Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's A Podcast! So Stop Complaining I Never Do Them!

Here's a Podcast of the Talk in Atlanta from March 2, 2008


Anonymous said...

were we bitching?
have some of us been bitching?
what were we bitching about?
did we want a new post to read/digest/respond to?
did we want to hear more from you?

Very satisfying talk

Your perspective on 'boring' well put and insightful.

Recently you quoted yourself (I believe) in saying things in life don't happen to you, they happen for you. Which I really really like. (even the 'bad' stuff becomes less menacing and is just 'stuff')

Quite a lovely talk, chock full of goodies.

Thanks for posting it! Maybe we should bitch more often!
And speaking of bitching...I just wish the sound quality had been a bit better....

I really like Nishijima's and your take on zazen as a hobby.
I get this little thrill of thinking of myself (and others) as zazen enthusiasts. It's really nice, and turns boredom almost into a sports event--a really really dull uneventful event.

element said...

Yeah, nice talk.

element said...
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shrinkwrapped said...

Thanks Brad!

It's not actually a podcast though, is it? Just an mp3 download.

Anonymous said...

we should mike you up on Saturdays and MP3 it more often

Anonymous said...

I meant 'mic' you up

PA said...

Really boring podcast.
Just what I wanted :-)

Merelyme said... to your site here. Found the link from my newly purchased "Sit Down and Shut Up" book. I was so excited to see your new book at the bookstore...I had read your first one a couple of years ago and I loved it. I find you to be such an incredible writer. I will stop gushing now and just say that I am really happy to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

ok now that the title of this blog entry has changed a coupla times, I get it


internal dialogues

Confusion happens!

While I seem to be speaking to another (others) (I open my mouth--I type comments) sometimes what is said comes out of left field, is too obscure. It makes sense to ME, I'm rich with all the associational meanings and significances and whatnot.

For someone else to 'get it' , I need to get them on the same page, or at least on some page that works

Or I can stick with reality itself:
"here is a link to a recent talk"

Blake said...

Oh Brad! It's just so good to hear your voice! It's like velvet wrapped in chocolate wrapped in bacon (veggie bacon, of course)!

Anonymous said...

more mp3's, podcasts, whatever, really good stuff

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an engaged group--really good questions

euro said...


Smoggyrob said...

Hi everyone:

This is my official notice that I'm going to stop complaining that Brad never does podcasts.

Moving on, I'd like to complain that Brad doesn't do enough podcasts.

We're sitting tomorrow (Sat 15 Mar 2008 0945) at the Hill Street Center (and not podcasting it). See the link on the main page for more info.

And please ignore that rumor that we beat the crap of newbies and piss on them as an initiation. It's almost entirely untrue.


Mysterion said...
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Mysterion said...
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Mysterion said...
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Anonymous said...

six degrees of separation from one's self,
spatio-temporal chain of butt-buddies,
known to have ))<>(( sat on their butts together,

Kodo Sawaki
))<>(( Gudo Nishijima
))<>(( Brad Warner
))<>(( Michael Elliston
))<>(( Shohaku Okumura
))<>(( Kosho Uchiyama
Kodo Sawaki

so, Brad, how would you describe
the similarities and differences
between you and Elliston?
between Hill Street Center
and Atlanta Soto Zen Center?

did y'all know the same secret handshakes,
inside jokes, mysterious truths, and
silly walks?

Michael Joyce said...

simply rad. can i say rad? or is that too 1990's?

Anonymous said...

Zazen is a regular reminder, that you are just awareness, nothing else, not mind, not body.


Anonymous said...

I know that Brad and his followers can give a shit about this but I thought I would post it anyway

Tibetan Tragedy And A Call to Boycott the Chinese Olympics
Following peaceful demonstrations of Buddhist monks yesterday, Tibetan nationals, now a minority in their own country, began to riot, burning shops and vehicles. The Chinese authorities reacted in the same spirit they always meet disruption of order, and particularly in their border regions; with tanks, guns and a bloody boot placed back quickly and firmly on the neck of the people.

There appear to be at least a hundred dead at this writing.

If you don't recall the horrific suppression of Tibetan demonstrations in 1989 ordered by the local Han Chinese party boss, it left hundreds dead and many more disappeared into China's gulags. It didn't hurt the boss, Hu Jintao, who is now General Secretary of the Communist Party and head of the country's dictatorial regime.

As I write this brief reflection Chinese occupation forces are surrounding the major monasteries in Lhasa and more violence appears imminent.

The Dalai Lama has issued a statement calling on the Tibetan people to resist the urge to violence and on the Communist dictatorship to refrain from bloody suppression of the demonstrators.

There appears to be little reason for hope at this moment.

But, please object to this terrible tragedy to the Chinese embassy.

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong
Chinese Embassy
2133 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007

Tell them we won't reward genocide.

Mysterion said...
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Gerry Gomez said...

"I know that Brad and his followers can give a shit about this but I thought I would post it anyway"

I am sure there are many readers here who have been involved for years, and are responding to this current crisis as well.

Anonymous said...

"Tell them we won't reward genocide."

If by 'we' you mean the US, then perhaps you
should pay closer attention. There is a long
American tradition of killing hope.

mysteriondan said...

Too bad about Tibet.. but I'm not done protesting the situation in Burma yet.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to oppressed
Tibetans and Burmese, Americans
have their own problems to deal with:

irreconcilable contradictions

which, when left unexamined, lead to
internal oppression and external aggression.


In your talk you said something like "I consider zazen as a hobby." I think this is a major problem with many zen practitioners, even teachers.

Zazen isn't a hobby. If it doesn't consume your entire life, it isn't zazen. I've witnessed many outcomes of this attitude towards the practice, but I won't bother listing them here, because that'd be more of a rant than this already is...

Mysterion said...
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どりてぃんドリーム said...


Anonymous said...

When the small is taken up by the large it can yeild.

Finding no opposition there can be no war

In the face of great Buddhist teachings ( make no images of me )

We make images everywhere of trees and chain our selves to our imagined trees

The Bulldozers are doing what they do

For everything a season

The invisible man never sold any merchandise

But the emperor is always having a car boot sale

What was my face b e f o r e I was born (as a buddhist)