Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just arrived in NYC, the Big Apple. Tomorrow, Wed. March 25th, I'll be speaking at the Interdependence Project at 302 Bowery. Be there! I mean it! Man, people are always ragging on me, "When are you gonna come to the East Coast?" Well, here I am and I ain't gonna be back anytime soon. So get it while it's hot, New Yorkers!

In a couple hours I'll be on the Joey Reynolds Show on WOR radio. My bit starts at 2 AM Eastern. I'm not sure if it's streamed or not. But isn't everything streamed these days?

My other East Coast gigs are listed on the link over there to your left<<<<<


Anonymous said...

New York. A LOT of Jews there.

Unknown said...

Dude! You're the best. I'm reading your book right now and it's blowing my mind.

Anonymous said...

Kiss, they're all Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"New York. A LOT of Jews there."

Also the home of Larry Silverstein,
a New York real estate magnate
and "friend" of

Benjamin Netanyahu,
a former member of
Sayeret Matkal,

as was Daniel Lewin,
the passenger seated in 9B
on American Airlines Flight 11.

It's a small world after all.

(But since I too am Jewish,
please do not forget to distinguish
between Jews and Israel-o-fascists :(

Anastasia said...

Brad, try to have some NYC pizza...(just don't go to any place called Ray's or Famous Ray's).

Joshua B. said...

Man I miss NY. The best bagels are at Murray's on 6th Ave between 13th and 12th. Always fresh and as big as your head.

Joshua B. said...

Its a drag that you feel the need to bring the whole Jewish thing up again. Didn't we leave this on the last posting. Its just not funny, it never was. Give it a rest.

Anonymous said...


If you're referring to the links to the recent DSI history when you say "I am so over this...." (end last post) please trust me that the bad feeling between Cross, Luetchford and Gudo had NOTHING to do with jealousy of Brad. I know a little about what went on.

I'm sorry if that's all you gleaned from reading it - if you DID in fact read it. The main reason I posted the stuff was to give some insight into Gudo's failng memory and recurrent conviction that folks who'd served him loyally for many years were now trying to rip him off, and had stopped teaching "true Buddhism". None of which has substance.

Gudo is and was a great man. A great teacher. Brad is needed, imo, and is v good and sincere teacher, who may yet peove to be great. That don't mean these things didn't go on, and aren't continuing.

It really is not about jealousy of Brad being appointed head of Dogen Sangha International, whatever that may be.

Peace back at ya bro.

Joshua B. said...

Please man, with all due respect. Please respect my wishes to no longer be party to this. It has nothing to do with me. Yes I read the back story, it was just my opinion. I really want nothing more to do with this. Thanks.
Joshua "my name is Paul and it’s between you all" B.

Anonymous said...

Hey J,

With likewise respect -

You are not "a party to this", far as I'm concerned. If you want nothing to do with it, just stop posting about it. I'm not doing this just for your benefit.

Peace back at ya.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much, but it sound to me like some people just don't want to believe anything bad about thier gurus and get pretty upset when folks point stuff out. Im not sure what thats about, but its not how I read what Brad's just written a whole book about. Just MHO.

Harry said...



Just in case anyone forgot.

Maybe we'll be looking for that perfect teacher who'll save us til the day we die alone and in fear.

I jumped ship from a Tibetan lineage because they expected me to imagine and practice that the guru was "a perfect being" (...he clearly wasn't).

There isn't really that expectation in Dogen Sangha.

While it's fine, and probably nessecary... or inevitable at least, that we thrash this shit out, I hope that our short lives are not characterised by vainly trying to clarify, or negate, the teacher, any teacher, but by efforts to clarify the teaching/practice.

Go shitty religion everywhere!!!



Joshua B. said...

Speaking as a Jew (granted a secular one), I say right the fuck on! I couldn't agree with you more. The voice of sanity. You are my new hero.For real.

Anonymous said...

Careful Josh!

Sorry to rain on your new hero parade, but I'm not sure you need another one just yet.

Mind you, if you gotta, Harry's a decent prospect.

-yet another godamm jew.

Joshua B. said...

Oy-vay! Just because I respect some ones opinion doesn’t mean I idealize them...thanks for your polite yet condescending remark...

Anonymous said...

Good point, Hazza,

But I do agree with one or two others here that there's far too much fawning sycophancy where Gudo's concerned. He's a tough old bird who can clearly handle himself. Unfortunately, there are enough yay-sayers orbiting him to fill an Elizabethan court. I've seen critics, often those closest to him who really DO care, set upon as traitors and terrorists, with "agendas". It ain't so. That's why, to me, it's ok to spend a little time on this stuff. It's about honesty, ihmo.

Blake said...

A little late but yeah, it's streaming.

Rich said...

Brad said:
"Human beings are social creatures and community is vital to our survival. We all want to be part of a community."

There is no good reason you should listen to me but sometimes I get ideas or visions and I just need to express them. I suggest you consider establishing a place where people can live and practice together. The dog is barking.

Anonymous said...

The new hairstyle suits you!

Joshua B. said...

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few."
- Shunryu Suzuki
So much for knowing so much huh kids...

Harry said...

Anon: "...I've seen critics, often those closest to him who really DO care, set upon as traitors and terrorists, with "agendas". It ain't so. That's why, to me, it's ok to spend a little time on this stuff. It's about honesty, ihmo."

Yes to the honesty thing, and, if I'm honest, its quite entertaining.

Your 'take' on it may well be the case, personally I don't know all the details. I think there are clearly various, sometimes conflicting and/or confused, 'agendas' though.

What I do know is that some of the Dharma heirs who have 'fallen out of favour' are just getting on with things and are making sincere and valid efforts. Fair play to them.



Anonymous said...

Agreed, Harry.

I'm pretty sure entertainment, and wanting to be right, is my primary motive. But watcha gonna do?

ML is one good example of someone getting on with it, IMO.

-Anon @ 5.59am

Anonymous said...