Saturday, December 08, 2007


Today's Buddha's Enlightenment Day (Rohatsu) and we're having our monthly one-day retreat. No time to write.

Here's a song of mine I just dug up called Examples of Innocent Anemia. This one's about ten years old, I think. I don't really remember much about it. But it sounds like a recording from Japan and not Ohio. Hummable.

Gotta scoot!


Anonymous said...

Brad, Cool song. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Get yourself and a needy kid
a great Rohatsu gift! Look
cool and help solve this
world's problems with an

OLPC XO Laptop!

(Poor kids need Internet access,
so they can read Brad's blog ;)

Anonymous said...

My sangha celebrated Buddha's enlightenment yesterday(I guess it coincided with the Eastern part of the world which was Dec 8 yesterday. Some of my friends spent a whole week of sitting during the Rohatsu, while I only spent sitting two days. But after sitting only one day my knees feel like a huge nail has been driven through them! Ouch! :)

Blake said...

I blogged about Bodhi Day (Rohatsu) yesterday and mentioned several ways to celebrate around the house.

My Sangha is having pizza and hot tea tomorrow in celebration. I doubt I'll make it since we are supposed to have a 1/4" sheet of ice covering everything. Oi well!

Jinzang said...

Tibetans celebrate the Buddha's enlightenment on Vaisheka day, which is the full moon in May. I don't know the reason for the discrepancy, or who in Japan decided to tie the day to the solar calendar instead of the lunar calendar.

Stuart said...

Hey - it's Dimentia 13 - The George Harrison Years !

Thanks (sincerely).

Jinzang said...

Since this is a music thread, thought I'd recommend Seawolf, a SoCal folk rock group whose new album, Leaves in the River, has been getting a lot of play on the local college station. Good music for a rainy winter day.

aumeye said...

Jinzang ~ Thank you for the recommendation and link to Seawolf. I loved them immediately, and am looking forward to spending more time listening to their music and learning more about them. And, this is one of those rainy (almost) winter days here. ~

joyce said...

it is so irnoic that i had so much clarity that day...i had so much understanding in my life...i had a great sense of inner-peace that day...i was really truly present this day was an amazing day for that is so ironic to me...i'm glad i felt connected this day, thanks brad for the reminder...peace