Monday, March 26, 2007


I really want to see this documentary of Robyn Hitchcock (click on the words "this documentary on Robyn Hitchcock" or on the title of this article for the link & schedule info). But I don't have the Sundance Channel. If anyone out there does have the Sundance channel and some method of recording, would you be so kind as to tape/TIVO or whatever it for me and send me a tape or DVD-R? In exchange I'll come up with something fancy to reward you. I have some Suicide Girls swag or maybe I can get you a copy of my new book if you're into that. Or something else. A discount on my instant enlightenment in 45 minutes package or whatever.

I'm abusung my power here, I know. But write me at if you can help.


Anonymous said...

Robyn Hitchcock "Sex, Food, Death... and Tarantulas" TRAILER

Kalki Weisthor said...

Apparently Robyn Hitchcock played the Belcourt Theatre here in Nashville a week ago last Sunday; here's a review of sorts:

Samantha said...

I have it set to record on my dvr... if I can figure out how to get it burned, it's yours.

Anonymous said...

Damn! If you close your eyes,
you'd swear that Robyn was
indeed John Lennon!

Lone Wolf said...

Holy Moly! The Bad Brains are back (with all the orginal members). The new ablum is called "Build a Nation," and has been produced by Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys. It's due out in May or June. I'm just wondering if it will be a punk ablum, reggae ablum, or both?

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't find it on google video or some other such nonsense after it airs.

that's gotta' be worth an SG sticker or something, right?

Anonymous said...

I'll do it. And all I ask in return is a Softcore Zen t-shirt, lol, deal?

Oberon said...

......don't forget morihei ueshiba and the art of peace.

esmerelda_verde said...

Lonewolf thanks for the Bad Brains info looks like it might be Hardcore!! They might tour too! Hope HR has an attack of sanity at least long enough for me to see them play live!

Lone Wolf said...

I'm right there with you esmerelda and hoping the same thing. The Beastie Boys are my favorite group, so it would be sweet if they toured together. Put the Decendents on the bill, and I can die a happy man lol.

Lone Wolf said...

Diggin' the SG articles.

So Brad, you saying there is no "SECRET" that will tell me all I need to know about the Universe lol.

I would like to express my graditude, for the unvierse has been very kind to my recently.

I wrote a poem along time ago about the prisons that religon and dogmatic spritual paths create. This poem explains how I felt when I dropped all that bullshit.



Suffocating behind constructed walls
Idealistic prison of faith
Dreams of Heaven on the other side
Golden bricks of sacred belief

Angels of the watch tower
Armed with serene vocies of seduction
Looking down at my unworthy eyes
Striking fear of who I am

Spiritual puppet lusting
Pulled by strings of my surrender
Ego disguised
In a mask of humility

Mirror reflecting my nose of Pinocchio
Cutting the strings that bind
Wrecking ball of reality
Disappearing angels of illusion

Deep breath full of life
Universe resting with no bounds
Just as it is
Paradise was here all along

Anonymous said...

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