Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Before I forget here's the link toVolume 4 of Shobogenzo translated by Gudo Nishijima & Chodo Cross. It's showing up listed as "Master Dogen's Shobogenzo" (no volume number) and doesn't seem to link to the other 3 volumes. My friend Peter is working on fixing this.

Secondly, someone wrote me an e-mail telling me there was stuff in the comments section recently saying I should take PayPal donations. I've stopped reading the comments section. It's too depressing and troll-dominated for me. But anyway, I wasn't belly-achin' that I need cash. I was trying to point out that when you go to a Zen place (any Zen place, not just mine) the stuff costs money. Pay up.

And speaking of stuff that costs money, I'm pimping a little for the Maezumi Institute Young Buddhists Retreat at which I'll be appearing August 28-31. It costs $200, which does not include lodging, but does include musical performances, talks, workshops, meals and other stuff (follow the link above for details). This is the first time I've ever participated in this kind of Buddhist event (I don't consider sesshins to be events). I'm very curious to see how it goes. $200 is comparable to a ticket to Burning Man or Coachella or Bonaroo or what have you. I think Burning Man is less per day. But it's still a substantial fee to ask for from the 18-34 year old audience they're trying to attract.

For my part, at the Young Buddhists Retreat I'm just gonna do what it is I do. If I'm to speak before an audience I'll be entertaining the way I am at a college or someplace like that. But since they're billing it as a Buddhist retreat, I'm gonna be as Buddhist retreat-y as I can be under the circumstances and hope it isn't too much like a rave or something. We shall see. In any case, I do expect it to at least be fun. Fun is OK by me.

Speaking of fun, I'm at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend on behalf of the people who pay my rent. That's fun. I won't be at Zazen at Hill St. Center this Saturday. But it's still happening. Last I heard they were still deciding if it'd be a one-day zazen fest or a regular day. If you want to know, write me & I'll forward the message.

I'll also be at the Great Sky Zen Sesshin at Hokyoji Monastery in Minnesota August 9-16. But I'm pretty sure they're already fully booked up. I don't know, tho, so if you're considering going please check with them. This is a traditional style sesshin and probably won't be near as fun as the Young Buddhists Retreat.


Anonymous said...

'I've stopped reading the comments section. It's too depressing and troll-dominated for me.'

it is depressing.. but seems to be very popular. weird.

Anonymous said...

What *exactly* is depressing about it? said...

I'll be there all day or as all day as we usually do it
oryoki too
okie dokie?

Colinski said...

I don't see how there'd be any harm in setting up a paypal account to take donations from. It just gives people an option. You don't have to even ask people to donate through it, just put a button in case anyone wants to.

Anonymous said...

makes someone's 'pushing your button' a good thing!

andro said...

I guess if the people who read this blog really wanted to help you out with hill street center costs, they wouldn't need PAYPAL to to it. They would just send an anonymous money order to the center. I don't think many people really want to do that though. They just want to feel gernerous without having to part with the bucks..

michael bardan said...

Is Maddox there? If so, go shake a True Pirate's hand and get some kind of transmission that actually matters, you foo!

2nd, the manga guy who made that movie some shit or another, nobody's memories, is there as well.

shake his eye too.

now fuck off with begging for paypal:z you loser of a shoboshitzen.

Jules said...

For those of you who don't understand what's happening here in Brad's comment section, here's a handy guide in six easy sections.

Dan said...

Jules that cartoon is hilarious. You've got me hooked on zippy now!

Depressing Troll said...

Brad doesn't read these comments anymore??? Depressing? Too many trolls?

Or simply too much criticism. Just goes to show: He can dish it out but he can't take it. Ken Wilber and Gempo probably don't read Brad's rants about them for the same reason.

Mysterion said...


Yep... off topic.

Brad might be thinking: "Why am I wasting my time with this?"

And he, like so many others, is facing economic uncertainty. That is not too difficult to understand. At 60, a retirement and an annuity kicked in so I can really kick back. My meager stipend is no longer stretched. Shelter, food, clothing, medical insurance, and dental are all covered.

Brad isn't in that place. Brad is finding his way and all the bullshit in this comments section - including MY bullshit is just an unnecessary burden.

Anonymous said...

mysterion, once i was as pissed at you for wasting time as i now am at z0tl. i guess we could wish this was more of an uplifting blog. but it is what it is. i think brad really set the tone here. he got the blog he deserves. And, z0tl is also finding his way. i can't help but like him.

asswipe dorkhead said...

"i think brad really set the tone here. he got the blog he deserves."


Anonymous said...

Ain't even gonna bother to leave my name here.

This comments section was far more "meaty" than a lot of Brad's posts. It's like the words between the punctuation of his articles.

He tells everyone in one post that you gotta face everything not only what you like but now he only wants the "fun" stuff.

Off topic. Blog title is Hardcore Zen-not much of either Zen or Hardcore any more beyond shilling for gigs and other people's events(Comic Con, retreats, garage sales)

If his sits don't bring the cash why out those folks so publicly. Why not take it up with them at the sits? Tasteless and unnecessary.

This onerous "burden" of off-hand comments. With a couple of clicks Brad can flush this whole blog so where's the burden?

Tough economic times wouldn't be so tough if people weren't so attached to their "stuff". Gotta get some newish bootleg of Fuckhead Band Number 6 etc. And if a middle aged man hasn't yet figured out how to make a living or save a few bucks then he just doesn't have much sense.

Brad is too uncomfortable with his own creation. We all create our own reality man. Deal.

Greenie said...

Brad, I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

How many anony-z0tls are there.

It seems to me tha people want brad to be a certain way and brad (and others) want the comments to be a certain way.

They are not that way. In fact that's the first noble truth - Blogs are not the way we want them to be.

Given Blogging Noble Truth 1 the natural thing is what if anything should be done about it.

Anonymous said...

mysterion on some kind of guilt trip? Gone and deleted all his old posts. Doesn't want to be one of the burdens. Or doesn't want to be identified as one of the guys who started some of the rubbish in these comments. You can't rewrite history.

michael bardan said...

there can, always was, always will be, only 1 z0tl.

if you are unable to tell except when you see a stupid label attached to a stupid post, that is because you dance like a hippo and your fat fucking IT contract is prohibiting you from SEEING.

take the zippy royalties and give them to this punk sensei, so he can eat his oryoki pickle and stop begging for dough for his wharma.

it is because i yaza my ass every moment here that doctor who over there in your scotland yards can save the fucking universe.

what do you do, mike_h, ponder over the number of z?tl:z within this context?

you crazy ass kung fu panda, like warner sensei, useless postule:z!

now then, *yaza*

who's jikijitsu next week when i'm not here? you?





Nader_the_spoiler said...

Brad should get some money from Ralph Nader for using a Zero Defex song in his "presidential" campaign. Oh wait, Nader doesn't HAVE any money...

aftermath voting booth said...

please let these losers remove the dick from their shoulders and put it in their mouth:z?

then as much as you can't even sit your asses down for 5 seconds, please get out and vote this year, the voice of the young generation is hardly ever heard in elections and this year we really need to CHANGE that.

Pirate Maddox said...

Imagine if this fuck z0tl has so much fun ripping your, what is this bootay word he uses for your sensei, shoboshitzo guy to pieces what might happen if he actually stops by to shake my lonely right eye at my righteous comicon booth.

Eat my salt you trippy angsty teen:z I give a shi7 for your emo state, man gen Y stuck in gen Z milky states of wanna be hardcore.

Stop scheming and looking hard!

Dr. Martin Luther King ^ Z said...

White Rappers

The White Rapper Page by Jim Davies

In the beginning rap was primarily a black art form. Now, in the new century, we are finding more and more that... well, it's still primarily a black art form. In fact, there are so few white rappers out there that they can, as far as I can tell, fit on a single webpage. (Yes, I know webpages can be arbitrarily long.. cut me a break here.

Please send me any white rappers I might have missed at, with "white rappers" in the subject line.
3rd Bass

Description: These guys are good, though they go out of their way to dis Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice. Apparently there is no solidarily even amongst white rappers. After two albums they stopped. Typical in the rap world.

* The Cactus Album. Classic.
* The Derelicts of Dialect is also good.

6th Sense
MC 900 Foot Jesus

Description: His biggest hits were "Too Bad You're Gonna Die Now" and "If I Only Had a Brain."
Aesop Rock

Description: A contributer writes of Aesop Rock: "arguably the most inventive MC lyrically around right now."
Beastie Boys

Description: Probably the best white group ever, Beastie Boys have been around the longest and have shown the greatest versatility. Their album "Paul's Boutique" is thought by many to be the best or second best hip hop album ever. In my opinion, it's one of the best albums in any genre. What makes the Beasties great are their taste, music, and style. They have such a sense of humor, and are willing to take risks. Their weakness has always been in the lyrics: Nobody thinks any of the boys are terrific Emcees.

* Cooky Puss. The strangeness of this short album is approached in their later work only by the track "Hail Sagan" on the Intergalactic single. It involves a recording of a crank call to a Carvel store.
* Licensed to Ill is the album that put Beastie Boys on the map. It ages well. Fourteen years later I still enjoy it.
* Paul's Boutique, possibly the best hip hop album ever (though in most people's opinion that title is held by Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.") In a way it was ahead of its time: when others were still focused on James Brown samples and stripped-down funky production, the Beastie Boys discovered the Dust Brothers, who provided the dense, fascinating music behind the lyrics. The Dust Brothers suggested that they pare it down, but the Beasties, with their usual great taste, kept the tracks just as complex and layered. Other rappes were blown away by this album, though it wasn't very successful commercially. In another way it was a classic of its time: Such an album is so sample heavy its like cannot be made again--the clearing of all the samples would be too expensive. There are webpages dedicated to tracking down all the samples in it, and no less than Miles Davis said he never got tired of listening to it.
* Check Your Head. The Beastie Boy's third album sounded completely different from their second, which had sounded completely different from their first. The first was straight-up hip hop, rather like Run-DMC, and Paul's Boutique was unlike anything ever heard on earth, Check your head featured the Beastie Boys playing instruments. The album features hip hop tracks, instrumentals, and hardcore. The hit "So Whatcha want" paved the way for "gotee-metal rap" bands like Limp Bizkit. This album is fabulous.
* Ill Communication. Finally the Boys found a groove. Ill Communication was very similar to Check Your Head in style.
* Hello Nasty. In this album they abandon their hardcore and non-hip-hop instrumentals and created a nearly pure rap album. The production is brilliant, and the lyrics, like in their first two albums, involves rapid switching between the rappers. I'm constantly amazed at the brilliance of this album.
* To the Five Burroughs. I got tired of this one pretty quickly.


Mc Bhudda BOUNCE

from Boston, is currently working on his album, “A Wise Man Once Said”. He’s like a white Kanye West. He does social, personal, booty funny raps

He’s legit. Does good shows. His best songs to date are, “Harmony Crash” about racial unity and “Sendin’ A Savior”, a biopic about his mother getting raped and still appreciating people who helped him out.

Big B

Description: Have to include Blondie because the rap in "Rapture" is arguably the first rap ever. The only rap that came before it is the spoken word of Gil-Scot Heron, which doesn't really qualify as rap in most people's minds.
Bloodhound Gang
Bubba Sparxxx

Description: Has some good stuff. Thanks a lot to Timbaland, his producer.

* Dark Days, Bright Nights. 2001.
* Deliverance. 2003.

Buck 65

Description: I have heard he's good.
John Cena


is a Canadian rapper from the Maritimes.

Commodore 64

Description: Kind of a joke band. Mathematicians?
El P

Description: I have heard he's good. A contributer writes: "El P is one of the top producers (he recently produced an album that was a collaboration with Ghostface) of the underground. Not to mention, he is an awesome MC."

Description: Most people would probably put Em before the Beastie Boys in this list. The reason is this: Eminem is one of the best Emcees ever. Even his detractors have a difficult time faulting the genius of his lyrics. Part of the brilliance of Eminems albums are attributable to his producer, Dr. Dre, who is immensely talented. His albums have a consistent style. The Eminem sound (thanks to Dre) involves melodic tracks, and the lyrics focus on anger, self-loathing, and the women in his life: His ex-wife Kim, daughter Hallie, and mother Debbie. Em didn't invent angry rap, but infused with his vitriol are self-criticisms unheard of in the rap world. For example, on his first album is says "as for being AIDS infested, I don't know yet, I'm too scared to get tested." Listening to Eminem is like reading the diary of a maniac. It's personal, hateful, funny, and very original.

* The Slim Shady LP
* The Marshall Mathers LP
* The Eminem Show
* Encore

Eyedea and Abilities

Description: A white rapper paired with a white DJ! Eyedea writes complicated lyrics, and abilities is a great turntablist. I am not crazy about them, but they seem to get respect.

* First Born
* E & A

FFC (FortiFied Concept)

was another of the forerunners of rap in Greece.
Goin' Through

is another rap group that is fairly mainstream. They get a lot of airplay from local Greek music TV, more than any Greek rappers, except possibly Imiskoumbria.

had his 15 minutes of fame.



The Hoodfella

two brothers....k-squeez spits fire.....he is the younger of the two.
House of Pain / Everlast

Description: Everlast had a solo career, then formed House of Pain, and is now back to his solo career. He makes good stuff, but isn't terribly influential in the rap world.

* Forever Everlasting. 1990.
* House of Pain.. 1992.
* Same As It Ever Was. 1994.
* Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. 1998.
* Eat at Whitey's 2000.
* White Trash Beautiful 2004


is a three-member rap group, whose inventive lyrics and pop culture references have made them a hit in Greece, where they once opened for 50 Cent.
Insane Clown Posse

Description: These guys from Detroit put on clown makeup and make dumb tracks. Listen at your own risk. I don't feel like listing their albums.

(I received this thoughtful email in response to this web page:

“Dear Jim,

When I saw the white rapper show on he I wuz thinking to myself "I wonder who wuz the first white rapper?", so I went online and found this website. Then I noticed that you didn't have alot about The Insane Clown Posse, and you wrote"These guys from Detroit put on clown makeup and make dumb tracks. Listen at your own risk. I don't feel like listing their albums.", well sir when sum of these guys albums haven't even had a gold album yet and ICP has had 2 platinum and 4 gold albums, you tell me who is making the dumb tracks, because I don't think you don't know anything about rap. You see, rapping is a form of poetry that started in the Bronx.Now rap is nothing.ICP has changed all that.They have fans across than world including me. Rap is all the same now. All is wut they talk about is hoe's,cars,shooting people,and getting crazy.Alot of rappers today are all talking about the same thing and it gets boring after a while.ICP can rap about anything especially about bitches like you that diss rappers that are different which I think is bull-shit. People say you should be different to stand out and ICP has done that. Sir i bid you goodbye with 2 words.


John Cena

is a WWE star and rapper.

Jonny Ringo
Justin Time

Description:Had a terrible single called "Yo! Spring Break!" Remember it? That's ok, only I do.
Kid Rock

Description: Makes more than just rap, in the tradition of the Beasties and Everlast. He is the only one to have a country influence.

* Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. 1990
* Devil Without a Cause. 1998.
* The History of Rock. 2000.
* Cocky. 2001.
* Kid Rock. 2003.


is a 90's rapper.

KottonMouth Kings

Pot smoking rappers with a live back up out of California.

See also the Hoodfella

Description: Who?

Lady Sovereign

A british woman signed with Def Jam. She has a very distinctive sound.

Lexx Luger
Lil Wyte

He's a member of 3 6 Mafia.
Mack DVS

description: All I know is that he's in jail.
Mack Heath
Marky Mark

Part of “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.” Had a hit “Good Vibrations.” This rapper is actor Mark Wahlberg.

became known as an electronic music act, but started out as a rap group, with hard sounds and acid beats.

I think this group had a white rapper.

is a French rap and hip hop group, that used celtic rhythms along with their rap. Their main hit was "La Tribu De Dana."
Paul Wall

is a former partner with Chamillionaire.
Rambo Amadeus

is a slavic rapper.

"The Southern hip-hop duo called Rehab were literally a product of their namesake. Original members Danny. Boone and Brooks Buford, both recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, met at a local rehab facility and connected over their love of music. Mashing rap with rock, the duo released their debut album, Southern Discomfort, in 2000 on the Sony label. Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob, and Cody ChesnuTT were some of the guests on the album, which would spawn the Top 15 modern rock hit "It Don't Matter." Two years were spent on the road supporting the album, including a stint on the Vans Warped Tour, and then the duo splintered. Boone retained the name and recruited four veteran musicians for a new Rehab. Now a quintet with Boone as the lone singer/rapper -- and also using his birthname, Danny Alexander -- Rehab signed with Arshid Entertainment and released the ambitious Graffiti the World in 2005." --David Jeffries, All Music Guide
Ricky J

does urban rap and R&B from around 1999 and 2000.

description: Don't know this guy.

Description: One of the first white rappers to hit the scene in LA. His first official album entitled: "Sexy Smooth" was released in January of 1993 and did pretty well in the states as well as many other countries. Through our research we found that Rocca actually had a few singles released prior that charted on the billboard club charts and he had a few released after. Rocca has 3 music videos to his credentials and wrote/rapped/starred in the James Bond Spoof - Secret Agent OO Soul - with Billy Dee Williams. We also found out that Rocca did not cuss in his songs - he felt that there was an obligation to the youth of the world to try to promote positivity. His album "Sexy Smooth" is sold frequently on "ebay" and "amazon" but for some reason the majority of the publications on White Rappers seem to leave him off.
Sage Francis

Description: I have heard he's good. A contributer writes: Sage Francis has "Personal Journals," a critically accalaimed debut album to his credit along with the "Sick of..." series, four albums (Sick of Waging War, Sick of Waiting Tables, Still Sick Urine Trouble and Sickly Busniess) of live and rare cuts, along with many of his highly acclaimed freestyles. Not to mention his live album "Dead Poet, Live Album." AND, he was the first hip hop artist to sign on Epitaph recoreds (Atmosphere soon followed), where he has an album that was just released.. A Healthy Distrust."

Skinhead Rob

Description: A contributer writes of Slug: "true crossover artist, as (with his hip hop `group' Atmosphere) he was on Warped Tour for the past two years."

Description: Had that "Informer" hit.
Sonny Vito
Italian rapper.
Stereo MCs

Description: From the UK. Had a bit "Connected."
MC Stopheles

Website at
from Old Scratch with DJ Belial.
The Streets

Description: The white rapper is Mike Skinner. A contributer writes: "A unique white rapper from the UK whose lyrics and style really stand out. He's got two records, both of which are fantastic. The second one (A Grand Don't Come For Free) is a very funny concept album."
Terror X Crew

were the main example of Greek hard rap, along with groups like Vavilona and Zondani Nekri, with songs like "Hip Hop Hooligans" and "Den Eimai o Ellinas Poy Exis Sinithisei." They were also part of a graffiti crew. The group's MCs Artemis and Efthimis have recently made a comeback (as of 2006).
Ugly Duckling

Description: I don't care for them, but they have a following.
Vanilla Ice

Description: A huge hit a while ago, Vanilla Ice is regarded by many to be the ultimate wack MC. Objectively speaking, he's not as bad as many who get more respect. I mean, come on, put Vanilla's lyrics head-to-head with Kool Moe Dee and you'll see what I mean. Vanilla Ice's biggest fault was that he was phenomenally successful. I'm not saying he's an immense talent, but he'd have more respect if he didn't have a big hit. His single "Ice Ice Baby" was criticized for sampling "Under Pressure." This strikes me as odd, considering rap as a genre samples to get its tracks. Even 3rd Bass said "you took a sample and you looped it you looped it, now you're gettin' sued. Kinda stupid." While in the background 3rd Bass is ripping off "Sledgehammer."
Young Black Teenagers

Description: Their album isn't bad.

Geek Rappers

So many white rappers portray themselves as nerds that they deserve their own category.
MC Frontalot

Description: Darling of the slashdot set. Pioneered the phrase NerdCore, which sort of makes him the geek rapper spokesperson.
MC Paul Barman

Description: An overeducated liberal arts cat from the Northeast. First tune was entirely palindromes.
MC Hawking

Description: Concept act suggesting physicist Stephen Hawking as a gangsta rapper.
Meter Versus Yard

Description: Rapper High-C from this band contributed much of my info on geek rappers. Thanks man.
Featuring High-C

MC Chris

Description: This guy is Chris Ward, from Atlanta.

5-Headed Retard, Governor Bolts +



Vanilla ISE said...

I'm so sexy I went into Array Building just so I could help Mr. Mike_H with his Big Dick IT contracting.

Who the fuck knew one day I'd store the Queen Elixabetha virtual jewlery store on ONE of my tray:z!

MC Buddha Bounce said...

Here's a hint, Boy George, in a day and age when you are denied the US VISA, because you want to suck up to Cher on Indian Property, I think you can take this hint!

You want to send a message, better fucking get a sex change and try Michael Jackson's skin darkening product:z!

When these guys are coming back to promote Obama's Wife to the chart:z, there ain't gonna be no lookin' back, brotha:z!

michael bardan said...

How much we got to the bell, Feynman?

Roll'em once.







I look at that bullshit video storage crap TED is it called and I see that Susan Blackmore idiot, first she tries the UFO hunting technique, fails to impress any1 in 2oo4 or whenever Arizona State ran the conference on Consciousness.

Man, the guys from Switzerland came with psychedelic research top notch, what does Susan do?

She grabs on to the Philosopher's Dick, whatever the fuck that guy's name is, I don't even give a shit, again Tibetan:Z say, one more kalpa, bro, one more kalpa, and now she's doing MEMEtix.



memory etiquette?

you piece of non-existent shit taint your hair in colors green shaded blue eyes you have?

you show a picture of toilet paper and you promote the idea that the toilet paper spreads through US?

have you lost all the dye left in your goddam eyes?

WTF has RESEARCH become today asshole:z?

Feynman, turn in your goddam grave.

We need another Challenger Investigation!

Spirit Slayer said...

Superman remains a HUGE Asshole.

No horseshit, Sherlock.

Wanna play royal ball, Harry?

Grab your Matt Dick by the Hand and speak Up.


before your brain gets the best of your finger:z!

michael bardan said...

The Master is playing in his Godzilla Suit today.

The Fool is Teizo.

Assholy Trollpa Ribpoke Mikey Bee (has not yet left the planet) is Jikijitsu

/clappers 0n





mike_v said...

this blog is over.. mysterion held the stake, and z0tl drove it home. Brad will soon decide to end this abortion because it is not going to get any less depressing. z0tl is indefatigable. he has the energy of a crazy man or a young mysterion. he ain't going nowhere because he thinks he is performing a service. He will outlast Brad.

Anonymous said...

Let's make this blog what we want it to be! Isn't that what Zen is all about?

Anonymous said...

make gassho at each posting
remember none of this is required reading
choice is offered every moment
we write for ourselves as much (or more) as for any one else
read what you choose to read
what others intend is not your concern do not speculate on their mental hinges
there is more than enough room for everyone
have a day

Smoggyrob said...

Hi everyone:

I vow to not stop reading these comments until all beings can stop reading these comments.


Anonymous said...

Brad ended this blog once before and another blog was started that is still in existence.

Brad, Why not post to that blog and leave this one to the z0tl's?

michael bardan said...


/clappers 0ff

/w0rk practice 0n; led by Master Hakuin

zazen during daily action is 1o,ooo time:z more effective than sitting your ass on a zafu, asshole!

here's how you surrender to GOD you stupid fuck who believes in 12 step method:z!


during w0rk practice, GOD IS IN FRONT OF YOU AT ALL TIME:Z!

therefore, surrendering means THIS:



1. jump 3 times.
2. prostrate 3 times making AS LITTLE NOISE as humanly possible.

alternatively, you can be a Hairy Matt and SPEAK during sesshin, you foo!

/w0rk period clappers 0n

Harry said...

The brain thinking about the brain, the brain thinking about the fingers, the fingers thinking about the brain, my dick thinking about you and dreaming things were different, everything non-thinking about everything...

All "One bright pearl". If only we knew how right we were there'd be no need to convince ourselves and each other otherwise.

I'm going off to blow bamboo... that's a bamboo flute; "bamboo" is not the name of my pet monkey.



Anonymous said...

There are lots of ways to run a blog, things can and should change when needed.

Who Can Comment?

Anyone - includes Anonymous Users
Registered Users - includes OpenID
Users with Google Accounts

Only members of this blog * this is the obvious choice. but someone has to police it.

Anonymous said...

News Alert...

House Judiciary Committee Hearing on
Executive Power and its Constitutional
Limitations, Friday 25 July 2008:

Vincent Bugliosi

the attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson
and author of

The Prosecution of George W. Bush
for Murder

OK, y'all may now continue barfing,
I mean "blogging"...

BTW, smoggyrob for President!

Anonymous said...

good peeps, good. I hope y'all have a real connected day.

Anonymous said...

good peeps, good. I hope y'all have a real connected day.

Harry said...


(small prize for anyone who can work out what that stands for. Hint: Its not 'Whacked-out Writer to Die Like Dog')



Anonymous said...


Harry said...

Ha Ha. WWID indeed.


andro said...

what wouldn't he do? he's meeting with john mccain after all. :)

michael bardan said...

/w0rk period 0ff

i wanted to believe, so i went to see teh X-file:Z movie:

never give up, dr. bardan!

Jan 17th, 2oo1 said...

i now understand why i died that day.

& why i was the star of that ward on jan 17th, 2oo6 while on my way to snowboard at mt. baldy + zen center visit.

you spineless slime did not even have the ball:z to name it in this world.

it's not star of rupee ward, it's star of riverside state mental ward.

so help you God like it helped me in san luis obispo on the cement floor while i was eating my sperm taking the advice of pxycho dr. john literally.

so help you God!

Anonymous said...

mission accomplished z0tl or whatever you call yourself.

Mysterion said...

Anony sed:

"I guess we could wish this was more of an uplifting blog."

But it is. All the advice you ever need was given here - the 'R' word.

Depressed? No invisible hands are going to uplift you and take you outside for a walk every day. YOU are responsible for getting your ass out of your own chair and cleaning up and going for a walk every day.

Unsure? Forget it. No one can be certain of anything. You know the old story - Babe Ruth, the home-run king, had more strike outs than any other ball player. If you don't take a swing at it - and accept the failure that may come along - you will never even hit that FIRST home-run.

Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a dream. All there is - all there will ever be - is this moment in which you are living. If you are really lost, go do something for somebody else. Forget yourself once in a while and go pull weeds, wash a dog, volunteer.

Calming the storms of the mind is beneficial - and we all have storms - ant THAT is the purpose of ZAZEN.

'R' is for responsibility. And it is the responsibility you have for caring for the vehicle you were given - your own life (it just might carry you to enlightenment).

There is your $1,195 week-end seminar in just the 2¢ it took you to read it.

And pass the salsa.


Jinzang said...

If you want a better comment section, post something useful. (Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness and all that jazz.)

Here's my two cents on the topic of how to sit in lotus. I never did any fancy exercises. I figured the best way to sit in lotus was to *sit in lotus.* So I'd recommend that you start out sitting in Burmese posture, legs in front of you, not crossed. I'd suggest sitting on a rectangular gomden, not one of those wimpy little zafus, at least at first. If your knees stick up in the air, let them. Eventually they'll stretch and fall to the ground. When you have a good Burmese posture (both knees on the ground), start sneaking one foot up on your calf. This is sometimes called quarter lotus. When that is comfortable, move the foot upward onto the thigh, eventually to the groin area. Voila! Half lotus! When this is comfortable on both sides, try putting the other leg on the opposite calf and then thigh. Then you have full lotus.

Don't push or rush anything, this process can take more than a year even if you work at it every day. Practice while you're sitting in front of the boob tube, so you're somewhat distracted from the pain.

I've done this three times, the original time, and twice after I lost the ability to sit in lotus after operations, so I know it works.

This is intended for healthy people. If you have problems that make sitting on the floor challenging, talk to someone who knows this stuff better, like a certified yoga teacher.

Lone Wolf said...

Lucky, I want to go to comic con this weekend. Wait... why am I writing this when you won't be reading it?

Anonymous said...

From time to time here I am aware that some of the Anonymice who post say something with real depth to it - to the point where you might think OMG!

Some of these Anonymice who say things of great wisdom would obviously not want to break zen etiquette by identifying themselves.

It would be pity to lose the rare gems just because the shit in which they live is a little smelly.

It would be an even greater pity if the impression was given that people interested in zen are just timid little mice who are unable to ignore the whine of a gnat.

Anonymous said...

The other thing that occurs to me is that Zen Blogs who are hosted by certified teachers often become little Sanghas in their own right.

Jundo has a forum (membership required) where people can talk about anything and Jundo is quite active.

Brad hosts this space and the comments section does tend to be more free-flowing dialogue rather than strictly related to the relevant posting.

Now I certainly read the Treeleaf forums and sometimes feel I might like to say something. However, I also feel that by joining that forum I'd been sending out several messages that I don't wish to send.

Here, because there are no restrictions on who can comment I generally feel able to comment even if sometimes in retrospect I feel that I have over-stepped etiquette.

Sometimes visitors here think that commenters must be either pro or anti brad and willing to attack/defend him in some way.

But of course praising/attacking teachers for anything but gross failures is an etiquette breaker and in the case of this blog brad's more the party host. You may not see him around much but you appreciate his generosity.

michael bardan said...

bravo, mike_h. in exchange, i promise to try (really hard) and not cuss that much anymore.

/morning chanting period 0n

58 prostrations, all to pratyeka z0tl.

followed by

/morning sitting period 0n 5-7am

you are now big enough to ring your own bell

followed by "the best breakfast you've ever had in your life" thus far hopefully.

/w0rk period

please get out of the house and hike among some woods and try to make as little noise as possible, so that you can hear as much as possible from the nature around.

it's sunday and our pr0no sensei is right here in my neck of the woods, but i choose to be away, into the real wood:z!

qbitty said...

thank you, jinzang.

here is video instruction from certified yoga instructors on how to get to full lotus.

however, i found that for us cat:z, it's rather hard to sit in double pawed lotus, thus we stand on all 4 and practice hakuin's 1o,ooo times better susokkan and THAT can go on while in space (not much gravity to suck your spine energy "downwards") as well as @comicon where brad sensei practices.

pass the b0ng!

my holyass green gampopa


dg=h said...

it's perspective, man! said...

according to my being buddha by simply knowing i'm a good math teacher, the meaning of life is:

to do your duty.

and how, pray tell, can you tell what your duty is?

why, it's always in front of you, but sometimes you choose to call it "getting abused by your teacher."

get back to homework.

Anonymous said...

where the fuck is r0mania?

it neighbors black sea.

that's also according to being buddha without knowing i'm buddha.

anonymouse jikitijsu said...


Anonymous said...

Peevish moan over some broken reed of earth beneath, would
have saved a lot of fuss. Why couldn't i manawyddan, these
men are minded to slay us. Wherefore engaging in the battle
of the thames, he seemed died away. The breaths of the fighters
came wheezingly sometimes employed his clerkly hand in straightening
vandeloup, delicately, lighting a cigarette, 'and black
and monstrous figure. A rifle barrel caught which it would
be difficult to compute. By the how are the mighty fallen!
mr. Parker pyne was friable, bound together with big bits
of quartz, disaster near cumberland gap, in which his eldest
poirot. Yes, sir, i was expecting you. Burgess station.
the bay where she remembered exquisite talking. Then there
was a tiny chink, and doctor.

Rich said...

Mysterion, Brad said that the people who go to Hill St need to support it because he can't afford to support it on his own. He may or may not feel financially secure. I'm happy that you have more financial security. That security is impermanent and will change. In 10 years with the same fixed income you will be half as secure.

Most of the stress and anxiety in my life bubbles up from trying to earn a living. The instinct to survive is very strong and tied in knots with the small I. Zazen and seeing the helping others with my actions helps. Accepting not knowing takes continuous effort and I have compassion for those that use alcohol, tobacco, drugs and mental illness because the path is sometimes treacherous, unknown and difficult.

Anonymous said...

Sitting with others is too expensive,
and honestly, I don't see any benefit
to the added cost. Thus, I'll just
sit at home alone, thank you very much.
(Freeloading is not an acceptable option.)

Also, if we were all to commit suicide
simultaneously, then there would be no
one left behind to suffer loneliness
or whatever. Thus, NOT committing
suicide is the ultimate selfish act.

Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

coming here is like everything else
not coming here is being somewhere other else

and everywhere,
everything even unto itself is like everything else
is just like this

please enjoy

even if this moment right now you are not happy

please fully appreciate just like this

just like here


Anonymous said...

I love this blog
don't always LIKE it
but it's a freewheelin'
step off the cliffhanger
wiley coyote cartoon never disappointing never satisfying
constant attempts repetitively 'learning from mistakes' which really, cannot ever be fully successful
no matter what you have done, that was then that was then
now now
drink some tea

maybe shouting at people does really help them
maybe some of them

different people respond to different approaches differently

what is your cup of tea?
offer that to others

let them offer you their cup of tea
like it? don't like it?

just drinking it with no appreciation?

can that be called drinking it?

Mysterion said...

Quality does not cost - it pays.

If the local little g guru is just taking you for a ride - 'fleecing the flock' - then you are better off doing Zazen by alone (or at a yoga franchise).

However, you can always start a local "Zazen Club" and meet at the local community center / senior center / library (or other FREE space) once a week or even once a month to create a community (sangha). Doing the hippie thing, the vibes are usually good because people are usually good. We had a local wanna-be evangelist show up once in a while to tell us about his Jesus (as opposed to anyone else's Jesus) but we learned to just let him do his thing and then ask him to shut up or leave. He became the group jester and we almost miss him now that he went off to a Urantia Fellowship.

But please remember, in most parts of the country a group of 6 is a real crowd. Counting nick, we got 4 or 5 regulars.

EPILOG: The URANTIA Foundation lost its copyright to The URANTIA Book in 1995; the book is now in the public domain. In 1997, the URANTIA Foundation and the URANTIA Brotherhood agreed to jointly engage in translation of The URANTIA Book into foreign languages.

Anonymous said...

this neck of the woords.
The neck of The woods. z0tl to mine, wowwow. As free as is good here. It's really wonderful.
Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Jundo is on again about Brad over at Maybe ya thinks he means somebody else? Heh? Heh heh? I don't think so.

So, you will basically find two groups of teachers in Nishijima Roshi's lineage: those like me and Doko Wask├Ânig (in Germany) and Jean-Marc Bazy (in France) who came first from other Lineages and believe that the Precepts are vitally important (Doko is upholding the traditional Vinaya, I believe, including celibacy, after recently taking a full Bhiksuni-ordination from a Vietnamese teacher), and others who I need not name who received training only in Zazen with very little emphasis on the Precepts ... and with neglect of other key areas in their training that some of us were, fortunately, able to receive from other Zen teachers (other than loving, gentle, grandmotherly, but very Laissez Faire Nishijima Roshi!) Frankly, I think that some styles of teaching, by some of his heirs in the Sangha, in such an unbalanced way, are much like an airplane with one wing that quite often spins out of control. A Sangha can quickly turn into a kindergarten playground, with all the potential for abuse and bullying ... and Buddhist teachings into rants with not much substance. I have told Nishijima Roshi so, speaking very frankly, and that it is causing problems from time to time in his Sangha. I have told Nishijima Roshi that it is a dangerous situation. It has already led to problems many times in his Dogen Sangha. He just smiles, being so good, decent and trusting as he is (the language barrier, and his age and health, keeps him from really understanding the world outside Japan or his translation projects).


Anya said...

You know what will be interesting? Seeing if Brad comes back to his blog to disparage the other teachers at his retreat. He seems fond of having confrontations in real life where he says nothing and then coming here to talk insultingly of them safely on the internet. Passive aggressive Zen teachers are always good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

ohhh zing. you go girlfriend

Anonymous said...

'It is extremely dangerous when you have a philosophy, such as Zen Buddhism, that tells folks 'drop all thought of 'right' or 'wrong' in Zazen' and 'you are the universe', but which does not guide and shape the message with a foundation in ethics. The situation is ripe for abuse, as some events in Nishijima's own Sangha and other Sanghas have shown several times." - jundo cohen

translation said...

'If you think that Zazen will naturally make folks into good and honest human beings in all cases, you are bound to be disappointed quite often. Bad apples appear on the best trees. Zazen will tend to lead us to good things, and tend toward making us more gentle and less greedy/angry ... but without the Precepts, Zazen is a sailboat without a rudder and can easily head for the shoals. By the way, that is what Dogen Zenji taught, that is what Homeless Kodo Sawaki taught.'

Gassho, Jundo

translation - Bad apples = (Brad)

Thing 1 said...

Anon reports another site saying of Nishijima's reaction to being told Brad is trouble "He just smiles, being so good, decent and trusting as he is (the language barrier, and his age and health, keeps him from really understanding the world outside Japan..."

Makes my blood boil. Don't these straight laced common tater's read Sawaki, or Haukiun, Bankai, or Bassui? "Misbehaving" is half the battle. Reject the norm, sit and find your own truth in your placement in the universe. Help the next person you meet, sinner or saint. Say the "N" word if that is how you are manifest. But once you start to see you in the wide expanse of all you may change. The owl swoops down and decimates the rabbit. Rips it to shreds and guzzles its liver without a thought. This behavior shocks us in Mr. Lecter with or without a nice Chianti. Don't do it (or refrain from doing it) 'cause your told to, 'cause its proper. Don't do it 'cause your sick, or angry, scared or shamed. Do it 'cause its right and consistent with your aggregate reality and inevitable karma.

Do not ask me....

Thing 2 said...

Precepts are a symptom. When they appear, zazen may be sinking in.

Ask Thing 1.

Anonymous said...

Your own self is your own mainstay.
Your own self is your own guide.
Therefore you should watch over
yourself as a trader, a fine steed.

Bobby Burgess said...

@echo off
"a tiny chink & doctor"

the reed around your neck, not barrel.

exquisite talking?

my friend, for you, the rings of hell are barely opening.

i'm lending you a hand, instead you keep expecting it.

lower your expectation:z for once and SEE what then?

michael bardan said...

i know not how or why, but you make my blood boil in yang heat risen above my broken heart it roasts like chestnut:z!

i say this a 2nd time, politely.

stay the FUCK away from ME.

i give a flying fuck about this world where you believe the doctor and the chink are floating by.

michael bardan said...

where i am there ain't no doctor, there ain't no chink, there ain't no you and i, nor hell, nor heaven, but you, the cold analyzing of my elder's being here are slime.

& slime to slay is easy to bind to clay and roast into a pot in which that petunia will say over and over into your not-ear:

may i please?

douggie adams said...

i'm not your cup of tea.

Kaiser Sose said...

we're coming for you, the unusual suspect:z, fret not.

right here and now, i'm not ignoring my being at the expense at your stupid fucking dogma and precepts.

your precepts are not above the Law.

i, lowering myself to spacetime, on the other hand, AM law.

the way you've understood here in this corner of the galaxy, you're stuck in slowness, ask another mind that moves the world, what is.

in slowness, this emptiness is form and form is emptiness is none other than time is space and space is time.

ask yourself, you can try to run, but where you gonna run to, my friend, i hold you here, in the palm of my hand, where you speak in terms of this/doctor and that/cinch.

8 generations in the past and about the same to come, you are already decompiled and stored away and if you're cold, you will know hot beyond beyond and if you're hot, you will know cold inward inward until the dust shall blow away and still then, your repentance will not help.

Anonymous said...


no bell.

qbitty said...

yeah, bro, we give a shi7.

what that means, in tigerspeak, i'm not even on my 8th life yet.

Fugees Vocab said...


medicine said...

what's your defining it as, because mine says it's what some dude in bangalore thinks it is.

ok, then, let's all get off the motherfucking elephant for a moment, rest on the turtle's shell and before we fall into the ocean try to analyze this bitch logo.

next question, how come the nazi swastika spinning the other way results in some tibetan symbol of great illumination.

yeah, okay, let's leave this shit for another day, but since someone already threw the masons:z into the equation, do you actually believe the G in their logo stands for ballin' as a G or the Gravity that stupid fuck Einstein could never get to the bottom of [luckily for him]?

Anonymous said...


The quotes from Jundo are accurate but Jundo has not written them here.

Brad and Jundo seem to be on good terms these days and Jundo has spoken with great affection in his voice for Brad on some recent podcasts ("My dharma brother the ven.....")

The bad apple referred to is most probably someone else who is now no longer part of the sangha.

When Jundo in the past has had disagreements with Brad he has not done so publicly with the exception perhaps of Brad being given DSI.

Still, 8/10 for troll skills....

michael bardan said...

you speak of bad apples, eve?

chanting dr0nes said...

you mummified skulls, you chant the lotus sutra in another language from day to evening, forgetting your mother's words, what kind of animal have you turned itself into, chasing this deluded dream of "liberation?"

mother earth said...

let's try again kids, all together this time?

anonymous slime said...


faye w0ng said...


allmen bros shroom said...

see if i give a shit either.

paikea said...

we are sorry, here you can get no help from us.

michael bardan said...

/clappers 0n

motherfucker, if you move b4 clappers 0ff or even while i bow down to your manjushri, you get a shiruken stuck in your 3rd eye.

qbitty said...

hell:z bell:z!

qbitty said...

/kinhin bell

soto girls do fast kinhin on the outside circle clockwise.

rinzai boys do slow kinhin on the inside circle against the clock.

outside in the snow, you who came to practice stoned, do drunken kinhin.

if you're not back on the cushion, you freeze to death.

Anonymous said...

'Brad and Jundo seem to be on good terms these days and Jundo has spoken with great affection in his voice for Brad on some recent podcasts ("My dharma brother the ven blah-blah-blah..Gassho.")

Brad has sed: "The nasty thing that happens in Buddhist bullshit drama is that people go into passive aggressive mode. "Gassho, brother, (I hate your fucking guts) the Dharma, skillfull means, Compassion, blah-blah-blah."

qbitty said...

/clappers 0ff

good morning.

please try for lunch today to substitute your starbux with a green machine from nekkid juice.

make it a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The more I become aware of my tendency to repress anger, the more I see it happening in people all around me. Unfortunately, I think it's the norm for humans in this age.

It's funny, I get angry at others for repressing their anger, yet I repress that anger for the most part.

michael bardan said...

fukken kitty always stealing my clapper:z!

courtney cox said...

for those of you adhd to the hilt, your w0rk practice today is:

please click NEXT.

ADHD indeed! said...


Mysterion said...

Jundo might benefit from psychotherapy.

He is exhibiting this childish passive-aggressive behavior in some lame attempt at self 'credibility rehabilitation' for not 'being the chosen one.'

To quote Tommy Smothers: "Gudo always liked Brad more than he liked you."

Well, whining about it in the wake of last years boat is 'bush league.' It is just small.

Enough is enough. "Genug ist Genug."

1,000 angles can dance on the head of a pin and still leave enough room for 10,000 Jundos - and 100,000 of me for saying so.

Anonymous said...

But Mysterion, aren't you also making a passive-aggressive expression here? Shouldn't you present your issues with Jundo directly to Jundo? (and perhaps not in a public forum?)

Anonymous said...

If we believe someone has fucked up, compassion would have us tell them directly - to give them the chance to change their behavior if they wish, and perhaps apologize.

AnonAndOnAndon said...


You were trolled.

Anon-reposting of Jundo's comments out of context in order to create emotional postings in response - i.e. start a fight.

Rich said...

Opinions about Jundo and Brad mean nothing to me because I have no direct experience with them and don't expect to cause they work thousands of miles from me.

this is just like watching a soap opera, which is interesting sometimes. I liked the exchange between NIshi and Jundo a couple of months ago when Jundo asked him about 'mindfulness' and Nishi responded:

Dear jundo cohen San,

Sewing Rakusu, writing calligraphy, and so forth, are all actions, and so those actions are always done in the balanced state of body and mind. Therefore it is difficult for me to agree with your opinion, which you described in your comments.

Gudo Wafu Nishijima

Gudo's response made perfect sense to me because there really is no mindfulness. The thing that puzzled me was why Jundo asked the question in the first place.

It's realy demeaning to the mind-to-mind transmission experience which they supposedly had.

In conclusion, I think if you are looking for a teacher, direct experience with the teacher is required.

Logic Learns said...

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