Thursday, January 03, 2008


Happy New Year! And a wonderful, auspicious, prosperous and whatever else 2008 to all of you. Including that dirtball in the comments section who didn't like "Go Blue Go Die."

I spent my New Year's Eve and Day at Tassajara Zen Monastery in Carmel Valley, California and it was wonderful beyond words. I'm too sleepy to write a lot of details tonight. Besides, I'm staying at the San Francisco Zen Center for a few days and they require you to get up at 5AM and do Zazen, so I'm not gonna stay up late typing in this stupid blog.

But among the zillions of truly nice things that happened at Tassajara, here's one interesting (to me, anyway) one. I was just reading about Bob Dylan's famous "basement tapes" -- the "lost" album he recorded in 1967, some of which was released around 1975 but most of which remains unreleased even today. Reading about the tapes made me want to listen to them. But you have to search pretty hard to find the bootlegs that contain the best stuff. I had vague plans to do this after I left Tassajara.

Well. It just so happens I was talking to a long term resident at Tassajara named David Coady. I was telling him about this Dylan song I'd been listening to recently called "Odds and Ends" that contains the very Dogen-like line, "Lost time will not be found again." The song is one of the few "basement tapes" items to have been officially released.

And he mentions that the only things he saved from a once mighty and extensive collection of CDs was a little box containing a few Dylan CDs including the entire 5 disc series of bootleg "Basement Tapes." He was kind enough to lend these to me and I am now uploading them into iTunes even as I type this.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, here's a song (not from the "basement tapes") I've been thinking of lately that seems to encapsulate much of my feeling of late. It's not one of my own this time. It's by Robyn Hitchcock from his album Stars For Bram. Click on the song title to hear it.


by Robyn Hitchcock

Sometimes a bomb is not enough
To express the way I feel
And an explosion in the dark
Won't let you down
Sometimes a kiss is not enough
You just have to make it two
Darling I love you inside out
And upside down
I love you
Like a bomb
In my heart
Sometimes a kiss goes on so long
And it just won't let you go
Darling I love you inside out
And upside down
I love you
Like a bomb
In my heart
Daisy bomb
Daisy bomb
Daisy bomb


Anonymous said...

Now, I've had enough, my box is clean
You know what I'm sayin' and you know what I mean
From now on you'd best get on someone else
While you're doin' it, keep that juice to yourself
Odds and ends, odds and ends
Lost time is not found again

Bob Dylan Copyright © 1969

Anonymous said...

veddy veddy interesting the synchronistics of it (basement tapes and all)

thank you for including the lyrics to Daisy Bomb
because it was not possible to hear it--clicking on the title didn't do it

Maybe this can be fixed?

Maybe not.

It's odd, the way things end.
To think of things ending, is odd.
The mind is a big corral, but it is possible to see past the mental fences: one wide open space.

I'm lost, what time is it?

Let's all have a wonderful year together!

Anonymous said...


Daisy Bomb

Anonymous said...


Did someone say Bomb?!

Anonymous said...

swans and swine right here in LA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous 11:43!
I like it! Quirky, sweet.
featured blogsongs are such treats

Bija Andrew Wright said...

I remember hearing Bob Dylan's voice (from a little CD player inside the store playing The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan) as I walked past a tiny bookstore in Bodhgaya. It was the perfect reminder of home.

vinegar said...

tsk, tsk, uploading bootleged content! tsk, tsk!


vinegar said...

tsk, tsk, uploading bootleged content! tsk, tsk!


Mysterion said...


cometboy said...

Glad you had a great retreat. Always wanted to check out the hot springs there.

I know that the word synchronicity was not used except in the comments, but it is a concept that I have accepted and rejected for much of my life.

When weird coincidences happen, it makes you sit up and take note. Say, the universe is magic and working with me after all.

Then my scientific mind kicks in and says "what about all the billions of times I've thought about a rare song and nothing at all happened".

We have pattern matching and making minds, which for a fact are always trying to make order out of chaos. A few minutes looking at clouds in the sky convinces me of that. Look, doesn't that cloud look just like George Jetson?

I will not say yes or no to synchronicity. Its just too slippery a concept to decide on.

I just know that it keeps bugging me.

mysteriondan said...


Mysterion said...

Synchronicity: to astrology, spiritualism, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and ESP, Jung added synchronicity and the collective unconscious.

He missed homeopathy and chiropractic.

By the way, I like Jung and subscribe to 1/3 of his theories.

Jinzang said...

There's better information about homeopathy here.