Thursday, May 21, 2009


If only I'd taken a left at Albuquerque maybe I woulda ended up somewhere other than El Paso, Texas, which is where your fearless correspondent (me) finds himself today. But not snatched by a giant hand jutting up from the ground! That shot was taken in Saskatoon at their lovely, but mighty weird sculpture garden.

Last night I played Albuquerque Zen Center to a ravenous crowd of thrill seekers from the Rinzai school! I had a load of fun, though I had been filled up with beans at a local eatery only an hour before I took the stage. Luckily no one was seriously injured. The Albuquerque Zen Center was founded by the legendary Joshu Sasaki Roshi, whose book Buddha is the Center of Gravity I often quote from. Don't look for it on Amazon, though. You'll never find it! Sasaki apparently hated it and never allowed it to be reprinted.

Today I'm in El Paso just hanging out. Tomorrow I'll be talking here. And if you want to know where, check out the link over there to your left about my book tour. It's in there! The following day I'm in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Yet another international stop on my tour! (Yeah, yeah, I know it's America, but I'm told a number of our politicians don't!)

Hope to see ya there!

Here's an excerpt from "Zen Wrapped in Karma" that appeared in Newspaper Tree an on-line paper in El Paso. It's not one of the dirty parts!


proulx michel said...

Yadda! I'm first!

alan said...

Madda! I'm a second!

Harry said...

Why, damn my eyes!!!

Chessron said...


Anonymous said...

Brad, How do we know you're in Texas?

Bountiful lords delivery said...

"To have the center of gravity is to catch and hold God
in your hand. In the human world, it means you must be able
to catch the rich, poor, good, evil and ugly all together in
your hand as God unifies everything. Hyakujo Osho calls
that work the achievment of Daishigyo, great Zen practice.

Now at this moment, you are listening to the birds.
All of you have true nature or the source of God, but how is
that true nature illuminating right now when you are
listening to the birds? When you illuminate yourself,
you don't think of lovers, you don't think of God, or evil.
You don't think of anything. At that moment, when you are
listening to the birds, your unconditionally affirmed self is
completely destroyed, but you do not know it. When you are
listening to a bird, and you experience that your nature
is illuminating, then you know that the unconditionally
affirmed self is destroyed.

So when you are listening to the birds, how do you realize
God? When you realize God, at that very moment you are
illuminating as the original face. This is a difficult koan
in Zen practice, "How do you realize God while you are
listening to the birds? It is easier to say, "How is your
true nature illuminating while you are listening to the
birds?" If you practice this for a long time, you will become
able to hear the voice of God. When you realize the basis
of yourself is God himself, you realize that yourself, as a
human being, is an historical being which is different
from God.

The more deeply you realize the basis of the world, the
more deeply you realize that the human world is historical.
In Buddhism that world is called the world of cause and effect.
The world of God or Buddha is beyond the historical world.
There is no cause and effect in the world of Buddha. When
cause and effect cease to function, the human world ceases
to exist."

from: Buddha Is The Center of Gravity

Charlton said...

It ain't no two pair of pants, but it'll do.

Charlton said...

It ain't no two pair of pants, but it'll do...

when will you do a book on Zen in pop culture ... do you think Dogen would've liked Bugs?

Anonymous said...

One Hundred Percent No

Allison said...

I found the book on Amazon for $20. :-)

Mysterion said...

"I'm a Monk, not Dead"

Title for your next book. In it you can explain that Buddhists ARE allowed to have a like (or get a life if they are in the early stages).

That hand is definitely one of 'appearances.'

Sebastian said...

Thanks for stopping in El Paso. See ya tomorrow. We need a little Buddha. 300 years of Catholicisms and all we have to show for it is a major drug war. (don't drink the'll get pregnant)

Anonymous said...

Get someone to take you to the L & J for some fantastic Mexican food while in EP town. Ask any El Pasoan about it, they'll know what you are talking about. Or they should anyway...

Signed, a ex-El Pasoan looking out for your gustatory well-being.

p.s. the new book is a great ride!

Anonymous said...

Bountiful Lords Delivery - Thankyou.