Friday, September 07, 2007


For all you folks in Colorado or anywhere West of the Mississippi who are required to attend or be reborn as toadstools for a zillion lifetimes, here's a flier about my upcoming appearance on the Elevision TV show. Click on the image & you should be able to see a bigger, more legible version.

Here's the rest of the schedule:

Boulder & Ft. Collins, Colorado:
• Monday September 10, 2007 - 7:30 pm Boulder Bookstore 1107 Pearl Street - Author Event

• Tuesday September 11, 2007 Noon - Colorado State University Bookstore - The Lory Student Center at CSU Ft. Collins, CO

• Tuesday September 11, 2007 7 PM - CSU Anthropology Club The Lory Student Center at CSU, Ft. Collins - Author Event

• Wednesday, September 12, 2007 Interview for Elevision TV show. Be part of the live in-studio audience! Doors close at 7pm. The show will be at Trilogy, 2017 13th St. in downtown Boulder

Party on!


HezB said...

"Former Punk Rocker"... have you died in the last twenty minutes, or have you finally got the gig with Genesis?


H. said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool poster.
Hope you are having fun and that folks are hanging out with you and showing you all the cool places in their fair cities.
How are the animals where you're staying treating you?


Mysterion said...
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Jinzang said...

Living out of a suitcase must be getting old. I hope your trip is a success and your financial problems are straightened out soon.

You won't be seeing this mushroom any time soon, though.

Anonymous said...

This Desmond Morris, a veddy veddy interesting guy. I don't know how to do the underlining bit and making links to sites, (Mysterion does that so well) but anyway, Naked Ape, and all (he was the curator for a show--artist was a young chimpanzee--Morris himself, a surrealist painter.
Don't know why, but reading the little bit I did about him reminds me of the movie Morgan--a wonderful film (I think in would stand the test of time....dunno...)
anywhodiwadda blog forth and funktify

Anonymous said...

The Best Comment on "Buddhism Through Violence" Prize goes to shapeshifter23:

"Oh come on. Have you really fallen for that stupid lie that the reason we have a large, powerful and aggressive military is to protect our American freedoms (of religious practice, of expression, of electoral democracy, etc). From what, those evil terrorists who hate us because we have freedoms and civil liberties?

War, as waged by the US in this historical epoch, is carried out in order to defend and expand the 'rights' of multinational corporations to exploit the material and human resources of sovereign nations outside our own territory. In other cases in recent history the US has waged war on other countries to prevent competing superpowers from getting a stakehold in strategically important geographic locations, that is on an ideological or political basis as opposed to economic resource wars. Even WWII was more of a case of a contest between the industrial republics as to how to manage, control and exploit their respective citizenries rather than to protect our democratic liberties.

I find it hard to believe that someone such as the author of this blog, who professes an association with the leftist politics of hardcore and punk rock, would fall for such a jingoist line of BS as this article is based upon..."


Apparently, even Zen Masters can have their heads firmly stuck up their butts.