Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I just got back from Japan and boy am I tired! But I gotta remind you that tomorrow, MAY 17th, 2007 I'll be at the BODHI TREE BOOKSTORE which is located in West Hollywood, California (click for directions) at 7:30 PM. This will be the first book signing thing for SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!, my brand new book from New World Library.

YOU MUST BE THERE! Anyone reading this within 300 miles of LA who doesn't show up will be reborn as a cabbage for the next 150 lifetimes!

Seriously, though, pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseee show up, OK? I'm just imagining the record signing scene from Spinal Tap — you know, where they're all sitting around surrounded by copies of their new record and nobody is there.

AND on Sunday May 20th at midnight I'll be a guest on the SUICIDE GIRLS RADIO SHOW on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles. I'm pretty sure this is avialable on the Internets and as a Podcast as well if you're not in SoCal.

I'll be profiled in the June issue of LA YOGA magazine. So look for that next month.

AND, an excerpt from SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! will appear in WHOLE LIFE TIMES magazine in June as well. They're also affiliated with CONSCIOUS CHOICE magazine in Chicago and Seattle, and with COMMON GROUND magazine in San Francisco.

AND on May 23rd I'll be a guest on a radio show called THE GOOD LIFE with host JESSE DYLAN at 10:15 Pacific Time/1:15 Eastern. That's also on Sirius Sattelite Radio. My dad's got one of those in his car. So I hope he listens.

AND Saturday June 2nd, 2007 at 7 PM I'll be in Phoenix at the ARIZONA ZEN BUDDHIST SOCIETY giving A TALK (click for details & location). So be there or be square!

Following that I'll be at:

Barnes & Noble Desert Ridge - 21001 N. Tatum Blvd. - Phoenix, AZ on Sunday June 3, 2007 at 1 pm

Changing Hands Bookstore - 6428 South McClintock Dr. - Tempe, AZ - on Monday June 4, 2007 at 7 pm

AND I'll be all over the San Francisco Bay Area the following week. Here's what's lined up so far:

Tuesday June 12th at the VIRGIN MEGASTORE in San Francisco
Thursday June 14th, 7PM at GATEWAYS in Santa Cruz
Friday June 15th After Dinner Talk at the SAN FRANCISCO ZEN CENTER
Saturday June 16th 7 PM at COPPERFIELD'S BOOKS 140 Kentucky St., Petaluma, CA 94952
Sunday June 17th at San Quentin Prison (this isn't open to the public, but all inmates reading this are invited!)

AND on Wednesday July 25th, 2007, my movie CLEVELAND'S SCREAMING! will have its world premier at the EGYPTIAN THEATER in Hollywood. So mark your calendars!


Rob Myers said...


I'll plan to come to your Petaluma signing (with my thanks to your publicist--if you have one---for scheduling something that far North of SF).

So that's at least one person who will be there. ;-) I'll offer a car-pool for others from the local sangha, including the teacher, who may be a long-lost cousin of yours? (Jisho Carry Warner, whose family is from Ohio)

Or maybe I should get my young nuevo-punk friend to come up for the day and meet a real punk rocker (apologies if I'm misusing terminology). Dogen, or Dead Kennedys? Which makes better coffee-shop conversation? ;-)

zenair said...

Great book Brad, wonderful job you have taken Dogen and made him understandable sorry can't be there.

Kozan Bob said...

Actually, I know Suicide Girls will have the radio interview live on their website (in the middle of the night for most of us), but as far as I can tell, their radio podcasts stopped last year, just like their videos. I don't know what's up with them....

Anonymous said...

Brad, my husband and I will be going to the Bodhi Tree tonight...that said, will a transcript of your talk be available for those folks who aren't able to attend?

Mike said...

I just finished Sit Down and Shut Up! It was great from start to finish. Very enjoyable and insightful. I'll probably read it another two or three times before putting it up on my shelf next to my heavily highlighted and dog-eared copy of Hardcore Zen.

Oh, and about that chapter "Buddha Is Boring"... I'm not sure if you know but apparently Buddha's "boring" story was adapted into a manga by the creator of Astro Boy. It's currently being re-released in big chunky $15 graphic novels. The story is pretty heavily mythologized (or whatever), as it would need to be to make an epic manga series out of ol boring Buddha. I bought volume 6 the other day, which covers the story of the bandit Ananda. Hopefully it's a good read.

nmnicnm said...


Just wanted to say that I have started reading your book Hardcore Zen and so far I am a real big fan, I understand you probably get alot of fan posts of appreciation, just wanted it to be known, It seems so far at this point in my life I have become more spiritually oriented to not only being moral anymore and being blinded by hypocracy but I seem to know be asking more questions about everything that is right and wrong, and if there is such a thing as right and wrong. I was also wondering if you happened to listen to the 10,000 days album by Tool, In my opinion its a very "enlightening" album.


vista chris said...

man, so get this..

just as the thought finally pops back into my head that i should look up a way to maybe write you a letter or something, to say how awesome 'hardcore zen' is and how its really working out for me...

i find out that you have a blog! and just as i find out that you have a blog, i find out that you're going to be signing books in holywood, which isnt that far from where I live!...

only that signing was YESTERDAY. crap

well, in any case mr. brad warner, thank you again. as soon as my money-deficiency issue resolves itself, your new book is on the top of the list of things to get

Nathan said...

Brad, wish I could make it out to this, I'm on the other coast though. Are you doing any sort of book tour for the release of it?

Just started reading "Hardcore Zen" and it's great man, thanks for letting us peer into your life a bit and see where you came from.

UncaDan said...

I just finished "Sit Down & Shut Up". I enjoyed it very much, even more than "Hardcore Zen". More teaching and lighter on the autobiographical stuff. Most zen/buddhist/spiritual books I read take me weeks, sometimes months to read, mostly due to having to stop and think about what the author was trying to say. Brad's style of writing made it not only easier and fun to read but also understand. I think I may be catching on to this whole Buddha thing.

Anonymous said...

are you coming to denver anytime soon?
cant wait to read your new book..I enjoyed the other one alot...
thanks so much
p.s im a HUGE Godzilla

Anonymous said...

Brad, Brad, Brad, don't you know to visit Phoenix in the winter? Are you nuts? Wait, don't answer that.

Seriously, just finished reading Sit Down and Shut Up. It was very interesting. Your books have a good spot on the shelf next to Suzuki and Watts.

I'll share a quick story with you. I was re-reading Hardcore Zen several weeks ago when a light bulb light up over my head. I thought "how much more can I learn about Zen by reading some book?" So I put the book down and did the dishes.

Anonymous said...

No zazen tomorrow (May 19, 2007)? The weekly zazen page says the next one is May 26. And I was actually going to show up this weekend...really!

Aaron Implosive said...

Coming to VA anytime soon? We've got some Hardocre Zen-ians here as well!