Thursday, October 30, 2008


So do your zazen at home!


Anonymous said...

hope your nephew is doing ok

Kamaljit said...

Do zazen at home!?

Oh no! I hate homework!

Anonymous said...

Brad, I've been doing my zazen at home ever since I haven't been sitting with youse guys at the Center. Fibromyalgia/psoriatic arthritis sucks, dude. Me and Matt miss y'all.

Jinzang said...

Because he didn't read this blog, Mikey B drove up from San Diego to the Santa Monica Center. He didn't want to make the long drive home right away, so he sat down on the front steps and waited to see if someone would show up with a key. A second Zen student, who was new to the center, showed up and sat down silently on the steps beside him.

After fifteen minutes he asked Mikey, "Teacher, why are we meditating outside today instead of inside?'

"We weren't meditating," Mikey B said. "And I'm not a Zen teacher."

The new student, impressed by the profundity of this remark, stood up and bowed deeply to Mikey B.

Anonymous said...

the specter of mikey b raised by the venerable jinzang. it could only mean two of one thing.

Harry said...

I like "Mesmerized". The lady with yeti feet really has the bass-player thing going on.



Anonymous said...

When doing zazen at home, at 00:43 I see at
least two dozen flashes for about 10 seconds.
Don't you just love fireworks?

Be careful with that paper and furniture
the next time you're at the office.

And BTW, don't bother telling Obama;
he's an Uncle Tom.

So, why go just halfway? Why not vote
black AND female?

Mark these words, after four years of Obama,
there will still be US troops in Afghanistan
and/or Iraq and/or Iran (thanks to Big Oil
and AIPAC).

Anonymous said...

Do not forget "A Heart to Heart Chat with Gudo Nishijima", a GREAT book