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First off, note that I now have a link (on your left) to a very crappy looking page of links to all my on-line interviews. Now here's an updated gig list:

North Hollywood, California:
• Thursday August 9th, 7PM at Many Paths Bookstore, 5152A Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood Arts District, cross-streets are Lankershim and Magnolia Boulevards

New York City, New York:
• Sunday August 26, 2007- 7 PM at Bluestockings Radical Books on the Lower East Side 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington - 1 block south of Houston and 1st Avenue.
• August 27, 2007 at 7 PM at The Interdepedence Project at Lila Center 302 Bowery at Houston (this will be the most like a formal lecture among all the NYC appearances) RSVP soon, space is limited.
• August 28, 2007 at 7:30 PM Barnes & Noble in Greenwich Village 396 Ave of the Americas at 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

Montreal, Quebec:
• August 30, 2007 at 7 PM at McGill University’s Education/Counselling Psychology Department 3700 Rue McTavish Room 233

Boulder & Ft. Collins, Colorado:
• Monday September 10, 2007 - 7:30 pm Boulder Bookstore 1107 Pearl Street - Author Event

• Tuesday September 11, 2007 Noon - Colorado State University Bookstore - The Lory Student Center at CSU Ft. Collins, CO

• Tuesday September 11, 2007 7 PM - CSU Anthropology Club The Lory Student Center at CSU, Ft. Collins - Author Event

Shizuoka, Japan
• September 22 to 25, 2007, Tokei-in Temple, 1840 Hatori, Shizuoka City, 421-12 (Prior registration is required. See for details)

Akron, Ohio:
November 7,2007 at the Akron Public Library

OK, so last night a friend of mine needed a ride to meet a friend of hers. Let's call the first friend Sally and the second friend Tabitha. Tabitha had invited Sally to a Network Marketing thing out in Silverlake. Silverlake is a hipster area of Los Angeles.

This was my first chance to see a Network Marketing event. Network Marketing is like Amway or Herbalife or maybe Avon. There are these companies that don't do advertising. They just throw fake parties where they try to get you to buy their stuff. But they don't just want you to buy the stuff. They want you to beocme a salesperson for their stuff.

The atmosphere was pretty much like what you get at a religious cult gathering. A number of people are planted throughout the audience who are already converts. Their job is to yell, "Woo-hooo!" at certain scripted points in the presentation. Or sometimes they get more subtle and just say things like, "Wow!" or, "Unbelievable!" on cue as if they just happen to be there and are impressed with the Power Point presentation.

At the end of the presentation converts walk around and ask newbies, "What did you like?" I got asked this three times by people who apparently didn't realize how fucking obvious they were being. I said, "It's a nice house." Because it was. That left every one of them stupified. Get a little more creative people!! At least say, "Yes and this house was bought by money earned from being a member." Shit. Even I could've done that. Don't just stand there slack jawed because I didn't say something about the stupid presentation. Dipshits.

ANYWAY this particular scam -- er, scheme -- was some kind of cheap vacation deal. The idea was they form a big group who can buy bulk and reduce the prices of vacations for their members (oops! I wasn't supposed to say that, they told us so at the end of the presentation). Nice, I guess, if you want to go on generic vacations with a bunch of zombies from their group.

As I watched this thing unfold I realized I'd seen exactly the same thing twice before. Once was on the video of The Secret and the other was on the You Tube clips of Gempo Roshi's Big Mind® seminars. As I said, it's a religious cult type atmosphere at these marketing events. All the folks from The Secret and Big Mind® have done is apply the network marketing philosophy and techniques to so-called "spiritual" practices. Which, in itself, were reverse engineered by profit seekers from religious cult techniques. Clever, really. But in the end valueless.

This is why Genpo Roshi ought to be kicked in the ass very, very hard. In the case of The Secret, the whole thing is a load of horseshit right to its core. There's not a smidge of value to be had in it at all. It's not even as useful as Herbalife or cheap zombie vacations. But Genpo is trying the same bullshit with Zen which, at its core is the most practical and useful philosophy and practice to be found. Like I've said before, if you wanna go attend one of Genpo's idiot conventions, be my guest. But that is not Buddhism and anyone who says it is ought to have his butt thoroughly booted.

The entire network marketing thing -- of which Big Mind® and The Secret are examples -- is based on two ideas. One is that what you really want out of life is OVER THERE somewhere. Not here. The other is that the dude running the show has what you need and can sell it to you. It's pure confusion created and sustained by collective thought.

Also, interestingly, both the network marketing scams and Big Mind® espouse the same idea that this stuff used to take a lot of time, effort and energy, but now a new technique has been developed that'll give you the same effect right away without all the muss and fuss. In the case of the network marketers the goal getting rich, in the case of Genpo and all the rest of them it's getting enlightenment. Believe whatever you want, suckers.

Listen. I'm just telling you what I can see. I don't give a shit if you believe it or not. I'm not trying to convince you I'm right. But I do think there's some value in expressing this point of view even if nobody pays much attention. So there.


gniz said...

There is definitely value in pointing out scams and frauds.

But one man's fraud is another man's True Teacher.

For instance, I think Gudo Nishijima's writings are incomprehensible and the infighting exhibited by his students makes me question the veracity of their practice.

But many people swear by it.

In the same way, many folks view Ohso (Bhagwan Rajneesh) as a dangerous cult leader whose followers tried to poison non-believers and have wild sex parties.

Yet, my teacher studied under Osho, and I've never met a more balanced human being.

Sometimes shit is shit. Sometimes it's not.


Mysterion said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been hoping to meet you during your next trip to OH. I live in Cleveland. What are you going to be doing in Akron on Nov. 7th and any plans to drive up to Cleveland while you're in the state?

gniz said...


You might have got a laugh out of Brad's rant, "ROFLMAO!" As you put it.

But lot's of people get a kick out of one person verbally taking someone else apart. That's why people love Hip-Hop battles, that's why people watch Fox News.

When someone we thing is "right" puts someone else down, we feel as if we've somehow been vindicated, that our viewpoint (which is right because its ours) has been established as the correct one.

But really, all it is is another form of warfare if you ask me. Brad's latest putdown seems more like a microcosm of why people end up killing one another. A strong belief that "I'm right" and "the other guy" is wrong.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong.


other said...

ya know gniz.. this is just a thought, but nishijima's writings might be incomprehensible to you because of something about you and not so much about him. and there really hasn't been that much public infighting in DS outside of maybe one guy. The rest seemed pretty civil overall. you seem a little anxious to see something there. I think you might have to consider that your perception is tainted and possibly you are seeing yourself in the way you perceive them.

Anonymous said...

80,000 paths.

Remember: 80,000.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've just read a good fraction of the Genpo-roshi stuff. I'd might super-unenlightened and Brad has some very special insight he had troubles to express because I don't see a _fundamental_ difference within the teaching material. The terminology is used differently, something that causes distraction quite regularly.

I totally agree that a patent on a Upaya/Skillfull Mean is stupid and that many inquiry techniques are a little too "guaranteed". That is problematic indeed.

But your basic point was: He is promising something. And I don't like that, too. But reading your books I would strongly feel pushed like "I have to KNOW what Brad KNOWS/SEES" if I hadn't had some contact to Buddhism before. It felt you wanted to convince people or at least make the curious.

Seriously, you write like that. I guess you wanted to sound like that. Sure, you don't say "You are stupid if you don't do the Zazen", but what does it imply if you say "I, Brad Warner, was stupid not doing the Zazen, I understood/experienced something, and now I am somehow different."?

Actually, I might be wrong and Genpo is actually much worse. I recall some Kazeon Sangha people to be pretty elitist, but I had that with Rinzai and other Soto folks, too.

Any position (even yours) starting with "That is NOT REAL ZEN. You are a FALSE teacher." doesn't appear very convincing to me. I prefer to read more about your teaching, I am sure a smart and sane person will tell the difference to different approaches that might not be have the "Bard-Warner-Seal-Of-Approval".

Then again, I could easily imagine people taking your teaching as well as Ken Wilber's, Osho's, and Jesus' teaching at the same time. Or is that not okay or not recommended or just not possible?

Mysterion said...
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Anonymous said...

"ya know gniz.. this is just a thought, but nishijima's writings might be incomprehensible to you because of something about you and not so much about him."

gniz isn't alone in that perception. I suppose some of it could also be that english isn't his native tongue or even old age.

Brad said;
"The entire network marketing thing -- of which Big Mind® and The Secret are examples -- is based on two ideas. One is that what you really want out of life is OVER THERE somewhere. Not here. The other is that the dude running the show has what you need and can sell it to you. It's pure confusion created and sustained by collective thought."

I have no use for Big Mind either, but this same analysis could be applied to traditional zen as well. Why study zen under a teacher? Because you believe he / she has something you want and it's over there at x zen center. The dude running the show is the roshi and he seems to have what you need. Even writing zen books or blogs falls into this category. Of course any mature zen student knows these ideas are mistaken. Roshi and zen itself have nothing to give you and what you're seeking is already right here and now, but nearly every beginner thinks they can get something and are often encouraged in their delusion.

"both the network marketing scams and Big Mind® espouse the same idea that this stuff used to take a lot of time, effort and energy, but now a new technique has been developed that'll give you the same effect right away without all the muss and fuss."

Funny, this same concept is at the heart of zen itself. Traditional buddhism teaches that enlightenment (or ending suffering if you prefer) is only possible after many lives and much accumulated merit. Zen promises a short cut.

Why waste all of your time on all those nasty incarnations? Become a buddha in this life via zazen.

Just something to think about.

gniz said...

I like a lot of what Brad has to say, but I also see inconsistencies and don't mind pointing them out.
There are, in my opinion, a lot of them to point out.
Of course, my real issue isn't the fact that Brad is inconsistent, but that he seems to hold himself above such things.
Why is it that Zen Masters never seem to apologize and say "I made a mistake?"
Its one of the most fundamentally human things we can do.


Mysterion said...
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Anonymous said...

All this "sudden" and "not-so-sudden" enlightment discussion was silly right from start during Hui-Neng's days.

Englightment can mean so many things for so many people that you can indeed have "sudden" and "gradual" enlightments. Like you have a sudden shower and you get gradually wet.

Some call Kensho Enlightment, some Satori, some Bodhi, etc.

Or rather:

You could call the famous initial moment of realization E.
You can call some recurring moment E.
You can call the aledged development E.
You can call the curiosity to get it E.
You can call the energy you put in pratices E.
You can call the pratices E.
You can call the non-practices E.
You can call certain people E.
You can call all people E.
You can call everyhing E.
You can call mind E.

I bet Dogen has at least 10 times of these definitions.

So what "enlightment" could be instant, which could not?

Something may happen suddenly. But that's actually not the point.

Something can develop. But that's actually not the point.

Something does never change at all. It's still not the point.

I still feel that thinking about other people's teaching or pratice is a bad pratice for myself to start with.

Anonymous said...

I recall that Mysterion repeatingly denied personal englightment and realization, so why does he act like that?

You are in NO position to quote with such a confidence unless you have some shared experience/insiught/blah. Stop denying!

It's a pity you really think that "some western mind cannot process" something. Yes, dear, you WISH you were a cool Japonaise guy who can understand everything by birth, but you have to suffer Kotis of Kalpas in Hungry Nyorai Hell (that is USA).

Do not delete your posts, won't you? And stop that Fr. Bacon crap for good, yes? It's looking like those Illuminati dickheads who cannot drop a line without writing 23.


esmerelda_verde said...

Gniz - a lot of what Rajneesh wrote seems good. Anyone who was around the Pacific Northwest when the cult turned toxic, which I was, has a pretty negative view. This kind of meltdown into group insanity seems to happen pretty frequently to teachers who promise quick fixes. A lot of it was crazy or corrupt cult members taking advantage.

I also find Gudo Nishijima is very hard to comprehend, there are big language and cultural differences so I figure its me not him. That is why I read Brad. As to the infighting well the 'Cross' period was pretty unpleasant but not G.N.s fault. I guess knowing a lot about zen doesn't necessary prevent students from going nuts.

PS nice to have you back posting.

Fi said...

I knew 'The Secret' probably wasn't directed at me at the point when as an example of bringing WHATEVER you wanted into your life they gave the example of visualising your shiny new car to make it just appear for you. ANYTHING in the whole world could be yours and they reckoned being able to get a bloody car would be the incentive! How shallow is that? How much does it miss the point? Pretty much summed it up for me.

Of course, a more sophisticated consumer would go for enlightenment - packaged and ready to be bought,from a more discerning salesman -that's the product of the moment 'as long as you do what I say and give me your money and your ability to think for yourself - it's yours! '

I don't always agree with everything Brad says - but then why would I? That would just be creepy - he's not me after all - but I'm glad he's around to say 'Guess What? - the king's not wearing any clothes!'

There will be people who love all that instant enlightenment stuff and say it's great, but if they're consuming it from a place of need it's just another trap and they'll still end up looking for 'where it's at' after a few years/months in the belief that if they just pay the right amount of money to the right person they will be able to 'give it to them'

and Brad - you cantankerous old sod - the thing I love about you is you keep encouraging people to recognise that it's all there in them ALREADY - we have everything we need and that's empowering people not making them dependant - just like Dorothy with her shoes - we had the power to get home all the time and didn't even realise it
We just have to sit on our arses with our monkey minds for a few years dull is that!

No wonder people want the instant route ...

I'm read this fab book at the mo' where the writer compares all the distractions in our lives to a mother distracting a crying baby with a rattle, we have hundreds of rattles and for me mood altering experiences, however they are packaged, are the ultimate. getting 'blissed out' and 'transcendant states' are just that - states - big shiny rattles

gniz said...


Its good to be back.
Its our own personal practice and understanding that matters.

As for who is a charlatan and who isn't, it would be nice if there were easy answers on that one.

Maybe someday, someone will come up with an x-ray or scan which can tell who is enlightened and who's a big faker.

Until then, its buyer beware.


Mysterion said...
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Sandra said...

I love reading your posts, & I just finished your book and found it fun, funny, stimulating and I even learned some pretty important things.

So WHY aren't you coming to Boston?

Anonymous said...

Why don't Zen Masters apologise?

Because they lack humility?
Because they trade on infalibility?

Anonymous said...

Why don't Zen Masters apologize?

They would have to believe in the concept of making mistakes first.

Anonymous said...

Where, pray tell, does Genpo claim to be selling enlightenment?

"Big Mind® espouse the same idea that this stuff used to take a lot of time, effort and energy, but now a new technique has been developed that'll give you the same effect right away without all the muss and fuss."

Does Genpo claim it's a new technique? In any case, if indeed it's not something OVER THERE, why all the muss and fuss? lol

gniz said...

"Why dont Zen Masters apologize?"

To answer my own question, I'd venture a guess:

To admit you are wrong, even once, opens the door that maybe you are entirely full of shit and mistaken about everything.


other said...

that's silly gniz.. zen masters might not look at things in so cut and dried a manner as that. or, can I venture.. so dualistically.

scooterjonz said...

I don't think Big Brad has any corner on the enlightenment market. And I don't think anyone else has either. Most Zen practice involves sitting down and doing it. Dogen said that Zazen was enlightnement.

In the modern world, we are so accustomed to convenience, to quick solutions. Fast Food. Meal in a minute. Nuke it and its done. How about five minute abs? The ten-minute workout? Quick oats (how much fucking quicker than five minutes do you need?)

The question follows: how much good food can you get quickly? You ever try to find a great meal quick? Doesn't the really good stuff require some time to cook? If you want to be in shape - short of surgery - don't you have to work at it?

Bhuddist teaching has been around for a long time. Practice still takes as long as it always has. Nobody is playing the violin overnight. The instant rock-star guitar video died out because it doesn't work - the teaching may be quick but practicing takes time. Just like anything worth doing, if you really want it, you have to put in the hours.

Zen is no different. More work is required than probably any other endeavor. You have to do it (sitting). You should do it daily. There is no black belt. Short of just quitting, there is no point at which you get to do it with less effort. There is no point at which you are done. The only goal is the practice.

"Instant Enlightenment" in my opinion is much like Faith Healing. People want something and don't want to start at the beginning. Somebody comes along who knows how to speak and get people worked up into an emotional state. What happens after that is emotional. It 'feels' good because of the emotional/chemical effect on the body. Wow, so this is enlightenment.

This is a tragedy because, like crack, you need more and more of the stimulus to get the same high. The luster wears off quickly, leaving the participant depressed and feeling cheated. They are more likely to quit and assume its all shit. That is why it is bad.

Buddha didn't like bullshit. Nobody piles bullshit higher than ourselves. I make the biggest pile right in front of me. Only I can clear it away to see clearly. But sometimes I need help to see the pile. That is why Zen masters don't participate in your delusions.

They don't have time to coddle you. You want Zen? You want teaching. Aitken Roshi said you should be grateful for a teacher who will smash your delusions. Instant enlightenment is a delusion.

Sorry if you don't like it. You should be glad somebody is stopping you from wasting your fucking time. What is the answer. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Mysterion said...
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Anonymous said...

It could be much simpler.

You know when you have fucked up. It's obvious. You assume it is obvious to everyone. Fuck ups are part of life. It is part of being human. Why apologise? What does it add?

Sometimes it is sensible to fess up, at other times it is so bleedin obvious that a confession is not necessary.

As for Big Mind, well I don't know. But I cannot see how it can be anything other than hard slog.

Wolfger said...

Thanks for the warning, but I always ignore scams like that anyhow. I don't need "instant enlightenment". I'm already enlightened. Pay me a few hundred bucks and I'll share my secret with you. :-)

(ok, seriously, how does anybody make any money doing that? How can they keep a straight face?)

Jinzang said...

OMG, Big Mind again. For those of you who wonder what the fuss is about, this interview has the sales pitch:

Let me use an analogy that helped me break through: Say a bunch of us are on a journey to the top of Mount Everest, and we run out of water, the whole group is dry. So we send one or two of the strongest people ahead with bags, to go and find water, and they do it, they go through the hardships and they bring it back to us. Do we drink the water or not?

Of course we drink it - we’d be foolish not to. But up to a point I myself was stuck in thinking that we all should have to go through the same journey that I went through. For me to get to this place, it took me 30 years of diligent practice, and now I’m going to offer that water to someone off the street, someone who’s never even done Zen?

Then I ran across this analogy, which was used by a Zen master in the 9th or 10th century, and he said, “No, you just have to bring back the water and let them drink it.” I realized that everyone doesn’t have to go through the same hardship.

I really like that analogy. You can either buy the roshi-approved bottled water from Mount Everest, or you can go into your kitchen and get some from the tap (i.e., sit on your ass and look at your mind.) One's more nicely packaged than the other but it's not going to give anything you can't get from the other.

Mostly because there's nothing to "get." It's when we give up trying to get that we start to practice for real.

Jinzang said...

As for who is a charlatan and who isn't, it would be nice if there were easy answers on that one?

Simple question, easy answer. You compare what they have to say with what the founder of the tradition (Dogen) had to say.

Why don't Zen Masters apologize?

What makes you think they don't?

gniz said...


So in other words,a con-artist is someone who breaks with tradition?

Didnt Dogen himself break from tradition, didnt many so-called masters break from their original traditions (Christ broke from Judaism, Buddha from ascetics and the like)?


Mysterion said...
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Frank said...

Did somebody just try to defend Genpo by citing Ohso? LMAO, What the fuck?

Anonymous said...


you need to take a look at yourself man. I feel sorry for you. You have a really twisted "holier than thou" thing going on, open up your eyes.

gniz said...

To Frank,

I didnt defend Genpo. I have absolutely zero interest in Big Mind or Genpo Roshi or Ken Wilber.
What I stated (and believe) is that a practice or teacher which seems below disdain to you, might be considered wonderful by someone else.
Try talking about Zen to somebody who has no interest in it--they'll think you're the biggest nutjob on the planet. Which doesnt mean you are, btw.
Everyone's got a bone to pick with some teacher or some holy book, thats my point.
And as to the "holier than thou" comment from anonymous, well thank you for your compassion and pity.
I will gladly accept both.


Gregor said...

Some people might believe in the power of blood sacrifice to cleanse them of their sins.

Oh, wait a minute that is a mainstream view. How does that seem to make sense to anybody, while Zen is considered weird?

Erg said...

Just a thought: Maybe Zen Masters do admit they are wrong. Brad constantly talks about stupid ideas he has had. Even the head honcho of my school in general admits he is wrong regularly.

Anonymous said...

The technique of pacing and leading a subject from a rich or varied set of thoughts to a limited or impoverished set of thoughts is a technique used consciously by hypnotists, advertisers, sales people, preachers and politicians.

Its called Neuro Linguistic Programing, not Zen Buddhism.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea… and you can listen to Roshi Big Mindo do it to a Buddhist Geek over the telephone on their website.

Erg said...

I agree with Christopher. What BIg Mind is is a kind of gestalt therapy ripoff, and may help people understand themselves better, but its not going to give them "enlightenment" and its not Zen. Thats the thing that gets me. Its not even something new. He is repackaging an old thing. Why not jsut sell the old thing and be immune from criticism?

Anonymous said...

"I realized that everyone doesn’t have to go through the same hardship."

This IS one of the most misleading teachings I've ever read. Even famous teachers like Bankei and Shakyamuni himself are attributed to have used this argument.

What we face here is the problem that you take YOUR (the teacher's) individual story as a template for other people. This is actually difficult as the different history is giving people a hard time to join your special way. Even some things might be similar there will be no carbon copy enlightment.

Afterwards, it feels like it would have been "so easy" if you "just had known" right from the start. But this "original mind" or whatever you call the state/process is not something you really had before, that's a metaphor. Actually, you rather "cultivate" it.

Some may have an easy time learning from some turbo teacher. Some obviously HAVE to be misled even by good teachers for a zillion kalpas. We just don't know.

All your struggles are eventually neccesary. Is it that people discover awakening by training mediation or is it that people who are already awakening start searching for something and find meditation?

Mysterion wins the prize for the most unadequate linguistic acid trip of the week. You are back in business, babe!


Anonymous said...

the only people that try to be masters arent masters. real masters dont have to try

Anonymous said...

osho, while highly controversial, had a lot to say. he had a lot of nothing to say. we'll miss him.

there's alot to be said for nothing at all ^____^

"shut the fuck up and sit down!!!"

Anonymous said...

neener-neener neener, i'm more Enlightened than you are.

MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! bitches....

Anonymous said...

you are the only light there is/ for yourselves my friend - gogol bordello

-(A)-nony-Mouse strikes(strokes?) again!!!

jackalope said...

Thanks for the link, Jinzang.

Just the 3rd paragraph had me going "argh!"

It is [radical] blending of Buddhist meditation and Jungian psychology, which offers nearly instantaneous access to the Universal or “Big” Mind.

Can't we just put a moratorium on the term "universal mind?"

And combining Buddhist meditation with Jungian psychology is just...*headdesk*

Justin said...

Something that is important in Buddhism and given special emphasis is not being attached to dogma, and that includes your own beliefs as well as those of others. Soto Zen puts special emphasis on avoidance of not looking for nirvana elsewhere, but Brad is very attached to this.

It doesn't mean that these is no such thing as a helpful teacher or practice or insight - especially when that teacher, practice or insight allows you to fully realise that nirvana is right here. This is the meaning of the following story, which comes from Dogen's Genjokoan:

Zen master Baoche of Mt. Mayu was fanning himself. A monk approached and said, "Master, the nature of wind is permanent and there is no place it does not reach. Why, then, do you fan yourself?"

"Although you understand that the nature of the wind is permanent," Baoche replied, "you do not understand the meaning of its reaching everywhere."

"What is the meaning of its reaching everywhere?" asked the monk again. The master just kept fanning himself. The monk bowed deeply.

Justin said...

"It's not about right or wrong.

First, reject all dualism."

Rejection is dualism

Blake said...

I can't quote anyone or remember any old Buddhist Master's names. But I will take a snippit from my my experience and share it.

Like most Americans, I have struggled with my weight. And I have known many people who have struggled. It's common knowledge how you lose weight, right? Take in less calories than you burn. Sure, this is a slow method, but it works. It took me a year and a half to lose 70 pounds at about a pound a week.

Funny thing is I have friends who jumped from scam diet to scam diet, trying to find the quick way to lose weight. Years they spent taking pills, eating nothing but protein, going to fat camps, trying to find the "quick way." When if they had just gone at it, one pound per week, they would be at a healthy weight many times over.

Big Mind is just another diet and maybe it works and maybe it doesn't. I'm done looking for the quick-fix. Shit, I'm done looking. I don't care what anyone is trying to sell, I'm going to sit and do this thing one pound at a time using the method that is known to work.

Otto Kerner said...

They would have to believe in the concept of making mistakes first.

Haha, come on, believing in mistakes is the sine qua non of being in touch with reality.

Otto Kerner said...

Why don't Zen Masters apologize?

What makes you think they don't?

Off the top of my head, to be honest, I can't remember hearing a zen teacher apologise for anything, except in the ritualised context of a repentence ceremony. Maybe I've been hanging out with/reading about the wrong zen masters.

Sanbo Kyodan used to have a section on their website apologising for Yasutani's writings during the war, but, in that case, they were apologising for something somebody else did, after he had died. It appears to be gone now, anyway, and, from what I recall, the apology never appeared in the Japanese version of the site.

Mysterion said...
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gniz said...

Well, isnt this appopriate...from Gudo Nishijima's blog:

"3) In your view, can a teacher make a mistake in giving the Dharma Transmission to a student?

(Gudo's opinion) I think that there might be several times to make my mistakes in giving Dharma to them, and especially in my case I have sometimes given my Dharma for encouraging my students before they haven't matured yet."

Its hard to tell--BUT--i think Gudo just admitted he made mistakes.

So now I stand corrected.


Mysterion said...
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dood said...


Thanks for saying what you did - we all know that those are scams.

Brad, Nishijima, Dogen, random Buddhist Master - i can't understand any of them anyway...

Brad has made some semi-coherent books though...

take care,

Anonymous said...

i'm in ur zendo...

shitin' on ur zafu :)

Jinzang said...

So in other words,a con-artist is someone who breaks with tradition?

If you call yourself a Zen teacher, but you don't teach Zen, aren't you conning people? If you call yourself a Pastafarian, no problem.

Anonymous said...

Mysterion, as your attourney I recommend to pop all the pills at once. I'd like to inform you that I have reserved a nice high roller 4000 sqft suite for us at the MGM Grand. We should sell the suicide girls to the truck drivers.


Jared said...

Because I have nothing to constructive to add to the conversation about Big Mind and Ramen-Noodle Englightenment (just add water!), instead I'll address one of Mysterion's numerous posts:

There's more evidence to suggest that I wrote Shakespeare than there is for Francis Bacon being the author. The whole theory, which fails to take into account anything about sixteenth and seventeenth century English society, writing, and history, is absurd. The ENTIRE idea of Francis Bacon having written the plays stems from the psychotic ravings of Delia Bacon, self-proclaimed decendent of F. Bacon in her "book", "Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere [sic] Unfolded", which for all intents and purposes is random babble.

Personally, I don't give two shits about who wrote the plays. But it's a bit in the vein of a conspiracy theory, or the theater equivalent, to say Bacon did. Then again, Jesus was a Buddhist, so...

Ken said...

Thought you might like this....a spoof on "What The Bleep Do We Know?"

Mysterion said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand this BigMind thing, but still feel that I can comment on this E thing.

Zen teachers in Rinzai (and also in Soto but not so much) tradition use private meetings with students to trigger something in them to happen. This is combined with zazen of course. Usually the student practices koans, but not always.

My own kensho experience: I sat trough night and then WHAM, everything was different. In the morning I went to my teacher and we both sat still. I did not tell him from my experience. Next day I passed my koan. He probed me on my koan (who am I?), Answers came out of my mouth. I felt totally normal, no trace of the WHAM thing remained. Still my answers were different and came freely. My actions were different. I had different perspective witch I could not notice without Roshi poking me with questions. Passing your first Koan in Rinzai zen is considered as real beginning of zen practize. I did 12 years of zazen to get into that point.

I am really doubtful that BigMind can make this happen faster. On the other hand it happens that certain few people have this kensho thing happen to them almost immediately when they start to practice.

What I really don't like in BigMind attitude is the fact that you need decades of zazen after your kensho (if it really happens in BigMind training) to be able to actualize it. If people get their E and happily go away without starting daily zazen, they have wasted more than $250 and know nothing of zen.

Justin said... need decades of zazen after your kensho (if it really happens in BigMind training) to be able to actualize it. If people get their E and happily go away without starting daily zazen, they have wasted more than $250 and know nothing of zen.

I can't comment on whether BigMind does what it claims and provokes kensho experiences, but I have heard Genpo Roshi in interview deny that BigMind is a substitute for Zazen - it is just a kensho experience and should be treated the way any other kensho experience is treated.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theorists/terrorists and related lower species enjoy to disable certain logic circuits in their brain only in those cases when they feel it nourishes their theory. Once they've made their point they continue in "logical" habits from there on.

To mix up "What if...?" and "Why not...?" with serious inquiry or even science is actually insulting for any sane person.

It's just like kids who cannot accept that the world is just like it is, without Santa Claus but with all the nasty stuff in it, even Shakespeare, Jesus, Tricky Dick, Dead Elvis, Dead JFK, 9/11, and also evil Genpo-roshi.

But Brad Warner is actually the last survivor of an ancient alien culture that crashed on earth 108 Million years ago. Why? He had used the number 108 several times. Or the square root of it. And he is Vegetarian, don't you understand?

How can you, dear ole Mysterion, really feel smarter than us whilst brabbeling bullshit about some personal faked alternate reality like you do here without even being slightly on topic?


Anonymous said...

Um, sorry IceBucket, but in the
case of 9/11, the burden of proof
lies upon you.

How, for example, do you explain
the 6.5 second (rate of free-fall)
symmetrical (no toppling over)
collapse of World Trade Center 7
without the use of explosives?

Perhaps you should study some

Or talk to some knowledgeable people.

It appears that the real terrorists
have got you fooled.

Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

the real question is: why are you icebucket the only one that get's so riled up about mysterion's random postings? unless you are mysterion's sock puppet..... of course.

to the mystery wtc conspiracist, do you ever hang out at:

you should. they will tear you apart. not that you'd ever admit that of course.


Anonymous said...

"9/11 inside job" anonymous points to
the website of a physicist who worked
for the Naval Research Laboratory for
over 30 years, David L Griscom, PhD.

"9/11 some guy in a cave" anonymous
points to the website of James Randi,
a stage magician. Very appropriate.

So easy a caveman could do it?
Sounds like zazen!

Jinzang said...

How, for example, do you explain
the 6.5 second (rate of free-fall)
symmetrical (no toppling over)
collapse of World Trade Center 7
without the use of explosives?

The collapse of a building is a complex non-linear process. I wouldn't draw conclusions either way based on a back of the envelope calculation.

Perhaps you should study some

I majored in physics. How about you?

Anonymous said...

After the next false-flag attack and
consequent declaration of martial law,
I, for one, will be sure to thank dan
for his well-informed analysis.

Anonymous said...

When Hillary becomes prez and we get attacked by al quada I will hope dan finally gets it.

Anonymous said...

jinzang said:

I wouldn't draw conclusions either
way based on a back of the envelope

Agreed. So after 6 years and millions
spent, why won't NIST release WTC7
finite element analysis simulations
to the engineering community?

Peter said...

Let me tell you what instant-enlightnement means to me; sitting on my balcony early sunday morning and seeing a bit of dirt in the form of a midget or drinking a cold glas of water during a hot summers day, or even better; feeling the ripples and holes in an old stone I found somewhere in the woods.
Shall I continue?

Gregor said...

Instant enlightenment for hire at top dollar --- Some people might love it, sure. But, does that make it Buddhism? My humble opinion is that what the Buddha taught had to deal with the Four Noble Truths,The Eightfold Path, --- does Big Mind teach this in an accurate and balanced manner?

Honestly I don't know, but if the awnser is no, then Brad's right "BM" is not Buddhism. But then again what is "real Buddhism"
I'd argue that its simpley objective free practice, something done for it's own sake as a lifestyle -- we cannot really categorize and label it, only do it.

Good luck to all in following thier practice.



Mysterion said...
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Mysterion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If you're charging for it--it ain't the real deal,
it's a commercial, for-profit, enterprise.
I think this is the trickiest part of the trickier path: how do we sustain ourselves and our practice.
If we don't charge, how will we live?
We don't live in forests. We don't live on farms, hell, we don't even have vegetable gardens! ( In this US of A homelessness could not be taken on by a religious movement--although it is the manifestation of trickled down consequences resulting from the societal beliefs we actually act on and act out-- Jesus, Buddha and entourage would be rounded up as vagrants--What, no permanent address? (although I guess both could give their Dad's home address--and I'm talking the flesh and blood dad--not the bearded grey haired guy in the sky).
Begging isn't something we condone in this culture--but advertising is...
Advertising is a hustler's way of begging.
Except that you are supposed to give someone something in exchange for their money.
And in zen there's nothing to give, nothing to get (and it takes a considerable period of dedicated, diligent time to get or give this nothing).
Big Mind (tm) sounds like a meditator's vibrator. Something quick and easy. Yeah, it might 'take you there', as a localized event. I'm not putting down vibrators here, all manner of skillful means has it's place in the bedroom, But a vibrator does not replace an inventive, interested lover who takes their time.
Just who you are--there on the zafu or there on the bed-- to force anything is to by pass the naturally occurring means to arrive at your own pace in your own time.
The fact is there is no short cut to sitting on the cushion, facing the wall, facing yourself, facing this life.
Charging for "enlightnment experience" is pimping the practice.
There, I've said it.

Zen Buddhism steps out of monasteries and no longer as monks, but as lay practitioners,
priestly practice enters into and is confronted by daily life--
The temptation is to charge for it--join the self-help movement, follow the footsteps of other religious groups--charge for lectures, for levels of membership--platinum circle, golden circle, silver circle, bronze circle--plum circle, lotus circle, daisy circle...
I would like to think that it just becomes very normal and ordinary--that as I walk through the farmer's market or my grocery store, I am in the company of lay priests, practitioners who all have regular jobs and don't have to charge for 'showing us their enlightment' but can just live it out in ordinary activities.
I'm betting that we can because we are clever, clever, clever humanses.

If we really love this practice we won't make it our milk cow. Unless, of course we are dairy farming and can truly say of our zen practice 'It's the cheese."


Anonymous said...

I apologize if someone didn't get my humor in the first place, I had laugh loud when I saw that I really woke up the hilarious 9/11 denial crowd. Please go back to some adequate place... Not at all I want to read anything about this un-topic anymore.

No one wants to hear that. Your parents are right when they said you should shut up.

Go out into the sun, care about your family. Hug someone.

I really enjoy Mysterion's posts even he is little strong on the weird side of stories, I love that. I also enjoy a casual provocation every now and then, I actually got him angry once or twice but he deleted his posts, this genius chap.

Chapeau, mon ami!


Koudelka said...

You know, I don't know why all you fucking wankers keep flapping your meat about "skillful means" and all of these retarded technicalities and "fine points" of buddhism. Most of you don't even have a fucking clue as it is, so get over what you read in a book.

Just be yourselves, damn.

Anonymous said...

Long time no post
good to see you back

Koudelka said...

Also, here's an unfortunately novel concept around here:


I usually try to steer clear of the comments here, since they make me retch... but, hi, whoever you are. :D

Anonymous said...

koudelka, you dont know shit about other people and whether they have a clue or not.

why is it so that many people in buddhism say other people dont have clue even they only seen fractions of what these oithers are?

why is it so that those people who indeed "have a clue" (otherwise they couldnt tell) would deny it?

why would those people criticize others if they say someone else does not have a clue?

this makes feel you worse.

Anonymous said...

but koudelka, if you were posting more comments here, there'd be less 'retched' ones!

skillful means a given example by way of definition in buddhist writings is: a father as he approaches sees his house is on fire. He calls to his children, telling them he has candy and toys for them and they come running out of the house to him eager for their presents.

skillful means as used above in comment was meant to be funny in its playful use between zen and sex contexts

but if 'skillful means' got you to break your silence on the blog, I'd say that was some pretty skillful use of skillful means rot thar!


Koudelka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Koudelka said...

oh, I wasn't commenting about your sex comparison, I thought that was kinda funny..

The fact that you're still here means that you don't have a clue.

Mysterion said...

Zen is Zen. Zazen is Zazen.

In my later years, every sitting was a somewhat new and unique experience. Or I forgot, it doesn't really matter.

If you have expectations (anxiety) before you sit, you may be disappointed. If THIS Zazen experience was just like the last one, then perhaps you either brought in a little baggage or were a bit judgemental. If you seek some kind of narrow legalistic interpretation or definition of Zen or the Zazen experience, then a few graduate classes in philosophy might better suit your needs.

If you want the Zazen experience, then you need to learn how to sit (posture - requires external eyes - e.g. teacher) and you need to 'just sit quietly.'

No bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I've long thought koudelka was filled with anger disguised as youthful arrogance.

Anonymous said...

I also think he's smart and brave.

Anonymous said...

waka waka!!!

-Anony Mouse

Anonymous said...

stroke it!

-Anony Mouse

Anonymous said...

I think koudelka is the koudelkiest


Anonymous said...

koudelka for Prez!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The fact that you're still here means that you don't have a clue."

and the fact that you are still here means you alone have a clue, indeed. teach us, master. you are special. you always knew it.

its good for you to wake up and know that you are so fucking enlightened. and the inferiors are not.

i know i have to sit a billion years to reach your level of realization. and i honor your impressive compassionate contribution you gave to the dharma and people. hail thee!

actually i am just envious of your life. thats all. i want a hat like that. said...

When shit stinks, Koudelka says so, when Koudleka's shit stinks plenty of folks tell him so.
Why do we spend so much time telling each other that other's shit stinks.
You'd think none of us had noses.
We can each smell for ourselves that shit--ours and others--shhhtinks!
Can we find a way to point this out (just in case someone's shnozola isn't working) in the least personally perjorative way possible and move on?
I can tell by the temperature of the zafus no one has sat on them for a while now...

Jinzang said...

The fact that you're still here means that you don't have a clue.

Who do you think does have a clue? And how does one get clued in?

Anonymous said...

one clue is when you shhtep in it and it
schquishesh between your toes


Koudelka said...

I'm not going to nitpick, because I know that's the fucking stupid game that gets played here.

All I'm saying is let go of your obsessive chasing and your ideas about buddhism because that's exactly not life. As long as you think anyone "knows" something that you can't, then you're never going to be living.

Koudelka said...

As an addendum, my "realization" or what-the-hell-ever was that all of the foggy painful feelings that I felt "around me" were exactly me.

And as soon as I accepted fully, without anything left behind, that I was this massive pain, things flipped and I was just myself again.

Seriously, what are you chasing? Do you even know?

Anonymous said...


i thank you for clarifiying that you really think you obtained something special. next thing is to realize that it is something really common. then next thing is to "somehow" forget about it. and even after that theres something. but thats not the point here.

and you know by sure that all these nice people have not experienced what you have experienced? thats great because you can show me the trick to know a person by reading 2 sentences. without even knowing if someone is smiling on the other side.

bragging with your "level" or even comparing your "level" to other peoples achievements or the lack thereof was always a very bad pratice for me, you actually "lose" all you might have alledgely achieved right in the moment when you think you are something special. some teachers told me similar things, too. its also in the diamond sutra if you are into reading.

to answer the question: i am chasing holy people.

take care, mate, take care...

Koudelka said...

Actually dude, I don't think I "got" anything special at all. If anything, I just stopped being stupid.

I believe that people wind up in buddhism because they go insane at some point and create a false problem to worry about. I don't consider it a "spiritual path", I consider it psychotherapy for very very desperate people.

I don't have a "level", people are just people, dude. Everyone eats, shits and dies, we just do different things in the meantime.

Anyways, I seriously do not want to bicker, I'm being dead honest. You're right man, You win this AWESOME ARGUMENT. THE GOOSE WAS NEVER IN THE BOTTLE IN THE FIRST PLACE LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. WE'RE REALLY HELPING PEOPLE WITH THIS ARGUMENT. fag.

Anonymous said...

Nasrudin returned to his village from the imperial capital, and the villagers gathered around to hear what had passed.

"At this time," said Nasrudin, "I only want to say that the King spoke to me."

All the villagers but the stupidest ran off to spread the wonderful news.

The remaining villager asked, "What did the King say to you?"

"What he said -- and quite distinctly, for everyone to hear -- was 'Get out of my way!'"

The simpleton was overjoyed; he had heard words actually spoken by the King, and seen the very man they were spoken to.

Anonymous said...

A neighbor comes to Nasreddin Hoja.
"Would you lend me your donkey today, Hoja?" the neighbor asks, "I have goods to transport to the next town."
The Hoja answers: "I'm sorry, but I've already lent her to somebody else."
Suddenly the donkey is heard braying loudly behind a wall.
"You lied to me, Hoja!" the neighbor exclaims, "There is the donkey!"
"What do you mean?" the Hoja replies indignantly, "Whom would you rather believe, a donkey or your Hoja?"

Anonymous said...


"If anything, I just stopped being stupid."

Well that's more than me. I just realised how stupid and unthinking and hurtful I could be at times.

I guess you have a great attainment...

Koudelka said...

you can twist words to mean anything you like, especially ambiguous words like "stupid"

sometimes the best way to help someone is to kick them in the face.

Anonymous said...


good to see to paced down a bit. still, i would enjoy more acceptance, but thats just me.

it was not about winning or whatever for me, i recall you entered the pub and you were the guy shouting at people without any apparent reason.

still, you stopped "being stupid" (at least for yourself, other migh disagree), thats great. but others did not stop "being stupid". so theres a difference. they are still "stupid". you are not. that doesnt feel right for me.

permanent liberation is a metaphor and not something you could live at all. best you can really attain is awareness of your "karmic" structures. you might change for the better, but you might not. you will do bad things in the future, too.

i think acting like a "strict zen master" in the old-school style with beating people and stuff is misleading at best and dangerous at worst. i agree, no need to be gentle to all the people all the time, but its still creating loads of shit inside oneself.

Koudelka said...

I have no idea if others are still "being stupid."

Stop thinking and start living.

Good luck. See ya.

Anonymous said...

no need to be embarrassed, mate.

perhaps, one day, i can also stop thinking and start living like you did.


Anonymous said...

bodhisatvas Alphonse and Gaston as they approach the door to get in for the big 'E'

"After you,"
"Mais non, after you"
"Please, after you,"
"I insist, you first"
"Non, non, je t'empris, you go"
"Mon cher ami, of course you will go before me"
etc. etc.
But there's a coupala bodhisatvas for you, always putting others first...

Anonymous said...

bodhisatvas Alphonse and Gaston as they approach the door to get in for the big 'E'

"After you,"
"Mais non, after you"
"Please, after you,"
"I insist, you first"
"Non, non, je t'empris, you go"
"Mon cher ami, of course you will go before me"
etc. etc.
But there's a coupala bodhisatvas for you, always putting others first...


Anonymous said...

one thing to note about 'the secret', is that all examples are material, while all explanations are spiritual. nice to provide spirituality and make it attractive to many (and the secret does this), but the fact that everyone is looking for their 'dreamhouse' 'dreamboat' 'dreamvacation' is telling.
dreams of sitting with the grandchildren outside, were also dependent on the 'dreampool' that we get to sit next to...

if we're into chasing dreams, it can't be 'over here'.

the network-marketing thing is closely linked. also built on the dream of having money without working.

but - how many people get a kick of energy and start moving, because someone gave them a dream they can relate to?

might this movement lead some of them to look at themselves?

gniz said...


You said: "sometimes the best way to help someone is to kick them in the face."

Please give one concrete example of when this tactic is helpful.


farmhenjen said...

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of zen practice I don't see any essential difference between Brad's teacher, Nishijima Roshi, and my teacher-- Genpo Roshi.

Yup! Here we go, folks!  No, I didn't drop here from outter space, I've read Nishijima Roshi's work, love his blog-- also read Brad's.  Brad's teaching essentially is no different from Genpo's: 'Sit down and shut up' says it very nicely.  The only difference is that Brad appears to be in the grip of servitude to his own opinion / prejudice when it comes to anything about BigMind. The LAST thing Genpo does is cling to opinion and prejudice-- any opinion, any prejudice.

You don't think so?  Read Margaret's experience:
And I know so.  I keep an eye like a hawk on Genpo-- he himself teaches to doubt and question everything, and I do, you bet!

For sure I know Genpo better than Brad does and this whole thing is really, really sad. Ranting is lots of fun-- I'm here aren't I?  ;)   But an excess of un-informed ranting, especially by one looked upon as teacher...  I don't think I'm alone wondering if it can lead to something more than verbal ranting.  Sentient beings can be discouraged by it. Even the Buddha was poisoned, no?  The sixth Patriarch was hunted down to be killed rather than "loose the Dharma", no?  Holding to mis-information, could we please not go too far down that path? ?

Here's a few facts:
The BigMind trade mark is exactly to protect against scams.  Think about it.  If your business is to scam, do you pay someone for a franchise into their trademark?  No, you start your own scam and keep all the proceeds yourself.  Even pyramid scams don't pay someone else money up front.  geez!

BigMind is not something "new" and "McDonald's-American".  It's Bankei's "Unborn" mind, it's "Original Mind", it's the Sixth Patriarch's "Sudden School".  Did I have to scrounge research on this?  No, I heard it from Genpo Roshi.  geez.

If someone has been to a BigMind seminar and didn't hear that the method was adapted from the work of Hal and Sidra Stone, they either came in late or had best see their doc for an ear cleaning.  Hal and Sidra wrote one of the reviews of Genpo's book on BigMind. <--fact!  geez, gimme a break, peeps!

BigMind is not a teaching imposed from the outside in any way.  It completely differs from other teaching in that it employs methods of both eastern and western 'Study-of-the-Self' to let it become known to the seeking person what is simply real and there already (but is hidden by our "noise").  It in no way differs from Master Mumon's commentary on "Mu". (see Mumon's commentary)

Ok, I'll shut up after this one.  Do you take antibiotics if you are sick, or do you go to a barber and get leaches put on your arms?  Noooo, there must be something wrong with antibiotics... they are a new invention.  If you're going to visit Tibet, do you walk from here to there?  Do you send your child into surgery without the best modern anesthesia available?

Do you really, really think Buddhist practice is forever, without question, required to look exactly like Northern India in 594 BC ?  Do you think it ever has looked like 594 BC in any of the years since?

Thanks :D I love a good rant too!

Anonymous said...


You said: "sometimes the best way to help someone is to kick them in the face."

Please give one concrete example of when this tactic is helpful."

like maybe of they had a really really big itch on their nose?

Anonymous said...

" After the next false-flag attack and
consequent declaration of martial law,
I, for one, will be sure to thank dan
for his well-informed analysis.

6:02 AM

Anonymous said...
When Hillary becomes prez and we get attacked by al quada I will hope dan finally gets it. "

geez, all i did was link to a website which provides countless amounts of real evidence from people who have a clue what they are talking about that debunks all the 9/11 ct nonsense. i double dare you guys to go on there and actually argue with sceptics who care enought to take the time to actually show you you are talking out of your arse rather than trolling a blog about zen. the fact that james randi was a magician has got nothing to do with the level of knowledge and expertise posessed by some of the members of his forum and you know it.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone with actual experience of Big Mind posting here :)

Anonymous said...

"The BigMind trademark is exactly to protect against scams......"

Hmmm let me see now, this scam is protection against noble!
Zen Buddhism enters other culure/other countries and becomes part of everyday life--because it is in essence everyday life.

BigMind trademark is Zen Buddhism as it enters this country and the culture of capitalism, consumerism: the legality of proprietary protection and intellectual property as it seeks vendor status in the marketplace.
This is to Zen Buddhism as a human or a corporate interest 'owning rights' to DNA code sequences is to mother nature.
A BigLaugh.
Can it take being commercialized? Can it withstand the scrutiny through www and media? Can it live up to its hype?

All it's teachers end up being humans! All its followers--students and practitioners end up being humans!
All anyone gets out of it is nothing!
Tradition tells us humans wanting for nothing have wanted this nothing--indeed, have given everything to get it! Tradition tells us with this nothing there is no more wanting.
Zen Buddhism is the anti-dote to the three-legged milking stool upon which capitalism/consumerism sits frequently when we take out our wallets and give out our cash, our credit card numbers. (The three legs of the milking stool: our fears, hatreds, delusions (otherwise known as the three poisons, greed, anger and ignorance) The practice of Zen cuts these three legs right off the stool: we can not be preyed upon, we do not prey on others.)

Just what will the effect of zen buddhism have on everyday life?
The answer lies in how your practice manifests itself right now in your day to day activities.

Do you think a seminar will give it to you?
Do you think you need to attend one and get a certificate to prove it to yourself? to others?
Do you need a seminar to find out that you don't need a seminar?
Do you need to go to a seminar that tells you you don't need a seminar?

Isn't this, after all, what our capitalism/consumerism culture ultimately shows us over time? That our dissatisfaction with ourself is only momentarily assuaged by products--that distraction, whether painful or pleasurable is only temporary and is not satisfaction--and that ultimately contentment is never found externally.

Can consumeristic/capitalistic culture trivialize Zen out of existence?
Zen is for BigKids, Zen is for GrownUps, Zen is for more and more of LessNLess. Zen is the Art in artifice and the Gnat in Gnatural.

Is Zen more Zen when it is trendy and popular or when it isn't?

What's all the flap over nothing?
What is this nothing?

Where can I get me some? Who's going to sell it to me?


Anonymous said...

"He who works for merits does not slight others; and on all occasions he treats everybody with respect. He who is in the habit of looking down upon others has not got rid of the erroneous idea of a self, which indicates his lack of Kung. Because of his egotism and his habitual contempt for all others, he knows not the real Essence of Mind." Learned Audience, a man unenlightened may be unperturbed physically, but as soon as he opens his mouth he criticizes others and talks about their merits or demerits, ability or weakness, good or evil; thus he deviates from the right course."
\---chan master hui neng / platform sutra

BlinkStefaans said...

And in the end , everyones FART stinks, enlightened or not.

Anonymous said...

I want to attend your appearance on November 7,2007 at the Akron Public Library. You did not say what time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing quackery. In my younger years I fell for the same thing. And all of those that were having so much fun trying to convince us that the network marketing system would work are now doing other things. I once bought my way into one of those vacations by buying a lot of products to qualify. I could have gone to the same place for less money.