Monday, November 24, 2008

Yoga Poses to Help With Doing Zazen

Since I keep getting asked this question I've now added a permanent link to the drawing that Patrick of Yoga Garden in Yokohama drew up for me showing the various yoga poses he recommends for helping people get into full or half lotus posture. It's right there next to this article and it will be forever accessible via a link in the links section over to your left.

Although I do yoga myself, I didn't really personally use these poses to be able to get into full lotus. For reasons I cannot understand, I've always been able to get my legs into the full lotus posture, even back in the days when the rest of my body was so stiff I couldn't even touch my toes. The only problem was I couldn't hold the posture for more than a couple minutes. What I did was just hold the full lotus posture as long as I could and then switch to half lotus. After about six months of doing this twice a day every day I could hold the full lotus for a full 40 minutes.

But that's my story, not yours. These postures have helped yoga people get into the lotus posture for a few thousand years. So maybe you can benefit from them.


Anonymous said...

THanks! Could you post tips on how to make your back/spine stronger, so it doesn't hurt in zazen?

Blake said...

Anonymous, you need to focus on your core. Buy 8-minute Abs, Abs of Steel or Yoga for Abs (whichever has the host you are most attracted to).

Anonymous said...

@blake: so abdominals can help me? The pain is a little down the shoulders :/

Severino42 said...

While many people report great results from these yoga exercises, I have tried them with pretty minimal results.

However, I am surprised that I can now sit comfortably in lotus, after taking elementary ballet last spring and this autumn. I now do 2 consecutive 25 min sits in 1/2 lotus or one 25 min sit in full lotus with no pain, except when my feet fall asleep and I get up too quickly.

I can not figure out why it works, as the ballet exercises are not similar to the recommended yoga. The ballet meets once a week for 90 min. This does not seem like enough to make a difference, but it does for me.

Before the ballet I could get into 1/2 lotus, with immediate pain, and had not tried full lotus.

Anonymous said...

walking 1 hr per day is good for the back.

Jinzang said...

Could you post tips on how to make your back/spine stronger, so it doesn't hurt in zazen?

If your back hurts, your posture is wrong. In my experience the most common cause is the knees are higher than the butt. This causes you to lean forward to keep balance and after a while, your back starts hurting. The solutions is to use a higher, broader cushion to raise your butt. If necessary, use two cushions.

It can also happen that half lotus unbalances your posture and you lean to the side to compensate. Try another posture if this is the case.

But these are guesses. If you can, find someone experienced to check and correct your posture. You may find that you need repeated corrections as your bad posture has become habitual and you unconsciously revert to it.

babbles said...

I have been doing yoga for about 6 months and enjoy it. I got really bad hips - in fact looking at a hip replacement next summer - so full lotus is effectively impossible for me. However I still feel that yoga is a great exercise.

I also enjoy listening to Gwen and Patrick's Zen is Stupid podcast. I recommend checking it out.

Jenny said...

Some pain in the back can also be from having poor posture when not sitting, especially if it is mid to upper back pain. If you normally have poor posture, it will take time to retrain the muscles the proper way they are supposed to work. Try being mindful of your posture through out the day, not only when sitting.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

jinz sed: "If your back hurts, your posture is wrong."

Might be wrong..

Back problems can be caused by all kinds of reasons. Age, Injury, disease, birth defects among other things.

Al Coleman said...

Find a clinic near you that has a Med-X Lumbar extension machine. Perform one set to muscular failure at 10 sec up 10 sec down cadence. The set should last between one to two minutes. If two minutes is reached increase the load by 5%. Do this once per week or once every two weeks.

Back pain is usually caused by weakening struts a.k.a.- lumbar muscles. These muscles and those of the cervical spine are more more prone to age related muscle loss than any other area of the body. Strenghtening them along with correct posture will fix any bad back pending genetics.

For research on the subject got

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

When the pain in my knees
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Anonymous said...

"But that's my story, not yours."

IMHO those six words are the most valuable
of the things Brad has to say.

Thanks, Dude.

Harry said...

These poses are what have worked best for me, I've tried several other things, but end up going back to these:

Merci beaucoup, Michel!



Harry said...


I'm not a rubberman yogi like in the pics; for the forward bends in particular I sit on a cusion to raise my sitting bones and use a strap to 'catch' my foot and relax into a slight bend.



Anonymous said...

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Mettai Cherry said...

The poses that Harry suggests (three comments back) are quite wonderful and much more doable for people with limited flexibility. My favorite for working toward lotus is #4 (through the hole). This one is also good for sciatica.

It's very important to remember that the twisting motion in lotus comes in your hips, not your knees. If you feel any twist in your knees, sit some other way or you'll end up a mess.


Anonymous said...

"Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness" by Erich Schiffmann has a great section on stretches to prepare for lotus.

Jordan said...

Funny, I thought it said "Yoda" poses. Where did I put those eye glasses?

Rick said...

I have a lot of connective tissue. I've tried stretching for many years and never accomplished anything. Now I am studying Taijiquan, and find I am loosening up quite nicely without doing any stretching exercises. I'm relaxing instead.

Anonymous said...

body and mind.... get your body in the proper posture to help get your mind in the proper posture. after all, they're totally connected. take martial arts for example, it's not so much about being able to kick somebody's ass, as its about self-Discipline and awareness of the quote unquote Here&Now(TM). Discipline, willpower, passion. when these things are in harmony, anything is possible. But it is very difficult (to me) to constantly maintain this harmony. something tells me that true harmony is effortless, not to sound all cliche or clever or whatever, bit the task is easier said than done (or so it would seem)

...meditate on images of surfers, and waves....

post-onymous said...

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Anonymous said...


SWANS said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad! This is really great! Now I can get enlightened!

Jinzang said...

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