Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm back in Santa Monica and the weather's fine.

The first leg of my massive international book tour was frikkin' awesome. And I don't even say words like "frikkin' awesome." That's how frikkin' awesome it was. Big, big thanks to all in Saskatoon especially Ken, Jan, Michael, Neil and Jaime for plenty of hospitality in the Great White North. I won't be needing my bunny hug or my toque for a while. But I'll bring them with me when I come back. And I will be back. I'm gonna save all my Loonies and Twonies for the next time.

All the stops were fantastic and I will cherish my moments all over this continent this year forever.

I popped in to the comments section, which I do about once every 4 or 5 weeks and I was not disappointed in my expectation to be disappointed by what I find there each time I look. One person took me to task for always reacting to what's in the comments section. That's kind of funny. Maybe I'm somehow anticipating what's in there without looking.

But the one that kind of annoyed me was a guy saying I was obviously in this for money and fame. Think what you want. But here's the real skinny on money and fame and what I'm in this for.

In September 2008 I was offered a position at the company I call "Nakano Productions" in Zen Wrapped In Karma. The catch was they wanted me to move to Tokyo. The annual salary they were offering me was about three times what I get for writing a book, which usually takes more than a year to complete. Not only that, they were cool with me writing books on the side and even taking time off to promote them. I hemmed and hawed and finally said "no."

Can you even imagine the monumental economic stupidity of that decision? I could be making four times as much money as I am now (adding book income + salary) if I'd said "yes." Plus I'd be living in Tokyo, one of the funnest cities on Earth. Where the girls all love American guys, I might add.

So, no, dear know-it-all reader and commenter, I am most assuredly not doing this for the money. Kindly please go fuck yourself now. Thanks!

I am not trying to belly-ache. I do OK anyway. I get enough to keep me in burritos and T-shirts and people have been very kind to me on tour. But I do feel I need to be clear about this.

I have chosen to try to make my living through my art, to be a professional writer and to devote myself to that craft rather than doing it as a side business. I am also a Zen teacher, but that's something I do for the love of doing it rather than to make money. Yet I write to make money. I don't have any qualms about this fact and I have made it clear on numerous occasions.

In order to make your living as an artist you need to be famous. No two ways about it. In order to earn as much from any kind of artistic pursuit as even the lowest level worker in any office or factory you have to spend a whole bunch of time effort and energy on promotion. So, yes, I pursue fame. But I pursue it not for the sake of being famous, which is mainly a pain in the ass. I pursue fame for the sake of making it possible to earn a decent living as a professional artist. And, as I just said, this has involved taking a massive pay cut. If you're thinking of pursuing a career as a writer, do not do it for the cash.

That's the real deal. Like it or lump it. And if you don't like it, go listen to someone you do like. OK?

I know there's gonna be people out there who'll read this as an angry rant. But I'm really not angry at all. I just feel like it's important to be clear on this stuff.

Now I'm gonna go play in the sunshine on the beach! Yay!


Anonymous said...

i am the first commenter, not you

Mumon said...

Good luck on your way to being US National Treasure!

Seriously, you're famous, good for you.

I'm not famous but I am ubiquitous.

Which is like wetting your pants in a dark suit; you're warm but nobody notices.

Pete Hindle said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better Brad, I just got your book in the post today.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Glad you got home safely and soundly.

I'm working on not envying you for being able to make a living being, as you put it, an "artist".

Even though you have some sucky stuff in your life, that's pretty awesome karma there. Few people are able to do it.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

this is Brad's biggest problem; this was a perfectly valid topic for a post that could easily have been dealt with in a mature manner. Instead he tells a load of people to go f**k themselves, which is just going to further polarise opinion and alienate the very people who buy his books.

Perhaps he was trying to come over all punk, but for me it read like the whinings of an spoilt child.

If the dude doesn't like what people write in the comments, then he needs to turn the f*****g things off or at least stop reading the damned things.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 12:16 PM....
Shit said damn.

Anonymous said...

Teach Zen while remaining anonymous!Though it might be harder to get laid
that way (chicks dig guys who are famous ;)

Anonymous said...

A Canadian Buddhist bow: Two knee, elbow, loonie.

Anonymous said...

Obama Now Openly Sucking Cheney's Dick.
Obama Voters Are Suckers.

Big fArt® Method said...

Brad, In order to make money as an artist, you have to sell your art. I get that. But contrary to what you wrote here, there is more than one way to go about it.

You do not "need to be famous" to make a living as an artist. That is absurd. You DO need to be famous in order to get rich as an artist.

The first way I call the Big fArt® Method. Large realization of stinky fame from equally stinky artistic effort but with effective commercials.

The second way can take years of hard work. It could take as long as twenty years of concentrated effort to get recognition. And even then it might not happen for you.

But it can be quite satisfying as a way of life. Some people might say that the sincere effort at making quality art is the only type of fame to be sought after.

Alphonzen said...

Good stuff brad.

Anonymous said...

Man Brad, you're a whiny little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Big fArt:

This is all very well unless there are bills to pay.

Sometimes you godda choose a horse and ride it.

Brad's written two books as a hobbyist and now he's gone pro.

Anyone who's lived on the road knows how shit it is.

This is a tough way to earn a living and I don't see any signs of a plan B.

It's easy to talk from the sidelines when you have a safe 9-5 job or a college life.

Get it right said...

@ Anon @: 12.16pm -

"Instead he tells a load of people to go f**k themselves"

Wrong! He just told the ONE people who "...kind of annoyed me...a guy saying I was obviously in this for money and fame" to "Kindly please go fuck yourself now".

So just the one person. Singular, to whom Brad addressed his clear direction to fuck off. Not f**k themselves, but "fuck off". Get it right.

Far as "If the dude doesn't like what people write in the comments, then he needs to turn the f*****g things off or at least stop reading the damned things" goes. You really want life to be neat, It seems. If Brad Warner wants to occasionally read the comments on his blog, and occasionally finds them upsetting, why is that a problem for you?

Anonymous said...

You're right, that makes Brad so much less of an asshole.

Get it right said...

I don't see your point, anon @ 3.12. You don't like Brad Warner. Cool. Some do. Some just come to check out the blog, maybe post, then get on with the next thing. I'm not sure what value stopping by just to call him an asshole (or a whiny little bitch) has. But as the comments are unmoderated, you may knock yourself out.

Meanwhile I got it wrong. I wrote:

'"So just the one person. Singular, to whom Brad addressed his clear direction to fuck off. Not f**k themselves, but "fuck off". Get it right.'

In fact, to get it absolutely right, Brad wrote "fuck yourself", not "fuck off". Important to maintain an accurate record, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

"If the dude doesn't like what people write in the comments, then he needs to turn the f*****g things off or at least stop reading the damned things."

Or, um, he could just keep on doing what he's doing.

ator said...

welcome back to LA ese

Jack Daw said...

Hey Brad,

Keep up the good work. Feel free to tell people to fuck off. It is your blog. Come by South Dakota one of these days. Rapid City specifically.


Anonymous said...

If you tried to take those 20 and 50 notes to the bank you'd probably get questioned, first because you're so scruffy lookin' and second because they stopped printing those a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

You are, in a word, HONEST. That is your stock in trade. What you see is what you get. No pretensions, you just lay it out. I had a chance to meet you in Detroit at Still Point (I was the guy with the glasses in the tye dye Obama t shirt who asked you about the impact of your mother's death on your zazen practice). You're just a guy trying to live an interesting life and make enough money to live your life. Many, including me, admire you for your drive, others resent you for not meeting up to some ideal. You are just trying to be yourself, which for some people is not good enough. Fuck 'em.

Luigi on acid said...

"One person took me to task for always reacting to what's in the comments section. That's kind of funny"ROFLMFAO!

See what I mean? Brad is so predictable. Yeah, it's kinda funny Brad. Hilarious in fact.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I like Brad, sometimes I don't. How gay is that?

Anonymous said...

I love it when he looks at the comments and feels all misunderstood. He is my butt-buddy.

aaron said...

It seems very easy to point out anothers "biggest problem" while being nothing but an anonymous keystroke or two on a blog. Cowardice hides anonymously in the shadows, afraid of his/her own...

If you do make to South Dakota, why not stop in lovely Sioux Falls as well?

Best wishes!

Smoggyrob said...

Some look down on the Anony, I felt that way myself, once. But I've come to love them, and the fire-breathing trolls most of all. Posting anonymously allows some to post who wouldn't otherwise, and some may feel more free to speak their mind. Those are good things. A while ago I noticed one of our Anony was someone I knew, and thought that all of them are someone somebody knows. And the trolls? If I believe this practice to be true, is it better to only associate with others who agree or to experience it (by way of my teacher) being roasted with flame-throwers? I say take your steak rare and your dharma well-done.

Viva Anonymous!


Anonymous said...

"Cowardice hides anonymously in the shadows, afraid of his/her own..."


You owe me Aaron.

Anonymous said...

"Kindly please go fuck yourself now."

Did Brad breathe before writing this? Did he sit in practice? Did he reconfirm his vows? Did he look afresh at the precepts and his determination to save all beings?

And then tell someone to fuck themselves?

Would he say it face to face? In a talk on his book tour? If on his tour I came along and asked if he's only in for the money, would he tell me to fuck myself?

If it was a private conversation afterwards, just me and him, and I asked about fame and money, would he say "Kindly please go fuck yourself now"?

Would he do this if I were bigger than him, more 'punk' than him?

Is this the Dharma in action?

float media said...

your so cool, your so cool, your so cool…

Anonymous said...

As I read all of this, I wonder what anyone here is taking from it and applying to their own lives? Is some anonymous dude(ette) really using his/her time wisely by putting Brad on blast?

Is anyone else spending their time any better by criticizing the anonymous person? Let's focus on the real goal here, shall we?

I study within the Therevada tradition, but am very thankful for Brad's books, which have given me a great deal of material on which to reflect. I doubt many others have dedicated as much time or energy towards helping others. Which of the three levels of "dana" are you all giving? Surely not kingly dana.

I'm guilty of the same shit, so by no means am I on any kind of soapbox, but I hope we can all learn to focus our efforts more efficiently (especially myself).

And, Brad, COME TO PORTLAND! (This is Evan Wiley. We spoke a while bac. Hopefully Adhisila can set you up here).

May all of you be healthy, happy and well.

Anonymuse said...

Yaay! Smoggyrob. Great points. There are some here that are blind followers and will defend brad no matter what. Others offer knee-jerk attacks on Brad no matter what he says. But there are quiet a few that offer thoughtful criticism.

I get the feeling Brad will only be happy with his comment section when it is peopled with 100% mindless sycophants hanging upon his every word. This is sad.

Mario on mushrooms said...

"So, no, dear know-it-all reader and commenter, I am most assuredly not doing this for the money. Kindly please go fuck yourself now."

And Brad wants us to believe he isn't angry at all. Brad wonders why people misunderstand what he writes. You can smile through your teeth and say "Go fuck yourself" but that doesn't change the meaning or your own mindstate nor the consequences (karma) that result.

"Go fuck yourself"

It sounds like something a mindless troll or deranged hater would say. Is it any wonder Brad believes anyone here that doesn't swallow the dogma is a deranged hater?

Alphonzen said...

meh, people are putting too much thought into the specifics of what Brad has said.

If I tell you to fuck off, it doesn't necessarily mean that I hate you with the burning anger of satan. It simply means that Im telling you to fuck off.

People, you need to be a little bit dumber. Zen is about being innocently dumb.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Brad and all the best with it all :)


Anonymous said...

Brad - Sorry about the comments.

Really? said...

Awww... We're all just one happy family. Really. The haters and the fans; the arrogant young pups and the wise old fools; the zennies and the theravadins; the foul-mouthed and the offended; the relentless and the apologetic; the anonymous and the famous...Where else on the buddhist interblogs?

"Is this the Dharma in action?", asks anon @ 9.18pm - Yes. I think so.

Alphonzen said...


proulx michel said...

It seems sometimes you ought to be reminded of the profound (!) meaning of the expression "duck off".
It exactly refers to the (unlikely?) occurence where you suddenly realize someone has inserted his dong into your arse hole. Then, you politely ask "Would you mind fucking off, please?"

It is not necessarily disparaging; just the expression of a mild (?) annoyance...

Really? said...

Thank you pm -

I always find it reassuring to be presented with evidence that the dharma-heirs of Gudo Wafu Nishijima seem to share one common trait: all are human beings who don't try to suppress the fact.

Blake said...

Nobody chooses to be rich and famous. It's all up to someone else. So really, Brad can do and say what he wants. It's WE who are making him famous. Don't like his fame? Don't make him famous, retard.

Anonymous said...

'It is not necessarily disparaging; just the expression of a mild (?) annoyance...'

So you are interpreting Brad now?
Good. Now maybe you can explain to Brad that when someone questions his teachings or disagrees with him here it does not mean they are always angry, mindless haters. Or does this only work one way?

If I didn't know that Brad was a famous Zen Master, I'd swear his reaction to the comments here (and any criticism elsewhere) was just thin-skinned, angry defensiveness of a bloated ego.

Harry said...

I have no problem with Zen-Master-Comic-Book-Shop-Guy's instruction for you to go fuck yourself because, while you deranged Brad lovers/haters were busy doing the pelvic thrust to that merry little tune, I could be getting first comment again and again and again for ever and ever and ever and EVER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA...rry. (sniff)

Mumon said...

Nobody chooses to be rich and famous.

What about Evita Peron?

I don't always agree with Warner, but he's right: sometimes you have to have the perks that go with the job, because they go with the job.

So the stuff I do is in lots of products because, in certain circumstances they were good ideas.

So it is with Mr. Warner.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the comments here have gotten a bit trollish at times. Thing is, Warner used to have a pretty lively, interesting comments section....And he basically told anyone who said anything he didn't like to go fuck themselves. Now it seems like a balance of people who flame him relentlessly, people who will kiss his ass no matter what he says, and a handful of people who seem to have nuanced, thoughtful views. Warner wouldn't know because he doesn't read the comments. *insert knowing wink here*

As for the fame thing....You'd be hard pressed to find a Buddhist teacher more obsessed with fame than this guy. It's not a side effect of wanting to be a succesful writer, it's been pretty noticable. His books and blog all practically scream "look! I party with celebrities!". Which is cool, but I don't buy that it's to promote the writing or any zen explanations (sure dude, Gene Simmons says some really zen stuff. zzzzzzz). I think Warner's evident fascination with celebrtiy could make for a really interesting book on the phenomena of celebrity, but he'd have to be able to hang with them without sucking up to them, and I don't think he can do that.

*Would he say it face to face? In a talk on his book tour? If on his tour I came along and asked if he's only in for the money, would he tell me to fuck myself?*

It does seem odd that, from what I hear, Warner's a very friendly and civil guy in public. He seems to limit his smack-talking to online. Is that better or worse, I wonder?

mtto said...

Gene Simmons says some really zen stuff.
Brad said that this along with some other rock 'n roll stuff was added to Hardcore Zen because the publisher wanted more pop culture stuff. They are in the business of selling books...

Sit Down and Shut Up started without the 0DFX journal, and that publisher wanted something closer to Hardcore Zen, so he mushed it together with his journal which was a separate thing originally, probably not meant for publication. They too want to sell books.

Anonymous said...

mtto and whoever made that Gene Simmons statement....

I think you guys need to actually READ the chapter on Gene Simmons again from HZ (if you ever really did). It would do you good. You are coming off as haters because your ignorance of the books you try to "critique".

Anonymous said...

p.s. (I guess this would pertain to Tavvi) Just because one finds pop culture interesting doesn't mean you are obsessed with fame....That is your assumption I'm afraid. The rising and falling of these cultural formations we call celebrity are interesting to observe and reflect much about the Buddhist notions of emptiness and form.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the condescending certainty of a groupie. If you found a reason to criticize the glorious leader's work, you either didn't read it or didn't understand it! Sorry champ, I've read all three of Brad's books and yes, I understood them. Between them and the web stuff, the obsession with celebrity is pretty evident. Which is what it is, but you can't seriously tell me that it's just a disinterested observer's take on Emptiness. Finding pop culture interesting is one thing, making a point to let everyone know that the beautiful people (and Gene Simmons) love you is quite another.

Anonymous said...

Tavvi...Brad wrote in that Gene Simmons chapter that Gene was too "self-interested" to be considered "zen". He does draw parallels between a good musician and a "zen master." Hmmm...maybe you are due for a reread.

As far as I know, Gene Simmons has never professed his undying love for Brad Warner....

Obviously Brad likes Kiss.
That's legal.

Again, you seem to be projecting a lot of stuff.

Big fArt® Method said...

"I popped in to the comments section, which I do about once every 4 or 5 weeks."

You have claimed numerous times to never read the comments, which very few people have ever believed anyhow.

"I have chosen to try to make my living through my art."

After you lost your job you did.

"In order to make your living as an artist you need to be famous."

Not even close to being true. Thousands make their livings as writers without being famous. You should have said.. "In order to make my living as an artist I need to be famous."

"That's the real deal. Like it or lump it. And if you don't like it, go listen to someone you do like. OK?

Just don't read the comments if they bother you so much. Not everyone who calls you on something untruthful you say hates you or even dislikes you.

"I know there's gonna be people out there who'll read this as an angry rant. But I'm really not angry at all."

Dude, You are angry. Believe it. Either that or, you are always just pretending to be angry because you think it is funny somehow.

"I just feel like it's important to be clear on this stuff."

Important? How in the world could it be important to anyone but you how you see yourself?

"Kindly please go fuck yourself now. Thanks!"

Thank you Brad!

Jinzang said...

Kindly please go fuck yourself now.

Oh, Brad. You were doing so well and then you just had to attack a person who apologized to you.

Jinzang said...

Noah Levine gets profiled in the Los Angeles Times. Not much new, but thought some here would be interested.

Das Düde said...

HAHAHAHA! I love how pisses of people get over this! :P

Way to kick the hornets nest Brad! Love it! :D

Anonymous said...

Noah Levine and Ethan Nichtern show how to be "hardcore" and teach the Dharma with some skill. Brad is about as good at teaching as he was a musician. Brad was not even that "punk", just another garage band poser from the rich suburbs of Cleveland. You can better look at Noah especially as someone who had some hard times and came through to really have something of substance to teach. There is more to teaching than dropping the F bomb.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:03.. You can't compare Brad to those other people. That will only help you misunderstand him. In Brad's mind, people who gratuitously use the F-bomb are less gay than those who don't. It sends a simple if misleading message.

Anonymous said...

given the paradox nature of the universe, i would say he is totally in it for the money and the fame,.....just kidding :-)
Seriously Brad, never feed the trolls, it doesn't help nobody, sometimes it's best not to do/say anything at all (but you know that yourself, i've read your books ^^)
cheers mate!

mtto said...

Hey 11:08,

I'm not a hater. I liked the chapter on Gene Simmons, too. But Brad really did say that it was added to the book because the publisher wanted more pop culture stuff. I don't think you will find that on the internet; he actually said it. At least that's what I remember. The publisher of Hardcore Zen actually had him change a lot of stuff. I think probably all publishers have their authors do rewrites.

mtto said...

My point in bring this up is that it is a little silly to write that Brad is obsessed with celebrity because of the Gene Simmons chapter when it wasn't his idea to put it in the book in the first place.

Also, Brad isn't really very famous. I think the Dalai Lama is the only Buddhist teacher that is famous enough to be recognized by most non-Buddhists in the West. I certainly didn't know who even Thich Nhat Hanh was before I got interested in Buddhism. Brad can go to movies and restaurants and not get recognized or swarmed by fans.

Mr. Reee said...

Isn't the relationship between Fame & Money a little like the relationship between Emptiness & Form?

...or maybe it's more like Apples & Orcas? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

People recognize and swarm Brad all the time. But only because they think he is Scott Halberstadt.

Anonymous said...

Hey mtto

This is Anonymous @11:08 AM.

Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, that makes total sense and sounds like a grounded assessment of things.

Alphonzen said...

Brad, you are right. There is no point of reading the comments. 90% of the people here are so full of it.

I comprise the other 10%, but insight tells me that it is a waste of my time as well.

alan said...

Sturgeon's Law states that 90% of everything is crap.

I've found it to be a useful guiding principle.

Although I have the usual difficulty in applying it to myself.

Mysterion said...


Chance said...

Whether the comments left here are appreciated or not, the fact is that people are reading the blog, except for maybe Harry who just wants to be first. :) Sometimes the thoughts left here are provoking, sometimes not, but it keeps people interested, which in turn sells books. You might as well make a living doing something you love, there is no apology or defense needed for that.

emilia said...

A bit of post i know, but i've never really understood the zen koan, "When two hands clap, what sound does one hand clapping make?". Isn't this obvious - it makes exactly the same sound - simply because our viewing point has been changed from both hands, to just one hand - which makes exactly the same motion. Silly really i know - but there it is :-)
good luck!

Jinzang said...

've never really understood the zen koan, "When two hands clap, what sound does one hand clapping make?"Two hands clapping is a metaphor for our dualistic mind set, the sound of one hand is a metaphor for transcending dualism. The koan is asking in an oblique way about buddha nature, like many other koans.

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mysterion said...

previous post abbreviated to:


Smoggyrob said...

Hi everyone:

My favorite answer to "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" is clapping my fingers against my palm. See? It's fuckin' simple. That's one koan in the bank. Next koan!


Mika said...

Been watching old Simpsons seasons lately, have we Smoggy? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad, I reaaly enjoyed your visit to saskatoon.. thanks for the good times! -a hot nubile babe with tattoos

Anonymous said...

This is to the person who claims Brad is full of shit because he's not Noah Levine, or was never addicted to drugs or whatever your point was.

I would just like to state here that I live in LA and have sat with both Brad and Noah.
Noah is an amazing teacher, with a good,gentle voice, an outgoing way with people and a savvy business sense. But neither he or a representative has ever returned an e-mail or call from my Sangha asking about possible guest talks. The few occasions I've tried to talk to him he gets vague and stares about 2 feet over my head.

Brad is a big dork, soft spoken(in person) and sometimes hard to hear. He doesn't really have what you'd call a "way with people" or any idea of what to do with himself now that he's a (semi)popular teacher/author.
After one conversation with him he was talking to my Sangha in two weeks time. He returns calls and e-mails and actually engaged me in conversation before he knew me from Adam. Looked me in the eye and everything.

Guess who I go back to.

Guess who's place I continue to show up at...

And as for him not being a"real punk" (whatever that means)...Between Noah and Brad, which one actually thrashed on stage to the screams and flailing bodies of sweaty fans?...Just an observation.

I still think Noah's a great teacher, though.
I'm just trying to make a point here.

Edward said...

If we spent as much time working on whatever we do as we spend commenting on blogs, we'd all be rich and famous.

Renendell said...

Here goes. Brad is Brad. Singular. We all carry on our existence. If Brad chooses to pursue Fame, regardless of his reasons, Brad will incur Brad's consequences.

Dharma is Dharma. Practice is practice. What Brad has written is in many cases a clear translation of Dharma that would be damned near impossible for a westerner to comprehend in any other form.

Practice. Let Dharma be Dharma. Let writing be writing. Brad will be Brad.

Shannon Chase said...

I sincerely thank the ten percent for helping me to begin formulating illumined and mature answers to my own questions about the topic of fame and money-not brad's, really, but my own--or lack thereof--as an artist.
This is the first blog comments section on a website ive ever been bothered to read, and i will read it twice. maybe more.
I find here, in the 90 percent, a good bit of REACTION. This includes Brad's original comments. It is a human thing to do, but yes, a waste of time. What does it accomplish? There is certainly no learning happening, and no compassion going on.
A simple priciple such as "think before you speak" would be of much value to this conversation. Especially if you have learned to think with your heart. I challenge those who read this and leave further comments to spend a minute in comtemplation ( i practice what i preach, here )before you write. Don't react, respond. I humbly ask this only for the sake of your own growth as a spiritual being.
As for me, i don't believe I would choose the path that Brad has chosen. But the path I take, im certain will need correction (not unlike my grammer) , and redirection. I just pray that whoever is sent to help redirect me is respectful, gentle, compassionate, and merciful. But i do not expect that will be the case. =)

Anonymous said...

Blake is so right, it is us who make him famous. So like it or lump it people, your decision. He chooses to write books and NO ONE has to read them. Brad doesn't put a gun to anyone's head. And NO ONE has to read or comment, Brad doesn't force us to read his blog or comment. Take responsibility people.


site said...

It won't work in actual fact, that's exactly what I suppose.