e mumbles said...

"Novocaine For The Soul" -Eels

Life is hard
And so am i
You'd better give me something
So i don't die

Novocaine for the soul
Before i sputter out

Life is white
And i am black
Jesus and his lawyer
Are coming back
Oh my darling
Will you be here
Before i sputter out

Guess whose living here
With the great undead
This paint-by-numbers life
Is fucking with my head
Once again

Life is good
And i feel great
'cause mother says i was
A great mistake

Novocaine for the soul
You'd better give me something
To fill the hole
Before i sputter out

neither m nor M said...

See also Exodus 15:11, Harry. (+ 8:6, 9:14)

[I might point on the other hand to Job 40:25 and on (- 41:3, though at some places the same verses appear as 41:1-11) but the translations seem very bad. Leviathan (actually livyatan or livyathan) is a whale in Hebrew. Today at least. If I had time perhaps I'd try and translate myself. Though there are words there even I am unacquainted with. Never mind. It's just btw.]

And try and be easier on ESLs. It took me quite some time to figure out what op means.

("An acronym in which commenters on MLIA have an infinite amount of definitions. If you ask what it means, be prepared for all the answers you will receive.
Person 1: Do you know what OP means?
Person 2: Yeah, it's Orgasmic Platypus.
Person 3: No, it's OctoPie.
Person 4: Really, it's Original Poster.
Persons 2+3: No, they're just trying to screw with you. Believe us, not them.")

Alternatively: - said...

OP Opinion
OP Operator (IRC)
OP Opus (Latin: A Work; used in referring to music)
OP Original Poster
OP Operation/Operational
OP Opportunity (Ads)
OP Output (Hyper Logo command)
OP Opera
OP Output
OP Opposite (volleyball position)
OP Optical
OP Other People
OP One Piece (Anime)
OP Osteoporosis
OP Outpost (gaming)
OP Outpatient
OP Office of the President
OP Out of Print
OP Oak Park (Illinois)
OP Overland Park (Kansas)
OP Office Professional
OP Original Poster (internet newsgroups and message boards)
OP Ocean Pacific
OP Operating Procedure(s)
OP Oral Presentation
OP Overpowered (gaming)
OP Osuuspankki (Finnish banking cooperative)
OP Order Processing
OP Operating Profit
OP Off-Peak (time)
OP Output Power
OP Outreach Program
OP Optimus Prime (Leader of the Autobots, icon of the 80s)
OP Order of Preachers (Roman Catholicism; Dominican)
OP Opposing Party (legal notation and billing)

Or: - said...

OP Organized Play (gaming)
OP Order of Precedence
OP Organophosphate (insecticide)
OP Office of Policy (Social Security)
OP One Power (Wheel of Time series)
OP Operator Panel
OP Office Productivity (course)
OP Operationssaal (German: Operating Room)
OP Observation Post
OP Optical Power
OP Operational Program
OP Old Patient
OP Olympic Peninsula (Washington)
OP Organophosphorus (pesticide)
OP Operating Plan
OP Original Production
OP Open Pollinated (botany)
OP Opening Post (internet message boards)
OP Opportunities Page (CECOM)
OP Operating Pressure
OP Old Persian (linguistics)
OP Ordo Praedicatorum (Latin: Order of Preachers; formal name of Dominicans, a Catholic religious institution)
OP Observation Point
OP Over Powered (gaming)
OP Outpatient Pharmacy
OP Oil Purifier
OP Operations Order
OP Oxidative Phosphorylation
OP Operation Phoenix (San Bernadino, CA after school program)
OP Order Point
OP Osmotic Pressure
OP Orthographic Projection
OP Operations Procedures
OP Ordinis Praedicatorum (Latin: Order of Preachers)
OP Order of the Pelican (Society for Creative Anachronism)
OP Operation Point

Or: - [still] said...

OP Other Procurement
OP Operation Officer (Navy)
OP Optional Procedure
OP Offensive Power (online gaming)
OP Operational Picture
OP Oxygen Pressure
OP Occupation Permit (Hong Kong)
OP Occiput Posterior (fetal position)
OP Osteitis Pubis
OP Over-Proof (of alcohol)
OP Operation Register
OP Oral Production (test)
OP Opacity Project
OP Original Pack (pharmacology)
OP Operations Panel
OP Optimal Partitioning (sectorization method)
OP Oral Participation
OP Opponens Pollicis
OP Oil Pulling
OP Oligodendrocyte Progenitor
OP Originating Party
OP Operator Personal
OP Orbiter Payload
OP Olden Polynice (basketball player)
OP Orbit Prediction
OP Ordnance Pamphlet
OP Ohjelmointiputka (Finnish programming site)
OP Ordnance Publication
OP Operational Phase/Project
OP Overnight Per Diem
OP Dominican Sisters of Divine Providence (religious order)
OP Opponents Pollicis
OP Outpicked (gaming)
OP Overlap Pulsing

Anon #108 said...

That's all very nice, Alternatively/Or/Or [still], but I don't think you made all that up yourself.

In fact I know you didn't.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, - (and I'm not saying there isn't) but why not credit the ****ing source. (- And I mean - the ****ing source.)

They've worked hard for it, - Haven't they?

A little moral could do you good.

And we're always on guard here, - mind you.

(Captch = misto. SWIM)

Seagal Rinpoche said...

Fuck off, 108.

Octopie said...

Anonymous Mysterion said regarding blogger Russell Saityam: "What these (simple fools) fail to learn is.." and then in the very same post quotes, "we should never feel contempt for (the stupid)."

So which is it Mysterion? Are you just a simple fool yourself who likes to read his own posts no matter how silly or contradictory they become..

Please don't tell us you feel no contempt for others.. Only a newcomer here could believe that.

Mysterion said...

Anonymous Octopie said...
"Please don't tell us you feel no contempt for others."

I feel no contempt for others (individuals).

I feel contempt for institutions which inflict suffering upon others.

Question whether the institutional imposition of pain and suffering is necessary. The Republican Party comes to mind. The Roman Catholic Church comes to mind. A half dozen other organizations in which 'the inmates run the asylum.'

George Fox was onto it hundreds of years back. Gautama Shakyamuni was onto it thousands of years back.

And I do not give a rat's ass what new or old believe.

Where believing starts, thinking stops.

Mysterion said...

Moby Dick as a makeover of the Bible's leviathan symbolism. Some Xtian 'scholars' of lore called the novel a "demonic parody."

And a parody, it is. A real hoot!

Tha Akkadians were the earliest known Semitic speakers and the babel knows nothing of them, their culture, of their civilization. The Birth narrative of Sargon becomes that of Moses. The seven-headed Sumerian serpent and the Canaanite copy form this 'Leviathan' of bablical lore.

THIS is a bit over the top.

THIS is not, it is 'spot-on.'

“There is no evidence for the existence of Moses.” source

Except there evidence for the existence of Akhenaten/Moses.

Read, if you can read.

Word Verification = dadeated

Mysterion said...

Sorry, THIS is the correct link.

Prof. Ze'ev Herzog teaches in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University. He took part in the excavations of Hazor and Megiddo with Yigael Yadin and in the digs at Tel Arad and Tel Be'er Sheva with Yohanan Aharoni. He has conducted digs at Tel Michal and Tel Gerisa and has recently begun digging at Tel Yaffo. He is the author of books on the city gate in Palestine and its neighbors and on two excavations, and has written a book summing up the archaeology of the ancient city.

his comment:
"Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The patriarchs' acts are legendary stories, we did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, we did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon. Those who take an interest have known these facts for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and doesn't want to hear about it"

Octopie said...

Anonymous Mysterion wrote: "Question whether the institutional imposition of pain and suffering is necessary." Alright so far..

"The Republican Party comes to mind. The Roman Catholic Church comes to mind. A half dozen other organizations in which 'the inmates run the asylum." This is where you cross over into belief..

"Where believing starts, thinking stops." This is where you cross into your personal delusion.

Mysterion said...

"Where believing starts, thinking stops." This is where you cross into your personal delusion.

This is not my 'personal delusion' because it is not even my personal opinion. It is the opinion formed by cognitive psychologists who have, for the last 35 years, studied the subject; "Why Johnny doesn't learn."

Poor "Johnny" has scar tissue from a bullet wound between his eyes - called a 'crystallized structure' which is the result of implanted belief. Many of the 'beyond question' religions inflict such woulds upon their victims. The KJV is the true and inspired word of god to the same extent that toilet paper is the true and inspired product of Crown-Zellerbach.

Just as Crown-Zellerbach absorbed (pun) Crown Willamette (Georgia Pacific + James River Company), so too Xtianity absorbed Buddhism, Hellenism, and Mythical Judahism (which was itself a conglomeration of spells from 'the Egyptian book of the dead' blended with other various and sundry regional folklore - e.g. the Code of Hammurabi + Epic of Gilgamesh).

It should come as no surprise to you that scholars have been onto the myth and folklore which constitutes the foundation of the Occidental babel for the better part of 75 years while the ignorant cling to denial.

Ignorance is the cause of suffering.

Detach from ignorance. Step out of the darkness and into the light.

R [an K.] said...

I had quite a long comment which the system won't take, (I think it's its revenge for 829 comments on a single post recently) but still it seems it doesn't take much to see that "I feel contempt for institutions which inflict suffering upon others" is quite a clear sign of insincerity.

Christian said...

As a fellow Akronite (or are you a Kentian?), reading about your "Gill Women..." novel reminded me about "The Dead Next Door," a super 8mm zombie film shot in Akron in '85 or '86. Have you seen it? As Leonard Pinth Garnell (Dan Akroyd's SNL theater critic in the skit "Bad Theater) would say, "My, that was bad." And TDND is terrible, but it is on Netflix.

Octopie said...

"I feel contempt for institutions which inflict suffering upon others."

M, Interesting euphemism. I never really believed that the Nazi's thought the jews were racially inferior. I thought it was an institutional problem.

Mysterion said...

Anonymous Octopie said...
"M, Interesting euphemism. I never really believed that the Nazi's thought the jews were racially inferior. I thought it was an institutional problem."

It is an institutional problem - individual cowards hiding behind the face of the Nazi (or republican) party. Individual responsibility - and accountability - is masked by the concept of party politics.

Hitler was a Catholic pervert. He is certainly not the first Catholic pervert nor will he be the last in a long rich history of Catholic perverts. I'm not even convinced that the Catholics are the most devoted perverts.

Certainly other denominations get in on the act - so to speak. I would be remiss if I overlooked JW.

People who claim high moral ground are often attempting to compensate for a serious problem.

I certainly hope that you are not trying to compensate for a serious problem.

also see THIS

A State Religion?

Remember, "Religious Tolerance" is a necessary evil whenever the RCC does not hold a position of exclusivity. We know that RCC knows no errors.

The "Dance of the Chestnuts" was a night full of orgies hosted by the pope in the Vatican.

I say return the Vatican orgies but leave the children alone!

MM said...

The Royal Arch Degree is the climax of Ancient Craft Masonry and Masonic Symbolism. It has been described as "the root and marrow of Freemasonry." It is the story of Jewish History during some of its darkest hours. Jerusalem and the Holy temple are destroyed, and the people are being held captive as slaves in Babylon. Here the candidate joins with his Brethren as they are set free from captivity to return home and engage in the noble and glorious work of rebuilding the City of Jerusalem and the Temple of God. It is during this rebuilding that they make a discovery that brings to light the greatest of all treasures in Masonry - the long-lost True Word of a Master Mason.

Turn on My Light said...

Oh NO!

Not another one.

I thought one was enough!

Evan an old one.

With approximately 66,000 Catholics contained within the archdiocese, Alabama's Catholics make up just four percent of the population. It is one of the smallest archdioceses in the United States. The small Archdiocese of Mobile did not escape the priest sex abuse scandal that highlighted Catholicism in the 1990s and beyond.

I say: "Swat their dick with the family bible."

TV Jesus said...

homosexuals at the pulpit...

Jasmyne Cannick and Keith Boykin did an expose in 2005 exposing black pastors who were gay while being anti-gay -- Eddie Long was on that list.

it's not about sexual orientation, it's about misuse of POWER to gain sexual favors from the flock that you are fleecing.

Robed Baron said...

Anonymous MM said...
"The Royal Arch Degree is the climax..."

I didn't even know they were breathing hard!

THIS Royal Arch Degree?

103 said...

Mysterion, stupid men like yourself are the problem.

Not organizations.

Believing al sorts of strange theories due to ignorance and conceit, or just acceptance of common views they are unable to examine.

The Nazis believed in Nazism, with an organization or without.

And have been quite enthusiastic about it; I am not especially familiar with history, but I think it is a known fact.

If you're looking for an institutional problem it's the academic establishment where only the shallowest thinkers [you might blindly quote without examination] would seek an abode.

(- I'm saying this somewhat in a manner of speaking, - of course not all men in the scientific establishment are assholes, - but these are, or may be, the characteristics.)

I don't think the blog will take much longer than that, so ... (see you around, or perhaps I might be more fortunate than that)

Octopie said...

Anonymous Mysterion isn't the first or only person to have a hate filled agenda against the Catholic Church. He is just tying his hatred to his quasi-Buddhist beliefs.

It is well established that, during the Nazi era in Germany, false cases of sexual abuse were fabricated to malign the Catholic Church. The "immorality trials" (Sittlichkeitsprozesse) of Catholic priests in April and May 1937 are the prime examples of this phenomenon. In these trials, innocent priests and members of religious orders became the target of accusations of luring children and youth into sexual acts.

john e mumbles said...

Gee Ran, looks like my Spell doesn't work if you log in anonymously as "103" !

Keep trying to drop those longer pots. This is a test.

And: Axe To Grind, its all well and good to beat the Xtians are dangerous republican power hungry sex-crazed pervs horse/drum, but this is a Buddhist blog, with a monk who just pubbed a book on pervy sex stuff, so why not also balance your comments with Buddhist digressions?

Weren't/aren't there some Nazi Buddhist father rapists or something?

Octopie said...

Insurance companies, child advocacy groups and religion scholars say there is no evidence that Catholic clergy are more likely to be involved in sexual misconduct than other clergy or professionals. Yet ongoing civil litigation of decades-old cases against a church with deep pockets keeps the Catholic Church in the headlines.

“There is no plausible evidence that Catholic priests are gangs of sexual predators, as they are being portrayed,” said Pennsylvania State University Prof. Philip Jenkins, eminent religion and history scholar, and a non-Catholic who’s studied the church’s abuse problems for 20 years.

Are there Catholic Priests involved in Sexual misconduct? absolutely. Are there Buddhists involved is sexual misconduct? absolutely. But it is an individual human problem, not a racial or institutional problem.

I'm no big fan of the Catholic Church or Christian Institutions in general, but Mysterion is NOTHING but a hate filled hack propagandist.

Mysterion said...

I don't hate the RCC. It is unworthy of such effort on my part, or that of anyone.

She is not alone in poisoning the minds of women and youth. Her crusades, inquisitions, and witch hunts speak for her.

The RCC is merely en extension of the old Roman Empire.

The blind leading the blind.

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

lol at the person claiming child sex abuse in the catholic church isn't an institutional problem.

You really think that?

Octopie said...

Anon: Yes I do. That supposedly common knowledge has no basis in fact. There are many gay priests in the RCC. Part of the rumor mongering has to do with a hysterical attitude about homosexuality in America and elsewhere. It is just as likely statistically that Mysterion is sexually abusing children as it would be that a Catholic priest was.

Mysterion said...

Although, in the opinions of many, the 'Institution' known as "the Roman Catholic Church" has - by her consistent display of contempt - earned the detestation of civilized humanity, I do not find her worthy of any effort in that regard whatsoever. Her infliction of pain and suffering is best dealt with by reminding people to avoid her many traps and pitfalls.

The alleviation of ignorance, however, remains the sacred duty of Buddhists everywhere.

The Twelve Causes of Suffering

Unnecessary Activity based on Ignorance
Mistaken perception arising from ignorance
Deceptive Objects of Consciousness (e.g. I want one of those too.)
Six Points of Entry for Deception (eye, ear, nose, tongue, touch, and intuition)
Unnecessary Contact with Marginal Objects (e.g. beyond the realm of food, water, shelter, clothing)
Unnecessary Sensation (e.g. thrills)
Hedonism and Hatred
Clinging to material things (a BMW 325i)
State of Transmigration (Wanting to 'do it all over.')
Birth and Illness (our rebirth reflects cause and effect)
Old Age and Death (the law of causation means that humans must grow old and die)

Anonymous said...

But if Mysterion abuses a child, he doesn't have an institution to protect him, keep it secret, and move him to another town to abuse other children. The problem with the RCC isn't that there are more child molesters statistically, it is how they have protected the child molesters in their ranks.

Sorry Mysterion, to use you as an example of something so heinous. Octopie started it!

Mysterion said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Sorry Mysterion, to use you as an example of something so heinous."

Not a problem. I found out about JW abuses 10 or 12 years ago when I had a brief (months) association with the DA in Sacramento County. For whatever reason, people tend to 'open up' in conversations with me and tell me things I really prefer not to know. Although I am not a CLINICAL psychologist, I was temporarily given some status or another by the court to interview - and have videotaped - a number of youth who, it turns out, were victimized by various religious cults. No one cult has cornered abuse. That introduced me to the Silent Lambs people who I recommend supporting (contribute if you have spare change). It's one of many organizations that I do support.

Mysterion said...

"to consume a remedy when in need... take shavings from the clay figure of a “Black Madonna”. Still well-known into the 20th century, the Black Madonnas came from Altötting in Bavaria and were known among the folk as “bodily” copies of grace... held to be miraculous and healing because the clay supposedly had soil and mortar from the Lady Chapel mixed into it as well as relic (bone) particles. This held true only for those Madonnas that were sold by the convent itself."

Dr. Edmund Müller. “Mittel zum Heil,” p.62

I just thought it might be of interest to practitioners of Homeopathy that the Cult of Mary, when taken as shaved clay, has been proven beyond any doubt amongst 'true believers' to be universally beneficial for the relief of a plethora if ills - some real and many imagined. Cadbury, take note.

Topic @ Peet's this a.m.: “Black Madonna” and Homeopathic Cocoa

john e mumbles said...

Hey Mysterion, I have recently grown a beard (3 weeks in). It is rapidly getting out of hand, and I'm beginning to resemble Joel (the junk man) or Pappy in the old Lil' Abner comic strip. Is there a product (ie; trimmer. electronic shaver, etc.) on the market you might recommend that allows one to keep a beard at a certain trimmed length? Not having had a beard in years, and knowing you likely have had one for many years, I beg your indulgence. ...Before I audition for ZZ Top, for Buddha's sake!

octopie said...

My guess is that Mysterion posts a lot of the 911 conspiracy stuff on Brad's blog. It is in the same uber-fuhrer protective paranoid vein as his other interests.

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mysterion said...

They have the NOT PET version too... (for the Abrahamic traditions)

and for those who are unaware that dogs, cats, monkeys, and humans all have a common ancestor.

john e mumbles said...

Thanks, Mysterion, I'll make a trip out to the local retailer tomorrow, if I can sleep in the bush tonight, so to speak...

(Not that I haven't when clean shaven, eh Brad? Nudge nudge wink wink)

Anonymous said...

Federal Grand Jury or UN Tribunal?

PhilBob-SquareHead said...


proulx michel said...

About sexual abuses, a friend of mine is an anthropologist, writing her thesis upon the subject of nuns in the Tibetan tradition (various schools).
She told me of a Tibetan friend of hers who decided to join a monastery (in India) to get the teachings of a known master. But then he repeatedly got raped by the "dop-dop", the police-monks. He complained about this to his master who, however, told him he could nothing against it. In the end, the master told him that the only solution for him was to disrobe and go away from the monastery.

My guess is that this has to do with traditional societies where homosexuals should either hide, or join established systems where celibate men are accepted, or display their "peculiarity" in the most showy way. This would mean that a flaming queen would be like the guy having a flashing light and a siren all saying: "beware: faggot!" right over him.

These in turn have, I believe, a lot to do with the localisation of sex within the realm of dominance relations. If, somewhere in the back of your head, a sexual relation is by way of necessity an "either/or" type of thing, the either/or being here top/bottom, dominant/dominee, master/slave etc., then it matters little that those be hetero- or homo-sexual relations: they only amount to a game of power.

And we all know that games of power are one of the biggest pitfalls of religion.

Anonymous said...

Like, all the comments are by mysterion or about mysterion. Like nobody even notices that it's brad's blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

But compared to the mysterion Brad is like so uninteresting.

Anonymous said...

Like, That last comment was written by Mysterion.

Mysterion said...

Instead of tanking about "Sex, Sin, & Zen" I ended up talking about the shell game and "pass the trash" in institutionalized Roman Catholicism.

The underlying issue is this: If the RCC is willing to deceive their flock (form whom they must hold some contempt) about sexual predators in the confessional, WHAT ELSE constitutes the deceit in the RCC?

And, it is about the perversion of power.

It's not JUST simple church folks.

It's violating far more than just a sacred duty or oath of office.

Think it over.

And I think drag queens should be allowed to serve openly in the military. (As well as normal GLBT folks). "Sex" is a wide variety of behaviors among all species, especially the Catarrhini.

It's no secret that, at girls colleges, there are quite a few LUGs (lesbian until graduated).

Anonymous said...

Like, I counted 25 posts here by Mysterion and then I quit counting.

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