Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just put an obituary for Patrick McGoohan up on Suicide Girls.

My first Zen teacher, Tim McCarthy introduced me to McGoohan's TV show, The Prisoner and I haven't been the same since.


Anonymous said...


If you ever do make it to the UK then it might be worth taking a trip to Portmeirion a.k.a. The Village

All they did for the TV show was a little set dressing on a real place. They did so little dressing on it that it will mess with your head. The houses are all 2/3 scale and no two are the same. Often 1 house will have 4 different architectural styles - one on each wall. The place is both real and fake at the same time. Real people live in real houses hidden behind the fake frontages.

I liked in the first episode where he goes into the shop and asks for a map "certainly sir"

It just shows the village and whitespace elsewhere.

"Do you have a larger map"
"Yes sir, but it's more expensive"
"Can I see it please"
[It's the same map but larger]
"Do you have a map of outside the village"
"I'm sorry sir, there's not much call for that you see".

Be seeing you!

Harry said...

Damn it!

I am number 2, Mike H is number 1.

RIP, Pat.



Anonymous said...

Brad, you never were the same and you never will be

goes for all the rest of us as well

Mumon said...

Yes, ol' #6 is dead.

His Chinese accent in a Columbo episode was impeccable.

Anonymous said...

"We all live in a little Village… Your village may be different from other people's villages but we are all prisoners." - PM

number 6 said...

I'm number 6..

Anonymous said...

being a girl n' all I always liked The Avengers
similar 60's spy fare, but Diana Rigg was my wanna be when I grow up. in the fantasy section of my brain she still is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are all prisoners.

Zen Trixter said...

Danger Man. Longshanks. But he will always be Number 6 to me.

Move on.

Blake said...

The Prisoner reminded me a lot of Satre's No Exit. I have done zero research so maybe McGoohan was influenced by the existentialists.

Thanks McGoohan for making this world just a little more awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you get paid a few tenths of a cent every time your SG page gets a hit, huh? :)

ellen9 said...

That series was SO great. Mind blowing when I watched it in my 20s. Now I love every bit of it. The giant weather balloons that menace people! The fantastic sixties chairs that Number 2 sat in! The umbrellas! Pure genius.

Rumored for years that McGoohan did the final two episodes on acid.

In one of his two Columbo episodes, he actually says, "Be seeing you!"

Anonymous said...

Somehow related?

Rick said...

With hope, The Prisoner (and the Avengers as well as all those other classics) will get recycled on cable.

Anonymous said...

one of my zen teachers liked to show movies for some of us students--all kings of things--his favorite films were horror movies/the undead etc., but he loved all genre of film.
It was just a joy of his to heat pizzas in the oven and watch movies together. Didn't happen all the time, it was an infrequent treat.

Mysterion said...

I only watched a couple of episodes.

That was televised in 1968 and I was a college student - with NO TIME FOR TELEVISION.

Beneficial programs were extremely rare, the war in Viet Nam was raging, and (except for the many who would become college drop-outs) I needed to focus on the various tasks of a college student (including chasing a few skirts). Perhaps I'll buy the DVD Set from one of the Circuit City stores that is closing and watch it...

Thanks for the head's up (e.g. the program has some content).

Seraphina said...

No one who ever saw that show was the same afterward. It's influence is still felt today, long after it is over and done. McGoohan's influence will be the same.

He was not just a number.

Anonymous said...

the last episode of the Prisoner must have involved a metric ton of LSD. . .

Adria said...

The Prisoner is, indeed, EPIC. I own the box set and never tire of it. Patrick McGoohan, you will be missed!