Sunday, December 09, 2007


Yesterday during our all day Zazen thingy, I suddenly recalled this song I recorded about ten years ago and I thought you guys might enjoy hearing it.

All is One

I envisioned this as the climactic finale to a rock opera I never got around to finishing, which is why it has the long, elaborate and ridiculous ending. I worked on this one forever, overdubbing onto the basic track a bazillion times on a number of occasions.

The reference to a big black car with a silver bird on the hood was about Noboru Tsuburaya, president of Tsuburaya Productions, who hired me to work there. He had a gigantic Cadillac with a silver bird on the hood. He'd probably only just died when I wrote this. I think the "you" in the song was going to be some specific character in the rock opera. But I don't really remember. Anyhow, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's you, dear reader!

I'd explain more. But I think the song conveys it better.


Stuart said...

Dude - you've simply got to do a deal with Rhino, or someone similar, for a lovingly archived and annotated retrospective cd or two.

Kirkzen said...

I just finished reading "Hardcore Zen". I've read hundreds of books on Buddhism and was blown away by the depth of knowledge and your ability to present Buddhist cncepts in plain English.

aumeye said...

The long, elaborate, (allegedly) ridiculous ending is my favorite part of the song.

Anonymous said...

I just got around to peeking in here and WOW you've been writing so much and then there is the extra bonus of such wonderful music
Makes me laugh, too--right down to the Silence.
Thank you the nuggets you share here are very sustaining. Muchas gracias.

Dim said...

That first line is killer.