Thursday, January 25, 2007


For those of you who have asked, here are some videos of my talk at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska in the Fall of 2006.

On Getting into punk:

On my teacher, Gudo Nishijima:

On the connection between punk rock and Zen:

By the way, I'm available for weddings and bar mitzvahs...

(seriously, I do personal speaking appearances, so write me if you want details)


BlueWolfNine said...

thanks brad!

Esmerelda said...

Wow, thanks for putting those up. It's really great to see and hear you not just reading the words. Hope you make it to NYC one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Thanks :)

Katie said...

definitely need to come to new york some day.....

docretro said...

Though those videos are fun to watch I don't like that you are laughing after every of nishijimas responses.

aumeye said...

Allow me to add to the voices hoping you come to NYC.

cromanyak said...

That was cool. I couldn't get the first one to play. The I'm sorry to say that the Dementia 13 slide show was the best though. I really like that song. If anyone else wants to see it search for Brad Warner on You Tube or go here if the link works

door knob said...

You don't like Brad's laughter when he quotes Nishijima, docretro? Why is that? Clearly, it's not meant to be disrespectful (unless you actually believe that Brad is purposely dissing his teacher). Or perhaps it doesn't sound manly to you. Not sure what your beef is.

I used to do that all of the time during conversations (giggling after every sentence), until my sister said that I shouldn't because it made me sound "wimpy." So now I try not to do it, but I usually can't help myself.

I think, in Brad's case, it is endearing and it humanizes him--especially for those of you who just read his words and think he must be a jerk. Then again, if you think he's just mocking his teacher, you might think he's even a bigger jerk now.

Anyway, that's just my interpretation of what I thought your interpretation was.

Lone Wolf said...

Nice talk Brad. I still think there should be a Hardcore Zen documentry made someday.

Anonymous said...

Pissing all over the seat in a

$3.69 (price of a full-body latte)

Leaving a deuce in the urinal:

Is a very niiice!
(maybe $10 of a janitor's time)

Demolishing the World Trade Center
and blaming a few Saudi patsies, so
that the US can proceed with its
manifest destiny toward global,
full-spectrum dominance via energy
reserves in Central Asia and the
Middle East (while enabling the
Israeli State to do as it pleases):


Well, actually, it cost over

6,000 Americans
several Afghanis
600,000 Iraquis
trillions of taxpayer dollars

oh yeah,

and the Bill of Rights.

Is it just me or does it sometimes
seem that Zen Buddhists are
penny-wise and pound-foolish?

Well, gotta go stick my head back
in my navel. See ya.

Element said...

Thank you, I like them.

Recently I found an interview with Master Nishijima on the Roots Of Rebellion site.

Element said...

Thank you, I like them.

Recently I found an interview with Master Nishijima on the Roots Of Rebellion site.

MikeDoe said...

It was good to see you and hear you rather than just read words.

I always thought you'd be bigger in real life. On my screen you were just 4 inches tall.

Anonymous said...

yes, like mike said, it was good to hear and see you. I liked hearing you giggle after reading nishijima's responses. It showed your affection for him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I really like that t-shirt.


Anatman said...

I think the snorting/laughing response to Nishijima's replies is natural and appropriate. It shows appreciation for the irony of the situation. The questioner and the audience expect a "deep" reply to the "deep" question, but the reply is simple, direct, and obvious in retrospect. Like the punchline to a joke. You look back and say, "Of course," and then laugh.

Lone Wolf said...

I woke up this morning and flipped on the TV. Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey was on.

Bill and Ted Robots were on stage dancing like...robots, and the crowd was getting down.

Then Bill and Ted gave a little motivational speech before they really started rockin' out. They pretty much said (I will not give a full quote, because my memory is not so accurate) that the best place to be is the "here" and "now". Then they start jamming again with the lights flickering and the Bill and Ted robots dancing.

It was a pretty cool reminder of the Brad's talk yeserday, when he mentioned the similarites between Zazen and a Kiss concert.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're practically the same thing... Kiss for distraction, and Brads zazen is distraction for him too.

Anonymous said...

hey element,

Thanks for the Gudo link.
Now, finally, I know how to
pronounce Mulamadhyamakakarika!

Anyhow, does anyone remember the
title and author (some Western
psychologist) of the autonomic
nervous system book recommended
by Nishijima?

Thanks in advance.

Gustav, Sweden said...


I'm the guy who wrote those questions to Nishijima Sensei that Brad is talking about in the second video. I'm glad that those questions were useful. I just want to clarify the context a little bit. I am a priest candidate in the Church of Sweden, and also a Dharma heir of Nishijima Sensi. Me and Sensei are working on a kind of dialogue book on Buddhism and Christianity, and these questions were part of that work. Actually, they are a kind of summary of the questons I often get from other Christians when I lead zazen in churches etc. I am not trying to make Sensei say something mystical, but I just wanted to in a clear and direct way ask a number of common questions.

Anonymous: Maybe the book you mean is Karl Menninger's "Love against Hate". He has also wrote "Man against Himself", and Sensei likes both of them very much.

Many thanks for this blog, Brad Sensei :) Keep up the good work!



Otto Kerner said...

Dear anonymous, Re: "Is it just me or does it sometimes seem that Zen Buddhists are
penny-wise and pound-foolish?"

Yes, it's true that the devastation of countries by war is more important than where and how you choose to relieve yourself. On the other hand, one you can control yourself, while the other is mostly something you can watch from afar and talk about on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,

Does sitting at home and watching the war upset you? Do you feel empowered to do something about it? Or powerless to prevent the slaughter?

In the Hagakure is says...

Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall, there was this one: "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly." Master Ittei commented, "Matters of small concern should be treated seriously."

cromanyak said...

The problem with thinking that fighting for world peace is more important that lifting the toilet seat is that it gives you an excuse to ignore the little thing when in reality most things are little thing. Even if your fighting for world people it's still just doing one little thing at a time. Isn't it?

cromanyak said...

LOL. Wow I really need to start remembering to proof read. That post makes it seem like English is a second language for me.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see Brad in person after reading his book!

I think when he is laughing at the talk he may be just a bit nervous as most people are in public speaking. I also think Brad is showing his genuine affection for Nishijima.

Lone Wolf said...

Thanks for the link to Gudo Nishijima's interview element.

It was really good.

Ed said...

Thanks, Brad. Linking Zen to sports hit home with me ... much of my running is trail running, an activity that requires total concentration on the present moment simply to keep from busting your ass. I've come to think of my trail running as a valued extension of my meditation practice, because many of the underlying experiences are very similar.

I figured I wouldn't have the time to watch all of the clips of your talk, but after starting I made time. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It's endearing that Brad chuckles here and there while sharing Nishijima's words.
When we humanize our religious figures, maybe it helps to humanize us, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brad.

Awaken to the true self Be like a chair

Lone Wolf said...

Nice SGs Article Brad.

I added the Hasting talks to my myspace page.

You may want to look more into myspace. As far as marketing goes, it can be a really great place to promote your upcoming book. You can send a message to each of your "friends" comment sections at once, and all their friends will see the add. Then it just grows into this gargantuan networking web. I've discovered many great authors through myspace that I had no clue of through visiting the pages of friends and other authors I like.

Sorry for sounding like a spam add, just trying to be helpful.

Buddha said...

myspace is too broad a target audience, Suicide Girls are his peeps! He just won’t own up to the fact, and in stead parades around it in pseudo-liberation.

Anonymous said...

what kind of dickhead calls themself buddha as their blog name anyway?

Jinzang said...

A dickhead who thinks they're a buddha? Actually, we're all buddhas, from the very beginning, dickheads included.

BlueWolfNine said...

only a dickhead can be a buddha....

BlueWolfNine said...

yo brad, speaking of punk rock and 'hardcore' have you ever thought of teaming up with jay bakker? he's one of the other few cats i think really "gets it" (whatever the hell that is)and though you both use different languages to communicate, i feel its still the same message coming across. but then again, i could be completely full of shit.darn. have a nice day! ^_^

Infernon said...

More cowbell.

jay bakker said...

Stay within the punksphere, where it’s comfortable.

David said...
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Anonymous said...

Dang! To read Brad Warner's
comments in the Buddhism Group at
suicidegirls costs $50 per year!
That's too much for my sorry budget,
and the slick suicidegirl porn is
no match for that classic 70's stuff
that my grandfather "read".

Anonymous said...

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