Friday, June 29, 2007

CLEVELAND'S SCREAMING POSTER (Poster? Didn't even know 'er!)

Here it is! Hot off my hard drive, the poster for my movie Cleveland's Screaming! Wee-hoo! If you click on it you should be able to see a bigger version. Download it. Send it to your enemies!

The movie will have its world premier on Wednesday July 25th at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Be there or be reborn as a snail for 50,000 lifetimes, suckers!!

Tickets are available now from Fandango. Just click here to order yours!


Mysterion said...
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Jinzang said...

I want to thank you for putting me back in my snail shell. -- They Might Be Giants

Jared said...

Brad, if you still read your comments and ever post in reply to them, will Cleveland Screaming ever come out on DVD for those of us on the east coast?

SmoggyRob said...

Hi there Jared:

I've heard that there will be a DVD release this summer.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Brad, That poster is awesome! But what are those guys doing? It looks like the bald guy on the left is planting a big wet kiss on the mohawk dude. And why is that guy in the back yelling at them?

Jared said...
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Lone Wolf said...

The website above has a video clip of David Chadwick, author of the biography Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Teachings of Shunryu Suzuki and the novel Thank You and Ok: An American Zen Failure in Japan, at the very bottom of the page. The clip also has a short video clip of Shunryu Suzuki about 12mins:30sec into the talk with Chadwick. This rare footage of Shunryu Suzuki is the first video clip I've ever seen of the famous Soto Zen Master. Enjoy!

karmatah said...

Thanks for that, lone wolf!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cults, perhaps the biggest cult
of all is the Kult of Amerika, the one that
drank up all the TV-emitted Kool-Aid on 9/11.
Despite watching three buildings blown up
right before their very eyes, millions of
hypnotized people continue to believe in
stories that are physically impossible.
Present them with evidence and they refuse
to look at it. Apparently, they are only
interested in listening to what they are
told by the mainstream media (owned by just
6 corporations, BTW) and their political
leaders (Fourth Reich, anyone?).

Here are some links for any Kult members
that may still have partially open and
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Good night, and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theory for breakfast.
Conspiracy theory for lunch.
Conspiracy theory for dinner.

Don't ever stop to fear them! They are watching US, especially YOU, because only YOU know the TRUTH! YOU are your private theories, you both are so important!

Lone Wolf said...

Your welcome Karmatah.

I'm happy to see that Brad wrote and posted a link about the clip also.

Anonymous said...

to the anon conspiracist. go to and debate them there. remember to provide real evidence and answer questions properly. have fun