Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here is a photo of me in Jerusalem touching a rock that I think maybe Jesus was supposed to have prayed on. But I'm not entirely sure I got the right rock. It's in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I'm not sure what the deal is with my eyes in this photo. The Power of Jesus was messing with them, perhaps?

I am slowly acquiring dribs and drabs of information regarding the location and suchlike of my talk on Saturday. The Book Tour 2010 site has been updated with the most recent information I have been able to uncover. The biggest change is that the venue is not in Jerusalem as I had thought, but in Ramat Aviv, north of Tel Aviv.

I gotta run now. More when I get a chance again...


Uku said...

Harry, you're getting slow! Buahaahhaahhaaa!

Now I have to read Brad's post.

R said...

It's a bit funny you don't know if you're talking in Jerusalem or in Tel Aviv.

btw - the corner of Haim Levanon St. and Einstein St. is just the main entrance to Tel Aviv University.

[I don't usually mention the captcha but it's exessei.

- Beyond reason.]

Moses ben Hur said...

OK< this is ridiculous!
WTF is Buddhism???!!!

Anybody at all?

Hokai said...

Damned! Fourth.

But I beat Harry. That's a little victory. Sad victory.


Anonymous Bob said...

Brad, That is very disturbing picture. Your eyes are rolling back in your head and you are sporting a full woody and you look ready to start flailing around on your back spouting meaningless gibberish.. And If I didn't know better I'd swear you were holding a sharpie in your hand getting ready to tag the Anointing Stone. But the thing that is really frightening is the guy in the back left in the all-white Elvis jumpsuit. The dude doesn't have a head! Look at that guy..

Anonymous said...

His hair is Harlowe gold
His lips a sweet surprise
His hands are never cold
He's got Bette Davis eyes

7 said...


Anonymous said...

you're looking well!

Portapottiemouth said...

Brad will probably see the error of his ways and convert to Christianity while in Israel. Since he already believes in God this should not be much of a stretch. I can't wait for all the posts about how Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation and his church is the only authentic embodiment christianity. You have to pray with your hands just like this...or you'll go to hell!

Brad Warner said...

Jesus is the only Way and you must convert immediately or burn in Hell!!!

Hokai said...

@ Portapottiemout
in my unenlightend years I would had thought: man, I can't believe that you are thinking, that your opinion is the one and only opinion, the last truth.
Seriously, forget about the last truth. The way to salvation is not praying for it, its practising salvation, if you know, what I mean. Practising, brother, practising.
And hell doesn't exist, believe me, the only hell is in your head.
But don't be disappointed.
" Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose"

john e mumbles said...

How do you "know" that Hell doesn't exist, Gerald?

Zenleo said...

The guy in the Elvis outfit really does not have a head. What does it mean? Is it related to digital photography, as in a glitch? Hardly seems likely, perhaps the Mossad has wireless censors covering the airspace of Israel and editing out as the photo is taken? Worse yet maybe it is Phasmatis apparatus, I will try to keep my head on these matters.

Zenleo said...

...Oh and on the "Hell Doesn't Exist" comment. It sure does exist and I have evidence:


...no faith required.

Zenleo said...

Hell is situated 3 miles (4.8 km) southwest of Pinckney via Patterson Lake Road. The community is served by the Pinckney post office with ZIP Code 48169

john e mumbles said...

Shit ZenLeo, maybe that WAS Elvis and Jesus acephaled his head to protect the true King?

I'm ass concerned with the crouching woman in front of him who seems to be searching for Something in the buttocks of the person beside her.

Zenleo said...

Hey John, I find you comments about the photo surreal and the weather forecast (foreskin?) on your profile disturbing. If what you propose is true then was Jesus at Sleepy Hollow on horse-back as well?

PS These word verfications are pissing me off, do you have to parrot the green characters as well?

john e mumbles said...

Zenleo, I've heard that Jesus is everywhere, but you better ask Brad about that.

I strive for the surreal and the disturbing, so, thank you very much!

dunno nuthin' bout no word verifornications, sorry...

Anonymous Bob said...

"I'm ass concerned with the crouching woman in front of him who seems to be searching for Something in the buttocks of the person beside her."

Damn.. Being ass concerned is serious business Mumbles. Watch your back.. I noticed the strange woman too. If you know anything about Philippino Christian magic you would know that she is busy removing diseased organs from the bodies of non-believers. The odd thing is tho.. They usually go in through the stomach with Christians. I guess the ass method is perfectly kosher when dealing with pagan Buddhists.

CAPTCHA : grabhir : I kid you not

Zenleo said...

Mr. Mumbles,
Dorothea Tanning is 99 years old, now that is surreal. Well I imagine I've bogarted this message blog enough. Normally I simply read but lately have felt the urge to stick my neck out... especially considering the headless Elvis.


Maybe if I keep posting I won't have to keep typing in these green word verification shits, if I was color-blind I'd be fucked deluxe on trying to post something here.

Mysterion said...
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Anonymous Bob said...
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Anonymous Bob said...

If this isn't the picture of the century, I don't know what is. Maybe Oswald getting shot by Ruby. The Hindenburg exploding.. Paris Hilton getting out of a sports car? There is so much going on in this one. It could be a Beatles album cover. Brad looks about ready to carve a ? in his forehead.

CAPTCHA : nosecks : I kid you not

Anonymous Bob said...

I hate to bring this up.. But there are three brass pillars directly behind the Anointing Stone. If you look closely, you will notice that there is another man in an all white Elvis jumpsuit. He is wearing a black backpack and holding a small Finnish digital camera. His head is also missing.

CAPTCHA : ovende : I kid you not

Hindu Legg said...

City of light



Heliopolis (Sun City)

Aelia Capitolina

And the Sun Temple with the Sun Man (Sol - o - mon)

oh, and David, too.

David or "delta" invert "delta" is [Hindu] Chandra or [Roman] Mercury, Hermes [Greek], Thoth [Egypt]. The six-sided star is astrology - mercury (who is closest to the sun). (Morphed as David, who is closest to god.)

New bull, but the same old shit.

john e mumbles said...

LOL Hindu Legg, -used to spend much time myself digging into etymology, symbolism, things signifying other things ad infinitum. Thats what alchemy is all about.

Its interesting syncretism, but your last line says it all.
Who was the Bull God again? Oh yeah, Kidd Rock.

ginger said...

I agree that the woman with her hand in that person's bum next to the woman with the amazingly long arm is disturbing...you look like you're feelin' the powah of Jeezus!

I love Jesus...good teacher. I think he was super cool and that he and Buddha would've rocked together. I don't know why it's important for people to worship a rock he may or may not have touched though. I like to think of how world religion would be different had they lived at the same time and knew each other, but they didn't so it's not so whatever.

Hokai said...

To john e mumbles @ 6:14:
I wasn't there, so I don't know nothing about hell.
But with the utmost probability there is one in the Universe.

You're interested in?

I would go and save some poor souls.

Hells Angel Gerald

Hokai said...

To zenleo @ 6:26:

I like to get the diploma from Damnation University.

I survived Hell,Michigan.
How funny is that?

From Hells Kitchen,
Tenzo Gerald

john e mumbles said...

Well Gerald, I don't "believe" in anything, including the concept of Hell, but that doesn't mean others don't, or that it doesn't "exist.

Perhaps anything you can think of has a kind of "life" in the sense of a tactile projection of thought.

Certainly, in dreams begin responsibilities.

Zenleo said...

To Hokai

The damnation university diploma is appealing to me as well. I've been to Hell and Back...

Plus if you live in Hell, Michigan any residence would have a Hell's Kitchen...