Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I just got word from the people at the Interdependance Project in New York that the room in which I'm speaking holds 80 and they've already received 40 RSVPs. Pretty cool. So any of you "back East" (as they say here on the Left Coast) who plan on seeing the talk better RSVP PDQ. OK? Otherwise you'll be SOL and standing out on the street trying to wave at my passing limo like Beatle-fans in those old films. (Not that I'll have a limo, some people take things way to freakin' literally)

All the relevant info is in the post below this one.

Saw The Simpsons Movie yesterday. Liked it. But all that stuff where the critics are saying they laughed until they puked and they wanna see it 20 more times? Give me a break! How much do they get paid to say that stuff? And how can I get paid to say stuff like that?

I also saw my friends Pet Stove perform their very first ever show at the Airliner Club in Los Angeles last Saturday. Pet Stove is the future of rock and roll! They're playing at the Airliner again on the 19th. Go see 'em! They rock. Two of the members are also regular attendees at my Zazen classes in Santa Monica. Which shows what Zazen will do for you! IT'LL MAKE YOU ROCK! That's what.

AND from August 11 thru 18 I'll be sitting and sitting and sitting at the Great Sky Zen Sesshin somewhere in the middle of the woods in Minnesota. So don't try and write or call cuz I won't be in range of Internets or Cell Phones. I will regale you with tales of my great revelations afterwards.

AND I just got the re-issue of all the early Max Fleischer Popeye cartoon. Blow me down! It's amazing stuff.

OH YEAH!~ And in my continuing efforts to improve this page I have added a page of audio interviews I've done. It's on your left there. It says "INTERVIEWS I'VE DONE" or something like that. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP ME DESIGN AND MAINTAIN A "REAL" WEBPAGE and is serious aboput it, please write me at doubtboy@mac.com

Oh, and just to encourage some comments: Everybody sucks! Porn rules! Instant Enlightenment Zen is for pussies! Tich Nhat Hahn has a funny looking hat! The Dalai Lama can bite me! And Dogen totally rules, OK?


Blake said...

I'm am jealous of your newly acquired cartoons. I saw them at Target but decided against their purchase. But since it's been almost two weeks and I'm still picturing how much better my life would be if only they were mine, I just might have to get 'em.

professor said...

Vacations w/o internet or cell access are amazingly refreshing. They remind you of what life was like before you had instantaneous, 24/7 access to those things. Enjoy it!

earDRUM said...

Ha... I like that last line. That should rile 'em up a bit.
Some people have been taking things way too literally around here lately. Newbies! They all have the same argumments. Heard 'em all before.

I just picked up a DVD of the original "Planet of the Apes" movie. I had not seen it since I saw it in the theatre as a kid, in 1968! And it was just as good as the first time I saw it. A classic.

Lone Wolf said...

The Transformers Movie is better than The Simpson's Movie - I recommend both of them. But, I'm sticking with Grindhouse for movie of the year.

I'm ready for another South Park movie.

keishin.ni said...

You know at first I thought it would be kind of silly and funny to have buddhist based condoms, given the current hub bub,
But the more I think about it--it would really make a lot of sense. Condoms with a printed copy of the precept concerning sexual conduct--and why not throw in a verse for opening the package or puting the condom in place?
Why not turn the furtive into a holy moment.
A little reflection before the plunge...
What could be more compassionate (in the big picture of things) than providing condoms--other than actually using them!

aumeye said...

Worth a shot . . . Does anyone here know how to reach the Interdependence Project by phone? I tried the number listed on their website where it clearly states you can leave them a message; but when I call all I get is an outgoing message with no option to leave a message or to speak with anyone.

I sent them an email this morning. Hopefully, they will respond to that.

Anonymous said...

Pet Stove ain't bad. Not sure exactly
why, but they kinda remind me of
The Selmanaires.

Stuart said...

But, I'm sticking with Grindhouse for movie of the year.

Hey, speaking of QT, I nominate "True Romance" for the number one Boddhisattva teaching movie of all time.

OK, maybe "Butterfly Effect" should be considered.

My favorite Buddhist teachings from the movies:

#2) From "Unforgiven": The young outlaw has just seen his first killing. He's completely rattled, and trying to calm himself, he says to crusty old gunfighter Clint Eastwood, "I guess he had it coming." And Clint drawls, "We've all got it coming, kid."

#1) From "Blues Brothers," when the train rushes past Elwood's little room, shaking everything like a 6.0 earthquake. Jake is amazed at the commotion and asks, "How often does that happen?" And Elwood replies, "So often, you won't even notice!"


Jinzang said...

Why not throw in a verse for opening the package or puting the condom in place?

Verse for Opening Condoms

The perfect girlfriend
Hard to meet with in dozens of blind dates
Is now before me
My only wish is to appreciate
The true meaning of nookie

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe people who like
"The Porno Buddhist" might also like
"The Porno Presidential Candidate",
Ron Paul:

"Paul has consistently voted against
federal efforts to censor sexually
explicit Web sites--a stance that
nearly cost him his re-election bid
last November when his Democratic
rival cited those votes to argue
that Paul was soft on porn."

And that isn't all that libertarians
and buddhists have in common. If
interested, you can view his recent
appearance at Google.

Jinzang said...

just to encourage some comments

If all you did was post a question mark, half of us would argue with the other half that it should have been an exclamation point instead.

Jinzang said...

'm sticking with Grindhouse for movie of the year.

Movie of the year? Alpha Dog. Don't be put off because it stars Justin Timberlake.

Best Buddhist movie evah? Joe Versus the Volcano.

And Max Fleischer cartoons rule.

Anonymous said...

"soft on porn"


Anonymous said...

Dude! "The Dude Abides"!
I saw that t-shirt the other day, and it
turns out that what at first appeared to be
a psychedelic-hippie-Dimentia-13 t-shirt was
actually Jeff Bridges in "The Big Lebowski".

Maybe Brad could make some extra moolah
by selling his mug on t-shirts that said
"No Abiding Dude".

Just a thought.

D'oh! That's what happens when you read
blogs right before zazen.

Anonymous said...

Best Movie Ever: Delicatessen

aumeye said...

stuart ~ I'm digging your picture.

Jiryu02 said...

Speaking of grindhouse, that was the best movie in a long time. Damn I hate critics!!

Anonymous said...

One of my girlfriends showed me
her SuicideGirls account, and I
must say, if you pay to comment
on the articles, that's fine,
but if you're thinking you might
pay for the porn, don't bother.

SG porn is just like zazen,
p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y s-l-o-w
and boooring!

They need to get themselves some
faster servers and a fatter pipe,
and they need to be less slick
(less like Playboy and more like
Penthouse in the 70s.)

Maybe it's just because I'm a
lesbian, but I like my porn
fast and raw, like good sushi.

Anonymous said...

Gain is delusion; loss is enlightenment.

gunderloy said...

I wish I had a fatter pipe and a faster server.

God, It sucks being a man.

Lone Wolf said...

I see that many of fellow bloggers are fans of GRINDHOUSE as well. Does anyone know when the DVD releases?

SPOILER ALERT::::::::::::::

ALHPA DOG was a good movie, but it pissed me off. I wanted the boy who had just lost his virginity to two chicks at the same time to live dammit. Yeah, I know it was based on a true story.

Lone Wolf said...

I decided not to be lazy and go answer my own question. Each movie from GRINDHOUSE is being released seperately. QT's DEATH PROOF will be released on Sept. 18th, and RR's PLANET TERROR will be released on Oct. 16th. Lets hope that each DVD is packed with extra footage.

Otto Kerner said...

I was noticing the hat thing myself just the other day. Brad, you've earned my renewed respect.

Anonymous said...

Dudes! You just don't get
Thich's hat thing. It's
like The Cat in the Hat.

Don't let his square followers
fool you.

Thich Nhat Hanh is actually
the Bootsy Collins of Zen!

Just "keepin' dah funk alive".

Anonymous said...

I yam what I yam
it is what it is
and we ain't what we ain't.

Eat more spinach!

esmerelda_verde said...

Aumeye - the email reservations worked fine when I tried it.

Blake said...

Thich Nhat Hanh is actually
the Bootsy Collins of Zen!

That is the quote of the week.

Brad said...

Jinzang, the condom opening verse is genius!

Anonymous said...

I see you have to encourage more comments, Mysterion's got lazy the last weeks, he usually pumps out 50 posts with at least 10 brand new conspiracy theory or world history revisionism.

I think you also feared the anonymous crowd by actually commented on a comment, so they got to know you are a real human being or at least a very smart Blog bot.

I agree, we should bump each post to 100 comments again, a serious Zen teacher deserves this attention!

"Hey, move over, I was next in the feet washing line!"


aumeye said...

esmerelda verde ~ Thanks for the reply. I did successfully do the email thing; it's just that I was hoping to speak with someone regarding reservation-related and other questions.

Ellen said...

email your contact number to the Interdependence Project and ask them either to call you back or to forward your note to the organizer.

I would just say, "Yo, call me!" but this is the internet, after all. . . .

Anonymous said...

Verse for opening condoms

Not two
Not one
this coming and going together.
May we part
as we first met:
perfect and whole, truly ourselves
not one
not two

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