Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Home Town and Bullshit Sexism in Buddhism

I'm thinking about reinstating the comments section. But I'm gonna need to consult with Aaron now that he's involved.

Anyway, I've occasionally seen debates crop up over whether or not Brad Warner is really "street" or, in fact, secretly did not grow up in the alleys of the inner city, but (~gasp!~) in a quiet suburb. I think this comes from people who read Noah Levine's PR, confuse it with me and then accuse me of being a fake because I'm not what they imagine Noah is (which isn't what Noah is either). Anyone who really wants to know where I grew up can click on this slightly weird video I found last night, which gives you a quick tour of the whole town. Yes, folks, I grew up not on the mean streets of the city but in the lamest white bread suburb in the universe. Or at least in Ohio.

Trivia buffs: The Strand Theater, which shows up early in the video on the right side of the street (and on the photo I posted), was the site of a planned gig by Black Flag in 1982. Black Flag's van broke down and Zero Defex headlined that night.

And here is an article written by my friend Darrah du Jour about freedom from religion, which I thoroughly enjoyed and thought I'd like to share.

And here is an article that I found very interesting. My host in Vancouver, Kyira Korrigan, pointed this controversy out to me. I had no idea. For millions more links to other stuff about the subject go here.

I have some strong opinions about this. But I've decided that for now this blog is probably not the best place to air them. Maybe in a little while. But not yet. I will only say that bullshit sexism is not Buddhism. If it were I'd drop Buddhism like a hot potato in a second. Yay Ajahn Brahm! You go! Stick it to The Man, I say!

Tonight at 7pm I will be at the University of Victoria Interfaith Chapel (that's in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), Lot #6 UVic Ring Road. Contact for more info.

More info about my upcoming gigs in Victoria and in Minneapolis/St. Paul is here.

As I mentioned before, the monthly all-day Zazen at Hill Street Center in Santa Monica will proceed as usual this coming Saturday (Nov. 21, 2009) even though I will not be there. Kevin Bortolin, a fellow Dharma heir of Gudo Nishijima, will give the talk.

The info about the day-long retreats at Hill St. Center is at this link.

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