Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Before we begin, check out this bit of comedic genius.

OK. This just in:

I will be giving a talk at the Unity Temple in Kansas City, Missouri on March 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm. This is sponsored by the Kansas City Zen Center. There's more info on the 2010 Tour link over there to your left. Or, as always, just click on the words "2010 Tour link." See how easy I make things for ya!

Which brings up another point I ought to make. And that point is that as of the end of February I will no longer be a resident of Santa Monica, California. Nor of California at all.

It's a bit complicated, what I'm doing. See, with my tour schedule filling up as it is (see link above) it doesn't make much sense for me to live pretty much anywhere until the touring stops. Last year I stayed a California resident and paid rent on a place here I did not even live in for five months. This, I have decided, is the definition of "clinically insane." So I'm not doing that anymore.

When the dust settles somewhere around late June or even into July, I plan to live in or near Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This, I hope, will allow me to take advantage of gig offers I've had East of the Rockies which, up till now, have not worked out due to my living in So Cal. Until then, though, just call me "Homeless Brad-o," for I shall be without an abode.

For those viewing on Facebook, the link to the embedded video I put up is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl22IHX-3Hc


Anonymous said...

Good to have you coming to the South, brother. I do hope you like grits... ;)

Blake said...

See ya March 4th!

BTW, it's the Kansas Zen Center... no City.

Rick Matz said...

So you'll be a Dharma Bum!

Kevin said...

Alright... this post gave me a good chuckle .... Good luck on the road


Mysterion said...
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denial is not just a river said...

California is the real asshole of the USA. It's a real shame because it is such a beautiful state but it is where all the shit comes out. Blame it on all the old prog hippie transplants. Brad, you are wise to get the fuck out.

Toto said...

Brad: If you don't have a house, where will you stay when you don't have a speaking gig? N.C is nice but if you live over there you won't be able to take advantage of West Coast speaking gigs. Why to relocate to Lebanon Kansas, the Geographic Center of the Contiguous United States?

mysteriosis said...

That skit was so funny.. Punk rock was So freaking stupid!

Illuminatus said...

In 1926, a group of African-American Wilmingtonians Giblem Masonic Hall. The public libraries were segregated until the 1960s. The first library cards were offered to African-Americans in 1960 and the two library budgets combined in 1963. Read more about it and view a video.

Mr. Reee said...

The road is a great place for adventure. Good luck Brad, and happy trails.

BTW, if you ever find yourself contemplating a return to CA, Marin/Sonoma might provide a nice contrast to your SoCal experience (SoCal is OK too, just different.)

PhilBob-SquareHead said...

Brad, don't come here. This landscape will only break your heart.
Funny you're thinking 'bout coming here, I'm thinking about moving to San Fran..........lol!!!!!!!!

PhilBob-SquareHead said...


PhilBob-SquareHead said...

Mysterion, don't be so judgemental. Where do you live? Arizona? The pit of God's arid diaper?
Love you, buddy.

オテモヤン said...


john e mumbles said...

Hmmm. Billy Joel and his gal pal Elton will soon be in Kansas, too. Are you guys on tour together? Dementia 13 opening??

Smoggyrob said...

Hi everyone:

Bon chance, Warner Roshi. Merci pour tous les poissons.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the fish?

proulx michel said...

"Old Master" (roshi) ???

He's barely over his forties!

Ran K. said...

If you compare this to Billy Joel’s “Honesty” it could tell you what I think of him.

Long live America. [dakara - btw - IAoAbDB.]

Anonymous said...

What would you call a new born master in Swahili? must be a word for it, pm, no? like for a middle age master in Portuguese. now days they've got a word for everything.

nihilocrat said...

You're deciding to live in the Triangle just after I moved to Montreal? Shocking! Go for Chapel Hill or Carrboro, I couldn't really envision you living/staying in any other place in the Triangle. I lived in Raleigh from about 1998-2009 and it's not really anything more than a giant suburban tumor.

Teacher Jim said...

Life is so cruel!

You see, I work in Mongolia as a volunteer English teacher but I'm home for a short three weeks between semesters (been in Mongolia for 1.5 years now).

I'm in KC but my flight back to Mongolia leaves the morning you give your talk here, so I'll miss it.

So close but oh so far.

Anyway, hope you have a good crowd. The midwest is super conservative but the Buddhist community is still good.

Mysterion said...
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spice said...

you'll be like Caine, walking the earth! :)

denial is not just a river said...

"North Carolina is as good as any place else in hell."

You also wrote, "If god(s) were to give the USA an enima, NC is where he'ld stuff the tube."

Did you forget about that one?

Anonymous said...

From Odo to Frodo? Can you even change your Buddhist name?

Maybe now your home is just bigger than it used to be!

Harry said...

A handy abbreviation of 'Homeless Kodo' is 'Homo'.

... well, it could help broaden the appeal of the sex talks.



denial is not just a river said...

Harry: Don't you mean Hoko?
Homo is already taken by Mysterion.

yoda gale said...

Shantideva asks us: "The burning grounds of the hells, the guards of the hell realm, who made them?"

"Nationalism is more dangerous than war." - -Shunryu Suzuki

You all try to be clever and twist words. If you understand then there is no good and evil. It is only in your brain. You must cook long enough to truly understand before you teach others. Just be mindful in whatever you do. If you be a bank robber person just be a mindful robber. If you be a child abuser, abuse with attention. That is all.

What's your favorite passtime -- to hang from a cross?

Mr. Reee said...

There are "teachers" hanging around here? I dunno about that.

Cooks maybe, but no teachers.

Tenzo said...

I'm just the cook.

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lao Tzu said...

Blogger proulx michel said...
"Old Master" (roshi) ???
He's barely over his forties!

check me out on this, michel...

Roshi means "Master worthy of veneration." (a.k.a. Venerable Master)

answers sez:
Roshi is a contraction of rōdai shūshi, or 'venerable great master of the school'.

That's a bit too much.

laoshi (Chinese) does mean old master (lao = old, shi = master)

when lao became ro, old became great...

Julian Summerhayes said...


I have just completed your book, Hardcore Zen and I feel compelled (is that too strong a word) to pen something. I cannot recall where I was recommended to read your book - I seem to have read so many different personal development sites since the start of 2010 that I cannot now recall - but knowing very little about Buddhism I thought "go on give it whirl" and anyhow you seemed to like some of the bands that my parents used to moan about in the 70s and early 80s - well what did they expect: how can you compare John Denver to the Stranglers! I am not religious but I am super motivated about helping people to maximise their (inner) potential, even though at the moment I haven't found my niche outside of work as a sports lawyer. Books by Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill have always been a source of reference for me; but having read your book there was so much about Buddhism that seemed to resonate with my principles. The Great Heart of Wisdom Sutra needed several fly bys before I even understood (on my very simple level) 1% of it but what it has made me think is that there needs to be something at the heart of my philosophy other than some hollow following of one person's experience as if it were the only way - not quite god like but moving in that direction. I have decided to go check out the local Buddhist centre in Plymouth, England and I am hoping to continue to try and understand just a little bit more of some of the material that you touched upon. I have started some short meditation sessions but am struggling with it; it just seems quite boring at the moment and my mind seems to be going all over the shop. I will persevere though. Thanks again for the book and who knows we might meet up one day in the UK

Jinzang said...

If you be a bank robber person just be a mindful robber. If you be a child abuser, abuse with attention. That is all.

I hope this is satire. I can't imagine a more destructive philosophy. Mindfulness is a tool to an end, to see what we normally ignore. If everything has the same value (no value) there's no point to mindfulness.

Medusa said...

Mysterion's first postulate:

That which cannot be rationally explained can be irrationally explained.

physics = rational

metaphysics = irrational


blurring lines?

KT said...

At least post the LINK

Anonymous said...

News indeed

sure, I saw it coming,
wherever you are when sitting happens Brad, well...sitting happens,
I am very happy for the folks who will have the opportunity to sit with you on a regular basis.

for those of us who have regularly sat with you...
well, it just won't be the same...
these things have a certain emotional flavor--the first time I was aware of this flavor was watching the Beatles leave the stage Shea Stadium ('67? '68?)
and get into one or more of the 4 cars which drove across the field to take them away..
happiness and sadness mixed together in a proportion, an exquisite blend. if it were a perfume
I'd call it 'impermance' and the lettering of the name would appear as you held it and fade after you set the bottle down...

thank you
for the obvious things I would thank you for
thank you
for things you are oblivious of, but which have benefitted me greatly


Yoda Gale said...

If these retards think Buddhism is a contest in apple pie ethics - as they do - you can rest assured that their choice of guru will be a disaster.

Your assumptions are boundless, as is your ignorance about Buddhist lore.

My root guru is not "just a person", but a representative of all the Buddhas.

May you all eventually rise from your pool of self-made sludge.

eybali said...

Rick, what are you doing?

Rick Matz said...

I was supposed to do something?

Mr. Reee said...

"... you can rest assured that their choice of guru will be a disaster."

You sound like a teacher.

Perhaps you can offer illumination:

Who is this 'you' that can rest assured that another's choice of guru will be a disaster?

And what's a "root guru?" Do they work at Orchard Supply?

I like Orchard Supply. They have helpful people there, and great food for hummingbirds (it comes in a little vial. The hummingbirds can't get enough of that stuff.)

Anonymous said...

what are apple pie ethics?

could I have mine a la mode? (non gluten crust please)

Partido Socialista del Valle / SP RGV said...

If you ever decide to move to South Texas, give me a call.

Yoda Gale said...

All you know began with books. whether you continued into other things, you didn't know squat until you read about it first.

We are doomed already, but that is tommorow and I'm not worried if I let the compassion of Buddha take over. Many students have fallen because they placed their trust in unworthy teachers.

Apple pie ethics idiom is a oneness of slowness and speed. “In ‘apple pie’ 2 ps are nice. They are speedy and bumpy, but also confined in a good way. ‘Order’...is a richer sound than ‘apple pie;’ [it] is slower but has a repeated sound, too. It is, in its way, mouthwatering.” The idiom “apple pie ethics,” my root guru said, “is a way of showing lush­ness can be strict and strictness can be lush.” Many are deceived by this lushness.

I pray to my root guru who embodies the wisdom and the blessings to give me the power to attain supreme wisdom.

I've still to awaken. Like when you come out of a desert from having stood there for some time with little water, food or shelter.

Anonymous said...

You'll be based in North Carolina? Cool, maybe your touring/speaking/teaching/whatever-it-is-you-do schedule might bend down to the Atlanta or Athens, Georgia area now and again. I find your writing a good counterpoint or thought starter to my regular sitting group. Good luck with the move.

Dweller in pool of self-made sludge said...

Yoda Gale writes:

"I've still to awaken."

The Buddhas say we might not know our own enlightenment, and it must be true - for your enlightenment screams from the screen.

Only a true arhant, a true teacher, a true guru, could speak with such wisdom, such insight, such certainty!

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to speak to all of us here who, in our delusion and pride, taint the Dharma with our own pitiful mindfarts. This is truly the Compassion of Great Wisdom. And the Wisdom of Great Compassion.

and ten thousand deep bows

Truther said...

These are quintellogical galaxies and uh, alphatronic rocktafications and uh, humanoid spacifications and uh, some uh, quantralogical, chemicalogical war-crimes for the some uh tetrological cosmopolitans, uh rockification, space stations, an uh, flying saucers, uh, with other population on other planets across 12 galaxies, uh, they are top secret by the CIA behind closed doors in Washington uh, outdating the automobile society, outdating those international airlines.. uh, Building Seven.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or are the comments getting sorta weird again? Freemasons, root gurus & flying saucers. Is the moon full?

Mr. Reee said...

"Is the moon full?"

Chinese New Year coming.


Cabel the Pauper said...

Glad to see you have published a third book, Brad! HARDCORE ZEN kind of changed my life...kind of because I'm finally following through with the advice (well, most of it). The style's really influenced my political/musical/spiritual blogging that I'm getting back into nowadays. Stop by my page whenever you've got time and drop a line. Keep up the good work!

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


not hiragana, kanji. When leaving snarky, yet informative comments, inform correctly.

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