Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Listen up, Santa Cruz! You guys gotta turn out en masse tonight June, 14th at Gateways Books at 7 PM. The gig at the Virgin Megastore Tuesday was fun. But it was hardly the Hitler-at-Nuremberg type crowds a MASTER of my IMMENSITY should be commanding. Don't you people realize that I am the 49th PATRIARCH OF ZEN??????


Whatever. I had fun on Tuesday. The people who did show up were all very cool and very interested, so that more than made up for the lack of biggness of the event. By the way, there actually was a certain fellow who used to promote himself as the 49th Patriarch of Zen. Turns out he had the same credentials as a whole lot of Zen teachers these days. And if you interpret them in a particular way you could call yourself the 49th (or whatever number) patriarch. So could I. But I don't. That was a joke. OK?

I've never been to Santa Cruz, so I'm looking forward to the trip. Yesterday I had a really good interview with Michael Sammet of KZSC radio down there. His show's called "Talk About." And he actually did talk about my book. In fact, all the interviews I've done up here have been really good. I did three of 'em yesterday! A record for me. The first was with Gary Gach of a website called Don't know when that goes up. But I'll try & find out. Then I did one with Anthony Wright. That was for a Marin County radio station. It'll also be a Podcast. Once I get the details on where you can download it, I'll post them here.

Plus I'm doing scads of "real job" type work, which is too boring to detail here. Busy, busy, busy....

Check the posting below this one for info on the rest of Northern California Tour 2007.


Elizabeth said...

Will the SFZC folks record the talk tomorrow night and put it on their podcast and/or website? If so I'd like to hear it. They've started doing that with their public lectures lately.

John said...

Man, I would love to go tonight in SC, but I don't get off work till 6 and I am 3 hours away. Not to mention I have to be at work at 6 tomorrow.

Next time I am down in SoCal, I will have to come see you speak.

Colin said...

I love Santa Cruz... except for all the fucking hippies...

I actually used to have a radio show on KZSC!

Jinzang said...

Are there really hippies in Santa Cruz? Or is this a case of calling any kid with long hair and liberal political views a hippie? There used to be hippies in Woodstock, NY--until the real estate prices drove them out. I don't know what the problem with hippies is, anyway. There wouldn't be any Buddhist centers in America if it weren't for the hippies.

other said...

jinzang - the problem with hippies is that most are drug enthusiasts. no matter however idealistic their beliefs are, that habit will usually cause us problems somewhere down the road.. 1967 hippies = 2007 homeless.

other said...

oh yeah.. a few are millionaire businesspeople too.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, them Santa Cruz whippersnappers are more like wannabee hippies.

That said, there's some good eats up thataway.

spellchecker said...

It's not that "onto" is not a word ... it's just that it's not this word.

Anonymous said...

"drug enthusiasts....1967 hippies = 2007 homeless."

Got any evidence to show that the 1967 hippies are more or less likely than average to be homeless?

And 'drug taking = homeless bum' is overly simplistic. Lots and lots of people take drugs all the time (alcohol) and yet are not homeless. A minority of the drinking population develop an alcohol problem, the majority do not.

Studies have shown that people can hold down a job and family whilst also taking regular doses of heroin, but people don't see heroin as a middle class drug and assume all heroin addicts are homeless drop-outs.

Anonymous said...

i dont like the drugs but the drugs like me

-brian WARNER (aka mariLyN maNson)

Anonymous said...

i love to hate hippies.

Anonymous said...

(the following rant is aimed at anglo-european hippies. i dont know what the hippy scene is liek in cali so i cant comment. i hope its not like it is here in london though...)

in my experience hippies are annoying because they say one thing and do almost the exact opposite. as jinzang pointed out hippies are characterised as having liberal political views but in their personal conduct they are some of the most intolerant people i have ever seen when it comes to people who arent like them. 'hippy fascists'.
in my experience the hippy scene is also rife with acid induced (i.e. seeing everything dualistically) homophobia. on top of that modern hippy music (psy trance) sucks. maybe hippies were cool in the 60's cos back then anyone who wasnt normal was de facto a hippy freak. now the sub cultures have refined and hippies have become just one of the many different types of altrnative cultures. and now it is stale and full of old men on mushrooms trying to get into teenage girls with dreads and fairy wings' pants.

one of the best examples of why hippies suck is to take to take two underground squat raves.

the first is what every party i have been to that was run by anarchists is like:

the music is everything from jazz to techno to pop to noisecore, there are punks (yeh ok mainly punks but also), teenyboppers, drunk guys in suits, homeless people, hippies, ravers, thugs, rude boys, rastas, trendy art students, people who've just wondered in off the street to see what all the noise was about and everything in between. the party is free to get into or donations, the food inside is free or donations and you just take what you want, no one gives a crap how you act or what you are wearing and theres generally a feeling or genuine anarchy in the air (albeit for a limited time in a specific contained space).
sounds pretty jokes right?

now, this is what EVERY single squat party that's run by hippies instead of anarchists (and there's a BIG difference) is like:

it costs £15 to get into (remember this isnt a club, we're talking about chargin £15 to get into a warehouse that isnt even owned by the people who are charging). and there are always a bunch of stoned italian/brazillians at the door looking vaguely depressed. the music is strictly psy trance with maybe a room for psy dub or psy - ambient (basically it has to have psy in the name to get played). the food is ludicrously expensive (£5 for a hemp burger anyone?), the people are either hippies or ravers or a combination of both with plenty of rich private school kids on coke and ketamine for good measure. the whole atmosphere is always vaguely paranoid and tense caused by all the false smiling and the general attempt to make the party 'fluffy' - when really there is nothing fluffy about a room full of people on psychedelics - anyone who expresses themselves in any way other than twirling their hands in the air in a faux indian style will be asked if they want to 'go outside' to 'chill out'.

hippy parties are put on to make money for the people who are living in the hippy squat.

anarchist squat parties are put on so everyone can get wasted, laid or both.

so in conclusion, if you are out in london and you are invited to a squat party find out if the squat is run by hippies or anarchists before you go.


karmatah said...

"in my experience the hippy scene is also rife with acid induced (i.e. seeing everything dualistically)"

LOL and your post wasn't "dualistic"? Hippies=bad, anarchists=good, dualism? Yep.
Too simple, mate! If I'd had to choose I'd call myself an anarchist over a hippie any day, even for similar reasons than you. But why would I choose? And who or what is that "I" choosing, anyway?
"I" personally used to be a "HipHop-freak", a "Techno-kid", a "pot smoking hippie". Tried it all only to see that "I" is always changing and that there's no harm in that. Nowadays I try to find out what "I" means generally. And so far I came to the conclusion that it doesn't mean much at all. "I" doesn't have much substance (what a sentence ;)

Anonymous said...

mind object jungle gym - swing like a monkey! back and forth. great fun. what a lethal distraction!

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of 'Zen fascists' and 'Buddhist fascists' around, the 'hippy fascists' are not alone :p

The worst of the bunch are the 'punk fascists'...well actually the 'fascist fascists' are worse.

salvador dali parton said...

almost all of the "67 hippies" who i have known personally have demonstrated a pretty clear restraint when it comes to imbibements and a pretty clear commitment to positive social change. some of them are christians, some are buddhists, followers of meher baba, agnostics, athiests...and a very few are assholes of one sort or another. mostly just kind sincere folks in the process of becoming senior citizens and trying to leave a decent legacy on the planet. yeah a lot of the neo hippy types are pretty dippy, i'd still rather hang with one than your average
mallrat pinhead consumer suburbanite. in fact, the really active young hippies who i know don't really describe themselves as such. they display aspects of all sorts of subcultural features. you know, like having a mohawk AND living in a permaculture community AND smoking pot OR eating steak.

know what i'm saying?

g.g. allin: not a hippy
ken kesey: kind of a hippy

if those two boys were still alive
which one would you let watch your kid?

BUT i'll give you this, anon, patchoulli smells like
a big plate of assholes.

other said...

Q: What did the hippie say at the Grateful Dead show when he ran out of weed?

A: What is that awful noise?

Anonymous said...


fair enough but i was just using a crude dualism to illustrate a rant (against hippies). obviously there's plenty wrong with anarchists,punks, hip hop heads, me, you etc.


oh yeh, the other reason that hippies put on parties that i forgot to mention is to try and pretend that a psychedelic trance rave is somehow a catalyst for 'global awakening' or a means to achieve 'deep spiritual insight'.

salvador dali parton said...


"deep spritual insights"

aka "my afternoon nap"

gunderloy said...

what the hell is positive social change?

jerry falwell: not a hippy
charlie manson: kind of a hippy

if those two boys were still alive
which one would you let watch your kid?"

know what i'm saying?

Jared said...

In my limited life experience, there are three sorts of groups:

Groups that are defined by the people who don't want to be in it

Groups that are defined by the people who don't want anyone else to be in it

And groups where the members define themselves through the group and those outside the group define themselves as not being in it. Democrats and Republicans come to mind...

People are people no matter what they are wearing or saying. A hippy can be an asshole just as much as a buddhist can for the simple fact that they're both human beings. Smelling vaguely of patchouli or spouting David Carradine quotes has nothing to do with it. In fact, it sometimes feels like more-often-than-not the people we expect to be nice or caring are just the opposite, and it's those that we gloss over with our stereotypes that turn out to be the genuinely good people.

P.S. I graduated High School today! Watch out, College: I'm going to sleep with you and then never call

Anonymous said...

>>>Jared: well said and congratulations!


Goose Poo with a Loose Screw said...

Klapps and Slapps like a seal in a cirkuss: "ARFARFARF!!" Love, Goose Poo with a Loose Screw.

salvador dali parton said...


"what the hell is positive social change?"


"jerry falwell: not a hippy"

correct. a christo-facist wingnut. a bag of mayonaisse. sort of a charlie manson without testicles. or was, ennyhoo.

"charlie manson: sort of a hippy"

wrong. a clever sociopath who idolized
hitler and despized black people. a wingnut
who preyed on gullible kids.

which one would i let watch my kid?
neether, duh.

"know what i'm saying?"


Anonymous said...

jared i agree. some of my friends are what most people would call hippies (but they're not).

i dont really think all hippies are lame and annoying with terrible taste in music and drugs. a lot of them are really nice people depsite their attempts to be really nice people if you know what i mean.

i'd have to say that calling charlie manson a hippy is a bit much. thats what i meant when i said that back then anyone who was a freak was lumped to together as hippies.

if you really wanna find out which sub cultures make the best babysitters then you're messed up cos everyone knows that people who dress like this are the people we should let look after our kids:


dan said...

sorry wrong link. try this

JasonDL said...

"the Way is easy, simply stop picking and choosing."

gunderloy said...

SDP - yeah, I've read all about these people too. The truth is, you probably know as much about charles manson, ken kesey, jerry falwell or george bush as I do. I don't really know dick about them. I never met them. So all I know is what I've heard which is worth a little more than nothing.

gunderloy said...

my other weak point was that everyone has got an idea for positive social change. george w certainly has one. some ideas are worse than others.

esmerelda_verde said...

To Jared, well said.

PS Congratulations! College is better that H.S. but then many things are.

Bill Gates was not a hippie. Steve Jobs certainly was. Both dropped out of college, both are multi-millionaires. Both wanted to change the world and have. said...

Dear Jared:
Congratulations! My woids of advice (for whats they're woith): Only sleep with college if it's mutual and don't decide in advance if you will or won't call. I have total confidence you will know what to do in that very moment (all of those very moments, one right smack dab after the other).

Trevor said...

Next time you're in SF, we can go out and pound back a few if you want. Emphasis on FEW, as I gots to get up at 4:30. As a friend of mine says, "Punk as f**k until 10pm!" After your talk here at SFZC, though, I had to meet with my teacher, but I bet Greg showed you a good time. Anyway, good to meet you, and keep up the good work. Om!

Jinzang said...

You wrote on Suicide Girls:

I’m pretty psyched about that because to my mind, San Francisco is the place where Buddhism really got its start in America. There had been some Buddhist books published over here in the early 20th century and you’d had the beat poets and their fascination with their own take on Zen (which was totally wrong, but that's another story). A few temples for the Asian communities had been established. But it wasn’t until Shunryu Suzuki washed up on our shores in the early Sixties that Zen as a practice really began to be established here.

I'm going to be a smart ass and remind you that the First Zen Institute in New York was founded by Sokei An back in the Thirties and it's still around. His autobiography, Holding the Lotus to the Rock is worth reading IMO.

On the Tantric side, Geshe Wangyal founded a center in New Jersey for his felloe Kalmyks back in 1958 and many early students of Tibetan Buddhism, such as Robert Thurman, studied there.

Jared said...

"Only sleep with college if it's mutual and don't decide in advance if you will or won't call. I have total confidence you will know what to do in that very moment (all of those very moments, one right smack dab after the other)"

Keishin: College will be more amazing than I thought if those sort of moments happen smack dab one right after the other...


Jared said...

As an addendum to my last post, I am not the horndog my posts make me out to be ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dogen Sangha Blog has been kind of slow lately. but today there was some activity.

dood said...

seems like the #1 intoxicant in this chat is your own opinions...

Anonymous said...

aaarrrgghhh! i cant take it any more! dammit brad, post another blog so we got something new to comment on! aaaarrrgghhhh!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Might as well face it, you're addicted to Brad.


Anonymous said...

i'm addicted to anonymous posts said...

I for one am curious about how all this book promotion stuff is going
Talks! Signings! Radio interviews! Bad coffee, soggy sandwiches? (It's SF = great coffee, ingenious sandwiches).
Bet after all this running around it'll be good to come home, sit down and shut up for a spell.
Is there still a kompooter problem, unable to see the blog and comments? Luckily there's the Suicide Girls site where we get to find out there was more smoke than fire.
I'm getting a kind of fish tanky kind of feeling here on the blog: a lot of hunger, folks dropping by for a quick look, nothing to chew on, not much to say...everybody waiting for the new posting/feeding to Let the Frenzy Begin!
So I hope you, Meester Brad, are taking good care of yourself. In the absence of fresh blog to feed on, I get to ask myself just what is it about this spot on the net I keep coming back to find?
Hellos to everyone dropping in, hope you are taking good care of yourselves!

Anonymous said...

just finished your latest screed on suicide girls. good stuff as always. I'm always tempted to look at the girls when I'm over there but I hate to pay money for it. well it turns out there is a free slide show tour with full screen pictures. Now I'm really glad I didn't pay anything for a peek. Plus I think they saved all the hotties for the paying customers.

tristan said...

bernie, i like to read the careless hand but you should allow comment. you are such a commentator yerself on other people's blogs. be brave. you too mikedoe..

Jared said...

"seems like the #1 intoxicant in this chat is your own opinions... "

Must...not...break...precept...but must...fuel...ego...


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