Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FINLAND and the good ol' USA

I'm going to Finland! August 24 - 30, 2009 I'll be doing a bunch of talks and zazen things in Finland. I'll be in Jyväskylä and Helsinki and probably a few other places. I don't have specific dates yet. But I'll post them when I get them. If you're on Facebook, they've set up a group about the trip. So go join up. Info is posted in Finnish and English.

I know there are readers in other parts of Europe who've asked me to come out to speak in your countries. Now's your chance. Since I'll be in Europe anyhow, I can arrange to make it to other places while I'm over there.

The only possible conflicting dates around that time as of this writing are

August 6 - 15 Great Sky Sesshin, Eitzen, Minnesota
September 19 - 22 (tentative) Dogen Sangha Retreat, Shizuoka, Japan

If you have any ideas of arranging stuff that doesn't bump into those dates, please send me an e-mail at

Please bear in mind I am a one-man show. I have no staff to set these kinds of things up and I am terrible beyond any definition of terrible you can possibly come up with at organization and scheduling. So if you want to do this, you'll need to set things up. Also keep in mind that I am not independently wealthy. So you'll need to figure out how to finance the thing. But I will take any serious plan seriously.

And for those of you in the USA, I'll be doing a book tour this year and am on the look-out for places to come and speak. Here are the dates so far.

Bodhi Tree Bookstore - Los Angeles, CA - Thursday March 12, 2009

Favors.Org - Event - Bay Area, CA (location TBD) - Thursday March 19, 2009
SF Zen Center - Event - San Francisco, Friday March 20, 2009
Green Apple Books - San Francisco, CA - Author Event - Saturday March 21, 2009 - 4 pm
Copperfield's Books - Petaluma, CA - Author Event - Sunday March 22, 2009 - 1:30 pm

Interdependence Project - New York, NY - Wednesday March 25, 2009

Southern Dharma Retreat Center - Asheville, North Carolina - April 2 - 5, 2009

Same deal goes for gigs in the US as in Europe.

I promise I won't monopolize the blog with tour dates. But for now it's the only place I have to announce these things. I'm gonna be working on that as well.

For now I've added a link with all the dates on it over there to your left.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Finland.

Uku said...

Welcome. Great video! :) Monty Python rules.

plathhs said...

Nice. I guess I'll be there (Finland) then, unless you're coming to Sweden as well.

Allison said...

Are you in Asheville from April 2-5 or from April 25-27 as listed on their website?

Rick Matz said...

A study was done to try and figure out why when people all over the Northern Hemisphere get depressed over the winter, Finland is a consistent exception.

The reason? They drink a lot over there.

Have a nice trip.

Anonymous said...

Brad, Can you please rearrange your schedule to be in Asheville on the 3rd week of March instead of whenever else you arranged. This would be much better for ME!!!

Anonymous said...

Brad, I will give you $1000 to fall face down into a tub of shit. Interested? I can arrange publicity.

Anonymous said...

When I wrote the above after returning from my local pub, I thought it was hilarious and even wise somehow. Now rereading it four hours later, it seems both idiotic and mean. I wonder if drinking affects thinking somehow.

Lone Wolf said...

No Ohio book tour dates. (This is my sad face)

seckscab said...

You need to stop by the Lapland Santa Claus "Theme" "Park", which is so epic in it's lameness there was a riot there a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Brad! Long time no see. I live in Jyvaskyla half the time... and they have a Zen Centre...? Just goes to show how much attention I must have been paying.

Kentralia Kid, the "Lapland" theme park where there was a "riot" was in the UK, not in Finland.

päivi said...

There's nothing lame about Finland. Welcome, Brad - you're going to have a sauna bath with the savage yet spiritual Finns!

DivineMediocrity said...

What about your tour dates in Texas? Where are those dates? Where are they?! WHERE?!

Okay, I'm not that neurotic :-) But if you ever get the chance, come to DFW... Texans aren't NEARLY as bad as "Dallas" made us out to be...

... 'twould be lovely! :-)

Flor de Nopal Sangha said...

Come to McAllen! We'll take you to Reynosa, Mexico to experience life w/o the comforts....and tacos by the street.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I'll do my best to be there then. :D

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd enjoy this:

Zen you can enjoy with orange juice!

Master Associate said...

Screw my practice with sitting, I'm just going to eat some cereal to score the Big E™.

Anonymous said...

Eating cereal is enlightenment :p

Anonymous said...

"You need to stop by the Lapland Santa Claus "Theme" "Park", which is so epic in it's lameness there was a riot there a few weeks ago."

That place is in Dorset, UK.

Anonymous said...

Brad, any chance you'd consider a stop over in Philly while on the east coast?

Anonymous said...

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