Sunday, November 29, 2009


You asked for it! You got it! New videos of the comedy team of Brad and Skylar!

For those of you who don't tune in regularly, Skylar is my niece, the daughter of my younger sister. A couple years ago Skylar did an interview with me that she posted on YouTube, which still gets more hits than anything but my interview with Sock Monkey. High brow entertainment is my middle name!

The one posted on top was just improvised. The "Pickle Monster" thing below was conceived by Skylar. I'm not sure why the sound on that one doesn't synch up with the video. But given the nature of the piece it kind of works better that way.

Skyy, for that is how she spells it, created these and had them up on YouTube within seconds, as only a 13 year old is able. There are a few more up there if you're into that kind of thing. But these are the ones that turned out the best.

All of you in the Midwest are hereby ordered to attend my upcoming gigs in St. Paul and Minneapolis starting this coming Friday. The dates and locations are at this link (click here). If you live within a ten hour drive of the Twin Cities and you fail to show up you will be re-born as a slug for 10,000 lifetimes. Are you prepared to take that risk?


Harry said...

Oh yeah!

Harry said...

I propose a small competition where everyone wins:

Can you attempt to type 'Peter Piper picked a pack...' etc without stopping to look at the screen, to edit, or check or criticise etc...?

My effort:

peter piper picked a pavck of pickled peppers if perterr piper picjked a rapt of picjlked peppers where;s the pack of picked piepers that perter peppey picked.?

It was a bit self conscious though, I was trying too hard... take two...

peter piper picked a pack of pickledd pepers if peter piper picjed a pac of tpoiickled peppers where's the pack of picjed peperes that ehpertt eperrr wopfodfked?

That got fun towards the end, but started out stiff. Do it and see how you don't like to relinquish control. Doing/non-doing/not doing?

It's good to play.



peter piper picked a pack of pipceled pepeer s if pweeire piper s pei cked a pac kt pf pipckeled paorprpeprs wheer sthwe pasccjr t0pff toppaiedenck epeppers that rpwoeter pekcnepe picjekd

Anonymous said...

Thanks Harry!

How much wood could a woodchuck cuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Hwommitdhrbwiuudj. Oucjd Bdirudjchk. Nxhjjdjxnizjdn anxjfhci jf cucchs njeiwjdx!

Anonymous said...

Hi Skyy!

Thanks for being 13 and still having time to give us some laughs

loved 'pickles'

and 'faces'

can you do both? Sour puss sour pickle monsters?

In other words: more MORE!

Anonymous said...


Max said...

I wish my uncle was this cool.

alan said...

Looks like a good Thanksgiving was had at the Warner clan.


And I'm commenter number something or other.

Apuleius Platonicus said...

Thanks for the good clean family fun. Having nieces and nephews is a great blessing!

Osama Van Halen said...

When I saw Skylar in "Pickle Monster" she reminded me of that picture of Brad's youthful mother wearing a prom gown. I searched for the picture and I definitely see a resemblance. Sometimes DNA really freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

Man, Max! (Mad Max?) I wish my uncle were that cool too.

haha My word verification is "moses"

Anonymous said...

peter lgkfb [mbgnf s pd jnm pokpunktjmerd peuurtd jpr ,s y pryyrtd frf dpyuty ouomtty pjhink

check out that first word!! All down hill fron there. :(


Ran K. said...
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Anonymous said...

Harry said...
"Who was on the grassy knoll that day?

(18 June 1948) National Security Directive 10/2

gave the President and
the National Security Council
the following methods:

"Propaganda; economic warfare; preventative
direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage,
demolition, and ... subversion ..."

What to do about it?


Zayin said...

awesome stuff :)

Uku said...

Hahhaa, bueno! Sincere and simple comedy is always the best. Thanks Brad and Skylar, you're wonderful comedy team!

PA said...

If sitting Zazen can help me do funny accents with my nephew, I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, could you upload your dialogue with Eshin Godfrey?