Sunday, April 20, 2008

GIG LIST (Life Is Tough, Suck It Up!)

People always bitch when I put up lists of upcoming gigs here. But when you tell me a better way to announce this stuff I'll do it.

Anyway, I just spent all morning writing a new column for Suicide Girls that's up now. I'm too tired to write anything else. Here are the gigs:

April 25 - 27 leading a retreat at Southern Dharma Retreat Center in North Carolina.

April 29th at 7 PM, talk at Warren Wilson College’s Buddhist Studies Group. Also in Asheville, NC.

May 3rd my band 0DFx will play at Pat’s in the Flats in Cleveland with This Moment in Black History and on May 4th, 0DFx will play at the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio in commemoration of the 38th anniversary of the infamous shootings by the National Guard

Friday May 10th at 7 PM (or maybe 6, they need to decide yet, call before you go) at Visible Voice Books in Cleveland, Ohio’s Tremont neighborhood.

On May 17th and 18th a 2-day retreat at the Milwaukee Zen Center.

I'll be one of the teachers at this year's Great Sky Zen Sesshin August 9-16. Check out their webpage for details.

The annual Dogen Sangha retreat in Shizuoka, Japan will be September 20-23.


Mysterion said...
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aumeye said...
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aumeye said...

I'm tempted to move to Asheville, NC just to hang out (and shop) at Malaprop's Bookstore*Cafe. And if I hurry, I can tell Dan Mathews in person how very much I love him.

Jinzang said...

But when you tell me a better way to announce this stuff I'll do it.

You could rent a dirigible, like Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I can't believe you're gonna be in my backyard and I ain't gonna get to see you!
Ya' also wanna check out Karmasonics for some cool Cd's and the ORANGE PEEL for cool live music.
Asheville is the greatest city in the world and voted "happiest" on ABC's 20/20.

- Phil

Anonymous said...

Bummer you're not doing the Regulator Bookstore in Durham or dropping by the SFZC affiliate in Chapel Hill....

Michi Regier & Todd Pannier said...

Come sit with us in Milwaukee anytime.
There's a good coffeshop 2 blocks away, if you need to wake up first:

Michi Regier & Todd Pannier said...

oh, yeah, and you might want to make the point that you're not on the MZC website yet - even though Tori told me yesterday that you were -

Anonymous said...

Brad do you have any plans of coming to Still Point in Detroit again? I missed you last time you were here (a couple years ago?).

I used to live in a punk anarchist collective a block away from Still Point, in the mid 90s. Lots of cool punk bands that you would probably know played there.

Seems like you're travelling around this area (midwest) so maybe make another trip? :)

noiret sym laden said...

I believe that what Mysterion was really trying to say was, "FIRST!"

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Hardcore Zen (Finnish translation). It was very insightful book.

I've been sitting my legs crossed for some years now (don't really remember how long) almost daily.
There was this chapter in your book about demons etc. By practising zazen you are sure to meet some "demons". Ok, I understand what those demons might be and I think that I have encountered some of them, but I really didn't think that there is going to be hallucinations etc. (are these common?) as you mentioned in your book and that there is so much of these "demons" (that was the impression I got from that chapter).
I haven't encountered hallucinations and I hope I wont. It almost seems that if there really is going to be so much of those "demons", is zazen worth it? Sure there is going to be some bad waves on the sea, but I hope those are exceptions.
There is also small reference to mental illnesses. You write that nowadays seeing or thinking about these "demons", in some cases, is classified even as psychosis. This of course can lead one to think that if I do zazen can it lead to psychosis? It was a bit unclear part. I think I know what you meant, but I am not sure.

It could be that the Finnish version is not exactly the same as original, there could be some mix ups or something. Anyway it left me a bit confused. It was the only chapter that made me feel confused.

Until this day I've liked zazen and I think I have seen some benefits of it, clearly it has been peaceful and some kind of clarity has arisen from time to time (not in the beginning though, it was so hard).

Sorry for asking this question here, but I didn't find better place for my question.