Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm down here in Knoxville now where I recently starred on an episode of my niece's YouTube TV show. Here it is:

And here's an outtake:

Her name is Skylar and she's 11. You can find more episodes of Skylar's show at her website. It's freaky to see an 11 year old doing stuff on her website that I can't figure out. We didn't have no websites when I was that age. She wrote the script for this, by the way. I just read what she wrote for me. Pretty good, I think. Note the you-really-are-an-idiot look she gives me at the end.


Mysterion said...

Hmmm... She is clever.

You might ask her: "Do you think the Bible is the TRUE and inspired word of GOD?"

11 is a good age to ask that question.

I would expect to see her falling down laughing over THAT, also.

We just don't recall the details about 'being' 11. That's when our rate of learning really starts to slow down.

(My response, at 11, compared the Bible to Grimm's)


Gerry Gomez said...


I also liked the Boris Yeltsin clip.

Anonymous said...

One of the best interviews I've seen re: SD&SU.
Looks like you're having a bit of fun in Texas/Ohio
one of those them thar places far from the ocean (I'm not counting the Gulf)

dan said...

Jesus christ mysterion, in the past I've defended your incessant comments but, really, is it actually possible for you to not turn the subject around to something to do with you and how clever you are every single time?

Mysterion said...
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David said...

that was really funny and cute.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Brad! Thank you for sharing. Very cool.

Matt said...

cute :)

friendly neighborhood anonymouse said...

that.was awesome.

happy holidays brad and everyone else here!

-(the one and only) AnonyMouse

dun da-Dun!

aumeye said...

That was fun. Well done, Skylar. And Brad.

aumeye said...

Thank you, AnonyMouse, for wishing us all Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays to you, too. And to all who read/post on this blog. Peace.

Smoggyrob said...

Hi Brad:

You're Skylar's uncle? I love that show, she's super-rad! I used to think you were a loud-mouthed nobody, but it turns out you're a loud-mouthed somebody. Wow, Skylar's uncle, who'd a' thunk it? Happy (insert name of winter celebration here) everybody!


Garrett said...

I liked the show. It was fun to see Brad being goofy. I love my nieces and nephews; they sure help me remember to keep it light. The other day, I had a niece ask a friend of mine,"Dave, you're Jewish, how do you spell Kwanzaa?" Here's to our families! Happy holidays everyone!

Mumon said...

Totally appropos of nothing on this post (sorry) I just had to comment on this thing you've got here on "Big Mind."


I so grateful you wrote that.

mysteriondan said...

yeah, right mysterion.. Brad should ask his niece if she thinks the Bible is the TRUE and inspired word of GOD." She already thinks he's a weirdo.

SKYLAR said...

hi it's Skylar thank you for making the comments that cinnamon taco's thingy was my idea i was going to say cinnamon farts but my mom won't let me! he's the best uncle ever and if you can't go to then just search partpopstar on you tube , oh and if any of you know hannah montana tell her,her concert rocked

Smoggyrob said...

Hi Skylar:

I liked your show a lot. It's nice to see you on here, and yeah, you have a pretty cool uncle. Nieces (in my case great-nieces) are the best. I just got a few dozen picture my great-nieces drew for me, and I have wall-papered my cubicle at work with them.

And the next time I share a latte with Hannah Montana at Starbucks (it's so hard to fit her into my schedule) I'll tell her you liked her show.


Gerry Gomez said...

This is off topic, but in this season of shopping I thought some of you might be interested in this.

About 20 minutes.


Lone Wolf said...

Looks like young Skylar has a future in telecommunications like her uncle Brad.

Funny Clip!

DJVoton said...

That was great! Thanks! Every kid needs a cool uncle. Keeping the book's cover in shot at all times was teh professional.

Mysterion said...

Twas the Punk before Xmas
and all through the house
teenagers were Lobotomized
Yes, even the church mouse

The sun was rising
and all of the gifts
didn't amount to one
of the Ramones rifts.

That bald dude is "Ronny Howard."

Anonymous said...

I think it's only a matter of time before Mysterion and that Darkzen retard start team-teaching.

Mysterion said...

The Ramones are a parody of the 1950's. That became completely obvious to the most casual of all observers (me) when I hit upon 'the KKK Took My Baby Away.'

Walk in the California Sun

I would NOT listen to this stuff 24/7 but for a break once a month, maybe. I understand it as a rebellion against the parent's generation - universal stuff.

Jinzang said...

Merry Christmas. My non-gift gift: a download of Nada Surf's See These Bones, a pretty song with a Buddhist theme.

For Mysterion: I think the Ramones said that they originally set out to be a metal band. It's just that their music came out sounding like the Ramones.

Mysterion said...

The Ramones are rocking out in doggie heaven. I hope Saburo doesn't go after Joey because the music is kinda loud and Joey might wanna take a picture of the cute puppy (a BIG mistake).

FYI Saburo was almost always on his green pillow (that's NOT my belly Gerry!)

While we're whiling away the years, compare early, middle, and late Peter, Paul, & Mary.

As for seeing out the old year, a little pop opera works for me! I never liked opera until Hisako started playing Andrea Bocelli (born sighted but went blind age 12).

On January first, we all chalk up a notch closer to our own demise.

"Ikkyu was born on New Year’s Day of 1394 AD and there are many famous accounts of his life relating to New Year’s Day. One of these episodes tell of a New Year’s day when Ikkyu picked up a skull from a cemetery and tied it to the end of a bamboo pole. He took it to the middle of the Kyoto city, and told people, “People, please pay attention! Where there once were two eyeballs now only remain two holes. The eyes popped-out! Medetai! Medetai! (Medetai usually means how auspiscious, but Ikkyu used it as a pun as it can also mean Eyes popped-out! Eyes popped-out! ). He continued by warning the people “Be careful, be careful!” It is also said that Ikkyu wrote
the following poem for New Year’s day:

“Kadomatsu (the New Year’s decorative pine tree) is a milestone on the journey to the world of the dead.
There is no resting, there is no stopping on this journey.”

Many people may feel this is not an appropriate poem for the New Year’s. They may think, Engi-ga-warui (unlucky), but in Buddhism, is no such thing as being unlucky (Engi-ga-warui) anytime of the year. I believe what Ikkyu was trying to tell us in this poem was neither pessimistic nor negative, but he was trying to make us see the truth of life." From HERE

oxeye said...

mysterion - so sorry about Saburo's demise. i just lost our maggie. it ain't easy losing a good dog.

daiji said...
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skylar said...

hi it's skylar again with all these comments i feel like a t.v. star i feel almost as cool as hannah montana!