Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tomorrow, June 13, 2010, is my last stop on the European continent this tour. Details are:

•June 13, 2010 - Zazenkai in Nijmegen 9am - 5 pm: Kapelruimte, Erasmusiaan, Nijmegan. Contact:

After that I'm off over the sea to Northern Ireland. That info is all at

Our stealthy entry into Germany was a success. We used clever disguises and made it across the border without being spotted by the enemy. Once in Germany we commenced undercover operations in Wuppertal, then headed back across the border to our secret location.

Yesterday I visited Amsterdam where I took the photo posted above. An adequate description of your humble correspondent, I think.

In Amsterdam I did four interviews. 8 AM with English Breakfast Radio, 10 AM with Bodhi TV, 1 PM with Vorm en Leegte magazine (aka Form & Emptiness) and 3:30 PM with the Buddhist Broadcasting Organization for radio. They have a Buddhist radio station in the Netherlands. Hippies!

Then today I did a noon to six pm zazenkai. Tomorrow it's 9 am to 5 pm zazen-ing. That's enough Zen for anybody!

I'm getting tired of being known as "the guy who criticizes Big Mind®," which is what a couple of the interviewers yesterday wanted to talk to me about. But such is life, I suppose. I got what I deserved, blah, blah... I am glad to be the guy who criticized Big Mind®, so I guess this is what I gotta be known as. But I'm fed up with the topic at this point and don't want to discuss it further. I've said what I have to say already numerous times.

OK. It's noisy here. The house I'm staying at is full of international Zen refugees. I can't write well unless it's quiet, so I'm stopping here. I will report more when I get to Ireland. But for those who asked, here is what a heavy metal store looks like.

ALSO OF NOTE: A new Dimentia 13 download is available now. From the ancient year 1990 it's our final LP for Midnight Records, Flat Earth Society! Yay! The permanent link is to your left (or just click on the title of the LP right in this paragraph). Get it now! Collect 'em all! (Let God sort 'em out)

I'll write some about this album soon....


108 the merciless said...


Guess Who said...

Wow, No.1. - I hate this shit.

- When will this joke be over?

R said...


P.S. said...

I kind of felt I should have clicked the PYC earlier.

john e mumbles said...

High Five!

Does "Metal" store mean "Shoe" store in Yermann?

Captcha: wittiess !!!!!!

Mysterion said...

Juxtaposition (literary): two objects or texts that oppose one another. Synonymous with contrasting objects.

Not to objectify Brad, but that is a clever photo. Cheap porno. Cheap porno NOT. LOL

I mention it only out of concern for those who may have, owing to a brief lapse in attention, missed the obvious.

Speaking of lacking attention, how is .... doing?

Anonymous said...

Fredricton, NB, Canada is where the Flat Earth Society was started (by a former philosophy prof of mine and local poet legend)... you should come here just for that!

Moon Face Buddha said...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Anonymous said...
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Seagal Rinpoche said...

Under the bright sun, many of us are gathered together with different languages, different styles of dress, even different faiths. However, all of us are the same in being humans, and we all uniquely have the thought of "I," and we´re all the same in wanting happiness and in wanting to avoid suffering

Lone Wolf said...

Jinzang - you should record an album of Zenified rap covers. Mipham's song is pretty cool. Beastie Boys have a lot of Buddhist influenced lyrics peppered through their albums.

There is a Canadian Rapper named Kunga 219 who is a student of Dzongzar Kyentse Rinpoche (

Then there is that rappin' monk.

anon #108 said...


Think so little of your team and country, that a 1-1 draw is a victory for you? Where's your pride, man?

Anonymous said...

..towards the clouds and snow, to shave off your hair..

Anonymous said...
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Hokai said...

Rinz, you're really a bad boy.

I like your hate. Gimme more.


anon #108 said...
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anon #108 said...

Stop it Rinz!!! I can't take it.

Your right! It's all over for poor ol Blighty.

♫ Engerland.....Engerland *sniff*.........En-ger-land *sniff sniff* ♫


Anonymous said...
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anon #108 said...

Leave the Sugababes [correct sp] out of this - -


Anonymous said...

Poor Rinz, I guess being locked up for hours in a cupboard by your British nanny can have that effect.

Anonymous said...
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Jinzang said...

you should record an album of Zenified rap covers

Nice to hear from you again, Lone Wolf. I know nothing about music. I think I'll stick to writing software.

Jinzang said...

The picture of Brad in front of the Metal Store is the best one of him I've seen in a while. Maybe because he's showing some 'tude with the crossed arms.

Anonymous Bob said...

Haha.. Rinz is such a dick. He's terrific.. But isn't Carlsberg a Danish beer?

CAPTCHAQ : inksin : I kid you not

Anonymous said...

I bet Genpo Roshi has certainly heard of Brad. After all, Brad is quoted on his Wikipedia page.

Anonymous said...
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R said...

Since Brad is coming to Israel, and since as I understand there is a certain sport tournament taking place at the moment, which seems to attract some of the readers (here- i.e.) attention, - I would like to post this. [“exercise” – by Jean Jacque Conflict.]

Here it is too.

I wish I could find something of theirs from around ’84-’85, but there doesn’t seem to be anything on YouTube.

Jean Jacque is the [dead] drummer, after whom they are named.

Anonymous Bob said...
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Anonymous Bob said...

I heard that Robert Green was so despondent over his play that he threw himself in front of a moving bus yesterday. Luckily he misjudged the angle and the bus missed him completely.

CAPTCHA : bunce : I kid you not

Kyle said...

Just going to pop in here, Brad, to say that "Flat Earth Society" is really a great album! I bought it on CD format last year and its been going in and out of my stereo often ever since. I hope you write on it soon! I enjoy the blog, by the way, always great to get your point of view.

Harry said...

Welcome to the Emerald Isle, Brad!

Don't step on the leprachauns or drink the black water, begorrah.



Anonymous said...


my balls itch today
green is the color of them
medicine i need

Anonymous said...

when your balls are green
dip them in salt water
then watch a movie

Anonymous said...

Back when England still has some balls, green or not.. the Clash 1978 .

Lone Wolf said...

Yeah...I switched from Lone Wolf to Michael James Gibbs then back to Lone Wolf. Jinzang- you are one of the original commenters on this blog. I was just reading some of Michael's blog the other day. He was a trooper in his final days. Whatever happened to Jules (I think that was his name)?

Anonymous said...

Lone Wolf - Michael, Are any of your stories online?

PhilBob-SquareHead said...

Well Brad, no one gave you the obvious I will:

What kind of GOOD drugs did you experiment with in Amsterdam?

Did they help you find "enlightenment"?

Are you gonna bring us some good shit back to NC?

Sincerely, I suppose

Anonymous Bob said...

"It's noisy here. The house I'm staying at is full of international Zen refugees."

My God there's no escaping them anywhere.. Certainly not here.

CAPTCHA : trogriot : I kid you not

Anonymous said...






most of the time, actually.

Anonymous Bob said...

Porn DVDs now. Wish I had some Euro porn!

CAPTCHA : ionemanjerkfest : I kid you not

Anonymous Bob said...

Only thing worse than a ignorant troll is a boring ignorant troll. Your Mom and me had a big laugh at your expense.

CAPTCHA : makerap : I kid you not

Anonymous Bob said...

Hey Troll. I think I hear your Mom calling you..

Oh sorry, she is calling me again.

CAPTCHA : prous : I kid you not

Anonymous said...

But it's not your mother, bob . Tell me about your Dad.

Anonymous Bob said...

I feel bad for you Troll, I really do. You flatter me with your constant imitation. But it's so weak.

CAPTCHA : reddase : I kid you not

Anonymous said...

here you go, bobby

Anonymous Bob said...

I gotta stop screwing with my dad. It's not right.

CAPTCHA : incest : I kid you not