Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hey, Maharaja!

Good morning campers! It's music day today.

As I was fiddling around with a few ideas for the next post here and the next one on Suicide Girls, I started listening to some old Dimentia 13 music. Dimentia 13 was a band I had in the 80's that released five albums on Midnight Records. Around the turn of the century I recorded a double CD worth of new Dimentia 13 material. Throughout its history the "band" was often just me, though I did perform live for a few years there with a real group. The ever changing line-up once included Dave Swanson of Guided By Voices and Rainy Day Saints and, of course, my bestest friend since 7th grade, Joe Nlolflzlilglelrl.

So I picked out two songs to share here this morning. The first is from that double CD I made around the year 2000. This track started off being a demo of me noodling on the electric sitar over which I overdubbed a bunch of other stuff with the intention of doing it over "properly." I did do it over, but the done-over version sounded a bit too proper. So I scrapped it and deemed this messy version the keeper. Somehow it seems the right feel for today (click on the title to hear it):

Hey, Maharaja!

The next offering is from a cassette dated March 25, 1987. Since it's just about to celebrate its 20th birthday I thought it was time to dust it off again. This was recorded at my apartment with a fat plastic Buddha sitting on the table smiling at me as I was playing. I wrote and recorded a lot of stuff like this that I never put on the Dimentia 13 records. I often wish I had because if I'd done so maybe when Beck started doing the same kind of thing about six years later I could've said "Hey, man, I did that!" and been really self righteous and bitter (click on the title and listen up).

Fog Camouflage

For more music, just go to the link on your left that says "Links to all the audio & video files I've put up."


Matt said...

So Brad....your friend do you say that last name?

Anonymous said...

Hey Maharaja should have been an instrumental. That shit was cool as hell until the vocal came in. Then it was not cool as hell anymore.

I did really like that whispering mumbling at the beginning of the song though.

Anonymous said...

Hello... sorry to post about Big Mind (tm) on this thread but, for some unknown reason, I am having difficulty contacting you other ways.

Please check out:
There you will find the technique that Genpo Roshi stole and then perverted to develop Big Mind. It is a legit theraputic technique but Roshi does not practice it safely (for example, never have a person leave a session without debreifing them - Roshi send people to lunch in the altered "Big Mind" state.). He also practices it on a group (and thus can not monitor how each individual is doing in this altered state). Roshi is not practicing Buddhism... rather his is dangerously mis-using psychological techniques.

How do I know this? I went to a Big Mind Seminar. I am also a licensed counsolor who has professionally used Voice Dialogue for years.

What Roshi is doing is nothing more than charging big bucks for people to be in the audience of a stage hypnosis show, telling them they feel enlightened, and sending them back into the world without waking them up.

Please reply here and tell me where to email you for more information.

Lone Wolf said...

Hey Guided By Voices, now your talking about my neck of the woods. GBV is from Dayton, Ohio and is my friends favorite band. He tells me all kinds of stories about their concerts and hanging out with Bob Pollard at the bar.

Anyways nice songs. You should put out a discography collection, including the Hovercraft CD.

Wingedgopher said...

"Hey Maharaja" was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

'Hey, Maharaja' fuckin' RULES (pun unintended).
Er...Can I cover it ? Would that be credited to you 'Dimentia13' ?

Dan said...

i liked hey maharaja except for the 'oh yeh' in the middle. but that's just cos i dont like 'oh yehs' in songs.

Kalki Weisthor said...

I like "Hey, Maharaja" a lot. The other song would be better if the vocal weren't flat.

I continue to be amazed that you dislike U2 as much as I do. By the way, I saw American Hardcore a couple of weeks ago, and you're right, it's great! How is most of the public going to get to see your movie!

Anonymous said...

> It's music day today.

Yippee! Music day!

Here's some music from

Ginza, Japan

recorded by Guzen Video.

Jules said...

Musically and lyrically awesome. Sounds like you were on Quaaludes while singing though. Pick up the energy a little?

Anonymous said...

You guys must be high or tone deaf and with no sense of rythm.

Anonymous said...

I don't know dog. A little pitchy.

Anonymous said...

I love you Brad. So sincere and sweet. And this just comes out in your music. I don't care what Simon and Randy say. You are a star.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon who wants to email Brad about Big Mind: Click on the "Sit Down and Shut Up" link in the links section to the left of this Hardcore Zen blog (it's the first link), and you'll find a email address at that site.

esmerelda_verde said...

For what its worth, my pet parrots really like Hey Maharaja, they sang along. Do not know about their taste, they like Metallica, hate Black 47.

Guess this is music to go with the SG post about Gurus.

earDRUM said...

I like hey Maharaja... especially the rather humourous lyrics.
I also like the overall sound of your songs. I hear a lot of 1960's psychedelic pop influences. Cool stuff.
The old hardcore stuff is cool too. It reminds me of the stuff on the No New York album, that I picked up a long time ago. Short and sweet. Well... short, anyway.

oxeye said...

pretty good songs.. you need to hire a singer though. call me.

Anonymous said...

Well Brad, with 300 comments on the last post, I guess you are now a full fledged GURU! So now I beleive it is my time to part with your teachings after 3 1/2 years since I picked up "Hardcore Zen".
I'll leave it to Jules, Justin, Oxeye, Lone Wolf, Ginseng, etc...., to debate your own take on ZEN buddhism.
I shall leave Y'ALL with this passage from "DYLAN & COHEN-POETS OF ROCK AND ROLL" by David Boucher pg.225 paperback-Continuum:
"Cohen came close to renouncing Buddhism altogether, however, in 1988, after his recovery from a severe mental breakdown. He attributed the breakdown to his involvement in Zen and warned his listeners during a radio interview to steer clear of Buddhism because it was 'dangerous'. He nevertheless
continued to practice Zen and later explained his cautionary note: the danger was in thinking it could provide salvation."

As the late great Joseph Campbell said, "all life is a meditation".
Whether zazen, shitting, fucking, eating, sleeping..., it's all the same. Please don't delude yourselves!


May God bless Leonard Cohen and Ted Nugent!

Lone Wolf said...

Some guy named Paul sent me spam through myspace. I clicked on his page and noticed the 4th video down is the complete video of THE SECRET. THE SECRET is the big rave right now, being number 2 (just under Harry Potter) on the bestsellers list at Amazon and all.

Where Zen Buddhism talks about the unimportance of thoughts, THE SECRET explains that are thoughts are connected to the universe and that by using the right thoughts you will attract what you think, the power of ATTRACTION (the big secret). Where they do have the whole connected with the universe thing down, they put all emphasis on thoughts (You are what you think).

BRAD, I would like to hear what you think about THE SECRET? Could you do an article on it?

Here is the link to Paul's page.

Like I said, it's the fourth video down, the one that says that says coincidenatlly THE SECRET above it lol. I tried to find the full version else where, but gave up. Just pause the Paul's hip hop track and check out the new phenom taking over the world for free. THE SECRET.

Lone Wolf said...

Gudo Nishijima Talk on Dogen

Lone Wolf said...

Gudo Nishijima speaks in Japanese about his 87th birthday. Maybe Brad will tell those of us who do not speak Japanese (though I take my first Japanese class next Fall)what Master Nishijima says.

Anonymous said...

"What you truly like to do is
the best thing you can do to
save the world." --Brad


What I should be doing:

solar energy research

What I enjoy doing most:

sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll

Thanks for clearing that up for me,

Anonymous said...

After readin about this in HZ, your description made me want to listen to it. I actually tried to find a copy of something by dimentia 13 in the usual fashion.....

Didn't manage to. Glad I didn't to be honest. Sorry - it's not good! P with the ISH O'm afraid.

The gay vampire still scare's the be-jeeziz out of me. Can't you get rid?

Weasel Tracks said...

To Lone Wolf about THE SECRET™:

Stuart Davis already made a rather lengthy commentary about it. Might save Brad a lot of time if he just said where he agrees or disagrees with Stuart.

---Uncle Weasel

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

Dammit. I waited until after I re-read my comment and realized that I really wasn't very clear about what I meant to express. So let me just say:

Hi Brad!

You popped my Zazen cherry today. Never again will I be a virgin to meditation. Thanks, I had a great time! But will you respect me in the morning?

You might've noticed that I wore a Stuart Davis t-shirt today. I am under the impression that Stuart might be a bit of a...Ken Wilber croney? I was surprised to see critical comments about Wilber on your blog. I don't know much about Wilber, but I heard him speak once in Colorado at a Stuart Davis thing. I walked away thinking he was a little grandiose and self-involved for a Buddhist, but he did have some sort of charisma. I read a scant few pages of a book of his, and that's it. I really don't know much about his ideas. I suppose I'll get a better feel for things if I continue on in Zazen. I won't be able to make it back down (from the Valley) for about three weeks, but I really look forward to continuing on in this practice.

One more thing: what book did you read from this morning?

Anonymous said...

Zen is the work of the Devil. Satan has his hand in this wretched religion, convincing you all to give up God the Almighty for a sham. The Japanese are in league with Satan, and you will all burn in Hell if you don't renounce this religion of Satan.

Take Jesus the Christ into your heart, give up this Zen of Satan, and come to God.

Jinzang said...

"Cohen came close to renouncing Buddhism altogether, however, in 1988, after his recovery from a severe mental breakdown. He attributed the breakdown to his involvement in Zen and warned his listeners during a radio interview to steer clear of Buddhism because it was 'dangerous'."

Leonard Cohen was studying Rinzai Zen and in Rinzai they push you hard. This works for some, but for others it's worse than useless. I'm wondering if that might be a factor in his breakdown.

Jinzang said...

Zen is the work of the Devil. Satan has his hand in this wretched religion, convincing you all to give up God the Almighty for a sham.

Zen isn't asking you to give up God, only your ideas about God. God is beyond your ability to conceive him, so how can you "have" him?

Lone Wolf said...

Nice one Jinzang.

Anonymous said...

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