Wednesday, September 09, 2009


They called us walking corpses
Unholy living dead
They had to lock us up
Put us in their British hell

Make sure your face is clean now
Can't have no dirty dead
All the corpses here are clean, boy
All the yanks in British hell

I don't wanna be here in your London dungeon
I don't wanna be here in your British hell
Ain't no mystery why I'm in misery in hell
Here's hoping you're swell

- The Misfits "London Dungeon"

It wasn't a London dungeon I visited yesterday but the House of Commons. Thanks to the wonderful Miss Emma of Dogen Sangha London I was treated to a full tour of the British government's most secret chambers. Well, maybe not so secret. There were tours of school kids in there as well. But they didn't get a personal escort! So there, you school kids! HA! Did you know they have a gigantic statue of Margret Thatcher in there?

I also had the opportunity to meet Morrisey. Uh, Richard Morrisey, that is. Another of Nishijima Roshi's Dhrama Heirs. Nice guy. He has nine kids! And yet he still seems sane.

And the most patient and tolerant Henrick and Janna took me around to find the famous zebra crossing in front of famous Abbey Road studios where The Beatles shot the famous photo that graces their famous final album. Our shot doesn't look quite as nice. But we had to work quickly since there were about 20 other groups of tourists trying to get the same photo.

And then, to round out a very long day I sat Zazen with Dogen Sangha London in the flat they use for their weekly sittings (which I've been using for my nightly sleepings). A very nice group. We talked and talked and talked and talked some more.

Today I'm headed off to Durham, where I have a public talk on Friday. The full info about the time and location and suchlike is in the link over there to your left that says "Brad's 2009 Tour Dates" or something like that.

The retreat last week at Haus Hornberg near Munich was also a lovely thing, as you can see from the smiling faces of all who attended as seen in the photo over there on your left. It was great to see Gabrielle Linebach, a long time student and Dharma Heir of Nishijima Roshi who translated the complete Shobogenzo into German. Gabrielle was one of the group who I first sat with at Nishijima's Saturday afternoon talks about a million years ago. We haven't seen each other in maybe 15 years. Her style of presenting Dogen's teachings is very different from mine. And yet I feel the basic core philosophy and practice is almost exactly the same. She said that she felt the so too. Weird, huh?

Good? Good! Now I have to go get showered and try to find the station where I pick up the train to Durham. And remember I'll be back in London on Saturday for a public talk at King's College and then in Bristol for another public talk a few days later. Details, as always, are in the link over there to your left.

See ya later, skaters!


amanda said...

Brad looks like some crazy homeless guy who stumbled upon a J.Crew photo shoot. Hilarious.

proulx michel said...

Hope you don't have too much of a hard time understanding the questions in Durham... Although there is little chance you fall upon once coal miners there...

Ripley Hog Wash said...

Is Brad a Philistine?

Max said...

Hey Brad!

So not related to your post but I jsut wanted to thank you for your refreshing voice in Zen. Definitely helped me gain some perspective.


Mysterion said...

the word verification was semisti -

Minimum, A minim. ss, Semisti, or half.

iss, one and a half.

Anonymous said...

school's back in session

where did summer go?

Anonymous said...

things have changed?

no more anonymous?


this makes me sad

I mean, I'm glad the rotten ones are gone, but some of us were responsible anonys.

Harry said...

I was wondering why it had gone so quiet.

This may actually be a dangerous situation as I think this place was a means for a number of (probably perfectly normal seeming) people to vent some seriously harmful subconscious material.

At any rate, while the streets may be more dangerous this place is nice and quiet and so, to the Robster's thesis from the last thread:

Was Brad unfaithful to his wife?

Is that like, "Does a bear shit in the woods?" According to Zen Wrapped in Karma he did. In other news, I didn't. Whether Harry has is a complete mystery. But he looks like a pirate so I'm leaning to maybe yes.

Raping and pillaging is just an everyday part of a pirates job, Baby. And we're not married anyway.

Anyone fancy a jolly roger?



oxeye said...

I don't care about a lot of what goes on here, but I do have an opinion on silencing the anonymouses. It isn't a good idea. regardless of how twisted they might be at times, without them, this will be a less wholesome place.

Stephanie said...

As much as I love the crazy free-for-all this place has been, I think disallowing anonymous comments is a good move. People were getting entrenched in toxic and mindless behavior that wasn't really serving anyone. And it's not like anyone who really wants to be able to continue to post here can't very quickly register a free Blogger account which is still pretty much anonymous (it's not like you have to give your real name or use a photo). If you're too lazy or cowardly to register on Blogger to be able to post, it's probably a sign you shouldn't be posting in the first place IMO.

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Smoggyrob said...

Hi everyone:

No anonymi?! If I wanted a warm, polite, feel-good blog I'd be... well, somewhere else. The anonymi set this place apart from other Buddhist blogs. They allowed (along with some chaff) some good people to make some good points. Maybe we should stop sitting at Hill Street because there's a lot of street noise.

I call bullshit.


proulx michel said...

My comment on Durham was essentially a sly comment on the Northern England accent (which some may have heard, if they saw the film Billy Elliot)

proulx michel said...

and smallawey said:

(in hanze) "porn, porn, porn"...

Stephanie said...

Are people dense? This really isn't an issue, as if anyone who was posting here can no longer post here; anyone that wishes to post here can register on Blogger, quickly, for free, and without having to disclose any details of their personal identity.

Mysterion said...

Blogger Stephanie said...
"Are people dense?"

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

Zafu Frog, Japan said...

Eh up Brad lad!,
Hijacking your blog here matey just to let folks know that I'm blogging on a sesshin I've just attended in Eiheji monastery in Japan. Some people might be interested in my experience and might even fancy trying it out for themselves.

Enjoy England, but don't eat the food, except Marmite. Food of the Gods that stuff. On toast with real butter. Smashin'.

Rick said...

Obviously blocking the anons hasn't done much to still all the disruptive ones.

jiblet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick said...

I stand by my comment.

Posting Chinese words for all sorts of sexual aids is funny.

But linking them to sites - especially when said links navigate to sites full of malicious code - is disruptive. There is a lot of that going on in the comments section of this blog.

It's disruptive, malicious, and childish.

Rich said...

I'm kind of anonymous. Nobody really knows if Rich is my real name. Also, I can create multiple blogger identities using email addresses that - you guessed it - are anonymous. I suppose someone could track me to my location using my IP address but that can be done no matter what name you use and requires action by legal authorities. So on this issue, if someone is too lazy to create a blogger account, that's their problem. Or am I missing something?

jiblet said...

A fair point, Rich.

But, clearly, Brad and others - including me - think there is a difference between the 'anonymity' we all enjoy on the net, and the anonymity of those without consistent names - otherwise why bother to ban those people? Surely the reason is that some of us feel less responsible, freer to express ourselves, if we aren't always associated with a particular identity. That feeling of freedom gives us the confidence to say what we like, in the way we want to say it. We are less inhibited. That lack of inhibition has consequences some applaud and others don't.

jiblet said...

As I suspected (honest!), the anon ban was a temporary blip of some sort. But as I think the points made were valid, I'll leave my long, worthy, but now rather foolish-looking comments up for the time being. As a poster with a proper internet identity, I have the luxury - unavailable to anons - of removing my contributions at any time, and thus keeping my precious rep intact.

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

This just shows how some people need to create controversy. All the righteous indignation over something that doesn't even mean anything-sheesh.

Yep..anonymous said...

S'Ok, Steph. I don't think you were motivated solely by a desire to create controversy. I think you had an opinion and expressed it, as did one or two others. The points made about anon posting, on both sides, were interesting, even if 'unnecessary'.
Don't beat yourself up about it ;-)